DC SWAMP Trump Investigations and a Clueless FBI?

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DC SWAMP Trump Investigations and a Clueless FBI?

Do not fool yourselves… the Jan 6 committee is not going away, it is morphing into the Special Counsel. Everyone in Trump’s orbit and every Republican on the committees to investigate Biden is now a target to shut down. All Americans who continue to be complicit by apathy and willful ignorance deserve the tyranny laid upon them.

Shut down DC’s switchboards and overwhelm the email systems of all Republican elected officials at the state and federal levels. Demand they hold a news conference on the steps of the U.S.Capitol with hundreds of lawmakers in tow. Demand they address the political persecution of Trump for what it is – a way to protect those in the swamp that is guilty as sin. Demand election integrity measures to true the vote and speak to Nevada and Arizona Midterm election issues. Expose the media and Democrat activist arms to counter disinformation that is uncovered in committee hearings. Do something!

Sitting quietly and subservient is no longer an option. Exert your constitutional right to redress your government and do so leagally and emphatically.

  • U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland named former federal prosecutor Jack Smith special counsel for two criminal investigations by the Department of Justice of former President Donald Trump- see here
  • 11 facts about FBI and intel agencies involvement on Jan 6 – see here.
  • Rep. Higgins asks the right question about Jan 6 – FBI Wray obfuscates again! See here.
  • David Brock leaves Media Matters to spin up War Room against Rep. investigations – see here and here.

By Bekah Lyons

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