Epoch Insight Magazine: Spike Protein – Injuries and Treatments

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Nearly 1 in 5 have at some point experienced symptoms three months out from a COVID infection that weren’t present prior to infection. A number of studies indicate that spike proteins can damage human cell mitochondria, suppress the immune system, form amyloid-like proteinsand cause abnormal blood clots and other issues.

This issue of Epoch Insight magazine provides in-depth information about the COVID-19 Spike Protein and provides articles that discuss injuries and treatments to help those affected.

In This Issue

Spike Protein Disrupting Immunity in Millions After COVID Infection or Vaccination: Here’s How It’s Being Treated

COVID Jab Spike Remains in Body, Affects DNA: 1 Holistic Way to Repair DNA and Reduce Spike Damage

EXCLUSIVE: Why Spike Protein Causes Abnormal Blood Clots, 200 Symptoms

EXCLUSIVE: Signs You Have a Spike Protein Blood Clot, and What to Do About It

Natural Ways to Increase Autophagy and Detox Spike Proteins After COVID Infection, Vaccination

Autophagy Heals Damage From Spike Proteins, Doctor Says

How to Use Resveratrol for COVID Spike Protein-Related Symptoms

LDN for Treating Spike Protein Injuries, Diseases

Doctor Shares Alternative Spike Protein Treatments When Go-to Options Fail

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Long COVID and Vaccine Injury

The Pathophysiology of Long COVID

6 Main Factors Increase Risk of COVID-19 Vaccine Injury

Jab Injuries, 50% Long COVID Cases Have This Type of Symptom—2 Ways to Reverse It

COVID-19 and Vaccine Can Cause Psychosis, Music Therapy Might Help

Mindfulness Meditation Versus Compassion Meditation for Immunity

There’s No Need to Fear Viruses When You Understand How Immunity Works

77 Things You Can Do to Boost up Your Immunity

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