EXCLUSIVE: Suspect in Pelosi Attack Embraced Left- and Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories, Ex-Girlfriend’s Lawyer Says

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David DePape, the suspect in the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, has embraced left-wing and right-wing conspiracy theories, according to the lawyer who has been in touch with DePape’s former girlfriend.

The former girlfriend, Oxane “Gypsy” Taub, is herself in a women’s prison for 20 crimes involving a teen boy.

Taub’s attorney, Christopher Dobbins, told The Epoch Times on Nov. 2 that based on his conversations with Taub the theories about DePape being a right-wing extremist seem to be off base.

Dobbins thinks DePape tends to believe conspiracy theories in general, whether they’re left-wing or right-wing.

“He’s all over the place,” Dobbins said.

Dobbins said he has heard from Taub by phone frequently since news broke that DePape, 42, was arrested in the Oct. 28 breach of the Pelosi mansion in San Francisco. She has expressed a lot of concern for DePape, Dobbins said.

Taub has been trying to raise funds for DePape’s defense, Dobbins said.

Statements from Dobbins and a neighbor shed new light on DePape’s unorthodox lifestyle, his apparent homelessness, and his thought processes.

“Even though he’s probably Public Enemy No. 1 right now,” and DePape and Taub have apparently been estranged for a while, Taub still cares for her ex, Dobbins said.

She thinks he’s deeply troubled and has serious mental issues, Dobbins said. The two have known each other for many years and both were pictured in San Francisco newspapers in 2013 when they were protesting city ordinances banning public nudity.

Taub asked Dobbins to defend DePape; Dobbins said he declined the offer, choosing to steer away from a potential conflict of interest involving his representation of Taub.

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DePape is the father of two of Taub’s three children. A daughter, fathered by another man, is grown; two boys, in their late teens or early adulthood, have been living alone at their mother’s property during her legal troubles, Dobbins said.

By Janice Hisle

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