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Wow, how much do people on the Left, worldwide, hate Steve Bannon?

Let’s put it this way, if you’re on the left and you don’t hate Mr Bannon enough, you’re required to debase yourself by peeling off some of your own self loathing and paint it on to the disheveled host of War Room: Pandemic, until your hatred meter needed rests dangerously firm in the red zone. A, “We can go to 115% on the nuclear reactor, but it’s not recommended, Captain Tupelov”, sort of thing.

Bannon as fate would have it, is the perfect object of deconstruction, the “tip of the spear” as Bannon is fond of saying, the point of the Left’s hate, hate of the Right, of Donald Trump, of Trump’s unwashed Deplorables. And he goes about relentlessly poking them in the eye twice a day. The moral indignation as a result is blinding, and blindly, breathlessly, they thrash away.

There is rarely a paradox of the human mind which houses so harsh and ruinous emotions as the blind rage of moral indignation. It’s a drug which grants free passes to hate someone like he has stolen the last of the oxygen, and then grants the clearance to act upon it under the cloak of rectitude. It’s a rush, man! Ultimately, like any drug, it crushes, not the object of the indignation, but those wielding it, and the Left right now is Jonesing for it!

Steven K Bannon, for the uninitiated, occupies the main mic at the War Room, Pandemic, a program/podcast with millions of downloads, which drives home the political Right’s views by bringing in medical experts, theologians, clergy, political activists, strategists other than the RINO strategists, politicians and others to hammer home the view from the unapologetic populist right, the “Posse” as he refers to them.

“So what’s the big deal. Ed?” you ask. “The Left hates everybody and everything. They hate comedy, sports, particularly women in sports, unless of course they’re getting stomped by a man. They hate literature. They’re banning books, for Christ’s sake, Ed!. They hate statues, and tradition, borders. They really hate border police. They hate law enforcement, well, excluding the FBI when they’re dragging Project Veritas guys around in their underwear or rifling through the house of a Gold Star Mom and the effects of her perished son. They like those law enforcement guys a lot. Today anyway. They hate the medical non-conforming, at least the non-conformist activities not on the non-conformist approved list of conformities they can non conform to. They hate anyone with a question on his lips. They hate single family homes. Boy, do they hate gas. They hate free markets, other than the one which sorta sells Chinese manufactured sneakers and whatever reverse engineered CCP website/APP they can dance to in their closets. They hate people who go outside, unless to peacefully protest by the firelight and shop for free stuff after the windows are smashed. They hate cattle grazing. They especially despise hog and chicken farmers because they make the hogs and chickens stand too close together before they end up on a McDonald’s menu, so what’s the rub with this Bannon fella that he gets such special hate props?”

Ok, good question. There are several reasons why the left can’t stand Steve Bannon

The big one.

He threatens differently than the pundits, because he understands the art of war and they don’t. They think you can just trust the science and wage dissent by metaphorical drone strikes and appeals to authority. Bannon is a rabid student of warfare. He conducts war. He takes territory.

Steve Bannon grew up in Richmond Virginia in a Irish Catholic family. He attended a Catholic military school before moving on to Virginia Tec, earning a B.A. in urban affairs and served as student government president. He joined the U.S. Navy after graduating VA Tech. From there he he moved to the Pentagon as Special Assistant to the chief of naval operations. While in D.C. Bannon earned an M.A. from Georgetown in national security and later continued on to an M.B.A. from Harvard in Business which opened him to a positions in Mergers and Acquisitions at Goldman Sachs.

Following his years at GS, Bannon cofounded Bannon & Co., a financial services firm focusing on entertainment., ultimately selling the company to Societe General in 1998. After more than a decade of making films, in 2012 Bannon teamed with Peter Schweizer to form a non profit, Government Accountability Institute, initiating investigations into politicians’ wrongdoing leading to a relationship with Andrew Breitbart and after the sudden death of Mr Breitbart, Bannon assumed the role of Executive Chairman of Breitbart News.

Under Bannon, Breitbart threw its weight behind the candidacy of Donald Trump. In august 2016 Bannon was brought into the then stumbling campaign and was credited for a more focused and disciplined effort chaperoning Trump into the White House. The rest of Bannon’s public efforts are widely known so I will leave them alone here, sufficing to say he has been on the outer ends of the life of elites, the military decision makers and the deplorables, and has camped with the deplorables as America’s best hope.

The odd back round has left him with a very clear view of the behaviors and motivations of power and the effects of each upon the citizenry. His military associations are of a peculiar nature, clearly placing him inside the workings of the apparatus of power and next to great men of commitment and the worst of men, those who would be compromised for individual gain. He is particularly knowledgeable at how gaining and holding tactical advantage wins, and he slams the lessons home against a long impenetrable opponent too comfortable in their respective barracks to have foreseen his boldness.

There are seven classical maneuvers of war: penetration of the center, envelopment of single flank, envelopment of two flanks, attack in oblique order (Bannon’s specialty) feigned retreat, attack from defensive position, and indirect approach (not Bannon’s strong suit)

Bannon goes at his fight like a math teacher. He contemplates the battle as a sort of equation with constants and variables. Some independent variables, some dependent. He gets to the heart of which is which, and once chronicled, he derives his respective stand and jump off points from the distinctions.

Ah, and here’s why the left hates him. He doesn’t just share the distinction into the pool of piety punditry. He takes his audience, and anyone listening who despises the equation, let alone the answer, on a staff ride. What’s a staff ride?

A German General, Helmuth von Moltke developed the what would later become know as the “staff ride” in the later part of the 19th century as a functioning raining requirement for staff officers, hence the name, Staff Ride. Moltke and his officers would weeks on a specific battlefield of historic measure. He and his men would “ride on horses, examining in excruciating detail the decisions, the timing, the reasonings and actions of both armies engaged in the battle, all the while analyzing the decisions of their respective leaders. The teaching tool remains an integral part of military teaching to this day.

The Left don’t realize what is happening to them on Bannon’s daily staff ride, it’s the ultimate old white guy talking in battle terms fought on other days on other fields with outdated weapons and ancient tactics. What could this have to do with shaping modern public policy, particularly against the ideologies of the erudite left and parchment they can fire into any battle? Worse still, the older the technique, the greater the gulf between the realities then and now.

So why does work, and why does it feel so threatening? The answer, well understood by Bannon, and ever increasingly by his audience, is that which experienced leaders understand, ancient techniques are relevant as hell, and as much as modern weaponry, when employed correctly. When paired together, and aimed at modern policy shaping, understanding the technical and tactical differences, as well as the similarities, between then and now is a lethality the post war right has long lacked. Neither the hyper educated left nor the hyper educated right know what is happening to them, but they know their respective backsides hurt and they don’t like it one bit.

The bigger one.

He understands the power of language, of words in shaping the narrative, couching the debate. For decades the unchallenged lords of language of the Left have held words and definitions hostage by turning last year’s failures into this year’s promises by simply changing the language. Abortion converts to women’s health, Global warming into climate change, “two weeks to flatten the curve” into “three shot, four shot unvaccinated are gonna die by the time the azaleas flower next”.

Bannon has deciphered the recipe and wrestled away the formula. He’s not a national populist, he’s an economic populist. He’s not a white supremacist, he’s a believer in a national Judeo-Christian traditionalist. “Aren’t they the same?” cries the left, hyperventilating at the thought of trapping Bannon. Nope. “Wait for it”, Bannon likes to say before lowering the language boom. He eviscerates the narrative when he says, “There are 47 million black Americans, 80% are Christians. Only 70 of whites are Christians. He throws in that 77% of the Hispanic, 61 million of em, are Christians, so Judeo-Christian thing is actually a black and brown thing, and why are you so racist about it”? And by the way, he needles, ever the economic populist, that is why minorities are rushing to Trump like a helicopter in Hanoi.

In short, he claims next year’s words, and there ain’t a damn thing the Left, not ever before having to fight very hard for the language ground, the moral high ground, nor understanding the ancient tactics of conflict, can do to stop it.

Bannon is next year’s words, so he’s next year’s voice, and they hate him for it.

Hating Steven K Bannon is not merely a question of visceral quality, it’s the nature of who it is that hates him, and how much amplification of the hate the collective sphere can spread.

Let’s look at the who, in no particular order.

Woke Corporations, Big Pharma, The administrative State, The CCP, The Fed, The Transhumanists, The Globalists, Bid Tech, Corporate Media, The DNC, The RNC, Local Schoolboards and election boards, The FBI. They are all outside Bannon’s home rummaging through his trash for something, anything which might sully Next Year’s Voice so to Silence Next Year’s Words.

Why does this cabal hate the guy so?

Bannon inherently understands two things about this monster group of his haters. He knows the first instinct of the powerful, however manifested their power, is to remain in power, and to that end, he knows the above are all tethered to each other in the cause.

He knows the sinew between them must stay steel rivet tight. Big Pharma, is attached to Corporate media like white on rice, who are attached to the DNC and to the Globalist movement, which cannot thrive without the RNC in tow, which together can both remain in power, thus taking turns at the trough, but only by the heavy arm of Big Tech’s ability to silence dissent or alarm, who coaxially can profit from all the keyboards yet employed under the other 3 billion’s fingertips, who then can further line the coffers of the CCP. And should any of the plebs escape their Cancelling, the kicking boots of the FBI can run them down from behind at the behest of the unelected administrative state, always a presidential dismissal away.

What Bannon really knows is attacking the Cabal is fruitless. The key to separating this webbed and glued and self-facing and corrupted hive, rest in his knowledge of what battle demands, in this case attacking the thread between them.

Daily, he attacks their rear guard. He probes the center, while attacking the single flank and then ambushing both flanks. He gets at each by following, exposing the vulnerable hubris of power and the instincts of survival of power at all costs, forcing them to internalize each to his own defenses, thus disconnected the thread and weakening the grip. He identifies the holes, where the fraying in the thread is and rushes in. Their center is collapsing.

The biggest one.

Bannon is fearless.

While he’s outnumbered, he’s knows he’s not running on to the field outmatched / He knows he can out-flank and out-fight The Cabal. He knows the enemy better than they know themselves. He knows the terrain and he knows it’s verbiage. He’s certain by abusing words, they have exhausted the power of them, and thus enfeebled their blade edge. Bannon laughs at the weakness of words, words he’s himself have blunted with ease, words like “Racist”, “White Supremacy” “Insurrection” “Subpoena” “Congressional Hearing” “inclusivity” “Divisive” “Investigation”, “Impeach”, have all been rendered near meaningless by collusion, opportunism and wielded by minor minds, and the miniscule character, in Congress, the press and unknown techies who may or not be Americans at all. Bannon isn’t Teflon. He knows, as long as you are next year’s voice, as long as Bid Tech becomes “Social Oligarchs, as long as China becomes “Criminal Enterprise of the CCP”, as long as the FBI raiding a Gold Star mother’s home becomes an invasion of her soldier son’s personal effects, effects she herself had not the strength to open herself, as long as a subpoena by a poorly conceived Congressional witch hunt becomes a “Misdemeanor from hell” as long as possession of next year’s words, those once sharp terms, miss the target, or don’t dent anything and Bannon just wins and wins and wins. The numbers bear it out. Trump woke up the right and as long as Bannon keeps them awake, and the Left blindly, and violently, flailing away in the darkness of hate, “100 seats, for a 100 years, is a very distinct possibility.

And he’s hated because they can’t stop it.

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