Elements of the Fascist Deep State

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Article Preface

The Deep State is the ‘Deep South’ of our time … an Antebellum renewal consisting of autocratic plantation owners, using their internal knowledge and profligate cultural demeanor, together with the acquiescent blessing of the public and the media, to brutalize civilization and to make others less fortunate do their selfish economic bidding as human slaves. Those taskmasters of yesteryear often took great pleasure in their persecution and domination. Much later, when their captivity practices were denounced or trounced in battle, they assumed a new fondness for dressing up in the form of the KKK, burning and hanging out with the dying — knowing that they had government warranty and sanctimonious cover for their mortal sins. Thus was born America’s first Deep State.

Acknowledged restoration of a modern-day Deep State may be assumed in its elemental definition of any wholly or partially obscure housing of individuals within government, the media, or any influential institution wielding power and authority almost exclusively for their own ends and whose intended goal is to make these institutions self-serving in amendment or otherwise to appear dysfunctional and in default of their service duty by not complying with the social will of their sponsors, specifically the American people. Not all elements are equally conspicuous or treacherous. At their slightest, an analogy from the 1800s could be made that some of them are like the carpetbaggers, only with far more power, far greater numbers, and a far stronger desire to steal and commit harm. At their most heinous, they have updated the techniques used by Fascists in the running of their assigned Deep State programs, have deployed cruel Gestapo-like tactics against anyone who complains, and cleverly and deviously appointed blame for all their fault or hurt on the innocent.

For ease of reference, I have categorized the nine (9) elements of the known Deep State into three groups of three. As listed, they are meant to separate or highlight the actual operatives from the ready abettors from the willing, if unwitting, enablers. In terms of legal guilt, they may be thought to correspond with the notion of Criminal, Accomplices, and the Collective Set of judges, lawyers, and spent or bribed juries of the judicial system.



  • – Embedded Government Personnel
  • – Elected Officials (at any level)
  • – Media Coordinators and Repressors


  • – Scarlet Teachers/Bloody Scientists
  • – Lobbyists and Market Controllers
  • – Activist Corporate/Global Leaders


  • – Faux Candidates and Organizations
  • – Faux Right-leaning Personalities
  • – Vexed or Indifferent Individuals


Group ‘A’ (Actual Operatives) Preface

Those elements most identified with the definition of ‘Deep State’ are by their nature secretive and almost hidden. Whatever their dimensions, we know that they are indeed ‘deep’ and pervasive. Mostly they should be considered like squatters occupying a rich family’s summer vacation home, only immovable even by the owners and quite destructive of the premises on purpose. Besides bringing with them the personal germs and diseases of their vagrant lifestyle, over time and impressed malevolence they create settlement cracks — the slowdowns and the shakedowns — of what were once sound and sturdy foundations. Embedded or implanted personnel range all way from appointed officials to managers to lower-level workers or contract agents, thereby creating a shadowy cast of shady underlings. Nearly all of these administrative operatives are working in tandem or illicit cooperation with what they consider “outside” forces, be that congressional committees, the media, corporate and industrial leaders, professional experts, lobbyists, lawyers, foreign parties, etc.

Group ‘A’ elements aren’t just operatives; they are the Deep State’s operational disruptors, acting with the precision and the determination of the French Underground (without the National Pride) to instruct travail on the system(s) and to provoke havoc amongst any invaders of their habituated estate (now vainly assumed as their own). To the effect that operational (government) services are delayed or disrupted, the expected and necessary response from on high is to incur even more systematic control and tyranny in order to restore smooth delivery and status quo. The more hapless or overbearing they (these operatives) are in the performance of their duties, the more it resolves to the benefit of their being there and in charge; much to the frustration and dislike of the general public or to the enterprise supposedly being served. “Socialist opportunism” is the result, taking every opportunity to spread ever more unease, more unrest, more discomfort, with the consequential remedy of imposing even more of the same type of unsatisfactory painful domination and medicinally bitter control. In olden times, such a cycle might have compelled a frenzied revolution — a French brand of revolution with the oppressors being taken away in a cart to the guillotine. Unfortunately, in our present-day computerized, braindead existence, it’s the Citizens being carted off to their own demise.

 #1 – Embedded Government Personnel

Most areas of our country require that a person apply for a hunting license before going out to kill wild game in the autumn and winter. As it should be in all legislation, the law should be both a permit giving the person consent to what is being authorized and a license giving him direction and personal access to necessary resources. Once passed, further involvement by park ranger, forest ranger, conventional police, military police, or whatever authority should not be necessary except under extraordinary or extraneous conditions. And no law should be arbitrarily or selectively enforced, otherwise it is civilly indefensible from a civil rights perspective. Nor in America should any one branch of government: Executive, Legislative, Judicial, hold absolute power (sway) over another; not as long as we have what Constitutionally checks and balances. This basic premise of righteous (justified) government began to collapse (at the federal level) when Congress:

  1. Stopped holding itself to account for ethical violations of behavior, lobbying, etc.
  2. Stopped doing the background research and failed to engage in the proper steps for passing only needed bipartisan legislation;
  3. Left most delineation of the law to the Executive branch and its regulatory agencies, without proper oversight and rescission.

The resultant power shift created and gave the Deep State free rein (reign) over what they alone determined to be legal satisfaction of the law, while simultaneously depriving the American voters of auspicious appeal.

Whenever a new federal law is passed, even a good and necessary one, its instructive mass and force of gravity are frequently and intendedly bare-boned, in need of fleshing out. For example, the original Revenue Act of 1913 that instituted the paying of income taxes by citizens seemed hardly all that significant at the time, but it eventually created the IRS and volumes of income tax regulations. Someone had to decide exactly what was ‘income’, what can be written off against it (expenses), what determines tax deductibility and delinquency, what should be the penalty and interest for not complying in a timely manner, and so forth. These refinements on the law were deliberately left to regulators like the Treasury and the IRS to master (as in master and slave). Laws like the Underwood Tariff (Income Tax) Act and many others would give regulators and self-guiding department heads great power — grandiose power — to reset, defer, delay, downplay, or otherwise over-apply and defy the original guidelines of these laws. A throne had thus been established for dispensing unequal justice, depending on ‘who’ was doing the applying (submission), to who or what agency you were applying, and more and morally important, to whose back pocket flowed personal funds or cash-barrels of corporate bribery. “Justice”, like rain, should fall evenly on the meadow, not in spotty showers or gulley-washing downpours. This bureaucratic rule should apply to money coming in (revenue) and to money going out (distribution); as well as to the executive-handling process of exacting duty (conformity to justice) and to the process of dispensing sanctions (extent of justice).

Over time, the parameters of executive control became more a critical (criminal) investigation into American’s everyday lives. The FBI, the Department of Justice, and the Attorney General and all their other CIA and Homeland Security cronies (comrades) would actually strive to work against America, not to preserve liberty and law and order, … excepting of course their holistic interest in “pre-serving” the inner sanctum, meaning the bellicose workings of Deep State aristocracy. Behind it all, whatever the radicals suggested (usually the Leftist elites), it dictated more over, stoked by bureaucratic power, stroked by media’s ability to belittle, reward, or ban; enforced through government tracking or tricking, ensconced in threats of fines, loss of property, or imprisonment (concentration camps). Every government agency from the IRS to Social Security to Health and Human Services is an “instrument of potential repression” — garnishing or holding your every benefit or paycheck or due compensation; while gloating with PRIDE over the color-blindness of justice that curiously treats Antifa and the BLM and the other truly domestic terrorists laxly, while marshaling vigilante forces of the Nazi SS to roundup mysterious and unproven outlaw bands of “white supremacists”, mostly imagined, even prodded, to exist.   

An associated problem exists within or alongside any ‘power’, even regulatory authority, leading to a hegemony of oversight involving the procurement of facts (circumstances) and the issuance of discernment (arbitration). To counter this, some boards have been designed to contain at least a semblance of political balance. In the absence of balance, referrals, or appeals, then a Marxist regime commences pursuant to the circumcision (dishonoring) of justice, having all its workings bought or disobeyed as accordingly swindled. Regaled now like pop stars are the engrained snakeweeds of the rancid and resilient Deep State — packing the walls of government with conceited and troublous fools, holding like kidnappers the ransomed hope of the American people. These despoilers of the government homes, of which they merely house-sit, exert their pressures of mold and fungus into every crevice, destroying its sterility and hiding all its entry-exit ways from prerequisite inspection and transparency. Obligations to departmental duty and to the maintenance of a clean domain are not on their agenda … being more concerned with positional strength and organizational context, with legal/media reviews, and how much outsiders will pay for inside knowledge.

Nearly every Washington politician and ranking member of the upper military has a hatcheck-ticket arrangement with their matching counterpart in the civilian contracting sector. Or perhaps it’s with the energy industry or the drug manufacturing companies. Not only did Dr. Fauci approve the funding of the gain-of-function debacle in the Wuhan lab in China, he lied about its purpose and spread (Dunleavy, 2021). Having his own strategic investments in mind and the royalty payments that would follow (Smith W., 2022), he then took advantage of his collusive relationship with the pharmaceutical companies to prescribe needless (needles) shots at overkilling rates, and helped orchestrate calamitous rounds of lockdowns, restrictions, and job disenfranchisement. Millions died on his watch worldwide and at his hand (not just Chinese handiwork). Bureaucratically, however, we can sense that there will probably never be a full financial accounting or a thorough and adequate investigation into ‘who’ and ‘what countries’ are to be held responsible for the rise of the CoVid virus; then to be made culpable for the deaths and resultant suffering. Lesser political/financial ‘evils’ such as illegal lobbying, money transference out of supposedly ‘inaccessible’ accounts, and criminal cover-up, will obviously never be investigated either. Should a brave whistleblower ever come forward to expose these travesties, somehow the ‘shock’ will quickly turn to side-interest, which will soon turn to party as usual; and even if there is overwhelming evidence, having now put an exposed witness in danger, and many other innocents, the story will always remain “insufficient to convict”.  

Irreverence to honest governance, like lawbreaking itself, is contagious. Once gambling was legalized in many states, the administration should have immediately set up a second layer of government gaming to make sure the overseeing inspectors were doing their duty as prescribed and not taking casino bribes. Ostensibly, most departments should have their own in-house operational inspectors, as in the case of police departments, having their own internal division; but leakage from one sewage canister implies refuse from them all. Illustrations abound. To this day, we have been given no real conclusion (or real investigation it seems) to the Mandalay Bay killings in Las Vegas of five years ago — the largest mass shooting in American history with 60 people killed and more than 800 wounded. Why? Either the local and/or federal government didn’t want certain evidence to come out — or — they didn’t really care about the people being shot and killed (mostly right-leaning country bumpkins), unlike the single death of one George Floyd which set off almost two years in retributive burning and the killing of now-forgotten civilians and officers. Likewise, the Justice Department doesn’t feel it has an obligation to protect all the children now being made subjects (guinea pigs) of sexual grooming, perverse indoctrination, and misguided health advice (temptations) into unnecessary hormonal treatments and body mutilation. Instead the Attorney General Merrick Garland has labeled the protesting parents of these children who are being psychologically and physically operated on as domestic terrorists — subject to violent harassment, libelous investigation, and imprisonment. We will never know the extent of the FBI’s involvement in the sanctioning and handling of the clearly fabricated Steele Dossier, the FISA abuse which prompted their secret surveillance of President Trump, plus numerous other criminal acts, including their part in instigating and abetting the January 6 incursion into the Capitol. Internationally, will we ever learn the facts behind the original fall of Iran decades ago, the military’s recent collapse in Afghanistan, or the ceding of Crimea and other territories to the Russians? Will we ever learn who (which country) was really behind 9-11, or, more modestly, what radical group actually caused or accentuated the burning of Notre Dame? Surely there are people — dark elements of the Deep State who know these answers, but want to protect the agents/countries involved or else take great joy in keeping the American people in the dark.

Ever since the Obama era, incoming candidates for the justice department, homeland security, the military, and even the Census Bureau have been inveigled to swear allegiance to their Marxist overlords, not to the Constitution or in provisional accordance with prevailing American sentiments. That’s a major reason why the borders are open, the police won’t touch BLM, and why the military is more interested in providing transgender surgery or in using the proper pronoun than how to fight and win a real war. More recently, syndicate boss President Biden has utilized the tactic of forcing all federal employees to take the CoVid shots as a means of weeding out the “undesirables”. A refusal would spark an inference of a free-thinking, freedom-loving, independent American, which is exactly the kind of person a Deep State cabal of brainwashed, America-hating, deadheads cannot tolerate. Should the country and its inspirational being ever survive this deliberate decimation of our founding and original belief system, or any one of us is left alive to recount history, we shall be left only as token humans, inspirational thinkers suited only as the captured combatants of a predatory Thunderdome. Every day we hear of another dozen or so attendees of the January 6 being stalked and arrested, even though the politicians in Washington and the local officials did nothing to make the 2020 election secure and stop the controlled rigging by the tech companies of the whole process. In fact, the FBI and the Justice Department did everything they could to make the process invalid by spreading false information and hounding the truth-expressers, by not stepping in to balance the machines and cross-check the mudflow of superfluous mailed-out balloting and uncertified mailed-in voting. The essential (base) cruelty of the Deep State is to break every law, ensure every pain, violate every decency — so that by will of pressurized response, every subsequent act of survival is a January 6th all over again, justifying the crush and initializing the need for more slavish repression. Certainly, the FBI, the police, as well as the military will one day be looked back on as the Brown Shirts and the killer party-goers of the National Association of Socialists Initiatives in our day.

Extreme disregard and arrogance also explain why President Biden and the military didn’t have to answer for the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster. Tyranny needs no justification. Historically, such perniciousness and arrogance provide solemn segue to why Eric Holder wanted to give former felons immediate voting rights (Goldman, 2014); why crack-smoking DC Mayor Marion Barry wanted criminals to vote from prison and now can (“DC to allow”, 2020); and why several states and cities, including DC, have pushed for illegals to vote in local elections. Evil, like an entrenched infection, serves its own suffered fever. Despite his acrimonious behavior and many run-ins with the law, DC residents would continually vote Mayor Barry back into political office, even though he was known to take bribes and to reward his closest friends with contracts and special positions of authority. All governments and institutions, whether at the federal or local level, even state-funded universities, are susceptible to hiring family (nepotism), liberal friends and contractors, often at big bucks, to perform useless, do-nothing jobs — especially if there is no adequate oversight. Entire projects can be boondoggled when unethical arrangements are made using government workers and personal relationships: witness New York Mayor De Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, wasting (un-accounting for) $1.8 billion in supposedly mental health-related funding (McManus, 2019). Lack of ethics, transparency, and auditing controls often leads to bloating, financial corruption, and the bastardization of true government service. As someone who has worked at or with various levels of government, I can tell you that most agencies are weighed down with excessive (useless) employees, probably close to 50%. But union protection, much like protection money paid to the mob to ‘protect’ you from them burning down your store or restaurant, is self-appeasing and organizationally irresistible.

Change is not likely to come any time soon, however, because the system is now in control, and truth is now racked up in the bowels of the Deep State. Like the purpose and ramifications of Area 51, the public will never know how many secret experiments the government has performed on American citizens, besides Tuskegee Syphilis (1932), Beef blood transfusions (1942), Willowbrook hepatitis (1956), and LSD (1950sand 1960s); plus numerous other undisclosed incidents and torturous plots involving mustard gas, biological warfare, nuclear radiation, etc. Exactly how many illegals are there in America today? The government and the media have cited the number of 11 million for almost 20 years now. By official count of voluntary or involuntary seizure, at least one to two million enter every year without forced return. Security personnel places the unofficial count of the sighted but not captured at about one million more. Estimates have it that for every one alien sighted, there is another one who entered far afield in avoidance of capture and security detection. A rough estimate, then, more likely an underestimate, has it that probably about four million illegals enter the U.S. every year. How can four million new illegals enter the country every year for 20 years and the total number remain at 11 million? The actual proof for what is happening to our country is to be found in the school registries. In many counties of numerous states especially in the South and West, the largest single ethnic group of very young school students is not white or black, but Hispanic. Nationwide, Hispanic and Latino students of any age will constitute about a third of all U.S. students in just a few years. As adults, Hispanics are already the largest racial or ethnic group in states such as California and Texas (Krogstad, Passel, & Noe-Bustamante, 2022).

HR (Human Resources), as associated with government, is another vile instrument of humanitarian distortion and extortion. Should any agency get caught doing something wrong or overseeing an entire program which somehow goes badly (e.g., the Afghanistan debacle, the overthrowing of Libya, the IRS scandal), then the person(s) responsible are rarely punished; instead demoted upward, quietly transferred, or allowed to retire with full benefits and honor.

The Deep State didn’t have to worry when Donald Trump came into the Executive sphere promising to clean out the ‘swamp in Washington’ — because it knew that, even if such was his (unlikely) sincere intentions, as a novice, he would have to hire from the same cesspool of official stackers and placeholders that have always run Washington (into the swamp). No matter how prominent or independently aloof or morally incorruptible that candidate seemed when Trump first selected him, that ‘righteous’ standing would soon sink like his personal reputation into the quicksand just beyond the stable margins. Never hire pigs to clean out a swamp. Never buy religion as an insurance on character. Should anyone thus hired ever defy expectations and actually perform well under grace and with professional courtesy, then that person’s life, as well as the welfare of his/her family, would soon be worth less than two cents. No mafia godfather and family has ever been so vengeful as the most moderate hitman of the Deep State Confederacy.

Conversely, seeking retribution from the Deep State for harm done is a virtually impossible feat, accessorizing itself as it does with all the shielded eminence of a (brutal) monarchy. In this disguise it has three tremendous legal advantages (protections):

  1. The power to charge you with any foul on any evidence (contrived even), which naturally requires you to expend exorbitant resources just to defend yourself — in a court of ‘justice’ which is albeit another snake-pit of the Deep State. Toward the goal of arrest, they can use their own crooked agents, compromised field workers, hired mercenaries, and even contract gangsters: it’s your vile word and make-shift evidence against the hyper-sanitized browbeating (blackmail) and impeccable reputation of the glorious United States Government.
  2. The right of eminent domain which allows governments to take what they want and yet be immune from lawsuit when they obviously do things in gross negligence, or with partisan intentions, or even flagrantly illegal. Unlike a commercial lawsuit, you can’t sue them for, say, medical malpractice.
  3. In rare cases where lawsuits are feasible, the government (Deep State) has unlimited legal funds [all the tax money and all the printed-up (made-up) money from the Treasury they need].

These make all legal cases forwarded by government tarnished samples of even more secret experiments (encroaches) against unaware citizens stupid enough to give them, by implicit voter approval, expressed leeway.

#2 – Elected Officials (at any level)

The chain of corrupt elected officials begins with a clamp on manipulated elections. It has long been known, for decades at least, that most (national) election results should be considered dubious and worrisome, mainly because devious politicians, working in cooperation with an unscrupulous establishment, insist on behind-the-scenes intrusion whenever blatant up-front interference is not culturally practicable. Legend has it that John F. Kennedy — one of my favorite Presidents — would not have attained office had it not been for the Chicago Mayor Richard Daley voting machine whereby the city in 1960 threw almost a half-million votes Kennedy’s way rather than Richard Nixon. Consequential stories gave credence to the old Democratic anecdotes: “vote early, vote often”, “we love busing”, and “even the dead vote”. In some districts, more people cast votes for Kennedy than the total list of citizens registered there. Eventually, some precinct workers pleaded guilty and served jail sentences, but that was two years after the election (Lucas, 2016). Whatever the backstory, rigged elections are assumed to be a tortured fact of quasi-human politics. No matter … since the only principle that ‘counts’ is (according to history) “it’s not the people who vote that count; it’s the people who count the votes”, a saying usually attributed to Joseph Stalin. From this quaint appeal to Communist history, we can be fairly certain that neither the honesty of George Washington nor the sincerity of Abraham Lincoln subtends the character of the modern American politician.

Like their Russian hero (Stalin), the Democratic Party left nothing to chance in the 2020 election. Using the CoVid crisis as an excuse, nearly every Democrat-run state strove to push out as many ballots they could to as people as many possible, alive or dead, legal or illegal, so that the resultant mailed-back votes, checked or unchecked, certifiable or provisional, would dilute and taint the ultimate count. Just to make sure things went their way, drop boxes were stuffed with made-up packages of votes carried by ‘mules’; party organizers went out to make sure sick and senior citizens, some unable to write, in nursing homes and resident centers filled out their ballots properly — with their biased hand for guidance of course. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook billionaire, all by himself spent $400 million in worker bribes to nearly 2500 counties in 49 states in order to make fulfilled the harvest of returns to be Democratically satisfying and easily churned over by the palate (Nelson & Golding, 2021). The scarcely-suspicious opposition party, the Republicans, didn’t seem to mind all these shenanigans strangely enough … until rioters met at the Capitol Building to protest the big tech repression, the FBI cover-up of Biden’s family history, along with all the fraud of election mechanics. Then Lindsey Graham and the other RINOS told the police to shoot the rioters for doing the job of correcting a wrong that they themselves should have been doing from the start, namely securing the integrity of the election process (Colton, 2021). As a probable result, an unarmed, completely defenseless woman was shot and killed: Ashli Babbit, who was also an Air Force veteran, far more patriotic and justified than the police officer who shot her and got away with it. In many ways, the relationship between the political parties is one similar to school-day bullies (the Democrats) who are having their way with smaller nerdy kids, while everyone else in the class (the Republicans) either ignore the beatings or just stand behind them laughing and making fun — which unfortunately reflects their true dedication to life and oath of office.

The topic of electioneering and the misdemeanor of Election Boards and state election officials is too vast to discuss in detail here. Conceptually, their responsibilities are very straightforward and quite achievable, were it not for their own endearment to chicanery:

  1. Make sure each person attempting to vote is legitimately eligible and validated
  2. Make sure each ballot is closely held and if (when) sent out, only as necessary, that it is accurately tracked and returned in tamper-proof, qualifying condition
  3. Make it clear to each member of the elector staff and overseeing body that they will be definitely and painstakingly punished for illegally mishandling or deceptively misdirecting any ballot.

The constant occurrence of so many close elections in strategically-important battleground states — the bulk of which almost always go to the Democrats favor in Democratically-run administrations — automatically belies the statistical chance that the results are happening by fairness of probability. If you (in your innocence of the Deep State) think to question, “Why don’t the Republicans ever contest these long-drawn-out counts which, despite expectations, always turn against them?” consider, instead, that some grand Leftist force (the truly Red Communists) is paying for the Democrats to win, while the Republicans (the Pink Communists) are always fated to play the loser antagonist; therefore, in satisfaction of second place.

For decades, both parties have advocated for more and more illegal immigration. The rich Republicans, so they say, are “victims” of their own greed — as capitalists pressure them with lobby money for evermore cheap labor and ever-looser human rights enforcement, which is all coming at the sacrifice of the welfare of existing low-income Americans, together with the decline of the education system and the destruction of the cultural and natural environment. The Democrats have a much grander ambition, reminiscent of the Old South, of overturning the demographics of America and creating a permanent underclass of (racially-inferior) serfs and complete government (plantation) dependency. Accordingly, they have continuously advocated for the extension of fraud by allowing illegals, those under 18, and even criminals to vote. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) should be on the frontline preventing politicians for abusing campaign laws; but they seldom do, especially in regard to leadership PACs which lawmakers often use like personal slush funds to subsidize their lavish lifestyles. Even after losing an election, politicians obviously seldom ever return the leftover money; instead they continue to access the funds as an ongoing personal bridge and possible starting seed for their next campaign try (Campaign Legal Center, 2021). The FEC should also act as security agents preventing the ‘Big Shots’ in California and New York sending bucket-loads of cash into small less-affluent states trying to turn them from red to blue. As a matter of ethics, this is equivalent to Saudi Arabia or Iran contributing money into our elections in order to curry support for their own non-American agendas.

Throughout any given year, elected officials receive millions of dollars in unaccounted for and easily covered up lobbying money (i.e., bribes). To a large degree, this explains how relatively pauper-politicians upon entering their political life in government leave from office super-rich. President Obama, himself, admitted that when he and Michelle entered the White House, they were essentially broke. Not long after leaving the White House eight years later, having collated and built a rat’s nest of unsavory favors, then playing on their prominent afterglow, they were multi-millionaires with numerous residences presently scattered across the country in charmed locations — some surprisingly close to oceans — having kept his promise for halting the global rising of the water, now no longer surging onshore to engulf them. As much could be said of just about every politician in Washington, but particularly of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and many well-known Republicans as well. Making celebration of their joint legal kills (laws passed), they notify the Reserve chef to serve only those finely-prepared courses which of course serve just themselves fine. Let us take as an axiom with which to grind, that, unless a states-person is fresh from the revolutionary field or perhaps an errant playboy out on a lark, all politicians, should be watched in protective station of those without posted life guard lost — whose fate should not be one of bewilderment — like young girls drug off in the night, then drugged in laced-party preparation at the Devil’s own pleasure-club.

Patronizingly, lawmakers often employ the time-tested collusion trick of passing legislation for the dispensing of billions of dollars to (friends in) corporations, banks, wall street firms, etc., which then on a personal or campaign basis, or at the combined union level, “refunds” a portion back to the lawmakers (politicians) to put into their pockets. It was some two years after Congress passed the nearly one-trillion-dollar economic stimulus act, or better known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, that President Obama confessed with a contemptuous sneer that there weren’t really any shovel-ready jobs out there “ready”, so they gave almost all of the stimulus to the unions and their Democratic friends in state and local government (Pollack, 2020). Rarely do politicians – whether Democrat or Republican – actually strive to fulfill the promises they made to the citizens who voted them into office. The only promises that have any significance at all are those made to their largest contributors. Recently the Democrats have come “out of the closet” about being out-and-out Anti-American Socialists, countenancing only those causes which further their aim to transform society, destroy patriotism and the family, abort babies and distort even little school children who are easily made prone to becoming their supine sexual slaves. Stoned Republicans (dual meaning) are either hard-rock patrons of the Deep State Tower or highballed on the money coming in from China, Russia, and other dangerous command outfits. Hypocrisy and constantly talking out of both sides of their mouths are their preferred manner of speech. Only a ‘Biden’ could defile America’s good name by using Ukraine for years like a cash cow, give military support to Ukraine when its autocratic syndicate is attacked, threaten war with Russia because of its aggression, rebuke China for aiding Russia and threatening Taiwan — all the while helping Russia negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran (our mortal enemy), and ceding ever more trade agreements and economic exchanges with China.

Underlying these character flaws, elected officials’ hold the personal desire and logistical disclaimer to despise anyone who cannot help them get ahead or who does not support the things they want to impose. Be it a church-goer, a disabled veteran dying from Fentanyl, a special-needs individual, or simply a MAGA believer, like the fetus in the womb, you are unborn to them. If they do not heed the pledges of their own foolish voters, how shall they hear the cries of those who either can’t vote or were smart enough not to vote for them because of their love for God, country, and American decency? Nevertheless, it is all smoke and mirrors anyway, since any expression of support for either illegals, for children, for nature, the environment, or the planet as a whole, has merely the incense of smoky substances and the moving touch of sacrificed lambs.

 #3 – Media Coordinators and Repressors

Who is around to chronicle these hideous, yet not so deeply hidden, injustices against the Constitutional rights of Americans, or to signal the outcry of trodden humanity? Back in the days of solid anchors like Walter Cronkite, there was at least a call for sanity and a reckoning for whenever government crossed the line into Fascist territory. Now they won’t even report the warping of tracks at a busy and dangerous railroad crossing. Most major outlets, as well as their companion lackeys in the social (tech) media, are without scruples and morals, not even patriotic feelings toward the country. They are just paid hacks of whichever ruthless agenda-driven organization or political party bribes them. For two years they helped to incite and encourage the nationwide holocaust of our cities by Antifa and the BLM, and the harming of businesses and the killing of dozens of innocent workers; they helped provoke the attack on the White House and the attempted burning down of the church nearby.  However, they have since cried like babies for more than a year and a half because their ‘precious Capitol home’ (the house of sinners) was threatened by fanatic protestors on January 6 who really were trying to prevent injustice by the deliberate repression of facts and access, and by the clever rigging and flooding of our election system inside and out. Investigative reporters won’t raise a hand to expose liberal infractions and crimes, but will raise the traitorous flags of magicians and forgers who conjure up slanderous evidence against conservatives. Remember when the media and tech companies, together in conjunction with government agents of the IRS, Homeland Security, the FBI, and the rest of unstable Deep Statists, participated in their own genuine conspiracy to keep harmless senior citizens from supporting the Tea Party, crippling their efforts to organize and speak out against the rise of socialism, painting them as violent, gun-toting radicals? We can now look back on that time period as the formal beginning of fascism in America — expanded today to the point of arresting anyone who dares question the legitimacy of an obviously rigged election (unless it’s a liberal like Hillary Clinton moaning over a Democratic loss). The FBI and the Justice Department covered up the FISA abuse and manufactured false treasonous narratives against President Trump for four years, even conducting secret surveillance of his premises, and acting as patsies and evidence-contrivers for the left’s push for impeachment. The FBI had the whole Hunter Biden laptop story for months prior to the 2020 election, but refused to download (or reveal) its telling information about the criminal history of the whole Biden family. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg deliberately suppressed the story (Gans, 2022); which isn’t all that out of character since he also spent millions of dollars rigging the balloting system (earlier). Adding in the fact that Facebook either bans or reports to the government what it considers as ‘misinformation’ or political extremism, this marks three strikes against Zuckerberg who masquerades himself as a legitimate member of the passive communications industry, instead being an unholy violator of free-speech, in Nazi goose-step with our Socialist regime. Not so unexpectedly, Facebook also banned the “stop the steal” (election) movement which it labeled as disinformation — fully knowing they had clandestinely contributed to the foul play and behind-the-scenes rigging as part of their plan to steal the election (Bond & Allyn, 2021). The lamentable media, like the deplorable sciences, have little loyalty to their intended function: exploring truth (in government). Or perhaps they already know the real ‘truth’ and are complicit with the lies. Why file FOIA requests for items you don’t really want to see, per example, — with a Justice Department that won’t comply honestly or in a timely manner anyway? Worse still, once one of these inefficient, malicious government scumbags leave office — after spending years in office misrepresenting the truth and deceiving the public, inevitably they will end up as reporters or as handsomely-paid commentators on CNN, MSNBC, or one of the other media broadcasts.

A person is not really “fair-minded” whose mind is always ‘made up’ ahead of time. At some point a reasonable person must encounter a new situation or the borders of a new concept for which there is no precedent or set framing of mental reference. Every time Dr. Fauci and the CDC decided to impose restrictions on travel, to make masks and shots mandatory, even the economic shutdown that would damage our children and would evoke hazards on our economy, the media followed along like little acolytes, never questioning the consequences. Just the use of the word “Freedom” in Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” offended them so much, they changed its name when reporting. It is their philosophy that “Freedom” doesn’t exist, at least not for the common folk. Only Trudeau and the other elites here in the U.S. and in the pervasive global government have the “freedom” of tyrannical demand and control. Conviction by semantic denunciation is nothing new (as in Tea-Partiers = Tea-Baggers above). Back in 2008, when Proposition 8 was up for vote in California, it was the leftist in the media that supported the gay protesters in the streets crying that anybody who believes in the strictly traditional marriage between a man and a woman was hateful and bigoted. Together they hounded and Doxed, indeed purged from existence, every person or group which made donations. How many work-lives and personal lives were destroyed simply for believing in biological truth and the procreation of humanity? (Saletan, 2014) Liberals repeatedly exercise the lessons and tricks they learned in World War II, where the press and the movies first dehumanized the Germans and the Japanese, making it much easier to atomize their buildings and atom bomb their cities.

It is said that some mass murderers, like committed drag queens, have a compulsion — a duty — to inflict harm on other people, otherwise they can never fulfill who they really are inside (i.e., justifying their compulsions). Likewise, some elites feel they have a similar right to hate and destroy anyone (they perceive) less than them and who doesn’t believe what they believe. Patriotism and liberty, in their minds, are just euphemisms for ignorance and belief-stricken chaos. Again, recall the (Tea Party) IRS scandal wherein Lois Lerner inappropriately targeted any politically patriotic group; moreover, any liberty-faithful organization with a conservative-sounding name. She was never punished, which is in accordance with Deep State standards, and was allowed to retire with benefits and a pension (Kittle, 2019). Media conducts its own targeting by describing any scientific or religious group that doesn’t agree with Facebook’s life-guide (another Zuckerberg sin) of denoting at least 50+ kinds of genders as being small-minded and vicious. Next it portrays and punishes anyone who doesn’t believe in the unbounded gay, bi-sexual, transgender, etc., experience as clearly bigoted and unworthy to live in modern (mixed) company. From one foolish allowance of acknowledged presence in schoolrooms has come the storied parades of queens throughout all story-telling time.

The power of the press (as they used to call it) is not confined to merely making known to public eyes what they would otherwise be ignorant of or blinded from seeing. In practice, the media is never idle and detached, and even less dissuaded from providing its own influential input, be that truth-spinning or outright lies:

  1. Proactive concern or attention is paid to ideologies and incidents toward which they are biased — and strictly in a good light;
  2. Negative concern or little to no attention paid to beliefs they disagree with, while giving grievous twist to incidents or anything that might assist in making their enemies appear in a bad light.

Consider how the media reporting of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, ginned up riots across the country. Neither forensic nor physical evidence (and ultimate testimony) confirmed that he had responded to the order to put ‘hands up’ by complying and gesturing “Don’t shoot!” On the opposite side, the dark media exclusively spent the four years of the Trump administration dissecting and criticizing everything Trump did: from official actions to off-hand comments — to the extent that half the country was bored (dual meaning) senseless by just his sight. The 2021 Border Patrol whipping charge would demonstrate another persecutorial trapping — beyond condemning the innocent, which was what The Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and NPR all unrelentingly did. Once it was shown to be a hoax, they never apologized or demonstrated any sign of regret or repentance, cautioning that these Border Patrol agents are still villains and will be punished administratively (as President Biden had already promised) (Faria, 2022). The media attack against a single conservative or pro-American is irresistible and, afterward, its stain irremovable. Just witness the January 6 protestors — versus a single complaint against the BLM for its many violent acts, misuse of charitable funds, and other illegal infractions. Just mentioning this discrepancy will get you bounced off the internet and perhaps ruin your career, thanks to militant media’s racist and discriminatory enforcement. Harsher methods of condemnation are reserved for parents who protest the assault on their children — making them even more vulnerable to being arrested by the local police or maybe the Justice Department and FBI in Washington. Nothing journalists, the media, and the tech giants do should ever be considered above-board or impartial. Working hand-in-hand with political parties and/or agenda-driven corporations and secret organizations, poll takers assume a role for themselves which will affirm or at least make possible the results they were paid to find. Over-weighting a pre-election poll with more or more-select Democrats, for example, can have the effect of stymieing resistance or depressing Republican turnout.

The collusion between elected officials (former and current) and the embedded Stasi (past and present), in arranged contract with a conniving media, can bring about its own epic retelling of an American “War and Peace”. This is a story that is well-known, so I will only recount it in summary. The Democratic party thought they had an absolute lock on the 2016 Presidential election against outsider Donald Trump because of (1) the overwhelming repressive control exercised by the Tech companies, whose functional motto is, “What we don’t like, we ban”; (2) the influence of the legacy mainstream which could spend all day and all night literally denouncing Trump and his family while glancing over or covering up years of Clinton malfeasance and overreach; (3) their diabolical control of the election process — from restricted polling places to the overuse of absentee and mailed-out ballots resulting in un-certifiable mailed-in vote-casting, to the fallibility of the physical (tabulating) machines which could be easily manipulated at will. When Hillary Clinton didn’t win, immediately she and the media began to dispute the legitimacy of the election owing to Russian influence, irregular use of technology, and a dozen other reasons, spurring the Democrats to call for Trump’s impeachment even before he was seated in office or even nominated (Chumley, 2019). After months of temper tantrums, the media hacks switched to Plan B, which was to conscript Deep State swamp creatures to go after each Trump aide or supporter, hoping to find or make up something illegal against them, especially Trump himself. Every White House meeting and every phone call had its moles reporting back to the liberal media establishment. Every financial expense, justified or not, became grounds for impeachment. Not satisfied with the prying and preying of Washington insiders, Hillary Clinton and her cronies took it upon themselves to manufacture evidence against Trump in the form of the Steele Dossier, which was passed on for endorsement by the FBI who then passed it on in a roundabout (treasonous) way to the media (McCarthy, 2021). None of this will ever find conviction, however: the powers-that-be and the prejudiced juries in Washington ensure that. The FBI also falsified their own records (another violation) to lie to the FISA court in order to obtain warrants enabling them to spy on various (innocent) individuals, including Trump (another violation).

The respectability of the investigations which followed would be compromised by the prevalence of the corrupt liberal lawyers hired to do the investigation. Passing through the Mueller Report and other laughable pretenses of creditable scrutiny, it’s now 2020, and the New York Post, one of the few honest news reporting operations still in existence, confirmed that the Hunter Biden laptop was real. Contained within emails were the explosive revelations of Biden’s family connections with China and elsewhere. But the legitimate NY Post was soon shut down by Facebook, Twitter, Politico, and the rest of Big Tech, most probably at the order of the FBI who already had the laptop since late 2019, had interviewed reliable witnesses, and knew that what it contained was true and prosecutable. To seal the deal, the government worked with the media to get fifty former directors of national intelligence and “in-the-know” officials to sign (falsify) a letter that the whole Hunter Biden laptop story was merely Russian disinformation (Smith, K., 2022). Even after Hunter Biden reluctantly admitted that the laptop was real, the media ignored the truth until long after the 2020 elections. No one really expects the FBI to reveal its contents: the presidency, their jobs, and perhaps their lives depend on that.

Attorney General William Barr, though appointed by President Trump, was no different a masquerader in his role as the country’s No. One Justice Advocate and Enforcer. With the Hunter Biden laptop in hand, he well knew how corrupt the Biden family was. But Barr couldn’t be bothered about the earlier tapping of Trumps’ office, nor the run of falsified documents leading to his impeachment charges. Before, during, and after the 2020 election, Barr made no serious effort to investigate the tech companies, the media, and all the states which allowed insidious ballot-harvesting and other disreputable election procedures of fraudulent ballot-casting, ballot stuffing, and errant ballot-counting, all of which is in violation of the civil rights of U.S. citizens (Section 6) [political slavery]. Barr’s appointment of a special counsel to then ‘investigate’ the FISA abuse and other federal infractions, after three years, we know was just a show meant to exonerate his own lameness and carefree dismissal. No doubt, when the Durham investigation is all over, Barr will write another self-serving bio explaining how the corruption in Washington was so pervasive and overwhelming, “there is nothing more we could have done”; though he was in charge of an agency that was primarily responsible for either setting the fires or failing to douse them.

Any time a President (or any other executive) states that “We are creating a commission to study this”, the politically aware will sigh, knowing that this is just Washington-speak for “we are closeting this; the results never to see the light of day.” By the same token, whenever the Justice Department says, especially in its current state of decay, “We are establishing a special counsel to look into this”, we know no serious investigation will take place; instead deferring the real search to a future administration period and any possible (welcomed) discoveries into oblivion. While all this was being glanced over or ignored altogether by the social/mainstream media, some conservative-talk radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh waxed prophetic about this one truth — the justice system now has two standards: the Democratic zero confrontation ideal (i.e., ‘innocent’ until overlooked) versus the Republican witch-hunt ordeal (i.e., guilty until executed) … in either case adjudicated in a (DC) court venue that is highly averse to giving fair opinions. Justice is blind, we were always told; and to a great degree we accounted Her indifferent as well. Experience dictating, therefore, that any satisfactory trial outcome shall hold very little connection or substantiality to the evidence being delivered; we must make upstanding what little groggy-blind Justice we can, seeing now, She is also deaf and mute.

Group ‘B’ (Willing Collaborators) Preface

The takeover of the American representative form of government did not begin with the clandestine embedding of government insiders, the regular and continual bribing of political officials, or the waterboarding of truth under the table (tyranny) of media moguls and tech executives. Long before, treasonous pimps and conspiratorial clowns had already entrenched themselves within the educational, legal, scientific, and commercial fields (more or less in that order). In those fields, after the creepers and the poison ivies had already entangled, then the thistles and thorns proceeded to spawn their wickedness. Today, the liberally taut and the backward progressives no longer have to meet secretly, or gather themselves in sponsored (paid) rallies or rowdy and bloody protests, or skyrocket themselves into frenzied fits and epileptic displays just because one election or one appointment or one court ruling doesn’t go their way. They care not who sees their red and black arm-bands now, their bed-post bindings, nor the dog leashes and the whips of their Communist overlords. Like the German-Russian invasion of Poland in 1939, they have taken it all and divided the spoils between them. Everything from education to science, from media communications to manufacturing factories, they have seized them all and tenderized them for easy digestion. Slippery and slimy corporate executives make sure that everything wholesome and good about America appear badly infected; that which has been carefully bandaged and soothingly treated – be now constantly untied, shaved for cutting and pus-draining, followed by painful cauterization. Meanwhile the boot-heeled and straight-jacketed police make sure words and arms are restrained. The footpath unto the future has neither crossing guards nor side-rails.

#4 – Scarlet Teachers/Bloody Scientists

During the recent CoVid virus epidemic, the teachers unions conspired with the CDC to keep the children out of the classrooms (Levine, 2021). Before long, they were demanding refurbished schools in the name of protective health, more pay for the greater risk of future pandemics (and shootings), even while most learning was limited to a reduced schedule and sent via a closed system of remote learning. Never in my twenty years of teaching did I ever receive their level of compensation ($55,000 on average). Upon threats from the National Education Association (NEA), the Biden White House, while ostensibly trying to spare middle-income families from the hardships of lost jobs and being forced to watch over the children from home, would always consider resolute union concerns before instructing the administration’s puppet doctors what to recommend next (in the name of ‘science’). Probably no decision of the CDC and the other health agencies was ever made without bearing Big Pharma and Democratic politics in mind. Were this the elitists of the educational establishment’s only sin, it could easily be forgiven as part of the unknown panic of the pandemic. But during the lockdown, when the millions of (now) stay-at-home parents could personally witness what their children were being taught, they discovered for the first time beyond the news headlines what Critical Race Theory (CRT) is and its harmful discriminatory effects on white children. This radical ideology claims that America is, and has always been, a fundamentally racist country and, in consequence, attributes (evil) moral characteristics to people on the basis of skin color. Some jurisdictions took the opportunity to change the names of ‘racist’ schools like “Abraham Lincoln High School” in California (Guzman, 2021). Both the NEA and the National School Boards Association (NSBA) urged the social media giants to stamp out misinformation by banning anti-CRT communications (O’Neil, 2022). The triumph of the Left is their merciless ability to attack on all fronts.

Additionally, parents soon discovered that not-so-hidden messages of gender disjointedness and sexual perversion were being propagandized against innocent children in order to confuse their still-forming personalities and turn them aside from normal biological sex. None of these leftist teachers had legal or even parental authority to lecture on such things — constituting professional fraud and a despoiling of academic integrity, and which in more refined times of law and order might have been grounds for charging them with “moral corruption of the young”. Eventually, some schools took advantage of the seeds of doubt they had sown to coax kids into changing their self-identifying pronouns if they wanted, and offered them advice on how to transition medically and tragically from boy to a girl or vice versa. As schools started to open up, they invited drag queens and queers into the classrooms to parade around in scurrilous and enticing fashion like a peep show. Libraries summoned male gigolos and pedophiles into story-telling time as though they were just benign modern-day versions of the revered Mr. Rogers. The forced guidelines of transgenderism giving open access to bathrooms and lockers turned these areas into prime breeding grounds for girls to be harassed and assaulted. One aggrieved father who discovered that his daughter had been assaulted in a Virginia school by a trans-girl (really still a boy) — the boy never punished, but was simply transferred to another school where he did it again — stood up in angry protest at the school board meeting.  Then the father was tackled by security guards, arrested, and his name sent off to the FBI. It was the NEA’s opinion as expressed to the Attorney General in Washington that any parent who protested against CRT or sexual indoctrination should be labeled as ‘domestic terrorists’ (O’Neil, 2022). Currently, the NEA, the largest teachers union, so flouts the morality of natural truth and so promotes non-binary identities, that they give badges to public school employees who introduce perversion in classes and pass out to students how-to guides on queer sex which demonstrate how to perform anal sex, bondage, rimming, domination, sadomasochism, muffing, and fisting (Heleniscope, 2022). To this day, not one state outside of Florida has taken a stand against this kind of sexual barbarism; not a single politician in Washington will stand up in solidarity with defenseless children. The Biden Administration itself funds these atrocities through the Department of Education and other secret means. No court order for Justice in America implies defilement of the young as the imprimatur of contempt settlement. Moreover, whatever journey society embarks on, it shall not be preserved one set of lavish coaches existing for the rich and the perverse while a more humble, slavish class of coaches for the poor and the abused. No voyage unto Truth shall have travel protection unless it is confirmed by stamped ticket and comforted by the promise of passage return.

Previously, the educational establishment had festered its way into various other controversies. Being never on the side of religious faith, nationalism, or American pride, schools have long tried to exclude holidays like July 4th, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving (having already succeeded in getting rid of Christmas and Easter). School districts which prohibited the wearing of American flag t-shirts or the waving of flags after rallies or football games, but would allow any type of foreign flag to be flown or worn, was ruled perfectly legal, according to the United States Court of Appeals. This means that foreign-born, even illegal-alien, students can flaunt their untidy status and heritage (from which their parents fled) in front of American-born students (whose parents now pay for their education) (Kloster, 2014). Arizona’s Mexican-American Studies has been traditionally festooned with lectured resentment for California settlers and all other (white) residents of the Old West — being as they were derided as colonizers and invaders — unlike the Spanish (Hispanics) who were just the infectors and cruel conquerors of the natives. Class instructors promote the idea of hating anyone not of your race or class, thereby pushing the buttons of (Mexicans) one day to overthrow of the U.S. Government (Seidl, 2011). A personal question then arises as to why supposedly genteel moderate teachers would engage in treasonous subversion and sexual perversion of little children. Now encased in the chrysalis of a self-serving union, the bound are sorely bound to strike out — together with other generational unions. Like a syndicate of small, godfather-like mafias who are forced into contract for regional domination, they are thereafter obliged to do (sell/push) some things, perform unsightly favors, taken alone deemed distasteful and beneath family honor. But the Devil’s contract demands that they keep their harlequin face and try to convince their other ‘organization’ brothers and sisters that everything they do (in the end) is actually ‘good’ and absolving.

An implication is made in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” that (socialist) ‘pigs’ will always arise from out of their mud pits and wallows to terrorize (tyrannize) the quiet pastures of free-ranging domesticated life. Rarely is this treacherous sedition immediately spotted within less colorful livestock. Their preferred method of offense is through the social pressure of internal accomplices like the wealthy elite, the politicians, the media, the corporate executives (e.g., Mark Zuckerberg), legal forces, the university professors, the public-school teachers, the superintendents, and the regulatory agencies at the federal and local levels. Only in states like Virginia and Florida have parents rose up to combat the racist CRT slaveholder tyranny, and to counter the perverse notion that gays, bi-sexuals, and drag queens have the right to animalize and indoctrinate vulnerable children. As humanitarians and teachers, you would think they should know – the most sensitive skin of the body (society) demands the utmost protection. Since card-carrying members of the Democratic Party have automatic immunity from prosecution, the school liberals know they are exempt from charges of sexual grooming, legal arrest for molestation, and unlicensed medical referral advice.

The original concept behind (free) public education was to make citizens better-rounded and more-informed, thereby contributing more wisely and cooperatively to America’s (free) capitalist economic system. Reading, writing, and arithmetic, with perhaps a little history and civics thrown in, would enable a viable workforce having interest in protecting its own self-serving American freedoms. Reformers and transformers would occasionally affect (infect) the system; but it wasn’t until the supposed ‘refugees’ (transplants) from the Communist (e.g. Russian) Revolution came over and started proselytizing ignorant students in colleges and universities about the overwhelming benefits of socialism that this ‘disease’ started to take hold. From thence, it spread into the fields of law, science, journalism, and of course business. Disciples of this immoral affront know that the best way to capture people’s early devotion, however, is to start early, enslaving children as young as kindergarten.

Institutes of higher learning are not islands unto themselves. Up to two thirds of the funding for community colleges comes from state and local governments. Larger colleges and universities have further access to grants and other sources. Government agencies regularly use universities to conduct polling and statistical services and possibly research, occasionally in the fields of medicine and physics. Columbia University and the University of Chicago, for example, were both involved in the WWII Manhattan Project for creating the atomic bomb. Many prestigious private universities such as Cornell, Yale, Harvard, and Duke, are also handed tax-exempt donations and endowments — the difference being whether the money is stipulated or not. Otherwise, universities can apply these investments toward their own salaries, research, and institutional expenses, or hold them as a kind of community (treasure) chest. ‘Tuition’ for these universities can be extremely high — as well-afforded by usually less-than-well (mental) Ivy league attendees, but may seem extraneous next to some of these other sources on their income statement. Hence, some universities can offer free tuition to certain minorities in order to improve their look of diversity. Contradictorily, superfluous charges are often appended — to be dispersed in scattered accounts and directed toward support of Leftist causes, such as openly advertised events promoting racial discrimination (against whites and Asians) and sexual perversity (against heterosexuality).  Any religious group is officially discouraged and viciously criticized to the aim of being kicked off campus grounds. Any social view that is politically moderate or conservative-leaning or by any aspect “pro-American” – taken to disturb the snobbishly immature thinking and “safe place” cradling of students- must be forthrightly scorned and summarily disbanded.

Uncensored, untaxed, and supplemented by research and scientific funding, Harvard has built up an endowment chest of more than $50 billion. Princeton University is a comparative pauper at only about $38 billion. Collectively, the University of Texas system holds an endowment of about $43 billion (Douglas-Gabriel, 2022). Sought-after schools within universities, such as Harvard Business School, can afford to pay popular professors more than a million dollars per year. That’s more than twice the salary of the President of the United States (The Best Schools, 2022).

Several profound changes in modern times have sparked turnabout interest in free speech at universities. Many institutions that once bragged about “teaching students how to think, not what to think”, and even spawned the radical free speech movement (e.g., University of CA at Berkeley), now actively quash divergent thinking apart from their own socialist-driven agenda. To think, then, almost beyond contemplation, that these same (capitalist-funded) schools are now the architects of overall capitalism’s demise by their emanation of purely Communist propaganda, bespeaks of a cruel and insidious evil at their core. Except we can imagine it, given institutions like Vanderbilt University and the Mayo Clinic, which up until very recently engaged in unnecessary surgeries such as mastectomies on women and scrotectomies on men because of gender dysphoria and which often caused more harm by pushing these patients (i.e., minor children) toward committing suicide. Vanderbilt confessed online that it performed these surgeries mainly because they were lucrative now, in the present, while cleverly roping in a guaranteed lifetime patient in need of further refinement and expensive adjustment (Nerozzi, 2022). These universities had no operating (dual meaning) scruples about possibly committing medical malpractice, nor any concern about what such physical mutilation and psychiatric brainwashing might be doing to their mostly innocent children brains. Does this remind you of the earlier Tuskegee experiments (#1 Element), et al? The most horrific and deadly experiments imposed by Dr. Mengele on prisoners during World War II only reflect what many Nazi scientists alive and working today in America would do if given the financial incentive and opportunity.

#5 – Lobbyists and Market Controllers

The primary cause behind the Great Depression of the 1930s is not obtuse or difficult to comprehend. Putting aside the corrupt designs of individual corporations and business magnates, over-speculation by a mass of greedy investors in general urged an unbridled run-up during the 1920s, followed by the nervous fear of not matching expectations at the end of 1929 – that they might lose everything (forget the country) – resulted in a massive sell-off and a sudden stock market crash. Self-obsession is the greatest cautionary sin of (unrestricted) capitalism. The wealth and power of Wall Street, plus extensive lobbying in Washington, virtually assures that the rich and the knowledgeable insiders will always find advantage and reward, hearing and healthy favor, overlook and redemption, in nearly everything they do. In reciprocating acts of ‘kindness’, bankers may reduce or deny financial resources to industries (e.g., oil and coal companies) which might, in some environmental eyes, be considered wasteful or passé, or no longer serve their future investing interests, their accrediting by government regulation, or purely the green concerns of watchdog groups like the Sierra Club Foundation (“Wall Street banks face new pressure”, 2021).

Stock manipulation could be described as the financial system’s own form of corporate domestic violence. Traders may purposefully ‘ride-up’ or ‘buy short’ shares in order to achieve their own version of descriptive profit-earning ‘work’. The resultant effects may make the stock being traded more valuable or nearly valueless — no tears cried. Long-time, fully-established companies may tactically move to ‘contain’ new startups through the application of regulatory roadblocks, financial prohibitions, and contested, but often baseless, patent lawsuits (e.g., tech companies). Private-equity firms and venture capitalists are the market’s version of nature’s wilderness vultures whose entire thrivance rests on purchasing majority ownership in a functional company — not for the purpose of improving motivation and correcting operational inefficiencies, but with the premeditated intent of just creating massive debt, from which these consultants benefit through recuperative pay, and then by offering sanctimonious advice on how to scavenge the company’s remaining assets in order to pay its way out of ludicrous debt. The coincidental (or purely intentional) results are that the company is often forced into bankruptcy or sold, thereby leaving the creditors in the liability lurch, and sometimes the tax-paying public on the employment insurance hook for its federal guarantee. Mitt Romney is said to have amassed a fortune via these crooked business takeover techniques (Taibbi, 2012). Such heartless and shortsighted methods have also been taken as the embodiment of extreme global operations: “take what you want legally or illegally, then leave nothing behind of value”. Known euphemistically as ‘creative destruction’, it’s the same justification that CEOs use to move proceeds or production offshore, then shrug with unconcern as the homes and towns their parents and grandparents built are shuttered or burned down.

The lobbying of defense contractors, drug companies, labor and service organizations, and even the federal government’s own embedded unions has already been divisively told (tolled). Cogently expressed, it is probably safe to assume that no new drug gets approved by the FDA, no economic restrictions get implemented, and no overseas appropriation takes place unless unseen forces have intervened and, likely as not, co-opting money has exchanged hands. As an instrument of politicking, lobbying could be defined as a subset of the average pay-for-play schemes and the more typical back-door deals. As specifically applied here, it involves payments/services rendered for wealth/substance exacted (or favors accessed). There is no conditional requirement that this exchange be material, proportionally equivalent, or even adjusted to the same time frame. All (sizable) campaign contributions, it may be said derogatively, are for promises of relief (resort) to be fulfilled in the future. The purchase of an oil lease from the federal government only ensures the access and effort, not the outcome. Any law that is not passed suddenly, as in the case of an emergency disaster, has almost surely undergone an extensive amount of lobbying by parties seeking their own gains (games). A particular law’s true bearing, ambition and expectations, as well as its unobserved backers (back-scratchers), are often not fully known until the law has been passed. It is generally best not to assume that the supposed persons of need (hurt), that is, the legally-designated beneficiaries of that law, shall receive any desired benefit, any more than the hurt victims of a class-action lawsuit shall receive any real compensation of value from insurance winnings. Take the classic example of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, mentioned earlier. Desperate workers hoping to derive “shovel-ready jobs” from this nearly trillion-dollar bust were foiled by President Obama and others who preferred that most of the funds go to their Democratic contributors (lobbyists) and their union friends in state and local government. The extensive list of payback spending included more than a half-billion dollars to Solyndra, controlled by George Kaiser, one of Obama’s largest bundlers. Nearly every ‘green’ company receiving funds from this Act lost all of its green and declared bankruptcy (another loss on the federal budget sheet) (Monterey Bay Forum, 2014). Had the lobbyists backing the solar and green companies been known beforehand, that would probably have pointed a guilty finger toward China which owns about 70% of the necessary minerals and materials and is responsible for manufacturing most green products.

At the local level, the property developer is probably the most prominent (infamous) lobbyist. After enough commissioners, council-persons, and zoning planners have been bribed, enough engineers, permit reviewers, and inspectors beguiled, then another plaza or a whole subdivision gets built — scouring or taking away hundreds of acres from the reserved natural environment, congesting the roadways even more, overcrowding the schools, draining public services, and ultimately leaving the masses feeling more cramped and disagreeable than ever. Whereupon, the property developer skips back to his exclusive mansion somewhere or dallies off to some private island in the Bahamas faraway — far away from the damage, destruction, and additional violence he has wrought.

A record misconception has prevailed in the media that the reason behind the war in Ukraine is that America, a grand democracy, must stand up for another democracy being overrun by Putin, a Russian Communist bully. The question of whether America still is a functioning democracy – aside –, Ukraine has almost never been a vital one. It’s an oligarchy, often ruled by malevolent leaders, which geographically just happens to reside in a strategic location, and is blessed with significant resources like wheat and oil. Of late (the last few decades), its syndicate of lobbying motivations and money casting have netted (scandalized) figures the likes of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton (Dowling, 2022). Dozens more Democrats and Republicans behind the scenes have been using Ukraine like a cash cow to fill their campaign bank and charitable foundation accounts. When that sacred cow was in danger of being slaughtered, Washington promptly stepped up to defend “democracy”. And as always, the American public is being charged (taxed) for the bill of providing weaponry to Ukraine, without their approval. Wasn’t President Trump nearly impeached for just making a phone call to Ukraine trying to investigate the origins and flow of the Ukraine-Washington money (pipeline) connection?

The reason nothing ever seems to get done about open borders and illegal immigration is because both parties have their advocates and lobbying bases which, together, only exasperate the situation. Industries like agriculture, hospitality, and manufacturing which love cheap labor pull upon Republicans; meanwhile the racist Democrats clamor for a demographic migration change resulting in a new votership roll of black and brown replacements. Any ideology that flaunts the labor laws or doesn’t care how much money it must print to support a permanent underclass deserves its own political replacement program.

#6 – Activist Corporate/Global Leaders

Beneath the honorable, ever-pleasing image that most corporations try to project to the world, too often lies the selfish, cold-hearted executives formed of Harvard, Columbia, or Yale pathogenesis. Talents notwithstanding, many corporate leaders have become activists who care only about enriching themselves and maintaining their membership in the Global Social Club of other international activist leaders, that is to say, house of prostitutes and drug dealers. The founder of the Disney Corporation, Walt Disney — that fatherly figure who created Disneyland and Disneyworld and whose movies and tv shows gave hope and joy to children all over the world, who sought to open their innocent eyes to the wonders of tomorrow — is now being run by executives whose only entertainment gift to the world is one of rehashed, shallow, and racist propaganda topped by activist political programs to bring rotgut sadism and swinging penises of drag queens into every schoolroom in America (Boquet, 2022). When Florida and other states attempted to pass local laws restricting teachers from going outside their assigned syllabus and qualifications in reading, writing, STEM or the like, Disney and other sick corporation executives embarked on a political lobbying (blackmail) campaign promulgating the lame virtues of the gay lifestyle, depicting procreative anal sex and the degenerative nature of transgenderism, applauding the love of pedophiles (MAPs). Thus, it became their announced goal as published online to make sure that every child is thoroughly indoctrinated, properly groomed and matted as tomorrow’s sexual slave.

Consider the business irrationality, not merely the hypocrisy and cruel insanity, of what these executives proposed (imposed) for society. If a supposedly family-friendly company like Disney succeeded in destroying their primary customer base of young, innocent, intellectually-adventurous children by turning them into sordid creatures of the dark — without souls or conscience, without concern for natural being, without respect for biological truth, what would be left in prospect for their entertainment products? Can detours and deviant driving ever give common sense a straight path home? Thinking more propitiously, what will be the company’s hold on any sort of family attraction when existing parents no longer subscribe to the social model of indulging childhood fantasy and imagination; or in the case of potential parents, forgo the need to ever start and attend a biological family? I think you know what the ‘gentle folks’ at Disney would say, “program the child more freely, then hire him/her out for prostitution”. The utter criminality of what these corporations promote morally, is exceeded only by their lame and tawdry desire to commit commercial suicide. It is on a par with a defense contractor which, after helping the government produce its arsenal and discovering other military secrets alongside, decides to do business with China or Russia, sharing all their knowledge of weaponry with the known and mortal enemies of America.

Corporate governance first began its excursion into local and state politics many decades ago in various parts of the country, but especially areas like California, whereby it might obtain favored status for itself regarding matters of location, employment, taxation, and such. From thence, it branched into social politics wholeheartedly (un-heartedly), using its great pull or cash base to brainwash or foist upon the people ideas and beliefs they might not otherwise accept. The reason propositions either for or against certain headlined topics, e.g., gay marriage, got passed or knocked down was owed largely to the campaign inflows of the entertainment, the tech, and hospitality industries. It is also the reason currently why very little or nothing ever gets done in California about illegal immigration, the homeless encampments, defecation and violence in the streets, recall of clearly corrupt officials, etc. West Coast influence now extends throughout the country, especially in the South, where some political candidates and disreputable attorneys receive the majority of their campaign funding from outside the state — much of it coming from social media sources and from Hollywood moguls (mentioned earlier). Since 2018, luminaries such as Melinda Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio have provided repeat-candidate Stacey Abrams in Georgia with nearly 90% of her campaign financing (Markay & Hurt, 2022).  The sickness, corruption, and filthiness of the casting couch has now become the mental disability, vile corruption, and sexual filthiness of the entire country — thanks to corporations.

PBS, a partially government-funded television station, which used to dedicate its hours of broadcasting service to educational or children’s shows, to an entertaining mixture of science, adventure, music, and dancing, now accords most of its time glorifying women, blacks, Hispanics, members of the LGBTQ+ community, etc., while prating on endlessly their not-so subtle anti-America, anti-white rhetoric, and of course universal hatred of Western culture, — sociologically priming the country for an implored racial civil war. More benign, but still just as hypocritically-tendered, travel expert, Rick Steves, best known for his trips and tips about Europe, will cynically dote on their posture for creating museums as reminders surrounding the holocaust and other buildings that once screamed Nazi-ism, so as to reprimand us (Americans) on the dangers of racial hatred — which the station itself promotes — and to caution us on becoming a fascist country with, ironically, a bunch of arrogant elites in charge who think they are genetically better than everyone else. Where is the parallel for what Biden and the other hedonists are doing to America every day, or what that tyrant Minister Trudeau is doing in Canada? How can the heads of PBS, of Comcast, of Disney, and the other communications giants (or the heads of Ford, GM, and other manufacturing companies) not know what is happening to our despotic government? A teenager participating in a flash-mob robbery of a jewelry store knows perfectly well that what he is doing is legally and morally wrong, that it’s hurting people’s lives and livelihood; but he doesn’t care. He just wants everything for himself, and he wants it now … the neighborhood, the city, the country, the world be damned. Family billionaires such as the Reimanns, the Rothschilds; businesses like Seimens and BMW, all knew what was coming down the road in advent of WWII. They chose to profit from the slave labor and assist in the committing of other atrocities (Elhassan, 2018). More recently, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, J. P. Morgan, and others had a strong hand in the establishment of the Federal Reserve, which is essentially a private cooperative consisting of banks and other financial entities, with the power to print money through the Treasury and regulating its value. Its shareholders induce great influence over the public sphere, not just in money, but in the politics of who runs the country, including Presidents. Together with the Bilderberg Group, their aim has been to morph individual nations into a New World Order of Globalized Government. Hence, they don’t care if Americans lose their jobs to overseas competitors. Like the Rothschilds have done for over 500 years, their aim is to support illegality, slavery, and any other detestable act that earns them greater profit (Hoyos, 2009). Long before CoVid, CRT, and sexual indoctrination, behind the scene, they were also an active force in the “dumbing down” of the American education system (Vinson, 2017).

Under the heel of the Deep State, each reader of this article must assume (for the sake of one’s security) that every company, every billionaire tycoon, and every wall street wizard act and behave towards their own malodorous ends — which means in general, toward the end of the middle class, the helpless poor, and America itself. When billionaires like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates humbly concede that the wealthy should pay 70, 80, even 90% of their earnings in taxes, they do so either knowing Congress won’t ever do it, the IRS and the accounting rules can always be worked around, or they have some self-fortifying scheme of exclusion or moving offshore that protects their fortunes from being lost. Had they harbored such altruistic feelings religiously, then why wait to surrender their wealth to the government, do it today. Or at least be honorable enough to create a detached trust or untouchable foundation? Let them then walk away penniless, but with their heads held high; let them start anew, proving again that America is still the land of (unfavored) opportunity. Tricks and loopholes in the system, wily accountants and friends at the SEC, along with reimbursed lawmakers, should not be the (acquittal) order of government regulation and enforcement. A fair reckoning also means that no one person should get away with financial crimes, judicial bribery, and venal electoral influence. George Soros, a contrarian to the notion that every person deserves to be called a ‘human’ being, could not exist in an honest society with fair-minded laws and integral law enforcement — even if that meant “getting him” on income tax evasion as they did Al Capone. How many gears has George Soros greased or inward rails sidetracked within the FBI and so-called Justice Department to leave this convicted felon, former Nazi collaborator, major proponent of the Bilderberg Group, destroyer of societies and financial systems, and celebrator of thousands of crime victims and deaths, alone?

Exceedingly haughty corporate leaders have no reason to be proud of themselves or their profession. As only suggested in part above, after violating their company’s own core values and mission statement, after repeated lobbying, sometimes illegally bribing politicians, after using their corporations’ power and money to persuade the courts to alter rulings, they have the audacity to enter into the public sphere to decry the narrow-mindedness of our family norms, the bigotry of our religious and social institutions, and the suppressive operation of our long-standing free elections. Besides exerting corrupt devil-like influence on the elections of foreign nations, many corporations, or their agents overseas, have been caught:

  1. Engaging in insider trading (early buying or selling) of their own company stock;
  2. Applying egregious tactics against other companies in order to destabilize them or drive them out of business, or prevent new, more efficient, companies from entering the market;
  3. Displaying great indifference or negligence to consumer victimization and worker repression (blockages and takeaways);
  4. Imposing slave-like working conditions in foreign branches of their manufacturing factories and industrialized kilns; even the chemicals being used may be harmful to workers and pollute the local water supply;
  5. Ignoring child-labor laws, depriving youth of adequate education, thereby perpetrating human rights violations;
  6. Conspiring and actually conducting business with known enemies of the United States Government (Assoune, 2022).
  7. Extracting rare minerals carelessly and devastatingly, harvesting timber relentlessly and destroying entire jungle regions, making arable land no longer productive (Alcorn, 2019) (“24 billion tons of land”, 2019).

Irresponsible companies have been doing these things, and more, for years — all the while proclaiming themselves noble for abiding in accordance with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and following the expected duties of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), whose metrics they more or less set for themselves. Western liberal elites, in association with the World Economic Forum (WEF), have worked to depress and de-modernize third world countries by financially pressuring them to cut oil and natural gas production, close down coal plants, and ban the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, toward the impoverishment and starvation of the people and the bankruptcy of the nation (Raleigh, 2022). Corporations constantly express their sympathy for the plight of the approximately two billion poor in the world — all the while wallowing in the mud of their undeserved wealth and perverted lifestyles. They are so moved by the green revolution and trying to prevent climate catastrophe that nearly everywhere (foreign) they operate, they clear-cut or dig up the environment, dam the rivers and drain the aquifers, and asphyxiate the animals, besides endangering the local natives.

A final sickening attitude of corporations, which to me, personally, strangulate and deflate American society, is how they advertise and promote themselves to the public. Always patting themselves on the back for their support of the military and their love of veterans while forever encouraging refugees from Afghanistan, from Ukraine, from anywhere south of the border, to come in and strain hospital and health services, sometimes even displacing aged veterans. Their continual pledge of “we’re here for the heroes and the first responders” is gainsaid by their monetary and legal support for riotous groups like Antifa and BLM destroying whole communities while shouting “defund the police!” They claim they want every child to have an absorbingly intelligent and basically equitable education while giving praise and political clout to unions who are teaching sexual perversion and the racist cancer known as Critical Race Theory (CRT). It’s just these kinds of inequities, travesties, and illnesses that heroes better known as humanitarians, doctors without borders, good Samaritans, the police, and the military, have been risking their lives trying to eliminate from society and the world.

Seeing the contradiction, corporations have collaborated with the U.S. Government to turn our soldiers into wimps or, conversely, heartless Gestapo agents. The middle and lower class in America can no longer depend on the military or the police to do their duty for a free country, rather than a Communist state. And just as these former stalwarts of law and order and national protection have long since contracted their souls to the Devil, so the former hallmarks of Americana: country music, racecar driving, and all the other primary sports companies have sold out America — regardless of how many times they play the national anthem or inundate the air waves with patriotic award shows. When LeBron James supported Chinese enslavement of the Uyghurs while at the same time contesting the legitimacy of our elections and lives, he showed which side of Heaven or Hell he really cared for. Likewise, when team players in baseball and football knelt down in respect of the BLM but not the American flag, they proclaimed their true Master allegiance to moral nausea and racial embarrassment. Sour minds and upset bowels encapsulate their board rooms. Like every law they constrict and regulatory allowance they urge to pass, they putrefy the free air, making it morally unbreathable and culturally distasteful.

Group ‘C’ (Co-opted Facilitators) Preface

Your politics is against you. Everyone is a liberal and a conservative: liberal when he wants others to change or give up their rights; and conservative when the time comes for him to change and give up his rights. Hence, nothing in your halls of Congress or your courts of justice can save you from personal conviction.

An observer of society in limbo, too starched and numbed by materialism to counsel human want; too stupefied and enamored by vain rationalization to determine right from wrong. Patience not practiced for the child to learn the fine art of becoming angelically human. Bored with excitement, wearied of even mild restrictions; disturbed by honest work, and disenchanted with meritorious effort; fat, dull of senses, and dimwitted: a calf ready for the tyrannical slaughter.

In the absence of a God, a society, a fellow being, I must progress toward the making of my own self.

#7 – Faux Candidates and Organizations

False conservatives in Washington politics are as prevalent and flashy as false eyelashes at a Hollywood movie gala. Traditional (sexist) advice is given in Hollywood that an actor must do whatever she has to do in order to get the part; traditional advice in Washington is, likewise, that a politician must do and say whatever he has to in order to get elected. Morality has no meaning for the vain; no travel-wear for those in vain pursuit. You would think that informed voters should know (by now) that the person, the party, and consequently the position of standing they think they are voting for aren’t really enameled in faith or critically bonded to their words. Among the many obvious faux Republicans of late have been Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, even Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, and, of course, anyone involved with the Lincoln Project, which was named after the first true Republican, Abraham Lincoln, and appropriated so as to underlie any real genuineness and concern. The list of arguably faux Democrats is not nearly as extensive, since treason to the (Fascist) Party is threatened more integrally like desertion in time of war, and therefore carrying a sentence of death. But figures like Joe Manchin and Susan Collins come to mind as those occasionally rebuked. At other times in history, past and future, stalwarts like Joe Lieberman and Tulsi Gabbard have declared their Independence from slavery, having satisfied themselves that a true “Democrat” no longer exists. Converts from the Republican to the Democrat side spark less offense to their former teammates, except insofar as they usually join the media crowd to complain about how the Party ‘left them’, not the other way around; and then venture out on a jihad against innocent Republican voters. Former Republican Charlie Crist of Florida formally left the party and has since turned around to run for governor again as a Democrat. For perhaps the only time in his life that he’s been honest about who he really is and (dis)believes, Crist made it crystal clear in a publicized announcement that he doesn’t want any of his former supporters, i.e., faithful Republicans to vote for him now — because “you have hate in your heart” (Bernstein, 2022).

Really, there are no honest-to-God, freedom-loving, stirringly patriotic Republicans in Washington, DC. The proof is literally and Biblically true, as in the saying, “Ye shall know them by their fruit”. Loyalty to the cause and fidelity to voters would otherwise, censure-free, compel them to do what they have been promising to do forever. When the opportunity arose in the first two years of the Trump presidency, with Republicans holding the White House and both houses of Congress, this manifest list of obligations went deliberately undone and untouched.

  1. Stop the radical left takeover of our universities, schools, science, legal and journal fields, which is destroying all concept of Truth and foully corrupting our children;
  2. Close the open border and stop illegal immigration, which is exhausting our public resources, crippling our national security, and destroying our environment, our demographics, and our cultural mainstays;
  3. Restrict relationships with countries like China who steal our technology, hamper our economics, and continually corrode our form of government through lobbying and other underhanded payoffs and purchases;
  4. Clean out the swamp, whether internally manifested in Executive administration or inveterate to the money-grabbing, completely immoral Legislative branch. Failing to do this would come back to bite Trump in the introduction of surveillance against him, the FISA abuse, and the omnipresence of snitchers and betrayers watching his every move and stealing or anxiously contriving evidence for his impeachment;
  5. Failing to expand and/or follow-up on the IRS violations, the Hillary email scandal, the corruption and bias in the Civil Rights Division and other sections of the Justice Department and the FBI;
  6. Put limits on the social Tech companies forbidding them from banning ideology they don’t like while over-emphasizing (dis)information and slander on the other side;
  7. Failing to make the whole election process more forthright and legally honest — the nefarious schemes of which the Democrats would elaborate and amplify (using CoVid as an excuse) against Trump in his attempt at re-election in 2020.

At the very least, they could have cut off funding for propaganda and progressive machines like NPR, PBS, and Planned Parenthood. More disgusting, even when Republicans still (2019) had the power or influence to build the border wall and to stop obviously unjust laws from hurting the country, even if that meant shutting down government for a time, instead they just rolled over and played dead. Be it Republicans or RINOs, Democrats or Fake Libertarians; they all come from the same stock of expensively-educated, poorly learned elites who only care about themselves, their impressive status, and their ultimate push for more power. The Bush dynasty typified this felonious ‘commercial’ appearance. Coming from New England to Texas, George H. Bush sought to ingratiate himself with the southern throngs as a kind of down-to-earth cowboy Republican. His sons, George W. and Jeb Bush, would attempt to carry on this legacy, through 9-11 and the bursting of the housing bubble. But always, their only real goal in life was to maintain the status quo and further aggrandize their family name — like the Clintons, seeking to destroy or kill anyone who posed a threat or tried to “run them out of town”. Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz Cheney have also unabashedly revealed themselves as virulently anti-conservative, if not totally Anti-American.

The outing of Donald Trump as not really a Republican at any time in his life should come as no surprise to those who know his history. He has been registered as a Democrat, Independent, and Republican at various times in his life. Prancing around the streets of New York like a wealthy playboy, which in many respects he was, he eventually became more famous by being famous. His claims about his investment savvy were, like his many books, mostly ghost-written speculations. Some of his elite friends and associates included Barbara Walters, Martha Stewart, Regis Philbin, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and George Soros: such was the company he kept (or lost). Numerous business ventures in real estate, casinos, hotels, and so forth, made him alternately a billionaire or bankrupt. Pausing now, I must digress into a parallel life-story before giving further (dis)credit to Trump as a politician, and to politics in general.

Lawrence Hogan, Sr. of Maryland (father of the current governor) would become a premiere archetype of the anti-Republican Republican movement. He recommended three calls for President Nixon’s impeachment. His son would become the current Governor, at least in part, because he knew that by calling himself a moderate Republican (translation: Democrat) in a Democratically-dominated state (4 to 1) this would sheer him away from the Democrat fold and beneficially attract the remaining (mostly white) Republican voters in the Western and Southern parts of the state plus the Eastern Shore. His administration has followed mostly the Democratic model, even to the point of denouncing Trump when he was President and anyone else who believed in the Make America Great Again movement. As Hogan sets to depart from his two-term limitation, he has already made his gender-reveal as a faux Republican by taking shots at the party and announcing that he will not support the incoming Republican candidate, preferring the Democratic runner to win. Intentionally or not, Donald Trump used this same gambit to win the Presidency. As a more or less lifelong Democratic party-goer (dual meaning), he knew that if he ever did run for office in New York, he would be lost among the multi-pack of better-known, more-experienced, stronger-based Democratic candidates. Like Hogan in Maryland, he could yet separate his campaign from the (wild) bunch by calling himself a Republican, a dyed-in-the-wool patriotic American, thereby gaining favor with so many disaffected and disgruntled Americans. While it could be argued that the only thing ‘conservative’ about Donald Trump was his steadfast aim to ‘conserve’ his name on every building or venture, he did keep his word about Keeping America First.

A track record of Trump’s accomplishments while in the White House has him doing “Republican” things like passing tax cuts, weakly trying to build a weak border wall (2019), and strengthening the military while staying out of foreign engagements. Where he started to reveal himself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing can be seen in his less-than-urgent-need (suggested above) to clean out the Washington swamp, his ill-use of agencies like the Justice Department and the Department of Education to correct years of mal-feasance, and his warding off of anything unpleasant or noticeably wrong as unimportant (beneath his attention). Much of the opposition against him, moreover, could have been shut down (“dried up”) had Trump not let his ego go on CNN, his preeminence elevate the (dis)likes of a Bob Woodward or a George Stephanopoulos — known enemies of Republicans and America — which in any event would never bring him any complimentary results. Though Trump did excellent work internationally in attempting to bring permanent peace to the Middle East and to North Korea, in domestic issues, he never pushed to stop the crime epidemic, the riots across the country, the increasing racial aggressiveness toward Asians, Christians, and conservatives. Never freeing himself from the sin of a rich, unrepentant narcissist, he retained his New York attitude of detachment — concerning matters not really mattering to him unless they concerned him personally.

Referring back to the travesty of manipulative drag queens and malicious trans-gressives being allowed to permeate our schools and libraries, this is a problem that has been festering in our county for several years now, for which no politician (charged earlier) will even stand up in righteousness to confront, out of lack of interest in non-voting children. A second digression staggers forth regarding the depth of deceptive politics. Upon thinking “I am human”, and resolved to be not the only one left, I struck out to find an organization maybe still out there which could assist our community. Wanted: an organization not bothered by the IRS, persecuted into retirement by the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center, or excluded from the web or just maligned by the media into near non-existence — maybe one still working for America and peradventure still willing to protect parents and children from the nefarious LGBTQ invasion. Being referred to a national (but hopefully still fervent) ‘Resistance’ group, and after speaking to one of its representatives who advised me to do exactly the opposite of what rational counteraction should imply; that is to say, he advised me to gather a bunch of upset and seriously distressed parents to shout and rage at the LGBTQ mafia organization at the next open media-watched Commissioners meeting, whereupon the information trackers (detractors) will have its justification to label us as right-wing lunatics and as consummate haters of the ‘good’ and ‘noble’ order of  the LGBTQ+ community. And furthermore, this representative (claimed he) knew nothing about CRT or the sexual grooming in our schools in Virginia and Maryland, never ‘heard’ of the Congressional hearings about this issue, what happened in Florida, what brought about the state-wide elections last year overturning the school boards’ deviation-affirming policies, … I realized this ‘Resistance’ representative must be incredibly ignorant or, far more likely, a plant in an otherwise honest protest organization. Saying nothing out of turn, I wanted to give the ‘Resistance’ organization the benefit of a doubt and a chance to show its merit. But when the organization itself said they wanted nothing to do with us and would not help the poor outnumbered parents to stand up and fight legitimately in our State, an ultimate realization occurred to me that the “Resistance’ element itself was really just a ‘bogus’ front, as often designed — a setup by liberals, intended only to fool the concerned parents, the conservatives, and the Christians; to give them false hope of maybe being in impressive contact with a nationally powerful and sufficiently energized organization working on their behalf (and of course imploring their donations and contributions). With so many agencies and organizations (the IRS, the tech companies, the radical left) operating in faux personage of their designated purposes, (then like the movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”) is it any wonder that the truth never gets out there, but faints (feints) away on the false-representational Congressional floor, while the kids are being run over in the streets (and in the schools)? As I now drop in angry disposal, the Deep State as unholy carriers of deep sh##t”.

Plainly thinking next, I am revealing nothing new — the various tricks of the political trade — unveiled time and time again, in strained hope, then silent estrangement, of what good government would counsel the other side up to no good: offensively proposing putting up a single champion, not a massive army (moral majority), a Goliath, to stand up against the enemy, but whose fate is only to fall and his severed head used in mocking display. Legend has it, there was the tactic of throwing diseased bodies (i.e., faux-leaning candidates) over the castle wall for the purpose of spreading fear and disease among the remaining soldiers (a common Deep State trick). Such as also might be achieved by throwing bits and pieces of their fallen comrades over the castle heights, making the besieged inhabitants and families even more dispirited and frantic. Sensing that their prospects for victory this fall (2022), may be minimal — unless they cheat (harder) —, scheming friends of the Democratic party are now busy setting up a virtual third party, in order to lure independents, frustrated silent-majority Republicans, and former Trump voters away from mainstream party. Come the advent of any such “New Third Party” at this late date, it must be automatically assumed that it consists of pure Democrats in drag, RINOs, or other Republican traitors whose actual purpose it is to split the base — fooling them by lies and misdirection into going down the wrong road to the people’s White House.

Which of these fostered traps was Donald Trump, or was he just his own ambitious showoff and studious fool? All we know is that Trump, a white businessman, never seemed to mind it when the media bad-mouthed white people or promoted the looting and burning down of shops, restaurants, and workplaces or urged the ever-loving aggressiveness against socially-defending police. When judges immediately put a stay on his executive orders, unlike Obama’s orders which were rubber-stamped, well … that’s just the way the system works. When the Supreme Court decided matters against him, such as for gays, transgenders, the border wall and DACA, Trump wasn’t outraged or even seemed upset. He spoke often of his love for (and personal use) of migrants and Dreamers; only rarely in languid tones and zero gestures did he show his genuine love for the American family. At the very least, a rough and gruff businessman would have used his four years of acquired insider information (e.g., the actual gold shortage, the global bloc conspiracy, the JFK assassination, and hundreds of other administrative illegalities) as fighting leverage/blackmail for him ever, ever, ever to suffer a personal lawsuit, an impeachment rebuke, or a Mar-a-Lago invasion.

#8 – Faux Right-Leaning Personalities

Avid viewers of Fox News will take care to note that it is probably the only (half-way) fair and honest political news stations. Of the major broadcasting/cable channels (discounting OAN, Real America’s Voice, and Newsmax), they are certainly right; particularly because every other station is satiated with hacks spouting the leftist line of lies, hate, and nefarious cover-up. Within the Democratic ranks, there can be no questioning of their mission, no deviating from the party’s orders, lest they be summarily defrocked and exposed to the chastening wind.

Still, longtime viewers of Fox might recall the many changes over the past 25 or so years since Rupert Murdoch founded it as a singularly traditional and conservative cable offering, markedly more “fair and balanced” than the other exceedingly biased, mafia-run stations, cable or otherwise. Stepping back about 12 or 13 years ago (2009-2010), you would have marveled at reputable political analysis by Brit Hume, confrontational programming by Bill O’Reilly, and a somewhat wild, evangelistic-like talk show with Glen Beck. More spontaneously, they actually investigated news stories the way journalists should and challenged the spewing of “government truth”, which was early on the margins of radical socialist propaganda. They even got several fairly high-level Obama administration officials to resign due to malfeasance and positional dishonesty. Not long thereafter, however, Glen Beck would lose his show. Much later, both Bill O’Reilly and CEO Roger Ailes would lose their top spots respectively due to sexual indiscretions. In 2019 Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, but leaving Fox News (Corp) (ostensibly) completely distinct, and retaining with it Fox Business and later Fox Nation. More suspicious changes were soon forthcoming.

My point about reviewing the history of Fox News is not to present a critique of the station itself. Rather, it is to bring perspective to the decline of journalism — leading to the greater influence and control by the Deep State. Impartial observers should look at ‘format’ first. Early bifurcation of political discourse had a Republican lead on one side and a Democrat lead on the other (e.g., Hannity and Colmes), with little or no compromise between them and, more unsatisfactorily, nothing ever seeming to get settled. This eventually gave way entirely to the more traditional independent host(s) interviewing various personalities (e.g., Special Report) or perhaps regular greeters welcoming all types of guests (e.g., Fox and Friends). Alternatively, one commentator, usually liberal, would be cast against a set of libertarians, (pretend) conservatives, and independents, all sitting in crescent formation or at a round table suitable for rounds of cross-bantering and arguing (e.g., Red Eye, then The Five). For this current style, equality of viewpoint has little timely significant metric since audience attention (anger) is seen as more essential than strength of opinion.

Faulting any straightforward (anchor-style) news program is easy. The supposedly impartial anchor reports on a large-scale tragedy, or a relatively-minor human travesty, or a recently-uncovered company or government violation. Occasionally, some modifying news is attached and even some change as a result much later, or maybe not; either way, once announced and interest lost, the all-becoming turns all-begone, and it’s on to something new (i.e., it’s on to a commercial and utter forgetfulness). Recent examples of important stories that are reported then basically fall by the wayside are the evidentiary proof of ballot-stuffing and election fraud in 2020 and the invasion of drag queens and aggressive transgenders in the classrooms across America. After a blockbuster pre-announcement, maybe one or two pertinent shows of presentation, the station assumes a “doesn’t sue or pursue” mode; the world has moved on and those still interested in the subject aren’t told where they can go to carry on the fight or, who knows, maybe actually engage in a follow-up prolonged effort to save America from these grievous wrongs. Overall, a Republican guest may be given favor and credit for being on point, but is often stereotyped as shortsighted or narrow-minded; whereas the Democrat guest may be well out of left field but is granted sanction to rant on (otherwise that person wouldn’t have made an appearance). How many times have you watched interviews regarding either side of the political spectrum and when the guest is confronted with a very important and trying question, the guest is allowed to just spin it or brush it aside; or, when at other times the guest responds (in part), but the host is either too ignorant, too inattentive, or too ‘seduced by the dark side’ to ask an obvious and exceedingly pressing corollary question? Slightly contrasted in the circle-gathering format, the liberal is often given the last word — a 5% rejoinder overturning (in temporal stay) the 95% impressive truths having just gone before — howbeit with far more earnest meaning and value. Fox’s operating premise of “controversy and conflict being everything”, not truth-interpretation or audience-realization, is assured within this bed-and-breakfast habit of only bread and butter serving. Accordingly, the most radical view (usually the left) is often granted the ‘benefit of a doubt’, so as to commercially preserve (literally) the argument onto the other side of the commercial or into another days’ worth of debate. Keeping parity among the ‘hearing’ of even unequal political opinions gives justification to the ‘fair and balanced’ concept, and gives credence to the idea that “I may be a Republican and you may be a Democrat, but we are all Americans underneath”. The modern realization, however, if freshly green-bagged straight from the bowels of the Deep State — is that the Socialist Left does not have good and noble intentions; and should the Right ever yield ground, it is destined to be ground down as a people by imprisonment, torture, murder, and genocide under the kind eye and graceful vision of political correctness and required conformity. As a matter of fact, it could be said that Fox is never so much happy as when Goodness is not served (at meal or anytime); i.e., better when Republicans don’t win the elections they should have won easily, when the Supreme Court rules against the family, when the administration does everything it can to hurt the average Joe or Jane, thereby stirring up resentment. Whiners and those who are distraught make loyal audiences, even if made disenfranchised by the reporting.

Apropos the previous section on faux candidates, it would be irresponsibly trite of me to deliver an expose on Fox’s obvious and deliberate caginess — the basis of which is merely emblematic of all businesses: which only exist to serve their own self-interest. Solving society’s problems on ‘fairness’ or bringing true ‘balance’ to human thought is critically not to its benefit since solution implies satisfaction, and the satisfied are appreciative of the present given — without the controversy or the hassle of taking the gift back for exchange. The knowledge that “all deals are enacted with self-interest in mind” does not absolve Fox News of being a faux right-leaning organization, relative to their mainstream entertainment cousins on cable or on social-tech media. Together these rogues of the journalistic and communications profession have been serving as the handmaids and water-carriers of the Democratic agenda — cursing, criticizing, and at times reporting to federal law officials anyone with patriotic feelings or disagreeable aspirations for their America. Not enough, for the past seven years or so, they have acted as the hammer (and sickle) of government by banning, shutting down, destroying the business, and wrecking the lives of anyone not of their Fascist Regime, to the end that no counter-opinion or regime denier has been allowed to exist. “Fair and balanced”, as Fox’s original motto inferred, does not mean simply wearing a T-shirt saying “Peace on earth” on the front and “God loves you” on the back while on your way to a highly-anticipated, too-little-contested necktie party for those you claim as ‘friends’. For Fox to claim middle ground in the midst of a killing field is wretchedly gutless and bloodshed-sanctioning.

Being now sparing of placing the entire guilt on a commercial enterprise …, what is excused of the whole may not be excusable of the parts. Assuming when Murdoch and his select business partners, vaunted venturers into the News World, started Fox 25 years ago, that these founders had more than just common business sense, we would like to think that they also possessed enough of the spirit of journalistic integrity to create it by enlisting members of similar integrity and honesty to run it (i.e., present it on screen). Comparatively, this might be equivalent to the same problem that Donald Trump encountered upon entering the White House (expounded above), such that the Fox originators would still have to dip their (hiring) drinking cups into a pre-existing putrid swamp in full exhaustion of poisonous gas and filled with dangerous socialist alligators. What do the following names have in common? Allison Camerota, S. E. Cupp, Bill Kristol, Steve Hayes, Kirsten Powers, Frank Luntz, Gretchen Carlson, Shepard Smith, Megyn Kelly, Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling, Chris Wallace.

Answer: they all worked for Fox News in prominent roles as either hosts, anchors, or commentators, but eventually left — some willingly, some involuntarily, and some in ignominy,  — rolling several travel bags of lawsuits behind them. When first hired as presenters, be that liberals, log cabin Republicans, political independents, or just unknowns, Fox management probably assumed that they would provide some minimum level of competence to constructive discussions and be able to do their jobs without personal bias in a professional manner, and not boil over in biased rage or get lost in irrational misconceptions. Oh, well, every professional organization has its team players and its troublemakers. According to the old saying, ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ — to be added, and only as binding as its affixed clamps.

Reactions by Fox personalities to fairly recent events allow us to ascertain their true stance and internal crystalized leanings. As soon as the results of the 2020 election were known, or mindfully projected into their audience’s dumfounded brain, the All-American, supposedly conservative members of the Fox News team started coming out (their liberal closets) to announce and accredit a major victory for Democrats, that is to say, Democracy, such that no one had better deny or dispute the win lest they be labelled anarchists, white supremacists, or plain-old conspiracy nuts. Subsequent pundits blared out their dissatisfaction of the election results as a matter of required acrimony or empathy with the audience — bucking like horses at the cutting bit — but never translating their anger into something beneficial like reform the election regulations or investigating the fraudulent actions of board members: spotlighting where cheating is most prevalent and who most conducive to fraud. The January 6th protests were as much a reaction to the lack of support from stations like Fox, and their failure to scrutinize the results, as it was the nonchalant dismissal of anything untoward by the politicians in Washington. Fox hosts, reporters, and commentators literally charged out of their seats to describe what was spontaneously happening as a heinous “insurrection” — horrific and despicable — causing the violent beating and death of numerous capitol officers. Even the much-corrupted FBI admitted up front there was no immediate evidence of an organized insurrection; and, again, the only person who was shot and died was an unarmed female veteran (never moaned or eulogized in the press or protested about on the “streets of civil rights”). A similar reaction occurred more recently with the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, saying “they (the FBI, the DOJ, and other fascists working on Biden’s behalf) must have had legitimate concern for the country; we must give them benefit of a doubt”, as though, when have ‘they’ ever given conservatives the benefit of a doubt? No less than Joe Biden himself, who did most of his campaigning from his basement, remember, because he could never attract a crowd or spark energy enough for a single rally, yet who managed to receive millions of votes more than the much more popular and deified Barack Obama; let slip in October that his campaign “team” had created “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” (Fordham, 2020). This is just, as they say, the superficial ‘tip of the iceberg’ for a genuine conspiracy, not even factoring in the overuse and miscounting of mailed-out ballots, the stuffing and harvesting of votes, the mishandling of the polling machines (without appropriate opposition oversight), the concealing or withholding of evidence by government against the Biden family, and of course the overwhelming predominance and censorship of the major tech companies. Upon this reckoning, let each reader determine the extent of any one Fox personality’s urgent concern for America or who would stand up at risk of losing their job and maybe their life to defend the nation.

Suppose I, as an interested reader, were also given personal access to some of these personalities — to interrogate them, as it were, as to what really transpires on the set of one of those roundtable programs. Suppose I asked Mr. Moderate or Mr. M. if he thinks that Fox’s formatting style contributes to the national belief of a conspiracy (be that any type), in government, in elections, in the media, or presently at Fox, wherever. Never even suspecting a fraud or conspiracy, Mr. M. says, “Absolutely not”. Moving on from your first tell, then ask him, “isn’t it an unwritten rule or subversive policy at Fox to always give the (leftist) opposition the last say (rebuttal) in cross-table arguments, no matter how (un)deserved?” And Mr. M. says, “I don’t think so; it just seems that way”. Second sign. Finally, ask him if he thinks there have been numerous changes in programing since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox in 2019, even though Fox News was supposed to be strategically separated in order to maintain its independence and its reputation of fair-balance. If Mr. M. again says, “I don’t think so, not that I have noticed”, then third and final strike. Wherefore, then, are some of your Fox members inclined to almost daily join in with the chorus of the other major media organizations to denounce, dismiss, belittle, or in any case un-defend the MAGA crowd; next, the company’s failure to use their financial power and influence to go after Gestapo administrators like Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI director Christopher Wray? At the very least, where is the once noble and prying concern of a Glen Beck or a Bill O’Reilly (above) to question the fallacy of fair elections – when machines and cameras are regularly being shut off or to demand the verification of mailed out ballots/mailed in votes? Or are all such questions reliant upon another “commercial” principle —- the number of which have doubled since 2019, and making any politically point attempted on-screen to have messaging importance only?

On the other hand, suppose that Mr. M. agrees with you in principle: something is amiss here at Fox, in the media world, in the entire country. Suppose that a fiercely dedicated moderate or independent was forced to concur (if only secretly in his heart) that the 2020 election was dubious and might have been stolen. Speaking in his own defense, however, Mr. M. says, “But what could I do about it. Yes, I’m rich, fairly famous and followed widely, and have the voice-megaphone of a very popular show to express my slightest misgivings or deepest disgusts; but what change could I effect?” If you, having an audience and fame, feel powerless, what righteous recoup can the rest of us hope to share? Moreover, he adds, “if the depraved Republicans in Washington were too ‘bagged’, too unconcerned, or just too lazy to investigate the polling machines beforehand and confiscate them in quarantine after the election  — the way athletes are tested for drugs before and after competition; or so legally inept to file suit against states for mailing out directionless (point of fraud) ballots in violation and desecration of the civil rights of legitimate citizens; then let the Nazis have at their agreed-upon ‘final solution’”. But consider if not the seeming helplessness of the moderate Mr. M., as well as ourselves, is really just a false dilemma stemming from our own lame appearance (vision) of the facts and resigning spinelessly. Across the table from Mr. M. literally and philosophically nearly every weekday is at least one of several possible liberals who seldom give personal analysis, rarely laugh, or give controversial concession, even when they know they are wrong — because they know under the dictates of their masters, they must cite unerringly the party talking points and defend the axis of evil at all costs — which are delivered to her for dutiful announcement every day. Some one among that leftist brood must have access to the hidden truths which they are careful not to reveal at every open (unfree) session. Someone must know who among all the Democratic hucksters committed these manipulations and deceptions, or else know someone who does know. Somewhere among their cold-hearted, patronizingly-sick compatriots must be at least one true being more faithful to humanity than the Fascist cause. One whistleblower can create crosswinds against a rigged sail. Find that one, and report the truth for once in your life. No honest person would just sit there, unmoved, in full acceptance of a traitor, a despoiler of American ideals, in their midst (if they really cared). As a generality, what is compelled of personal integrity must be doubly true of one’s integral actions. Being misrepresentational of the responsibilities to your position is as false as being untrue to your own personal beliefs.

From faux television personalities I turn to the likes (dual meaning) of a Rush Limbaugh on nationally syndicated radio stations, the would-be last bastion of traditional pro-American expressionism and belief in America. In point of fact and virtuous acclaim, Rush Limbaugh was a superhero to many conservatives and to those still left on the political right. After winning over converts and ruling the talk-radio genre for approximately 35 years, preaching the salvation of America, somewhat joking and being self-deprecating at the same time, he anointed himself gifted by God, and personally appointed to needle the Left, which he claimed to know so well, even better than themselves, but somehow never bothered to short-circuit their nefarious and debauched plans for transforming America. Despite several decades of steadfast and inspirational broadcasting, Rush could never bring himself to throw down the gauntlet against his supposed enemies on the left in a throw-down death match. He was relied on by millions in the public square to keep them apprised of when the end was coming; i.e., when, so to fail, we as a nation had passed the point of no return, and what we could do about it in the interim to stay the tide, short of military revolution. At first, I too was an avid listener and open admirer of Rush; but over the years I began to feel about him what, much later, I would so quickly realize about that “Resistance” organization criticized earlier. In his whole professional lifetime, though claiming to know all the ins and outs of corrupt politics, ergo the next moves of the enemy, Rush did nothing to stop the bleeding of American freedoms. His ‘gig’ was to ‘bloviate’ about those losses in pitiable pitches of sorrow and exhibit a false hopefulness every broadcast day. Asidually, he wrote somewhat edifying works for adults and tried to infer patriotic guideship through children’s history books; but with little gain except in the personal profit area. He participated in golf tournaments and other charity events, but never as America’s liberty-or-death defender in the sense of a Patrick Henry or with chivalrous effort like a King’s knighted champion. Throughout his long career, he promised us in ominous but reassuring tones that he would be forthright in telling us when things have gone too far, when the struggle for freedom in America has become so terrible and irrevocably lost, so insidiously overwhelming as to bid us retire and escape (rather than to righteously take up arms in defense of our families and the nation). Yet even when Rush knew he was dying a year ahead of time, and once the 2020 election was certifiably declared lost, he still reiterated his famous phrase “it’s never gonna be time to panic”, because “we’re not (ever) going to give up on America”. With death at his doorstep, Rush still couldn’t predispose himself to expend some of that $600 million in net personal worth he had amassed over his hefty and guzzling lifetime, not even to purchase cheap, corrosive papers like the Tribune, the New York Times or the Washington Post when they were selling like penny stock. Having never helped sponsor a bill (unlike Bill O’Reilly), never cogitated the prospect of a peaceful rectifying intellectual revolution, never started a holistic school of fierce and thoughtful warriors, never set up a trust fund to continue the fight after he was gone, never had a disciple (or even a child) to carry forth the ‘mantle of God’ like Elisha for Elijah; this was Rush in person, not in visage of his personal glorification. Obviously, not a fool, comparing Rush Limbaugh to the aforesaid (would-be) “Resistance” parents’ organization, I should like to think he was not a ruse, a con artist, nor a bogus plant for the left. Far from being the only defector, listen to any right-leaning conservative radio-talk show host when confronted by a caller regarding step-by-step investigation and correction of any election fraud or call into question the integrity of the FBI, etc. Immediately the host (e.g. Chris Plant) will go down a litany of known atrocities committed by the Democrats over the last few decades — but can never bring himself to support any action or to defy the mainstream warning that anybody who questions these affairs are anti-Democratic, hence anti-American. About their only response to the corruption is to say, “it’s good to be a Democrat!” and therefore able to get away with any sin. Whether pliant stooge or media wonk, Rush Limbaugh nonetheless served their purposes as the desensitizing pablum of the great unwashed patriots (us) — meant to hold our freedom and natural truth in still frozen musket hands — now dying at Valley Forge, for being so long neglected and overused and — misled now we see, in a Rush to fight, but being too long sedated by radio Muzak into cultural somnambulance. 

#9 – Vexed or Indifferent Individuals

With the once glorious illustration and experimentation of a truly democratic America quickly declining into a tin-pot dictatorship, polite individual Americans might like to think of themselves as apart from it rather than a part of it; but we, each one of us, are partially responsible for the unlicensed havoc, transpiring hurt, and hellish effects on others, more particularly, those less affluent and more innocent than ourselves. Reflect only, most citizens don’t know who their representatives are, much less what these “representatives” have done to actually represent them — acclimating themselves all too readily to constant turbulence and political blowhards, accommodating themselves to the evil of those who have no real respect for the environment or for community norms, or will not embrace in supplication the want of wholehearted public cooperation. So ignorant or so indifferent are the members of the electorate that you begin to wonder if they are really as “American” or civic-minded as they proclaim – and many of them can be earnestly judged not by their unflinching support of, or sharing economic beneficiary in, all those viruses and vagrancies currently infesting and betraying our country.

You sit down, as I have, with a fellow senior for a polite round of conversation. Matters turn calmly to politics, both of us being lifelong Democrats (true). He wants to impress me how much more Democrat he is by showing me his sample ballot, already circled, ready for when he goes in on voting day. He brags of having marked straight D’s all the way down the line — to the extent they weren’t just questions (motions) on the ballot or unidentified candidates. Hesitatingly, I say to him, “But I’ve heard you say numerous times you were not for open-borders immigration, letting illegals in.” He says, “That’s right, I am against it; it’s ruining our country.” Then I say, “Are you for defunding the police?” “No, of course not”. I continue, “And how about all these crazy teachers intentionally sexualizing and medically maiming our children?” He retorts quickly, “No, of course not; I would never be for that.” “Strange”, I say, “since everybody you’ve voted for here is either in favor of all those things or accepts money from the unions and other organizations who do support them.” Quietly, with glazed eyes, he soon walks away. Only later I analyzed, not walking away like a rational independent-minded person thinking, I better dig deeper on some of these fellows before I actually vote; not as a Democrat in rising consciousness of a lifetime of fickle voting – now called to account in hurtful adjournment; but walking away, glassy-eyed, in selfish delinquency of having been caught

For many years I thought — naively — that people who called themselves perpetual Democrats or unfailing liberals were merely brainwashed or the foolishly-trained pawns of the socialist media system. This made them a void of reason, uninterested in ever knowing the truth. Protestant rants have since waned upon the inquiry of individual Democrats on single issues — whose opinions turn out to be more closely aligned with patriotic Independents. While proclaiming themselves in fidelity to the nation and pride-sworn to the preservation of America, everything they vote for and actively support are prescient to the demise of the country. Their stubbornness has become its own brand of elitism that gives form to the wrong idea holding signature over them: the rightness of the deeds they would want to perform.

Apparently, no resident voter in Wyoming, for example, knows who Liz Cheney is, or what her counterfeit beliefs are, or even cares about where she lives full-time (in the DC area) – strangely not in her ‘home’ state, even though she is Wyoming’s one and only Congressional representative. Of this mis-address she is not ashamed, any more than all the false addresses she gives in Congress against the palpably more honest and true Americans who participated in the January 6th protest (which the media still insists on calling an insurrection). Neither do the Wyoming voters seem to care from where her recent wealth has evolved. Over her six-year term as a representative, her personal wealth increased more than ten-fold from her original four million dollars (start-of-term), despite a government salary of ‘just’ $174,000 per year and scarcely any other earned income reported (Husebo, 2022). For all her questionable finances, some derived from her husband working amicably for and collusively with Communist China, she still sits on the Congressional committee pretending to be holier than thou (her constituents), proudly denigrating former President Trump and all of his crazy followers. But how can you criticize Cheney for just modeling her heroine, Nancy Pelosi, who has amassed a tremendous fortune over decades through leveraged gains on her position and conflicts of interest (stock and insider trading) involving companies and financial sources she is charged with having congressional oversight or vote-certifying legislation? Whenever Ms. Pelosi does venture to go back to honor her ‘home’ district in San Francisco, she carefully avoids those sections that — thanks to her and her party apparatchiks — have been turned into a progressive’s dream (A Nightmare on Pelosi Street). While travelling back and forth to California for politicking purposes, obviously she enjoys her flights of non-economy fantasy at the public’s luxurious expense. Just like Barack Obama did during his 8-year White House visitation lodging, his was an approach to Executive administration that was lackadaisical at best: seeing how he spent much of his time in office out of office, gallivanting around the world on the American dime(s) picking up awards, bad-mouthing America for being so racist, (fore)-telling how he was going to transform (destroy) society, and prophesizing how he would slow the rising sea levels. Relatively speaking, his wife, Michelle Obama followed his lead, that is, travelling widely and promoting herself, only accompanied by an entire entourage costing millions of taxpayers’ dollars (Chapman, 2012). These expensive gas-emitting flights were taking place even as the Obamas constantly derided the average American’s un-thriftiness and damned the energy-wasting habits of the poor and middle-incomed, vigorously haranguing them for supporting politicians and media fakes who didn’t believe in the imminent dangers (within a decade or so) of world-ending Global Warming, … which we now refer to (tongue-in-cheek) as always Global Change because apparently the Earth and the public did not quite warm to this nomenclature.

Thus do rich people decry the wastefulness of the poor, the wantonness of their lives, yet exclusively ride in hypocrisy-class their private planes, expose themselves bald in their convertible carriages of know-nothing nakedness. Lest opinion be housed with the homeless; never learning that welfare does not generally fare well for the people living under it. Government concern is to have no care for what is handled in sanctuary. Dark forces work to create a sub-stratum of people who live merely to ingest and to procreate, who are bitterly envious of anyone who owns or receives more than they do, and eventually come to hate anyone whose color or color of thought doesn’t match their own. Knowing full well, the decades-long plan is for the rise of women, the fall of man-kind, and the death of the family. Where once creative artists dreamed and struggled, gracious scientists sought to collate facts, true heroes strode and bravely fought, only the belligerent Karens now stand — fashion-lauding amidst the rubble of spiritual faith, pleased like vampires with the coffining of aborted lives.

Who hauls the S & M master around but his striped and littered slave? What is left of the ever-maddening crowd that is not punctured daft: 50% mind-fully demented, 30% listless or bedraggled or 10% too stupid and depraved to care? What is left is the ‘left’ — a masterclass of hefty arrogance and lightweight refinement. None of us who are turned right (of left) will ever be moved to overcome this system of mass intimidation and total control that bestills us — engulfed within a new Dark Ages of forgotten wisdom and spotted rages of Black Death.

Aquarium life has reserved for itself constant aeration, limited temperature and contamination, and a balance of chemical salinity. A society can withstand only a moderate amount of exploitation and disruption – to still remain intact. No creature living in an aquarium ever consciously discerns its environment to be specially controlled or wholly contrived. All our wishful breaths and cleansing dreams find arrest in government stoppage of freedom’s flow.

Emotional Epilogue

Whose precedent has always been to follow the progressive’s dream: to haunt and despoil the socially undesirable, to drain the last drop of brotherly love, to isolate and harass, to persecute and arrest, and to appoint a concentrated place for final solution, torture, and death — which can all just be engineered now in a single CoVid downfall and victims dismissed in newsroom mass graves. Startled by the shocking lack of awareness among the elitists, be of whatever faith, it is simply a matter of natural course and bounty splitting. In a world without any remaining regenerative growth, the knowing gamers of the system proudly proclaim themselves the only generation which matters — unto this the tenth iteration — reveling in their placeholder-ship amidst the lying sheep. With no sufferance of conservator honor, no appeal to conservative values and foresight, they who think themselves deserving are merely spared temporarily their own skinning and tanning while wearing the gullible hides of them gladly slew before.

Seasonal Senses (Legend)

(Subtitles referencing the stage of the phenomena under dissertation or eulogy)

Spring – study whilst passing through its initial phases … prospects still ahead

Summer – study during its heyday … engrossed in favors and suspected faults

Fall – study whilst moving into decline … problems and odds of transformation

Winter – study during its wane and death throes … reclamation or dissolution


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Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart