‘Do Not Use Justice for Blacks As Excuse to Destroy This Nation’—Bob Woodson on ‘Systemic Racism’

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“Do not use justice for blacks as an excuse to destroy this nation,” says Bob Woodson. A veteran of the civil rights movement, he argues that the legacy of the civil rights movement is being perverted and weaponized to punish whites. Today, we discuss the devastating human cost of the “race grievance industry” he believes is gripping America today.

Using Racial Justice to Destroy the Nation Will Not Raise Black Communities From Poverty: Bob Woodson

Empowering low-income grassroots leaders helps their communities ‘achieve against the odds’

Assault on the fundamental institutions and values of America in the name of pursuing social justice for blacks by the radical left will not benefit black communities but can destroy the nation, said Bob Woodson, a veteran of the civil rights movement.

“None of us wants to be judged by our birth defect or the worst that we ever did as a young person. … America’s interest is best served by setting aside race and beginning to promote remedies that reach across class and race lines to heal this nation,” Woodson, founder of the “1776 Unites“ project, told Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders.”

The 1776 Unites initiative is a Woodson Center project joined by a nonpartisan and intellectually diverse alliance of writers, thinkers, and activists, according to its website.

“The goal of 1776 is to provide the means for this nation to heal and build on 50 years of successfully fighting against racism and discrimination, [to] build on what we’ve accomplished,” Woodson said. It is “not go back retro retroactively and condemn America for what it did.”

Those who are marginalized as a consequence of their condition, not their race, such as low-income blacks, whites, Hispanics, and others, have more in common than they do differences, Woodson explained.

“Our mission is to unite Americans rather than divide them around issues of race and ethnicity: ‘We do this in the spirit of 1776, the date of America’s true founding.’” Carol Swain, a project participant and a former tenured professor at Vanderbilt and Princeton universities wrote for The Epoch Times.

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