Dr. Dareld Morris speaks out on coronavirus fraud and hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus

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Dr. Dareld Morris speaks out on coronavirus fraud and hydroxychloroquine use for coronavirus. Labs are faking the results of COVID-19 positive results and hospitals are not full, just understaffed.


Hey everyone, I’m here at Morris Medical Center with my dad, Dr. Dareld Morris II, DO. He has some things he would like to share and bring attention to in regards to politics is affecting the medical world right know.

Yay, there are three things right now, mainly politicized in this, especially during this coronavirus pandemic situation. One is here in Florida they’ve already exposed 40 or more labs that are doing COVID testing that are, in fact, faking the results. They are reporting 100% positive result ratios which is just statistically impossible. Two of the labs that have already been audited, it turns out instead of 100% positive they were, they were coming out at less than 10% positive. So these a, this is political, ridiculous, motivation, insurance fraud, there is all kinds of illegality going on here.

One of the other points I’d like to touch on is the, in Florida here their report that we don’t have enough hospital beds and this is completely not true as well. What happened is a few months back the hospitals here had massive layoffs because they were slow in the business was just slow and, I do to not being able to do electric procedures and things like that, and so they are running many of them it’s 50 to 60% staffing capacity and real stats are that there are more than enough beds, what there is is not enough staff. So they may be full to capacity based on the number of staff members they have working, but they don’t have a full staff working, so those numbers are being manipulated as well.

And lastly, regarding the treatment of COVID-19. Yesterday and the day before they were many doctors at a press conference in Washington DC about their successful treatment of the virus, one particular is treated over 300 patients in the Houston area with diabetes, hypertension and COVID-19, and with massive success treating with the hydroxychloroquine, zink, and the the protocol with Zithromax, which is having good success in many practices across the country, but physicians are being shouted down in the media is not carrying it because it’s not the mantra of what turns out to be the left media. It is clearly a hit, trying to hit on the president here. In the video showing those physicians who we’re having successful treatment with that protocol has now been deleted from Twitter and Facebook, which you all probably know are left leaning organizations. That’s just censorship and restricting the information flow in the United States. In our practice I’ve written that same protocol for many of my patients that are at risk and the local pharmacies have refused to fill my prescription. I’ve had many patients on Zithromax or hydroxychloroquine for many years because I also treat lupus and for 20 plus years they’ve been on that medication with no side effects, no trouble whatsoever. And so there’s no reason to not utilize that protocol if it’s indicated and not letting that information freely flow, refusing to utilize those protocols with you’re having success in other practices, is just criminal. And so with that being said we’ll turn it back here to Shelby Jo.

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