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Obianuju Ekeocha (Uju for short) is a native African woman, living and working in the United Kingdom as a Specialist Biomedical Scientist. She is the Founder and President of Culture of Life Africa, and an internationally acclaimed pro-life speaker and strategist and human rights activist. She promotes and defends the African values of the sanctity of life, beauty of marriage, blessings of motherhood and the dignity of family life.


Hey friends, just as promised I am recording this video today to join the campaign to expose Bill Gates. But I’ll be doing this in a bit of an unconventional way because whereas a lot of people are scrutinizing Bill Gates, rightly so, and looking at his work and looking at his activism, for the last 10 years I have been preoccupied with looking at the work and the words of his wife, Melinda Gates, who also is a very much a partner in the work. Now Melinda Gates came to my attention back in 2012, and it was quite a shock for me because I was watching the news and I saw Melinda Gates talking about this massive project she was doing in Africa, so you know I kind of listened closer to know exactly what it was and then she starts to talk about this 5 billion dollar she was trying to raise and campaign for which was going to be used specifically for family planning and contraceptive drugs and devices in the 69 poorest countries in the world of which, of course, most of the African countries belong in that category. So this really startled me and really confused me because it was the question I was asking myself at the time. 2012 I knew about the Gates and I kind of admired them and these people who did like great work abd they were doing amazing things in Africa, so I came to this from a really innocent perspective. I was following the track, following what she was doing but then I came across execution plan. Now she wasn’t only planning to kind of encouraged people like you know do family planning, space your children. That was not what Melinda Gates was doing. Melinda Gates came hand-in-hand with Pfizer and some other stakeholders. These wealthy Western organizations, they came into Africa but not only were they telling us to control our population, they came up with their own drugs and devices. So Melinda Gates came in with Pfizer, who had at the time come up with this new format or new delivery system of a well-known dangerous contraception, the Depo Provera, which a lot of people have complained about in the West which, in some cases, like in the United States, you would see FDA warning, Black Box warning within, you know, with the, with the contraception. But then they came in with this they were calling it the Sayana Press to show you, here is a picture of the Sayana Press to show you that they were targeting Africans. Every time that I saw the Sayana Press it was in the in the hands of a black woman, every single time. So the Sayana Press which contained within it the Depo-Provera, which has already had all kinds of problems in Western countries, which, even at the time when I looked at the website, here is a screenshot, at the time of the website from Pfizer when they did the press release about the Sayana Press that they were releasing with the Gates Foundation, they have it clearly written that this device or this drug, the Sayana Press is not approved and it’s not available within the United States or for the United States. So something that wasn’t good enough for the United States, it was good enough for them to bring to Africa. Now take a look at this map of where the Gates Foundation and like-minded organizations like FP2020 (FP Family Planning 2020) which is actually co-founded by The Gates Foundation. This is the map that they released back in 2012 of the 69 countries where they were going to be carrying out their extensive population control project. You see this place is marked out in blue. You see how they’ve marked out most of African countries. This is what I call philanthropic racism. This is the acceptable racism of the 21st Century. But leave population control and family planning to one side. I want to talk about abortion.

It was back in 2014 that the Gates Foundation came out and publicly stated that they will no longer be funding abortion. A lot of people clapped for them. A lot of people a praised them, and there were all these things that people were embracing them and saying how amazing. But then, again, you peel back the layers. Gates Foundation is in bed, yes, in bed with some of the worst and most notorious abortion organization in the world, and they continue to be the greatest funders or their highest funders. Take for example Marie Stopes International, an organization that is aborting more than 3 million babies a year by their own record. They are aborting more than 3 million babies a year. This is the British organization. It is a British organization, yes, but the Gates Foundation was still somehow able to collaborate with them. The Gates Foundation gives them more money than almost anybody else, maybe accept the British government. But the Gates Foundation gives them a large chunk of their yearly budget. Marie Stopes then takes that money, goes into African countries and then they performing abortions, illegal abortions at that in several countries. Why do I know, how do I know? Because I have followed the work Marie Stopes International as well and on several occasions they have been accused of illegal abortions and yet the Gates Foundation stands with them. But it’s not just that about the Gates having their millions and millions of dollars end up aborting, illegally, babies across different African countries. Its also something more sinister that I found out that was happening a couple of months ago. It’s about this organization called Gynuity. Gynuity is an American organization which is little known. The first time I heard about Gynuity, I never knew about them, I never heard about them. But then the reason why I took notice of Gynuity was because of this particular clinical trial they we’re doing in Burkina Faso, which is a small West African country. Gynuity, this American research organization was doing a second trimester medical abortion experiment in Burkina Faso, where abortion is not even legal. But what does it have to do with Melinda Gates and the Gates Foundation? So when I started investigating Gynuity, I went to their website and I opened their page on their donors. Now look at what their donor list is like. The very first donor listed by Gynuity is the Gates Foundation. So again The Gates Foundation money not only goes to killing of unborn babies in Africa, but its also going to experimentation on African women and the illegal experimentation on African women and second trimester abortions being done in the name of medical research. This is the Gates Foundation

Let me talk a bit about vaccinations. I know that a lot of good people have done great work to expose The Gates Foundation and their involvement with some downright sinister vaccination projects in the developing world, but one particular one struck a chord in me and I do want to talk about that because he had to do with population control. Back in 2013, between 2013 and 2015 the World Health Organization was doing this huge vaccination project anti-tetanus vaccination project that was targeting particularly young girls and women of reproductive age in Kenya. Some Catholic doctors then intercepted some vials or some bottles of this vaccine and it sent it off to a lab. Now the result came back and they found out that this vaccine was laced with HCG, which, in fact, depending on how and at the time its given, it could be able to vasion. So, in other words, the World Health Organization was accused by these Catholic doctors, and the Catholic Bishops conference by extension, of sterilizing and doing population control in that country. But then this was swept under the table or swept under the carpet. What does it have to do with the Gates Foundation because I know I’m talking about the World Health Organization program. But then it’s not a secret that the Gates Foundation is is that the highest non-governmental donor of the World Health Organization. They are funding a lot of the projects that the World Health Organization wants to do. So the World Health Organization brings out their wishlist The Gates Foundation would just rush in and then fund it through their various funding streams. These are some of the things, you know, that have to come to my attention and we keep peeling back the layers, either you see some research The Gates Foundation has been involved with, to show that something is dangerous for Africa and they still coming to Africa and they get to do whatever it is that they want to do. They go in to African leaders offices, they go into our institution. They have infiltrated every part of the African continent.

Now I want to share with you this clip that I came across a while back. this was a clip from 60 Minutes that was aired, I think, about 9 years ago so it’s a long time ago and it was me probably right at the beginning of when Melinda Gates started her huge population control projects. And honestly every time that I watch this clip I always tear up. It’s a clip from 60 minutes as I said, but it’s Scott Pelley, I think that’s his name, does the show, hosts the CBS show host of the show with Melinda Gates. They were in some part of the developing world and they are having this discussion.

One of these meetings yesterday and I remembered that a lady told you that she had had eight children and four of them had died in childbirth or shortly thereafter. But if all of them had survived she’d have eight children, and what the developing world does not need is more children. And I think that was the biggest ah-ha to Bill and me when we got into this work because we asked ourselves, of course, the same hard-nosed question you’d ask which is if you get into this work to save these children, will women just keep overpopulating the world, and thank goodness the converse is absolutely true and so they don’t do that because women say to themselves they want two children to survive into adulthood she knows it two will survive into adulthood, she will naturally bring down her population. And so as soon as she starts to see that getting them vaccinated or keeping them alive during the birth, she won’t have as many children. That’s what we just heard from this group as well that the older women that had more children hoping more would survive, but the yonger children, younger women are starting to plan for smaller families because they know they’ll live.

They all said they wanted three.

Yeah, which is fantastic. That’s what you want. Yeah.

So if you understant that their is a high likelihood that your child was going to survive, you believe they’ll have fewer.

Absolutely. Were seeing that play out and all the population numbers across the globe. In fact the population rates are coming down faster then predicted. A-ha to Bill and me when we got into this work as we asked ourselves, of course, the same hard those hard-nosed question you’d ask which is, if you get into this work and you start to save these children will women just keep overpopulating the world.


About Obianuju Ekeocha

Obianuju Ekeocha (“Uju”) is a native African woman, living and working in the United Kingdom as a Specialist Biomedical Scientist. She is an internationally acclaimed pro-life speaker and strategist. She is the founder and president of Culture of Life Africa, an initiative dedicated to the promotion and defense of the African values of the sanctity of life, beauty of marriage, blessings of motherhood and the dignity of family life. Culture of Life Africa answers the assaults on these values with African women’s voices.

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