Vaccine Companies Own Data Shows ZERO Difference in Stopping Covid, But May Cause Mad Cow Disease

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Dr. Richard Fleming says the vaccine companies own data, from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, all show they make zero difference in stopping COVID-19. The Emergency Use Authorization data “shows there is no difference.” However, there are real risks from getting vaccinated.

” . . . we’re seeing risk popping up across the board and they’re all inflammatory and blood clotting, and it’s affecting not just two people with a comorbidity, it’s affecting the people that, normally now we’re healthy, and they’re being overwhelmed and because their immune systems work, they’re making antibodies to these these vaccines. And let’s remember two things. First off the spike protein is not naturally occurring, its is gained a function. It is crossing the blood-brain barrier, and we know in the animal models of these spike proteins, we know that in the humanized mice they develop spongiform encephalopathy which is, for the general public, Mad Cow Disease. We also know that in the rhesus macaque models, that about two weeks afterwards they develop Lewy bodies in the brain and inflammation, and Lewy bodies are what cause Alzheimer’s and a number of neurologic disorders. And those numbers translate into about a year-and-a-half for human beings to see the same consequences. So no statistically significant benefit from the very UAE document that are posted, not mine, the companies, inflammation of blood clotting occurring with it. Lewy bodies, mad cow disease, and nothing that suggests a benefit. It’s and experimental drug that people are signing informed consent for and you’re part of the control or experimental group.”

Dispelling Misinformation About SARS-CoV-2 and the Vaccines

In this roughly 55-minute discussion Dr. Richard Fleming looks at 10-different topics surrounding the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease resulting from the InflammoThrombotic Response (ITR) known as COVID-19. We will also take a look at the actual data from the Emergency Use Authorization documents filed with the FDA. Documents that prove there is no statistically significant benefit to receiving these drug vaccines.

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About Richard M. Fleming PhD, MD, JD

In 1994, Dr. Fleming presented to the American Heart Association his “theory” that cardiovascular disease was due to inflammation. What was theory in 1994 has become well known fact for decades and was highlighted in 2004,with a feature on ABC’s 20/20 News.

Patent # 9566037 was issued to Dr. Fleming on February 14, 2017.

The Fleming Method patent (FMTVDM) covers ALL methods and devices able to measure metabolic and regional blood flow differences. This breakthrough made it possible to differentiate functionality of tissue, tissue types as well as non-tissue, and the measurement of treatment response using all isotopes, enhancing agents and devices capable of detecting and measuring isotopes.

Developing technology that disrupts the methods of conventional medicine is not always welcomed. Especially when that technology would half the revenue a $20 billion nuclear isotope industry. When physicians bring innovation to medicine, complaints to medical boards often follow along with court cases, which is why it’s called, “Disruptive Technology.”

His knowledge and patent enables previously undetectable inflammation to be seen and measured with levels of accuracy not found in most common scanning and technologies or devices.

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