Facebook Executive ADMITS Facebook’s Voter Registration Project Helped Biden in the Election

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In a new Project Veritas undercover video Facebook Global Planning Lead Benny Thomas admits that Facebook helped tip the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden and calls Zuckerberg ‘ruler of two billion people’.

Benny Thomas: One of the things I worked on, which made me happy was a voter registration drive. And these kind of things, this is the good side of Facebook. This is the kind of thing that, you can only do with a company that has the sheer scale and reach of Facebook, is, we set ourselves a goal registering 4 million new people. And we went over the target, we did 4.5 (million), simply through like the presence on our, on the platform, getting businesses to tell their customers to sign up, et cetra, we hit 4 million. And then they, even the media said this time that we were really good at keeping, you know, the Russians and the Iranians and the Chinese out of the election. It was really good. And you know, most, most media does not praise Facebook. So, when they praise Facebook, you know, that we’ve actually got something [laughter]. So, we’re improving in those ways.

Undercover Veritas Journalist: Wow. Registering 4.5 million voters.

Benny Thomas: That’s a lot, like we made a big difference.

Undercover Veritas Journalist: Yeah. I’m pretty sure we (Biden) won that way.

Benny Thomas Exactly.

Undercover Veritas Journalist: What do you think?

Benny Thomas Exactly, I think so too.

In the newly released Project Veritas video Thomas says, “We set ourselves a goal of registering four million new people, and we went over that target. We did 4.5 simply through like the presence on our, on the platform.”

The Project Veritas journalist reacts, “wow, registering 4.5 million voters,” to which Thomas admits: “That’s a lot. We made a big difference.”

“Yeah I’m pretty sure we (Biden) won that way.”

In response, Thomas says “yeah, exactly” while laughing.

“Exactly, I think so, too,” he immediately adds.

The stunning admission follows months of National Pulse reporting highlighting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s attempts to influence local election officials and partnerships with pro-Biden fact-checkers.

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