Dems Voting Rights Takeover Tucked into NASA Bill

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Hey guys, Congressman Kat Cammack here and I just left the floor of the House of Representatives and I am walking back to the office and I wanted to give you guys an update about what just happened. The Democrats just voted to take over our elections and to basically ensure that they have control of our elections forever more. So, I’m going to give you a quick rundown of what happened, what is in this bill, so-called Voting Rights bill, and what comes next, because that really important, but then what you can do about it. This is really important so just bear with me, I’m going to run through this.

First and foremost share this video because we have got to get the word out to everybody. That is important. we’ve got to share what happened because the media is not going to cover this.

So, today the House of Representatives, just now, I was on there and I was casting a hell no vote, a hell no vote, voted to Federal our elections. You’re probably wondering what does that mean? They took two bills, two dangerous bills, H.R. 1 the for the politicians act and H.R. 4 and created a love child. They took an old NASA bill and gutted it and then tucked all of this egregious language into the NASA bill. So, it was like NASA infrastructure act or something that has nothing to do with NASA. We are not giving voting rights to Martians today. Even though what we voted on was a NASA bill, it was actually a federal takeover of elections. That right there ought to tell you, if they cannot even name the bill, they have to go another bill and then tuck their egregious, horrific language into it, that tells you that they’re trying to hide something. Let me tell you what is in this bill.

So, I’m sorry, I’m sitting out, I’m out here on the sidewalk so it’s a little bit loud. But, like I said, I wanted to tell you guys what happened immediately because we knew this was coming and we knew that it was going to pass the house. So, really, really important that you guys know what’s in the bill and then the next steps.

So, within this bill, and there’s a ton, but the things that you need to know that are the most egregious are that it is 100% a mechanism to strip states rights to enforce voter ID laws. So, that means you would not be required to show a photo ID to register to vote, or to actually vote. No more ID . You have to have an ID to get on an airplane. You got to have an ID to drive a car. You have to have an ID to buy alcohol. You’ve got to have an ID to buy cigarettes. But you no longer need a photo ID to vote in an election. Think about that. So that is in this bill and that is what just passed the House.

Also in this bill is ballot harvesting. Third-party groups that are paid for by political entities and political parties now can collect ballots and then turn them in. Now we all know that ballot harvesting, harvesting is a breeding ground for fraud, and this bill actually makes it so the states cannot ban ballot harvesting. Huge problem.

The other thing, it allows non-citizens to vote. This bill allows non-citizens to vote. Think about what’s happening. Think about the travesty that its happing on our southwest border. 1.7 million just last year and it’s getting worse. I talked to border patrol agents just yesterday, it is getting worse. Non-citizens under this bill can vote.

The other thing that I think is the most egregious, the most egregious, and this is why I need you guys help me spread the word about it. And I’m going to use AOC as an example. This is public financing of campaigns. And you’re probably like what does that mean, Kat, why is that a problem? Let me tell you what it’s a problem,, because the way this bill has written you now, and you being the taxpayer me being a taxpayer, we are on the hook for a 6 to 1 match, and I’m sorry there’s a fire engine coming so hold on one second, for the firetruck to go by. So, we are now on the hook for a 6 to 1 match for donations to politicians that are $200 or less. And you’re probably like why does that matter, Kat. Let me put this in perspective. AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, the original Squad member, the one that’s pushing the Democratic Socialist agenda. She raised, last election, 21 million dollars, 21 million dollars is what she raised. Almost 19 million of that was from donations of $200 or less. Let me repeat that. AOC raised roughly 19 million, it was about $18,893,102. I’m doing this off the top of my head because I’m standing out here on the sidewalk, almost 19 million dollars in a single election she raised from donors that was $200 or less. So that’s a lot of people, right. What does that mean for us now under this bill, which again there’s still a process so just because it passed the house doesn’t mean that it has gone to the Senate and it’s already locked, so just hold on. The thing that you need to know is when you have a politician like AOC who raises approximately 19 million dollars in what is called “small dollar donations” that puts us in a 6 to 1 match, which means you and me, we do agree with her, we don’t like her, but now we are on the hook to finance her campaign to the tune of 113 million dollars, 113 million dollars. If you have 113 million dollars in your re-election campaign, you’re going to be in Congress forever. You hear the Democrats talk about how they want to get money out of politics. This puts way more money into politics. This is why they are the party of do as I say not do as I do because their actions are 180 degrees opposite of what they are saying. They’re not for the people, they are for themselves, they are for the DC bureaucrats and the politicians and we know it.

This bill is not just about our elections, it is about ensuring that their liberal progressive agenda. It is about dependency and control. When you think about it, they have this social justice warrior mindset that is all about putting programs in place that aren’t hand ups, right, there hand outs. But these handouts just on welfare, right, these are traps. They are designed to trap people into poverty. They’re designed to keep people suppressed. And when you look at this whole big thing that’s going on, everything from their election take over bills, to the bill back broke plan, all of it. This is all about an agenda that is dependency and control. The make people dependent on government so they can control elections for evermore and this bill is just one more step they’re taking.

So you’re wondering, this bill just passed the house, what the heck. What the heck happens next? Is it law? No it is not law. Just because this bill is now past the House, does not mean it is law. It now goes to the Senate. The Senate has got big problems. So you would probably been hearing in the news about Chuck Schumer and what is going on with Chuck Schumer. So, Chuck Schumer has to blow up the filibuster in order to pass this bill. Keep in mind the, the filibuster is what protects the rights of the minority. Right now the minority are the Republicans. The Democrats, when they were in the minority, use the filibuster just as recently as 2020, 323 times. Now they hate the filibuster. Is that funny. It’s funny when the shoe’s on the other foot they kick and scream. Oh my gosh, it’s the worst thing in the world, even though they are the most egregious user of it. So, now that has gone to the Senate, you’re like okay, the bill goes to the Senate, what happens? Chuck Schumer’s got problems. In order to pass this he has to blow up the filibuster. Does he have the votes? No. He does not have the votes in the Senate, and it is now our job to make sure he never gets the votes. So, you’re asking me what can we do? Is all lost? No, all is not lost. Are we pissed off? Yes, but all is not lost.

What this means now is that we have to get on the phones. We need to go to, look up your Senators. These are your senators in Washington. We’re not talking about our state capitals, not your state senators. Do not call your Congressmen or women, call your state senators. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Montana or Florida or New York or in Texas, every state has two senators. So, that means you have the two phone calls to make. Next you get to call your Senators and you get to tell them that one, you want the filibuster to stay in place. Two, you want them to vote NO on the so-called Voting Rights Act. It’s not a Voting Rights Act, its a voting free vote. That’s what this bill is.

So that is the marching orders here. Call your senators and tell them, in their Washington D.C. offices, that you do not want them to support the so-called Voting Rights Act. When you call them, you give him your name, you give him your phone number, and tell them you’re a resident of the state, whatever state you’re in. You tell them you want a response, because it’s very important to tell your representatives that you want a response. If you don’t tell them explicitly “I want a response,” they’re never going to respond to you. So, give them a way to communicate back to you, be a phone number, be it an email, an address for snail mail, doesn’t matter, but the important thing is that you go to, you look up who your senators are, you call their Washington D.C. offices, and tell them absolutely hell no we do not want this bill. We want our constitutional, constitutional election as our founding fathers envisioned them, with the states determining the time, manner and place in which they are conducted. That is what we have to do.

So, that is what is up right now guys that is what is happening in Washington. This literally just happened. You’re probably going to see a ton of stuff on the news about inflation and everything is going on, but the important thing that is happening here is an attempt to take over our elections, which if they do that, you will never win another election. So it’s important that we get involved, we get engaged, we cannot lose hope. We can never lose hope. That is very, very important. We have got to stay engaged.

So, so-called Voting Rights bill, everybody knows what it is. It’s a NASA bill. You can say NASA bill, oh yeah, that’s the Voting Rights bill, because somehow they can’t pass it under the name voting rights, because we all know what they are trying to do, so they take and gut a NASA bill and they use that as the shell.

Remember guys, what this bill does. It probably finances campaigns. It allows non-citizens to vote. It encourages ballot harvesting. It strips voter ID requirements. All the things that are basic common sense, American, this isn’t even a Republican vs Democrat thing. This is an American thing. Every single person, regardless of your party affiliation should want integrity in our elections and that is why it’s important that involved, share this video guys, educate our friends, our neighbors, our family, our co-workers, educate everybody on what is going on, what’s in the bill, and how they can help. That is my ask of you today. It’s Thursday, January 13th, we have got a couple of days to get this done, start calling today, senate will be in through the weekend. Call them tomorrow. Call them through the weekend. They’re trying to get this done in time for MLK day next week, let’s make sure that we honor the memory of Martin Luther King by protecting the system that guarantees equal opportunity for every single American, not equal outcome. This bill does anything but that. Let’s make sure that we preserve our elections.

Thank you guys. Thanks so much. Share the video. I’ll be keeping you updated. Take care. God bless. 

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