Fauci’s Resignation Is Not Far Off

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Natalie Pulse reporter Natalie Winters talks about her reporting on the coverup on U.S. involvement with China in developing gain-of-function research to weaponize coronavirus.

“Raheem [Kassam] predicted several months back that Peter Daszak would be the fall guy. He would be the person they would try to pin this on… The only reason we had a coverup was none other than Anthony Fauci. … Getting to the bottom of Covid-19, the origins of it, obviously all roads lead to the Chinese Communist Party, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and that would vindicate the person that  they hate the most — Donald Trump, who has been saying from Day 1 that this virus was released from a Chinese Communist Party-run lab that traces its roots to Beijing. If the media did its due diligence, they would confirm what he has been saying.”

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