Deadly Democrat Policies Are Trying To Kill American Moms

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Steve Bannon talks to Jackie Toboroff, a Republican candidate for City Council in New York City, about her optimism that the city is ready for a change.

“I am the first female GOP candidate running for City Council District 1 to ever make matching funds, and that is because my message resonates. Every single person wants to feel safe. Every single person wants a quality education for his or her child. This resonates across all races, genders, and this is what’s going on here. We’re under attack.  Our public schools are completely broken … Mask mandates, vaccine mandates… We have absolutely had it… It really is a movement. There are protests all the time that are never covered. The mainstream media does not want to focus on the nine of us [GOP candidates], yet we are getting tons of attention. It’s all grass roots and every day it builds.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart