Video Playlist: Dr. Mike Hansen on Coronavirus | Covid-19

Dr. Mike Hansen
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Internist, Intensivist, and Pulmonologist Dr. Mike Hansen discusses Coronavirus treatment, vaccines, patients, masks, a cure and much more.

COVID Update – 2021 | Doctor Mike Hansen

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COVID Update – 2020 | Doctor Mike Hansen

Doctor Mike Hansen designed this COVID 19 Update playlist with all the COVID 19 Pandemic related videos, which he published on his channel. Example – COVID 19 Pandemic videos, COVID 19 update videos, COVID 19 Treatment videos, COVID 19 Vaccine videos, COVID 19 Autopsy videos, Current condition in USA of COVID 19, etc.

About Dr. Mike Hansen, MD

Mike Hansen, MD, is a medical doctor who is an internist, an intensivist, and a pulmonologist. In other words, he specializes in (and is board certified in) internal medicine, critical care medicine, and pulmonary disease.

His mission is to make a dent in this world by impacting the health, and lives, of as many people as possible. He intends on doing this by providing people with the most accurate, and up-to-date health content available.

His background of internal medicine, pulmonary disease, and critical care medicine, combined with his drive to stay current with the latest health studies, allows him and his team of experts to uniquely deliver the best health wisdom on the planet.

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