Facebook Shuts Pro-Israel Jerusalem Prayer Team Page After Anti-Semites Flood Site With 800,000 Hateful Comments

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The Epoch Times

Facebook officials refuse to explain why they shut down a page with more than 77 million followers after an unprecedented avalanche of anti-Semitic comments suddenly appeared on it as thousands of Hamas missiles were launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team (JPT) page was founded in 2002 by Pastor Mike Evans, a Dallas-based U.S. evangelical supporter of the State of Israel, to encourage Christians around the world to pray for the tiny Jewish nation.

The site’s global following, mainly of Christians and Jews, also included 18 million Muslims, when, on May 13, the comment section suddenly exploded with anti-Semitic hate.

“On that single day, we received over 800,000 comments, the overwhelming majority of which were very negative, often crude, and anti-Semitic,” JPT spokesman Michael Vaughn told The Epoch Times.

“Clearly, this was not random: Someone somewhere was orchestrating this barrage,” he said.

The barrage of anti-Semitic comments continued for two days while JPT officials appealed to Facebook for help, Vaughn said.

“We were amazed and disappointed that Facebook allowed such comments to be made. We had understood they had a corporate commitment to prevent offensive or false information from being displayed, but in our case, there was no apparent intervention by Facebook,” Vaughn said.

Then with no prior warning, Facebook shut down the JPT page, which at the time was the 22nd most-liked page on the social media platform.

“On Saturday, May 15, with no notice, no attempt to reach us, Facebook told us they had unpublished our JPT Facebook, citing this was due to the page being spam and violating their policies,” Vaughn said.

“We did nothing differently on May 12 or any other day than we had done in the prior 1,000 days.”

JPT appealed to Facebook on May 16 to reverse its decision to shut down the page, but was told the decision was final, Vaughn told The Epoch Times.


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