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2022 Summer Treatise On Modern Slavery
Independent Commentary
Preface for Contained Commentary

There is something suspicious about a supposedly ‘normal’ society that claims it cares about climate change and the Natural Environment and is desirous of teaching our school children about fact-based science, engineering, and pure mathematics, but whose social and educational establishment does not believe in logic, truth, honor, operational standards, or even biological reproduction — strangely forcing children to learn about, engage in, and explicitly absorb the most heinous and despicable acts of sexual perversity and overt racial discrimination. More than just moral corruption, intellectual dishonesty, or vile hypocrisy, my commentary analysis suggests that there is a planned cabal of self-serving, relatively-affluent global elitists interested only in their own continuance and domination exerting effort to steal resources from the poorer nations and to condemn the rest of humanity to lesser lives of subjugation and effective slavery.


  • Slave – any person presumed to have fewer rights than naturally ordained and normally accrued, or is treated as such in the specified performance of tasks
  • Human Right – that which is prepossessed or deserved of human origins, irrespective of position (status), occasional fault, or professional title (award)
  • Slavery – the deprival, non-recognition, or deferring of accorded human rights
  • Taskmaster – any manipulator of work or instigator of practices plighted to impair, degrade, or bring detriment to worker safety or human rights
  • Slaveholder – the bonder or withholder of freedom regarding persons (slaves) bound to or contingently held as dependents, having no legal recourse or justice appeal
  • Slave Trader – anyone who handles, ships, passes on, buys, sells, trades, exchanges, o finances, invests, markets, or elsewise benefits from a slave’s work efforts and accustomization, whether physically or obtained through the infringement, confiscation, or concealment of a slave’s contribution
  • Perversity – a literal or coincidental corruption of that which is true, pursuant to the defilement of nature or to the misconception of logical being
  • Deviant – any exponent or practitioner of unnatural, illogical actions
  • Sex Fiend – a deviant as it relates to the promulgation of carnality, be it imposed on the the innocent or proposed for the lost and ignorant
  • Grooming – the physical shaping or psychological conditioning of any less-than-fully mature individual for the express (or unexpressed) purpose of another’s sexual design, pleasure, or gratification

As pertaining to the definitions given, the following sections detail the extent to which each reader is purportedly guilty of some involvement in the sin of slavery.


  • Section 1 – The Acceptance or Touching of Slavery Anywhere
  • Section 2 – Actions against the Indigenous and the Natively-Shorn
  • Section 3 – Actions against the White Proponents of the Cultural West
  • Section 4 – Actions against Christians and the Consummators of Natural Truth
  • Section 5 – Enslavement of the Earth by Consorted Cultural Measures
  • Section 6 – In Neglect of Victims; in Default of Reciprocity
  • Section 7 – Defrauding of the Working Class through Commercial Imperialism
  • Section 8 – Subjugation of, Pilfering from, and Conspiracy against the People
  • Section 9 – The Devaluation of Science; Disenfranchisement of Freedom
  • Section 10 – The Suppression, Surrendering, and Emasculation of Boys
  • Section 11 – The Celebrated Demoralization of the Human Spirit
  • Section 12 – The Manufacture of Perverted Sex Slaves

Section 1 – The Accepting or Touching of Slavery Anywhere

Targeted Areas: Worker slaves; Partner in slavery; Taskmaster; Slave trader; Slaveholder; Child sex slaves; Government defaulting on human rights

No one will ever be able the write the complete history of slavery – objectively, because it comes in so many various obsequious forms, encompasses so many strains of enclosed (closeted) victims, and countenances so many devices of deleterious effect. Even this treatise on slavery merely presents a prologue on the subject. Obviously, the presence of so many calibrated submissive forms implies an associative plague of (damnable) master-victors, ourselves among their membership … and holding us in chattel … until closer scrutiny frees us soulfully from its captured terrain.

Over a million Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and their Muslim kin are being held in virtual bondage today in China, though guilty of hardly more than spreading their faith and confronting political controversy (“China: crimes against humanity”, 2021). Many are forced to labor in agricultural fields or in factories and sweatshops making products and parts for distribution around the world, including the U.S. According to America’s State Department, China is guilty of attempted genocide through its arbitrary arrests and condemning detention, its persecution, torture, and other ill-treatments. But suppose you don’t care about the Uyghurs and the rest or how they’re being mistreated or deprived of their human rights because you don’t think they’re human (like you); so whatever happens to them, happens. For that matter, you don’t care about China or the Chinese people either; they’re just another non-white, non-black, ethnic group of no concern (as long as they deliver the cheap goods). To summarize your position, imagine you don’t care how one ‘sub-human’ group treats another ‘sub-human’ group. That would make you a bigoted silent partner in their misery and in their denial of worker rights, not to mention loss of human dignity; in other words, that makes you an enslaver, and also a taskmaster insofar as you contribute to their worker suffering every time you justify the excuses of the Communist China regime and console (council) their politics on the world scene.

And do you buy goods from China manufactured in these prison slave-shops? Dozens of American companies are unembarrassed to have their brand-name products made there in concentration camps, including Apple, Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein, Dell, GM, Lenovo, L.L. Bean, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, and many others, bolstered of course by the likes of Amazon and Google (Cavallaro, 2021). Where else could you buy items like garments, decorations, fireworks, and especially high-tech electronics, so cheaply? What happens to indifferent or uncaring people who buy specialty articles such as ivory taken from the tusks of recently slaughtered elephants in Africa? Probably they get arrested and sent off to jail, because it’s illegal to trade in rare protected natural items. Like you, who are gladly buying and selling slave-produced goods from China, much to your everlasting shame and condemnation. That makes you a slave trader, as per your economic greed, unmoved by the desecration and hurt associated with this manufacturing mill.

No doubt some of the products you buy have been endorsed by famous stars or athletes like LeBron James — not just endorsed, but created on his behalf, sometimes with his name on it, guaranteeing the sponsor’s share — fashionably marked up at excessively high prices in order to increase LeBron’s financial wealth to the max. Do you watch any of LeBron’s commercials or are fanatical about seeing or attending any of his games? Don’t you love it when super-rich stars like him admonish those crass ‘American’ capitalists (unlike him) who take advantage of average folk or berate our corrupt political system because it won’t give prisoners, illegals, and other unidentified non-citizens the right to vote? Did you know that LeBron James, together with many of his fellow basketball stars, have hundreds of millions of dollars invested in China’s unabashed slave-labor industry (Gwinn, 2022)? How else could they afford their multi-million-dollar mansions, their fancy cars, and all that expensive personalized bling — never speaking out against but always in support of the corrupt Communist regime —all the while decrying the unfairness and unjustness of America, particularly those terrible ‘white’ people (Section 3)? Thus believes he who was gloriously blessed by God with undeserved size and talent for which he is ungrateful, which we know because he has yet exhibited Christian thankfulness and forgiveness into his heart; and also blessed by Man (American and Chinese) with opportunity and prestige, and now exceeding riches, a billionaire in fact, for which he is only spiteful and completely oblivious (impervious) to his involvement with modern-day slavery. Every time you buy one of their endorsed products or watch one of their hypocritical commercials, or attend one of their over-priced games, you are giving these stars the funds to invest money in Chinese-sanctioned inhumane slavery — which makes you an investor indirectly, also, a slaveholder yourself. In the grand economy, were it not for selfish, uncaring, greedy people like you, maybe there might still be unjust arrests of the Uyghurs, but there probably wouldn’t exist slave factories and sweatshops in China as apprised, for then they wouldn’t be profitable.

Within the casting of this one hook, I have thought to tag you as a silent partner, an open slaver, a happy-go-lucky taskmaster, a slave trader, and vested slaveholder. Undaunted, you daringly press to convict someone’s great, great, great … grandfather or grandmother as (maybe) being a once-upon-a-time plantation owner and slaveholder. Compared to you, that pre-Civil War hatemonger and slaveholder was a relative saint: at least what he or she did could be explained in antiquated rhetoric as owing to their rudimentary biological ignorance and basic economic avarice, assumed under the guise of cultural superiority. As this and the following sections will depict, what you do now, many of you do out of blind indifference and commercial rapaciousness, or even more egregiously, out of bigotry and sheer evil delight.

Still, the elitists and the isolationists make an offer of argument to acquit themselves of this slavery slur. “What can I do about an injustice that’s happening a half a world away, and beyond my control?” My Heavens! Were there only something closer, no doubt, to venture forth and parry against like a medieval knight in righteous indignation! Were there only something immediate to grasp your attention and stir your revulsion — like the human fractures of the open borders, families dying in the desert, human coyotes turning children into sex slaves, and real coyotes eating the flesh of the fallen! Were there only wounded soldiers, misguided young, and hovels of homeless to decry — sickly bonded to drug addiction and mental illness! Were there only a political conservative class of people living under the endorsed jackboot of your favorite voted-in government tyranny! “Give me leave to fight!”

At home in the West, rich industrialized nations have used their global stashes of booty, coordinated with bribery and the intrigues of affair-like blackmail, to leverage internationally-decreed environmental, social, and governance (ESG) change for the far-less-able, far more fossil-fuel dependent countries, pressuring them to abandon oil or gas and imploring them to replace them with renewables and much-harder-to-establish green energy grids. Whence forward to the vision of some of these countries being on the verge of collapse, defaulting on their debt and human rights obligations: so be it people revolting under the green “revolution”, leaving some families to picket or pickpocket their way through life like waifs in the time of Charles Dickens (Raleigh, 2022). Confronted with global famine, suddenly the repression and the exploitation of colonial days don’t appear so awful.

Section 2 – Actions against the Indigenous and Natively-Shorn

Targeted Groups: Native slavery; Commercial slavery; Conquered thralls; Indentured Europeans; Political slavery; Historical cross-slavery; Emperors and colonialists; Theft of human rights; Natural decimation; Affirmative-action (unequal justice) slavery; Cretin-choice

Initially, when the migrant Chinese arrived in America to escape their historic warlords and political oppressors, they were still treated as just serfs and second-class citizens. The same could be said regarding the immigration of the Irish, the Japanese, the Asian Indians, and a host of other international or island refugees. Yet all these acts of inhospitality martialed against more-recent newcomers by the (American) English, the Spanish, and other earlier arrivals, who were themselves no more than mere interlopers, trespassers, and land-grabbers, only serve to reflect back even further to when and how the indigenous people already inhabiting the land and calling this place “home”, were sorrowfully (sorry) mistreated. Despite perfunctory or serious initial attempts (by the English) to co-exist peaceably and in harmony, to earnestly share new trade, knowledge, technology differences, and philosophical beliefs, much of the history of American “occupation”, whether Spanish, French, or English, has reconciled itself, often without ultimate resolution, to property loss, disease-spreading, civil upheaval, cultural degradation, predation, and slavery (“The New England Colonies”, 2022). Of the natives who survived the assault, most were later assimilated or numerically persuaded by dint of one-sided compact to abide in contrived cooperative subsistence. Every person white or black, brown or dimorphic, of whatever ethnic or language attestation, of first settlement or later usurpation, shoulders some ancestral blame for all such hazards of aggressive theft and population decimation, or otherwise for the dislodging and orphaning of the original inhabitants. Painted monuments and little-sculptured reservations aside do not bring restitution and restoration to the expunged.

The institution of commercial slavery has been around for thousands of years (re: Abraham in the Bible). Legends and true stories abound regarding (neglecting) slaves in Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and before that in Ancient Egypt — although in modern Egypt the science of archaeology has been hijacked [like our American science (Section 9)], which is to say, nationalized, so as to ‘comfort’ the truth, belie its harmfulness, or otherwise disassociate its practice from the construction of thousands of pyramids, temples, cities, crypts, and memorials (“Slavery in the ancient world”, 2022). The only real question about the subject of slavery is not where or by whom, but whether it took the form of ‘tame’ (rule-structured) or severe institution. Only in fairly historically-modern times has enslavement been imposed on the basis of race. For centuries the Scandinavians, better known as the Vikings or Norsemen, used slavery as a kind of coin of the realm — sometimes expressly attacking a foreign land for the commercial (or marital) purpose of creating ‘thralls’, those being of course any who were thoughtfully left after all their pillaging, burning, and sacrificing (Pruitt, 2019). Their slave trade extended all the way from Ireland to Spain to Egypt. This was long before most Europeans even knew there was a whole sub-continent south of the Sahara full of black people just waiting to be amicably conquered and enthralled. It is strange, therefore, perhaps even curiously romantic, that the personage(s) we most identify with slavery today are exclusively of the black or brown races, who only became the subjects of slavery relatively recently; that is to say, subject to the (non-black) rich man’s monopolistic game of subjugation and involuntary servitude. In cold, hard practical terms, of all the peoples on the face of the earth finding themselves on the chained end of thralldom, to wit, by another race, culture, ethnic group, whatever, the black and brown races were the least predisposed to offense, mainly because their existence was the last (least) known and the most difficult to tap as a labor resource.

School textbooks have in the past stereotypically commenced the barbaric history of slavery (in America) starting with Christopher Columbus. Such wrongfully assumes that life in pre-Columbian times was idyllic and slave-free. Contrarily, many (most) tribes, especially in Central and South America, practiced human slavery frequently, massively, and rather passionately. More than existent, slavery and torture were ubiquitous and tribally pernicious (Savastano, 2020). Neither mutilation nor human sacrifice, or for that matter, human cruelty in general, began with the arrival of the Spanish in 1492. Some equivocating historians even give the Spanish “credit” for promoting captivity (slavery) as more humane over cannibalism and genocide (“Before the west was won”, 2022). Thus, from an objective (un-racialized) point of view, the tragedy of oppression and impressed hardship, like most atrocities when traced to their original human source, were mostly circumstantially self-organized and self-inflicted over local transportation frameworks — now-forgotten, misbegotten in time — in the same sense that the American Civil War was tragically self-inflicted — indifferently and familiarly pitting brother against brother. Consecutively, much of what would later be attributed peculiarly to white Europeans had already been annexed here long before as vainly and inherently ‘human’. [Wanton mis-giving is also partially to blame for these biased attitudes. The person who would cringe in disgust at the sight (visualization) of a fat, gluttonous, old Roman master being waited on hand and foot by a gaggle of nubile slaves would think nothing unseemly about his hefty mistress being carried around the city all day on a litter borne by four strong male slaves.]

Two decades before the first enslaved person was brought from Africa, there were already indentured servants (European slaves) in the settlements of the Virginia Company (“Indentured servants in the U.S.”, 2022). Nearly half of all white immigrants coming to the Thirteen Colonies prior to the American Revolution were under indenture of one form or another. Their bonded debt of service could have been in expediency of not being able to afford passage to the new world, often negotiated for the promise of obtaining property later upon fulfillment of service. More personally, indebtedness could be used as a means of accumulating a purchase sum (bankroll), perhaps even a dowry for later marriage (re: Jacob and Rachel in the Bible). Some first arrivals were already in debt back in England and took journey and indentured service time over sentence in a debtors’ prison. At one point, half of the prison population in England were there because of indebtedness, and not owing to criminal activity or malfeasance (“Debtors’ prison”, 2022). Tax and mortgage debt could rightfully be described as a form of political slavery when its extortion comes by way of wealthy owners or their appointed representatives in Parliament imposing inequitable laws upon the poor. Lastly, we must not forget that the United States Government carried on this type of political slavery through laws which imposed detrimental forms of prison chain gangs, either in factories, in the fields, or on cruelly-mastered road crews. Theft, let it be said, is indeed a debt owed; if not satisfied through refund, replacement, or money, then in required labor (Biblical) to its victim. Beyond what any victim is due, all crime is to some degree a debt owed to the public … as afforded through its handling and capture and perhaps its imprisonment. As such, there must be some requisite of account-balance, though not necessarily to be extracted at gunpoint or weighted with leg irons over cuffed duration.

Although our shameful culpability for all this native tribulation and our collective (ancestor) guilt over slave ownership may not be relieved by past analogy, archaeologists would note a strata sense to history — cultures standing or not withstanding being beleaguered over and over again, as poignantly witnessed in cities like Jericho whose layers of conquering or occupying civilizations through many centuries of warfare and excising — lend riptide surge to humanity’s drift — without provoking any necessary divine wrath or injunction of retribution and without evoking discredit on any one particular group, beyond the known aspects (curse) of legendary warfare. The Hebrews invaded the land of Canaan. Egypt enslaved the Hebrews and enveloped Nubia. Alexander the Great conquered the Egyptians. And the Romans would later take over Egypt, Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and Greece as well. Many of today’s fully-distinct sovereign states (e.g. China) actually came about through violent stages of annexation, political attrition, or unwarranted confiscation. Previous battles with, being conquered by the Mongols, then conquering sections of Mongolia in return, plus the takeover of Indo-Aryan aborigines and much later the Tibetans (in our lifetime), created what we know now as ‘China’. How many millions of people died during these campaigns we can scarcely imagine! During the 1959 Tibetan uprising alone, 1.5 million Tibetans lost their lives or were summarily executed, plus thousands of monasteries and sacred sites were destroyed, and millions of dollars in art and literature plundered (Lorenzzo, 2016). The combined Mongol-Chinese conglomerate tried to invade Japan several times (Szczepanski, 2019). Whether formally recognized or not, China retains some hegemony over North Korea and Vietnam even today. Turning this around, the “Japanese”, themselves, were no more the original inhabitants of Japan than the British were of Hawaii. It wasn’t until 2008 that the Japanese government announced the official recognition of the Ainu as the nation’s indigenous people (Sarah W, 2013). The Russian Empire got its name deservedly by making numerous incursions into surrounding nations so as to obtain vast new lands and, presumably, year-round unfrozen ocean water access. We take as ‘evil’ what others do, and as ‘fateful’, even providential, what be-strides (guides) our step-by-step flanking, overtaking and partitioning of the fallen. The history of the world is the saga of savages and slaves, both of whose ancestors we share in specie. Empire-builders, all the way from Genghis Khan to Attila the Hun to the British imperialists, should be more properly framed as mass murderers, enslavers, and remote civilization destroyers.

At the heart of most attacks or empire thrusts has been the lust by one person or peoples for something their brother(s) have, but they don’t. In the Biblical case of Cain and Abel, it was rightful vestment or celebration (favor) of God. Between nations, the objects being sought have usually been much more substantial and down-to-earth: land, harvests, minerals, artifacts, settlement rights, and other tangible and intangible assets. In point of both temporal and legal reference, it could be said that theft or abstraction (dual meaning) probably constituted the first exercise of the original sin of slavery as defined in its two elements of contributory miscarriage:

1) Deprivation of another’s property or rights without due compensation
2) Theoretical downgrading (abstraction) of a ‘person’ into someone ‘less entitled’, i.e., ‘less than human’.

National theft, you’d be happy (or unhappy) to know, carries on smartly even today. Many of the rare minerals and metals, such as gold, silver, lithium, and uranium, used in your computers, cars, and other forms of modern technology, even nuclear reactors, often come from far-flung geographical areas (Alcorn, 2019).

Lumber for your furniture and for your houses may be sourced from jungle regions made vacuous and devastated by the pilferage, typically brokered through financial pledges between our rich and their rich (powerful) at the expense of the less-fortunate; not to mention the associated ravaging and grinding (grounding) down of the local environment (the scorched earth policy), and the barely considered collateral loss of habitat for the animals or the native villagers. Further abuses involve land subsidence and contamination of the precious waters with toxic materials. Generations of natives are being unnecessarily poisoned for our sake. Easily obtained logging permits within areas of the Amazon, Indonesia, the Philippines, and many other places are causing area-wide obliteration every day. The resultant disappearance contributes to global changes and irregular levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (“Tropical rainforest destruction”, 2022). America’s deleterious “share of the spoils” often pales next to the dedicated stealing by Communist China, who, besides spreading its poisonous ideology of no-freedom, persecutorial authoritarian control and making more impoverished the human beings, has used the monetary power carelessly and crazily given to them mostly from the West, to buy up much of the mineral resources and the world’s food supplies, problematic or in sure knowledge of the shortfalls to come (Moran, 2010). Little shade can be cast our way, in any case, nor sprigs of regenerative life be grafted upon us, having been caught in the burnt weathering of our dis-entitled gains and in our many reckless transgressions against primitive life of whatever form (Section 5). Once fruitful, arable acreage is also being despoiled every day due to flawed or overstressed agricultural practices or in order to meet the world’s ongoing greedy demand for materials, water, and production land (“24 billion tons of fertile land”, 2019). Lost are the economic plans and the future resources of the expectant children and grandchildren who sorely embraced these poor harvesting techniques or who have too late realized that their real gold (the land) has been trammeled away in the process.

Concordant with any sin or illegal action is the ascertainment of its appropriate punishment. ‘Pure’ theft, unrelated to slavery particularly, falls under one of the five major sociological disturbances (violations) present in practically every society known to have existed — organized here by (general) order of magnitude and accompanying degree of punishment.

1) Disobedience (parental charge, work contribution, elder or clan obligations)
2) Sexual or social indiscretion (marriage rules, oversight of community responsibilities)
3) Ownership dissolve [(in)voluntary mishap, property theft, kidnapping, slavery]
4) Assault and murder (including mauling, rape, torture, false witnessing)
5) Sacrilegious transgressions (priestly affronts, broken vows, abandoning the group).

Obviously, this list is not replete, nor necessarily of a fixed gradation for all civilizations over thousands of years of human history. Its main delineation should be choreographed by the headship most offended or most responsible for corrective means: parents (elders), legal stewards (kings), or shamans (the Eternal). One might think that there exists some activity index or some significant correlation between crime (offense) and resolution (punishment) which would then yield to anthropologists or sociologists a somewhat judicial means or at least prescription of range for corresponding punishment. A simple illustration might be return/replacement of property for an act of simple theft; more seriously, certain death (execution) for the act of cold-blooded murder. However, as the Bible refers and complicates, even disobedience of a parent (#1), which may seem a minor, in-house, almost flagrant charge, may warrant death by stoning if the behavior is chronic and incorrigible (Deut. 21: 18-21). Other mitigating factors describing crime may involve intent (e.g. accidental murder) and intensity (e.g., shoplifting versus robbing a bank). Profound justifications for most of these things are more properly explained in philosophic papers (presented elsewhere). The topics of slavery, correction, and punishment will be occasionally reiterated throughout this paper.

Back to history, before the Incas there were the Tiwanaku who created the large perplexing ‘H’ stones, the purpose of which is as mysterious today as their creators’ own contemporaneous disappearance. Who shall whom hold responsible for creating, for stealing, for disowning, or merely being in the right hereditary place? When the Conquistadores originally arrived in the region of what is today central Mexico, they proceeded to ‘conquer’, as per their name, the Aztecs, who, far from being some innocent ancient peoples perpetually adjoined to the environment and in sync with their native lands, themselves had only arrived in the (Mexico) region a scant few centuries earlier, eventually overrunning the area around their would-be settled capital (Mexico City) about 250 years before them (“The early history of the Aztecs”, 2018). In other words, the Aztecs were not aboriginal, but (just) prior conquerors of the true native tribes (who subsequently became allies with the Spanish out of vengeance). Among their many noted ‘virtues’, the Aztecs were known to flay the skin off women and to sever the ears off their defeated soldier-enemies.

When the English first arrived in the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries region, they found the Piscataway tribe already warring with the Susquehannock tribal (or Iroquois) people from the north (Scheel, 2022). Many years later, the Catholics of Maryland, a colony in which they had hoped to find comfort for their faith (foolishly) would soon have to defend their haven, as did the Piscataway earlier, from the subsequent coup of the Protestants who were arriving in stronger numbers — eventually achieving domination and control (Vile, 2022). History is not a prophetic chronicle, an impressionable journal, nor even a directional Southern Cross, merely an overlay of convoluted scandals and skirmishes.

Muse queryingly, then, with the modern descendants of America’s indigenous natives, who probably don’t find it the least bit amusing, — the fortunes of the Toltecs, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Incans, as well the Apaches and numerous tribes of the U.S. southwest, — how the Hispanics, the present-day self-glorified descendants of the Spanish — their tribes’ former persecutors, robbers, enslavers, and slaughterers, having killed millions of their ancestors by outright force or by the brotherly passing on of deadly diseases like smallpox and the black death — these Hispanics, in Spanish descendancy but American ascendancy, now receiving free entry, free residence, and free exercise in a new land that was never theirs from the start. Moreover, they are at the head of the line to receive free medical assistance, free meals, free schooling, and in time, unworthy voting and hiring rights in preference and precedence (task-mastery) over them. The affirmative action of self is to live in full ‘natural’ measure of being human, accoutrements and all; not to be denied artificially or uncivilly, or sub-lent only by parceled distribution, and to barely survive thereafter it seems on subsidies and others’ charitable handouts.

Affirmative-action slavery, like the deprivation of rights through theft described above, can only exist because its exploiters invoke a plea for justice, paramountcy, or turnabout-is-fair-play that is really a hat-trick for unequal justice. Whenever human rights are not fully acquiesced or are taken away surreptitiously without recompense, this defines slavery. Upon a higher plane, whenever the United States picks and chooses from among the nations of the world which it will support and which supplant, say a Communist country in Africa versus the independently democratic Taiwan — whose ancestral origins precede the Communist takeover of continental China; this, too, signifies more than hypocrisy, but great moral depravity and the imposition of slavery by unequal justice.

Speaking dispassionately now, just because a human right is deprived or taken away, that doesn’t necessarily indicate some proof or citation of slavery (in need of restitution). Resident aliens of Ancient Israel, while sharing their Promised Land, were granted nearly every right that the Hebrews had, except as it related to a few religious or compulsory practices. By designation or by selective choice, the aliens never made compact with the twelve tribes, or chose to intermarry together, or enabled themselves through circumcision and the other identifying traits to become (dual meaning) the sons of Israel. Contrast this with a modern prisoner, who (at least for now) is deprived the rights of voting, free movement, property (weapon) ownership, etc. Such deprivation of the depraved may be described as slavery by cretin choice. Pedophiles who have lost their right (at least for now) to be near children or to create pornography likewise fall into this category as a precaution in defense of the innocent, now being sharply undercut (Section 12). A final consideration involves situations wherein the (presumed) threatened right may or may not materialize. Conditional right is no right, unless it circumscribes the human condition.

Section 3 – Actions against the White Proponents of the Cultural West

Targeted Groups: Servants of the rich; Affirmative-action slavery; CRT; Racial slavery; Sexual stereotyping; Vengeance slavery; Deliberately exclusive discrimination; Political slavery; Sports and entertainment masters; Slave posting; Slave master; False diversity; Discriminating employment; Ghetto-marketed slavery

Those who condemn all Caucasians today, of any time and place, for the slavery that occurred mostly in the 18th and 19th centuries in the (southern) United States specifically, are themselves guilty of slave enfranchisement by

(a) convicting the children for the sins of the father(s) (if indeed they did sin), and (b) failing to conduct due diligence (a dereliction of human dignity) in ascertaining who their own ancestors really were, the standing of the accused, and, even if chargeable, what they might have done in atonement, before, during, or afterward to make reconciliation, by vote of law or enlisted combat to curb slavery or participate in its abolition. The (first) aggressive act of condemnation has moral consequences which I leave to each person’s conscience to deliberate. Although the remnant of modern-day Southern sympathizers have used the 1860 Census Bureau data to diminish the actual extent or outrage of slavery (relative to that time and thinking); and contrarily, modern-day civil rights activists have used the same unreliable data to discount their arguments, it is only safe to observe that all ‘facts’ come with a certain amount of perspective and equivocation. The raw (whole) numbers (not presented herein) from the 1860 Census would seem to show that less than 2% of the population owned slaves. That’s less than one in fifty (1:50) Americans (Jacobson, 2017). However, this percentage as calculated is misleading because of various uncharted reasons:

1) The numbers include all states and territories regardless of (slave) legality of place
2) The count of a single slave might have actually encompassed entire household(s)
3) The count of a single owner (i.e., patriarch) might should have been extended to include any family member that had access or (subsidiary) slave control.

Recalibrating with these factors in mind, then just restricting analysis to states where slavery was legally practiced, would cause the less-than-2% figure to rise to at least 5%. Once family implications are considered, either on the slave or master side, then that figure could easily jump to 20% (1 in 5) (Rouan, 2021), although some historians have suggested it could have been as high as 50% (1 in 2) in a few states. Beyond this, I can add my own qualifications both for and against these statistics. Even in the Southern States where slavery was rampant, the proportionality of use obviously leaned towards large plantations whose relatively-rich owners could afford the cost and upkeep of this disgusting practice. Many poor dirt-farmers had relatively small parcels of land, which they carefully self-managed primarily through their unpaid workforce of spouse and children. Occasionally they may have surrendered themselves physically (as I did years ago) to sharecropping at the mutual benefit or financial offer of the larger landowners. Since official 1860 Census numbers were incomplete and can be notoriously manipulated, we may never know the true breakdown of white people who were antipathetic, sympathetic, or actual practitioners of slavery. And since slavery was an economic institution, not having strictly race or ethnic stratification, we do know that there were a small number (less than 1% of slaveowners) of non-white masters also in possession of slaves. Taking a wider, more military circumspective, the National Park Service (2015) does give us fairly reliable information in regard to the number of soldiers and sailors involved during the Civil War (which varied over time). Approximately twice as many white soldiers enlisted in the Union army, fighting and dying to free the slaves (or preserve the union), than enlisted in the Confederate army, endeavoring to maintain slavery (or establish Southern sovereignty). How many actual men were wounded, disabled, or died in the name of that (whichever) cause, we also may never know. Taking an even wider view, there are still quite a few countries in the world of all races and ethnic groups which continue to happily subscribe to the practice of slavery (see below). Therefore, any persons who still maintain a single-minded focus of only condemning or holding to account the white race is, dare we say it, exclusively racist, and evidently hypocritical, particularly so when they presume to judge sins individually of the unknown and quite probably innocent, or cast blame upon an entire race of people they can never really prove participated in these sins or in what measure.

This much we can say with unequivocal certainty, the country and the people we know as ‘America(n)’ is one of only a handful of nations on earth that has placed into documented law its denouncement and absolute prohibition of slavery; moreover, has sacrificed its time, blood, and on occasion, life and limb to prove its determination to end it. Finally, beyond what history tells us and, unfortunately, what endorsers of present-day slavery affirm, Section 1 bids us to add in any benefactors, traders, and investors to which whites may have had indirect connections to slavery, as through the purchase (knowingly or unknowingly) of cotton, tobacco, and other products traced specifically to slave work or its handling worldwide. Like the purchasers of slave-made goods from China in Section 1, this does not assign or allay their guilt, merely vaporizes it into thunderous clouds to be spilled down more widely like a dirty rain here and elsewhere upon multiple colors of persons, not just white or black, and upon various demented hues of split-rainbow personalities.

As Sections 2 and 7 further elaborate, we should always premise ‘facts’ with historical understanding (from the Caesars on down to the present), given that most sociological evil can usually be traced and attributed to a relatively small handful of rich elites (would-be or actual kings and tyrants) who used their power to demand obedience and to exact servitude at any human cost. And as the old saying goes, “the poor man pays the rich man’s bill” — bilking justice anywhere and everywhere, then placating their criminal conviction by inordinately passing guilt onto the collective white conscience like a silent virus or some genetic failing and otherwise making depot of the white children ad infinitum for every sin/havoc transpired since the beginning of the world. By and large their conspiratorial plan has succeeded — given the recognition that all white people must experience degraded status, especially white men, often forced to forgo jobs, suffer lost opportunities and school advancement through affirmative action and other racial biases. Unseen or unconcerned to non-whites and females, males, who just happen to bear the same skin color, are deprived of equal arbitration standards and group sensitivity, denied remedy to fair justice through abortive (premature) government dismissal of discrimination complaints; as well as marked for only qualified (limited) access to social services (being undeserving whites). Government and social pronouncement against them hold, “You are all able-bodied men – fully capable physically and financially to take care of yourselves without assistance.” Racism shall always find its shamest excuses. Meanwhile white men (and women sometimes) are being charged in excess for the wounding (winding) of community welfare and the caregiving for minorities, legal and illegal immigrants, plus any charges of past reparation and stigmatizing of racial/sexual vengeance.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) follows a similar mold(iness). Whenever any government administrator or politician denies people equal justice under the law or school teachers go out of their way to denigrate and virtually criminalize children on the basis of their race, they are committing racial slavery. And as a matter of provenance, any nation that is anti-white is also anti-logic, anti-truth, anti-science, anti-Christian, and anti-God (each to be referenced in future sections). So great is the embedded hatred and exclusion that even white women today, upon seeing an older white man with a graying beard and dressed shabbily or plainly, will go out of their way to circumvent him — thinking this guy must either be crazy or a MAGA terrorist. That’s how pervasive the sexual stereotyping and how effective the social-political brainwashing and estrangement has been against one of their own. Ah, but that’s the point … they are no longer one of their kind. White women have disengaged themselves from civility and from anything having to do with man-kind literally, such that no (white) man shall ever live and breathe free air again (Section 10 explains). Moreover, they have made themselves insusceptible to any arraignment of (contributory) blame for anyone’s denial of freedom.

A technical distinction can be made — possibly without any emotional satisfaction — between actions taken in deprivation of or persecution against a single (offending) group (justified or not), which is called vengeance slavery, versus affirmative-action slavery (howbeit encased in vengeance as well) which is designed to lift the surrounding groups up (affected or not) above and beyond the single blameworthy group (as labeled). The dispensation of ‘rights’ is, in this sense, very similar to the conservation of ‘energy’ law in physics, whereby energy is never lost, merely transferred/transmuted elsewhere; likewise, social rights are never divinely born anew, but sacrificially taken from someone else.

Of the approximately 200 countries in the world today, more than 160 of these (mostly governed by non-whites) still permit or otherwise sanction some form of slavery (as generally defined), whether through impounded child labor, contract marriage, forced commercial and sexual exploitation, or in the shanghaiing, mandatory enlistment, and youth conscription into the military or some armed rebel group. Of these, perhaps the easiest of these that could be fixed or prevented is child labor; but it is probably more prevalent today than ever due to outsourcing efforts from Western countries. Children in Pakistan and India, for example, must often work at least ten hours a day in brick kilns or textile factories (Boeding, 2017). Over the years, numerous well-known companies (e.g., Aeropostale, Levi’s, Adidas, Disney, Gap, and Nike) have been charged with using or continuing to use sweatshops and child labor in developing countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Supposedly signees of international humane laws and adherents of corporate social responsibility, besides being social activists in their own countries, somehow accounting audits for these companies never pick up on these operational evils performed in their name — now transmuted into foreign lands. Young women who work in some these garment factories are often sexually abused. The fabrication process destroys ecosystems, pollutes the water, and endangers the health of the garment workers. Disney operatives are notorious for breaching local labor laws, oppressing the workers, forcing them to do much more work than they should, which sometimes drives them to commit suicide. Even the cloth material itself often comes at the expense of environmental protection and animal rights (Assoune, 2022).

Up until fairly recently (a century or so), primitive tribes in Africa, South America, New Guinea, and elsewhere would engage in cannibalism or openly avail themselves of every opportunity to attack another tribe, perhaps in the neighboring valley — killing, beheading, or otherwise enslaving men, women, and children at their pleasure; some of whom might actually be distant relatives (Sugg, 2011). The Romans persecuted, imprisoned, enslaved, and after charging them with crimes they didn’t commit, gruesomely fed some of the early Christians to the dogs and the lions in the coliseum (Mauro, 2018). For hundreds of years the brown and black Muslims of North Africa would slaughter or enslave any (white) Christian arriving on their (amazingly) God-given shores; or otherwise Muslim corsairs would attack Mediterranean-traversing ships, or even venture to raid European seashore villages leaving them virtually as ghost towns. As ardent followers of the teachings of Mohammed, who was himself a slave owner and trader, they took guidance from sharia law to conduct a jihad against Christianity by capturing and enslaving, estimations have it, more than a million white Europeans during this period. Present-day ideology hasn’t really changed, for there has never been a widespread call for the abolition of slavery in the Muslim world (Levy, 2016). The Crusades have been criticized for their cruelty, sometimes rightly so; but their initiation should not be passed off unthinkingly (and racially) as another deliberate attempt at (European) greedy expansionism. The (Roman Catholic) Church launched the Crusades only after the holy places fell under the Seljuk Turks who ruthlessly sacked holy cities and destroyed Christian churches. Eventually they made all pilgrimage to the Holy Land nearly impossible (Alfarsi, 2020). Aggressively, yes, but also inspirationally, foot soldiers and knights sought to reclaim their religious homeland (which had been wrongly taken) as well as what was promised in future prophecy (new city of Jerusalem).

Those same socialists (e.g., Barack Obama) who decried the ramifications of history, especially what the British and the Europeans did during their colonial periods, will say nothing disparagingly now about the Chinese colonizing efforts (economic domination) of whole sections of Asia, Brazil, Africa, and any other undefended lands around the globe (including the U.S.), acquiring their property, stealing their resources, and whenever possible, making hapless serfs of the population. Though you retort casuistically, was it not ‘he’, the white man, who first subverted cultures everywhere and made extinct the primitive tribes, and the fauna … to which no less than karma-history has judged ‘him’ for that — embodied in a terrible Civil War. Then, too, was it not also ‘him’ who fought for the freedoms of other nations time and time again, most grandly against the fascists and the socialists who launched two World Wars; and was it not ‘him’ who through technology, medicines, and military assistance lifted millions out of poverty and disease and repression? Many of these American freedom-fighters and unselfish humanitarians came back from these endeavors a damaged breed, for which we now degrade them (at your peril). When will the Japanese be made to pay for all the atrocities they committed in the Philippines and the other Pacific Islands during WWII? When will the ‘woke’ activists wake up to the realization that there actually was a Holocaust that caused the real ghosting (death) of millions of Jews, Poles, and other captured people? What should be the retributive ghost cry against the Buffalo Soldiers? Straining now to bear the shame, lost in space and time, what miracle patch of historic refresh shall cover your souls with gauze or bandage — staunch the blood flow of liberty or squelch the misery of your slave victims’ past and present — toward your amends and earned remission on tomorrow? What buffering of years will fade from memory your wicked bureaucratic trials, your tech-driven personal floggings, your FBI raids, and your burning of falsely accused conservative devils? [Political slavery]

Petty charges of social violation and cultural appropriation are continually leveled against the (white) Western culture. Every time whites put a costume on for Halloween, or play a foreign role on stage, or eat an international meal, they are called racists. Critics who look back to harp against Marlon Brando for portraying a Japanese native in “The Teahouse of the August Moon”, hold nothing against a Latina playing Marilyn Monroe today, or minorities occupying nearly every role in the life of (Alexander) Hamilton and his white associates. That’s fine, and perfectly ‘fair’. Can there be, of late, any black athlete, recording idol, or screen star who does not propitiate himself/herself by straightening his/her curly hair, bleaching it blonde, red, or auburn; dressing himself/herself in the fanciest designer clothes from Europe, adorned in strange lotions and Continental makeup, showboating his/her body pan of rings and jewelry — all owing their creation and tooled existence, by the way, to the sweatshop laborers and impressed fasteners of the original dominated race (white)? Vainly purloined without redress or feelings of deservedness, they announce, “Anything that has been handed down to them is black now by birthright; everything that was culturally ‘white’ is now also black by right of affirmative action.” Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a racist or a white supremacist. As heard among my black apartment mates, “If it’s white, it ain’t right.”

Cast alongside the shadowy entertainment industry are the even shallower concerns of their communist administrators: rewriting history and undermining social cultural cohesion. Movie classics of the past must be remade without all those ‘white’ faces in them, defiling the screen and inspiring anger by their thoughtful morality and parochial view of life. Today, white guys are only suited to be ‘evil villains’. Of utmost social importance to the salvation of the world has been the recasting over the years of The Wiz(ard) of Oz, the Magnificent Seven, Ghostbusters, Oceans 11-8, etc. with strictly black or female leads (prejudicially selected). Diminutively-sized female versions of Thor and the Hulk (like Super-girl was to Superman) are now the rage. Fitting the true nature of the role or attaining financial success are not their ultimate goal; spite and affirmative action are. On television, hosting scientific or historic shows typically reserved for demur, nerdy white scientists or historian types must now go to brash blacks or bold white women who are obviously far more capable of handling such intelligent themes; and as if it wasn’t enough that they already dominate (as masters) in most sports, music, dance and numerous other entertainment fields — flaunting their wealth and their promiscuous, crude, abrasive behavior everywhere. As if, also, should a white athlete ever achieve victory in any non-motorized or non-winter sport, he must immediately apologize for taking something away from another, more deserving, race. Even fairer-skinned black athletes sometimes must bear the rank (smell of) racism thrusted upon them, sharing, as they say, too much “White privilege”. Constantly hearing minorities complaining about the intentional acts of (micro)aggression by whites, trivially reminds me of some of my students (in decades past) complaining about how dark the features were on their school color pictures, relative to white students, all taken by a white photographer of course. Potluck the chance that any forthright person should ever have the honesty to respond: “some things are by their nature different, not necessarily racist”. Let alone, you take your shading from hoodies, your hideaways from dark alleys; your covered dark actions through the tinting of your car windows to avoid police detection and witness confirmation. You are your own candid picture taker.

One race, one rule, one group, must have it all; for the real goal of diversity is uniformity. The same begging for forgiveness occurs anytime a white murderer captures media focus — for all are guilty, even though the number of crimes and murders committed by blacks is far greater proportionally. Current commercials must be preprogrammed to show black families in a wonderful utopian life — a loving father and mother and several very obedient kids — ignoring the reality of 75-80% of black children in America growing up in homes without fathers, hardly ever seeing or knowing their dads; thereby leaving many kids, especially boys, un-championed and prone to join street gangs or commit crimes (referenced in Section 10). Across the aisle, the white father (if ever shown) is sure to be dim-witted, unhip, hen-pecked, and completely submissive to the wife, mocked by his children, and disparaged by his ‘friends’. The paradigm is set for cultural overthrow, coarsely divergent families, ethnic excoriation, normalized perversity, and mental deviancy (referenced later).

Note the age-old story of “Annie” was destined to be reshot (killed off) by a recycling of the color scheme — not approving thereof any young girl, from the comics no less, with glowing white skin, a freckle-face smile, and wavy red hair (features with their own history of racial persecution). Evidently, the telling of an orphan’s dark story must be exactly that: a dark telling. To follow, no doubt, the entertainment industry will pander even further by enlisting a Saudi Arabian princess, formerly (formally) groomed and bleached to be an American platinum blonde-shell, who is in the process of trans-gendering into a man, while already convinced she is an American-born black (e.g., Rachel Dolezal) to play (literally) the part of Martin Luther King, giving apostolic reverence where due, but still presenting a more ‘honest’ rendition of the renown civil rights hero.

Walk into nearly any federal office in or around DC, as I did during my employment years, and you will be immediately astounded and perplexed (or prejudicially pleased) by the natural balance and evenness of the workplace picture, that being 90-95% women and mostly black. Perplexed?! On its face, this is prima facie discrimination under the law which supposedly begrudges the favoring, fostering, or single-place sheltering of any one race over another, or one sex over another, to the statistical disparity of what should be fair and diverse worker representation. To say — after the fact — that it now matches the current environs and the existing racial makeup of the Washington populace — borders on the religiously self-atoning, since it merely rationalizes the initial violation of carpet-laying discrimination; whereby the decision was made to deliberately exclude men and people of the white race over a period of decades — incredibly making you, the observer, a bigot for pointing to such as, appropriate truth afterwards! Consider the discrepancy of a legal system that would allow looters or thieves to keep their illegal haul, pirates to keep their booty, or scavengers to keep their spoiling of the battle dead — after having been duly arrested, judged, and convicted in a court of law. Nor shall they, henceforward, be secure from insuring immediately more equitable hiring and dismissal decisions in respite of their earlier contravention of fairness and their invective racial bias. Citizens of Prince George’s County, Maryland, per end-product, don’t even have to bother to vote anymore because all of their candidates are black and politically homogenized to be slavishly Democratic. [Political slavery]

Social Frankinsteins and internet vampires are allowed to say anything about white people, aggravate any scandal, and can cast any criminal aspersion without proof, while conducting their own vigilante brand of justice if the charge doesn’t go their way. From Michael Brown to Bubba Wallace to Jussie Smollett, all the way to the recent BYU basketball controversy, race haters and sociopaths feel they have a ‘right’ to commit any level of libel and charge of imprisonment they want against white people — primarily knowing that they won’t face charges or even be held liable for their actions when shown fallacious afterward — perhaps instead deriving some good publicity out of it (hence benefitting from slave posting). And yet all these incidents are covered unchecked and in a racially accusingly and indignant manner by the mainstream forces … usually followed by the comment that all white people must apologize for the harm done, even if later, it’s proven these incidental events didn’t actually happen. Whenever you make someone else who hasn’t done anything bow down before you begging for forgiveness, then you are acting like a slave-master, forcing others, who are probably more innocent than you are, do the corrupt bidding of a vile heart. Fraud resulting in the loss (stealing) of millions of dollars by BLM is rarely reported by the liberal media. Terrible kidnappings and murders of white people committed by blacks occur quite regularly (e.g., Eliza Fletcher) yet are seldom reported as racial attacks; instead glossed over by the press or subversively justified on the grounds of systemic racism. For every George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, I could name scores of injustices inflicted over the past few years by blacks upon whites … none of which spurred street marches and self-righteous politicians to stand up in grievous sanctimonious protest. One especially horrendous incident from 2007 involved a young white couple that was raped, tortured, and eventually murdered over the course of several hours by a gang of five blacks — which didn’t even make the news cycle in many mainstream reports. Proportionally speaking, individual blacks are 12 times more likely to kill a white person than the other way around (Folks, 2020) … this in an age when historically passive, normally mild-mannered, respectful, and patriotic law-abiding country and suburban kids have been teased, coached, frustrated, and browbeaten by more than four decades of constant teacher interrogation and intimidation and by a surge in black gangster-style bullying. All of America has become an amoral, foul-speaking rapster culture, forcing even country artists and sports stars to go on bended knee to their Black Lies Masters. But whenever a white person does kill someone even in self-defense (e.g., Kyle Rittenhouse), it’s reported as the greatest offense to society since the Stalin cleansings.

It’s been almost five years since the largest mass shooting in America occurred (Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas) resulting in nearly 60 dead and more than 800 wounded. To this day neither the unethical local police or the collusive, Marxist federal officials have satisfactorily investigated the crime or offered an explanation. Why — because the lives of the right people were destroyed — poor white trash. Likewise, the death of thousands of people from fentanyl contact (originating in China), many of them white veterans or innocent children, doesn’t bother the elitist government at all. Those who give their lives for their country are thought by liberals too stupid to get anything in return.

After numerous killings and mass murders committed by blacks or by people of color during his first year in office, including a madman who drove his truck through a Christmas parade killing or injuring dozens of (white) people, President Biden and his mafia media continued to derisively attribute all of these recent crimes to ‘white supremacists’ and ‘domestic terrorists’ (their euphemism for white Trump supporters); until at last a mentally unstable 18-year old attacked a store in New York and (pleasingly) confirmed their gaslighting. Throughout his long political career, Biden has never supported even the idea of charging a black assailant with a hate crime. Contrarily, during his campaigns, he has always tried to incite civil anger by saying things like they are going to put you “back in chains”. Reflexive incantations by the multi-media have convinced a lot of people that there is a cadre of white police officers in every city or town in America scouring the streets spying on and viciously killing unarmed black men. Whenever studies have been (reluctantly) performed, they tend to report only a tiny percentage of fatal encounters between any police officer and any suspect (black or white). Statistics generally show that white officers neither prod nor invite violent encounters with black men out of proportion to non-white officers. FBI statistics (2020) show that blacks are nearly twice as likely to commit hate crimes than whites. Charging or condemning a group for something they didn’t do may have its own slavery implications — the convoluted reaction of depriving human rights by attaching a libelous epithet (e.g., the Adulterous letter A), thereby forever denying that person the reclamation of a good name. Its greatest proponents (with race in mind) were the Nazis who ghetto-marketed the Jews into arrest, removal, slavery, and ultimately death in the concentration camps. As liberals are always prone to mutter (after lengthily abusing the language), “semantics matter”, promoting these lies in scariness of what lies ahead: many white adolescents now scarring and abusing themselves just so they won’t become systematically sought after as targets (of violent attacks) in schools, in stores, and in public areas — reminiscent of an earlier generation when the white KKK, long since superseded by the black KKK, boastfully lit their torches and made ready their nooses, anxiously searching for the nearest hanging tree.

The loathsome white race, with all its Western inventions and unstoppable march of progress, has found association (cursed identification) with every human disaster and every terrestrial conflagration known or about to transpire. Mankind, the halcyon view contends, used to live in primal harmony with nature until the coming of civilization, with its noisy machinations, and cunning human diabolicalness. Naturally-attuned inhabitants never took more than what they needed, never marked species for unnecessary killing, or approved lesser human beings for enslavement. Contrast this utopian dreamscape with some scientific studies which seem to indicate that Stone Age man probably had a hand in the extinction of the mastodon, plus numerous other megafaunas. Anthropologists believe that the migration of “aborigines” into Australia almost certainly contributed to the loss of numerous large and unusual animals primarily through the introduction of fire and slash burning (Doherty, 2007). This was long before the British arrived, who, not to be outdone, likewise added to the natural onslaught by wiping out species they deemed threatening or undesirably predatory to their own introduced species. As highlighted in Section 2, the amount of slavery and sacrifice already present in the New World shocked even the hard-boiled Spanish conquerors. Examined impartially, there may be nothing sacred or masochistic about any particular civilization’s infraction record, only the weapons used, the hunting herd, and the burning drive involved. Analyze as you might the cold logic of humans employing fire (slashing) as a practice for effectively clearing land in order to enhance new growth and production. What manages prairies and encourages redwood growth, can irreversibly damage a tropical jungle. More than use defines what is sinful.

Section 4 – Actions against Christians and the Consummators of Natural Truth

Targeted Groups: Religious persecution and slavery; Student slavery; Turncoat overseers; Fascist taskmasters; Slave barracks and slaughterhouses; Servants (Slaves) to the Cross

Along with the intentional tanning of all white-skinned persons with morally-crude insults, and the shearing of constitutional freedoms knitted within the religious sanctuary and structural virtues of Western democracy, believers in the Christian faith must continually be on guard to protect their slandered faith itself, while struggling to stay out of the Socialist snipers’ cross-hairs of removal and assassination. Most (tyrannical) secular governments throughout the world and many zealous Muslim countries routinely harass, arrest, torture, imprison or enslave, and even kill Christians without human remorse and, more importantly, without international criticism, security contravention, or an ounce of cultural shame (“The top ten countries for persecution”, 2021). Symbolically, shall we not liken this to what the Romans did to Jesus, King of the Jews, almost 2000 years ago, in a land that was literally his God-given own? Countries like Nigeria, North Korea, and Eritrea, as a rule, don’t allow Christianity – perceiving it as an outside agent (devil influence) from the West. Other nations like Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, and Iran clearly approve or over-look crimes against Christians, including execution and honor killing, especially if it involves evangelism and conversion. Even India, a country that as a whole has tried to embrace outside faiths and cultures, solemnly expects (accepts) attacks on thousands of Christians and more than a hundred churches each year. Hindu extremists there have vowed to wipe out the Church altogether. Just as the Nazis made the Jews their religious scapegoats in the 20th century, the 21st century equivalent for the leftist and the spiritually-lame alike are any followers of or any believers in universal and natural truth, including the dry hermits of the social desert communing in simple stoic rumination.

For many callous architects of this plot to curtail religious liberty — pending its eventual disintegration and the enslavement of its dedicated followers — their first step is to keep Christians out of the argument marketplace, disqualified for political exchange, — by imposition chained in their monasteries and churches mournfully pleading for Heaven’s polite intercession. Rights denial is the base level for all enslavement, be that religious, civil, or political. Portraying Christians as radical Puritans, joy-killers, insufferable sexual bigots, and disseminators of hate and fear, gives ready excuse for their ostracization and also serves as a dangerous warning of intended (reading the writing on the wall) extermination. With great treachery and threats of punishment, the Krakan State uses its many deceitful arms of strangling death to:

1) restrain their public voice (1st Amendment),
2) segregate their schools and turn the children against the parents (ghettoization),
3) impose restrictions on holding property and effecting (missionary) change on their Lord’s behalf (the holocaust Star of David).
4) If Christians resist, the FBI (the modern-day version of the Roman legion) is sure to move against them, holding them in arrest for indeterminable periods, charging and sentencing them with meaningless ‘crimes’ without cause or rebuttal; until the imprisoned will say anything, even turn on their fellow

Christians, just to obtain a little freedom (re: January 6th).

As it was some two millennia ago in the Roman coliseum, the pagan idolaters, the cruel entrappers, and the heartless enslavers, know that the fight can be won through covert brutality and overt taking of property and family — long before the murders begin.

Were America ever really to stand as a free and fair democratic country (for the first time in history), then each proposed socially-sanctioned faith, foundationally-supported ideology, or any other professionally-approved casting of dogma would have to undergo adjudgment first and comparatively from a baseline of inexorable Natural Truth. Failure to proceed from this baseline, or appear honorably next to another belief which does, would automatically decapacitate its scientific reason for being. Either there are only two primary sexes, male and female, with some rare instances of biological mutations, or there exists dozens and dozens of equally likely versions of sexuality to choose from. Both ideas cannot be true; and any scientist who claims as much should have his/her credentials revoked, should be tarred and feathered, and run out of the profession forever. Yet, by regulated design, Christian parents of poor means know that their children will be taught every lie and be forced to swallow every new unattested theory that the elites on top shuttle down on them with rancor and intentional disorientation. At the strongarm of government-administered schools, upon the whipping stocks of cruel, senseless teachers, they must endure every psychotic flogging of human prescription that would make their children’s ultimate understanding of life more deviant, more irrational, and provocatively more sinful. Students are not allowed to learn anything about true (Christian or American) history, or the principles of relevant science or, even worse, the diabolical nature of the government now acting as an agent of the Socialist Devil, in whose hands the nation’s future sadly depends. Pedagogically, children are deliberately stunted in the ways of civic responsibility and symbiotically isolated from other groups, making cooperative community (Christian) living and problem-related learning nearly impossible. Immorality is not the sin; morality is. Strategic existence, that is, being mindful of natural evidentiary truth, is the greatest evil. Everything must go what tries to define freedom as anything less than “anything goes”; or what tries to put a damper on what I can do and who I can torment. Considerate children aren’t recognized for their kindness, hard-work, and deserved performance; nor their masterful accomplishments or spontaneous approaches to creative, holistic thinking, for that would equate to the demeaning of the intellectually challenged, the deliberately ill-prepared, the morally unequipped, and dare we say it again, the certifiably corrupt and brazenly racist.

Culture the seeds with righteousness and the seedlings will grow up right.
Sadder still, children aren’t allowed to appreciate the wholesomeness of natural love, what is meant by the biological urge to procreate and to sanctify with long-endurance the flowering offspring of that heeded maturation. Nearly every commercial message and every do-gooder song of the past half century have spouted words to the effect: “What the world needs now is love, sweet love”, more recently in support of child pedophilia, same-sex love, and any other vile kinds of sadistic pleasure. What the world really needs now is Truth, and honest love will follow. Only with Truth and faithfulness can a society take a proper measure of justice. Genuine concern for others is an esoteric mystery to these pedantic Schoolmasters of rote slavery: for them a sentimental journey into nothingness. Interest in any abiding ‘Human Interest’ is an oxymoron to them — a non sequitur to their primary notion of “loving yourself” and as a corollary, affirming only the individual’s sense of ever-expanding ‘self-worth’. Two different planes are fashioned: a sure and sturdy platform for incoming favors, but only a rickety ramp for outgoing promises of (un)guaranteed delivery. Christian offerings of friendship and love are not understandable, since they bring no seeming reciprocation of future benefit. Like plantation slaves of old, all that students can expect — have gifted to them by teachers — is their Masters’ harsh presence and overlord. There can never be a wake-up call for ‘woke’ teachers, nor a reveille for the already dead.

With the inevitable dissolution of the Christian family, the Western culture, and the white race, comes the escapement of meritorious effort and patriotic concern. The youth no longer feel they owe an allegiance to anyone, why they need to work or “earn a living”; why they should wield compassion for the poor and suffering or hold any desire to sponsor world salvation. Civilian and military new-hires, if they be inveigled, must swear their fidelity to authoritarian kings and fascists taskmasters, not to God and country, or be driven into exile. Whereupon society loses its focus on standards. Foolhardy scientists come to loathe the wearing of the scientific badge, forswearing learning and experimentation. Others ignore its stipulations since non-conformance riles no authority of professional rebuff or carries no order of suspension and reprobation against them. The law is not something to be observed or obeyed, merely smoothed or finagled. Nowadays even the Catholic Church is a socialist-led institution, becoming an unabashed cathouse for homosexuals and pedophiles. We honor a Pope whose nearly every edict mocks Christ’s original intent and being, and whose command of catechism defies God’s commandments. May we not become one day so lost that we resemble some accorded Jewish families and traitors of the 1930s and 40s in Germany who helped Hitler and the Nazis fend connections and pull strings to steal the wealth of Europe, its artifacts, and its sacred relics. Will next our Church leaders, like the former overseers of the Hebrew people, sign agreement for the betrayal of their own people with a Judas kiss (Matthew, 2017): becoming the modern-day collaborators in the round-up and deportation of thousands or millions of tribal members to the Fascists’ concentration camps?

Stand in front of any abortion clinic in America, not bothering or obstructing anyone, and the Biden administration will probably have you arrested for denying abortion access. But when have you lately or ever heard of the Biden administration investigating, much less arresting, the defilers and firebombers of pro-life facilities or the maulers and attackers of the people working there? Such is the American justice system. Children and the unborn — both framed without domicile and lack of voting abide, hence no human rights; just another homeless group destined for slave barracks and slaughterhouses.

Slavery is never untenable or unseemly, bygone or outmoded — as both mule-drivers and horse-lovers remind us. Knowing a thing’s acculturation, even your involvement in its origins and evolution, does not necessarily make it or you disreputable and evil. It isn’t service (slavery) that is unconscionable, only its less-than-atmospheric attitude. Like electricity, the power is where the service is. Wherefore, slavery finds warrant only in God, who yet cautions us from carrying anybody else’s cross except Christ’s.

Section 5 – Enslavement of the Earth by Consorted Cultural Measures

Targeted Groups: Natural meat; Cultural clearance; Environmental ignorance

As soon as you were born, your body took up space unassigned to you by birthright, began breathing air that years of side-mist and acres of plant expiration had not synthesized purely for your benefit; started partaking of the grain, salt, honey, and flesh you did not sow, excavate, hive-generate, or track-hunt for nourishment; neither did you purpose its blessing for harvest tithes, nor purpose in ceremony the vicarious draining of self through bloody sacrifice. Almost unaware, you were handed templates, the appropriate tools and instruments, you could not have conceived, carved, or fashioned yourself — except by taking someone else’s skilled handsomeness to heart. At invited devotional dinner, you digested knowledge and were spoon-fed dreams without charge; then without power of attorney, began to steal the brain-trust and the lost heritage of laborers once harnessed in slavery. Though you say in defense, “Hey, I was just a baby then, a cradled life; or just an adolescent yesterday, a poll-taker only; or just the wetback alien of society — literally — without full cognizance of humor or brave effort required, toward interpretation of fair or foul, perception of the oracle given or bounty placed upon my head — merely a wading slough of idleness, wealthy receiver of river-baskets, a re-packager of stolen cloth and rousted faiths”. Whether bequeathed or taken subtly, links always hold in curved prospect the chains of your guilt. Feeling around for graceful exit … until … by what gifted hand is ordered late and re-marked in time for just whose documented will might show un-trampled repentance … newly smoothed during witnessed signing.

Before, not afterward, take aim. By what right do nations ‘spring’, kings ‘court’, or flags ‘fly’, if they are not of natural harmony? More than species shall die, and specimens of culture depart, if the chemistry of the sun is not in your favor. Every dismantled hut, every rent temple, awaits your downfall.

Section 6 – In Neglect of Victims; in Default of Reciprocity

Targeted Groups: Political deprivation of human rights; False claims on liberty; Slavery by crime victimization; Silent slavery; Secondary slavery

Whenever the rights of U.S. citizens are frayed or subsumed into chaos or made void by intentional neglect, then the entitlement rights due any independent human are hemorrhaged away into a sanctimonious pail of political slavery. Open borders immigration is a pretext to destroy our culture, overload our schools, exhaust our government provisions, deplete our resources, and destroy our natural and beautiful living environment. Over time, elitists know, it will also break the cohesiveness of American nationalism and the essence of what sustains popular democracy. Moving inland, Democrats are so anxious to maintain power at any cost that they site cities to be encouraging sanctuaries along the travel pathways. Some Democrat-led states give illegals driver’s licenses, medical cards, and by consequence the right to vote. Like an independent referee during a mid-game brawl, the government’s role should be to stop the chaos and the skewing of the fans’ (true citizens’) intentions, suffered through paid-in attendance. Order should be restored and the rowdy (illegal) individuals ejected so that fair play may be resumed. Constitutional verity is also in attendance in the ruckus, though unheard and discounted. Each game’s unfair and unsatisfying play devalues the worth of the citizen’s ticket, leading to loss of personal voting power. With this loss, legitimate representation is also lost — proving the ‘fix-is-in’ for game and republic alike.

Long before voting day occurs, political hacks work diligently to gerrymander districts and split the strongholds of the opposition party — cajoling, manipulating, or bribing the census data to bring favor to their party. One of Barack Obama’s first conspiratorial maneuvers upon becoming President was to shift direct oversight of the Census Bureau to the White House — knowing that whoever controls the Census information also controls the distribution of federal funding, legislative redistricting, and essentially the whole electoral process (Dann, 2009). He later used a ‘faked’ Census jobs report just before the 2012 election to improve his falling campaign ratings (Crudele, 2013). Another trick encourages politicians to consolidate official polling places particularly in rural (usually Republican) territory where mail-in procedures are not usually trusted. Typically, low-income residents are thereby pressured to make much longer trips to the polling stations, wait in much longer lines at the risk of losing more time from work, or else don’t vote at all (as the Democrats intended).

In states sufficiently prudent enough, and patriotic enough, not to issue driver’s licenses to illegals ahead of time, there remains still little urging for voters to present legitimate IDs, and no strict incentives for the pollsters to check properly, or in the case of mail-in votes to check for proper signatures and deadline dates, verify actual address location or possible duplication, the factors of which many courts have declared in any case to be systemically ‘racist’ or intentionally voter-suppressant. Designed to make fraud more easy, the downpour of mailed-out ballots inexorably insures a gully-wash of muddied mailed-in votes, disdainfully unexamined for valid form, timing, multiple discrepancy, and fraudulent relay or stuffing. Ballot harvesting, especially in nursing homes and senior living facilities, is perfectly legal in some areas and mostly disregarded in others, to the extent that ballot collectors can be sponsor-paid by corrupt billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg to prevaricate or alter the ballots at will prior to submission. Zuckerberg spent $400 million in organizational bribes during the 2020 election to make sure the fundamental equal treatment of voters in 2500 counties would be violated and so the corrupt side (Joe Biden) would win. He doled out $45 million in Georgia alone just to insure a complete partisan takeover of the whole state-election system (Nelson & Golding, 2021). Meanwhile, the contrarian Republican voices were silent out of laziness, political hatred of Donald Trump, or out of fear of being called “racists”.

Then there are the mechanics (literally) and the physical means or channels by which elections are officially counted. Trusting actual electronic counts is never wise since computers can be easily fooled, tampered, manipulated, as well as notoriously turned on and off with illicit intent and timely-posting design. The ultimate blackmark, however, or tramp-stamp on the entire operation, is leaving to circumstance or seemingly biased selection who and what begets the tally, i.e., the compiling, the sorting, the counting, and the recounting of course (coarse) results. As noted earlier concerning the makeup of federal workplaces, the entire process (place setting) is not representative of the entire populace, or handled by virtuously trained, highly principled, completely dispassionate members of the non-political community. Usually some incisive preparation is made ahead of time for the profiling of the right demographics, that is stereotyping a particular region by the minorities (and other groups) it contains, especially in urban and suburban areas. [Note that this is similar to the Census Bureau itself which in the past (10-year censuses) would never hire any life-long resident of an enumeration area as a worker/taker unless he/she (pardon the pronouns) was representative of the predominant local racial makeup.] Every person in active participation — from poll usher to actual vote counter to supervisor to re-counter to the state attorney general’s office — are granted almost complete immunity from drunkenly or sporadically adhering to the rules, not to mention afterward for not applying adequate auditing procedures — the failure of any such might incur real punishment for negligence, deliberate interference, or apparent deceitfulness (should it ever be uncovered). Assuming we ever had free elections, we shall never see fair elections again.

Apropos their antebellum ancestors, Democrats truly are the blame-shifters of historical (original) sin. Some 200 years of fostering and nursing black slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and the degradation of inner-cities, have taught them to habitually project their evil upon the opposition in order to get the gullible (or services-starved), the erratic, and the disorderly to vote for them one more time, or as many times as the law(less) will allow. Their latest experiment in creative slave victimization, perpetuated through many Democratically-controlled cities, is to change citizenship qualifications by liberating the criminal and by criminalizing the victim. Thanks to corrupt bureaucracies and money provided by ruthless autocrats like George Soros, maulers, thugs, thieves, shooters, and rapists are often spun through the revolving doors of ‘justice’ and are walking free as a bird before the victims can be adequately treated and released from the hospital. Dozens and dozens of progressive Soros-linked district attorneys from the Atlantic to the Pacific are in charge of handling almost 40% of all homicide cases and a third of all violent crime. These attorneys refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities, allow no-jail misdemeanors, drop felony charges, and seek lenient sentences even for violent offenders — often resulting in the perpetuation of tragically more assaults and murders (Johnson & Kennedy, 2022). For all this, they are not investigated or charged with violating the civil rights (fair judicial treatment) of ordinary citizens. Threats against the innocent are not taken seriously by the police, prior victims are not notified of criminal parole, street gangs and drug dealers are considered on a par with all their favorite (Democratic) house-party protestors and city-burners like Antifa and the BLM and Mary Jane. Over and over, repeat career-criminals, responsible for many of the numerous crimes and assaults, and even killings in a city are set free, often without bail or bond. The unfortunate victims of these criminals are the ones truly bound and held in silent slavery, having no recourse to any decent branch of government or righteous judge (re: Biblical times), or even media notification. Pursuant to attempts to defund the police and other anti-police movements, what few honest officers remain are either shackled by the system or willingly serve as its Gestapo, thereby effectively placing all citizens under house arrest — a secondary slavery characteristic of restrictive (prison) incarceration. You vote for Devil agents, eventually you will make Hell your realty-home.

Section 7 – Defrauding of the Working Class through Commercial Imperialism

Targeted Groups: Slavery by crime victimization; Actions to withhold service or treatment; Budgetary hammering; Worker slaves; Affirmative-action employment discrimination; Zombie slave; Cracker phenomenon

Over the last four or five decades, CEOs of numerous American companies have striven mightily to disrupt the cooperative integration of business enterprise with its democratic roots and forbearers by relocating their manufacturing, service activities, and sometimes even their financial applications, overseas, thereby diminishing constructive cross-commerce at home and inhibiting or eliminating altogether the livelihood of the (lower) middle class. Some of these ‘families’ of workers had worked loyally and dependently at those factories, mines, industries, warehouses, or outlets for several generations, often at wages barely sustaining them above minimum-societal existence. As committed leftists and modern-day Marxists, the executives’ aim has not been to further economic growth or to create better societies, but just to steal the icing off the global cake. Specifics about who are being harmed by their greed, or to which dangerous Communist countries they were being offshored to, or how these nefarious outside entities will use their increased wealth and technology access against America, … none of this concerns these commercial imperialists. All they have ever cared about was themselves and gaining more power and leverage for the future.

Back in the day when most goods and services were rendered locally (more or less), dissatisfied customers knew who and where to register their complaints. A prosperous business person who ill-responded stood to risk losing his hard-earned pleasing local reputation. When large corporations began to set up nationally or internationally, consumers (out West, for example) could no longer afford to register their complaints back to St. Louis, Chicago, and other points East. Perhaps only the town general storekeeper had a modicum of consumer power by either discounting deliveries, rejecting some goods as unsellable, or discarding all future items of that type and fashion permanently. Sadly, some corporations took to modelling the “snake oil” travelling-salesman commercial technique. Provided that the salesman’s exotic snake oil elixir, probably consisting of no more than just alcohol, bitters, and a few other worthless ingredients, actually did some minimal good, brought about no remarkable disability or serious danger of death, then any mildly woeful experience that did arise, worth complaining about, would still have to overcome the challenge of locating that salesman who is probably long gone to another town, in another county, or another district. Modern versions of this deceit may be witnessed in the introduction of new (wonder) products, which gain immediate acclaim through advertisement or by word of mouth, become sensationalized, selling millions of items within the first few months, though becoming rarely discussed and more obscure, disavowed eventually, within a year, as the public began to realize (un-broadcasted) that this new product was not as ‘wonderful’ or effective as advertised or rambled on about, or might even have had terrible side-effects. But like the traveling salesman, the offending company would have by then “moved on down the road” to their next ‘breaking’ news about even more wonderful products being sold to another batch of gullible buyers — all under the blind watchful eye of (government) consumer protection. This lack of oversight on commercial deception, despairingly matched afterward by lack of access to anything resembling adequate recourse, characteristically defines another kind of injustice towards human rights punctuated with fraud extending unto slave victimization — analogous to the aforementioned incidences of harm suffered by citizens who are victims of unaddressed citizen crime. Ecclesiastically you may say that these victims are just born-again suckers, society’s everlasting dupes; alternatively they are the guinea pigs of corrupt capitalism — the asbestos-laden martyrs of a negligently financed, faulty manufactured, or poorly installed product or service, in need of right(s) rescue.

It wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that the tracking of company fraud and substandard product offerings became sophisticated enough to marshal the serious filing of allegations; otherwise the single consumer, just like in the Old West, was still pretty much (ugly mad) on his own. Maybe he could join a class-action lawsuit, given that the mental outrage and the multiplicity of “patients” found temper enough to act. Fraud, gross negligence, and outright endangerment were some of the blatant offenses that could distort honest business exchange. As leveled by lawsuit and sought after in remedy, the problem next became one of, even if triumphant, dealing out the remuneration ‘winnings’ in a fairly equitable manner. Plaintiff lawyers would have to get their bulk share first before the dealing of any truly rewarding (medically-compensating) payout. Thus the ‘hurt’ consumers might suffer a second unexpected defilement through a trivialized or disparate splitting of the recovery dividends. Very few large and moderate corporations operate on the old straight-shooting principle of: a good product or service at a fair price, much less, treat the customer like family [or even a human being would be nice]. Except in rare instances of Accounting, ‘hired management’, i.e., corporate executives, are tasked merely with passably meeting the administrative requirements of the ‘real owners’ (the stockholders), while generally carrying an impunity cloak in regard to malfeasance, product excesses, or marketing shortfalls, as long as it brings clearance to those remote owners.

Some common gimmicks or tricks that most companies have utilized at one time or another are:

1) False or over-hyped commercials for products that don’t really work very well or at all, often employing ‘star’ endorsement, personal testimonials, and unconfirmed research or real field testing results
2) Once a product becomes accepted in one area of utility or recreation, then repackage or rebrand it as something incredibly better or more useful for something else (e.g., the solely-tested headache prescription is now promoted as beneficial for your back also, your neck, your arthritis, etc., all the while having basically the same ingredients, just formulated to a higher dose perhaps and to an equally higher level of price to be sure)
3) If by some fortunate accident or unapproved misuse, a product is discovered to have special features or benefits that do work admirably or at least tolerably better than the current remedies, then
A. Withdraw the product off the shelves for a while, but bring it back some time later as a totally new reimagined miracle product at several times the original price, though containing essentially the same mixture of ingredients
B. Allow the competition to buy it and take it off the market permanently in order to preserve the status quo
4) Any tactic or imprimatur a manufacturer/service provider can inject to ‘exclusify’ their product/service offering or to glorify their handiwork, they will entertain (e.g., South African diamonds, material shortages, patented technology, sweatshop production, etc.)
5) Any avenue or leverage the intermediary (financier, wholesaler, retailer) can avail to cut short (dis-indemnify or disinherit) the producer on one end and sideswipe (cheat or shortchange) the consumer on the other end, they will promptly and happily exercise (e.g., agricultural middlemen, large chain stores, stock manipulators, etc.).

Undercutting the competition through price-loss for a damning (debilitating) portion of time, then later raising prices exorbitantly once entry is obtained into the market, is a well-established and well-accepted tactic for the introduction of a new product or infiltration into a new product area, or for just getting rid of old competitors. Trouble-shooting many of these problems between corporations and consumers or betwixt businesses alone is a topic too broad to address here. Needless to say, if we were living in a more fair, more common sense economy aiming to monitor and regulate its own, without the intervention of the law or government control, then compromises and concessions could be made using built-in checks and guarantees. For example, if reports keep coming in to a credit card company regarding a particular merchant which repeatedly false-charges, overcharges, or applies periodic charges against the customer’s wishes, once the credit card settles the dispute per each customer, it shouldn’t just toss this information into the trash or relegate it to the deepest, darkest annals of its computers; but rather it should keep a running count of the complaints, perhaps even conference with other credit card companies, then become an informant in toto to the BBB or the Consumer Products Division. Authorities are far more likely to investigate the fraud and expurgate its practice if a company or group of established companies reports the recurring offenses over the relatively-minor complaint(s) of an individual or several small consumers.

Given the lawless indulgence of the capitalist system and its acceded, almost welcomed, underhanded maneuvers, might not a single company using sleight-of-market hand or maybe a secret cabal of companies protract the introduction of certain (unwanted) industry products — likewise by employing even more devious, clever tricks to keep whatever products off the market completely? Stories tell of engines developed years ago, and witnessed in old movie newsreels, that could get almost 200 miles to the gallon, but somehow never materialized. Suppose some earnest pharmaceutical company developed an ingenious chemical complex that would forever prevent or reverse all signs of age-related eye problems: farsightedness, nearsightedness, macular degeneration, and other optic ailments, including blindness. Its instant popularity would be smashing, and also devastating. Imagine its effect on the optician industry, on eye-glass wear and its accessories (setting sunglasses or fashion glasses aside). Optometrists, eye technicians, and ordinary glass makers would be working in a terminal profession. Similarly, imagine some clever researcher created a remedy for all stages of dental contractions and problems, such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, impactedness, and the like. How then would the business-side of dentistry be affected? Years of education and training would seemingly go out of the window; and consider the nightmare of having spent a professional lifetime perhaps establishing and building up a strong successful business, only to see it become suddenly valueless. Would it not behoove the profession pre-cautiously to gather in quiet lockstep to purchase this remedy before instatement by its creator; then seal it away secretly outside the market sphere and beyond public revelation? The incidental moral consequences of their actions would indeed be troublesome, not just on reflection, but in the deliberate manner it would deprive medical relief to millions of customers. But if done quickly and definitively, how would the public even know that they had been preternaturally scorned (short-shrifted) by the excesses of venturesome capitalism? Could any consumer ever leave it to government agency to discover, much less expose, this deception, — a kind of premediated fraud — resembling, as it does, when executives and stockbrokers engage in the unfair advantage of insider trading? Moreover, shall it not be more likely that regulatory officials would be paid off by insidious lobbying (bribing) forces with (reverse) payola just to keep agents quiet? Such a confluence of likely or unlikely commercial entanglement (conspiracy), government cover-up, and market scamming, would be more than just a travesty against human rights, it would be seriously contemptuous of human suffering, and serve to confirm the oft-propagandized communist dogma that capitalism is basically evil. Much simpler schemes of collusion happen all the time, as very recently the government gave a $7500 tax credit to encourage consumers to buy new electric vehicles. Whatever enticement value the tax credit offered was promptly eaten up by the almost immediate $6500 increase in market prices by Ford and General Motors on just those types of vehicles. It also makes you wonder how much of this price rise will find its lobbying way back home to the sponsoring politicians of the tax credit. As usual, the third participant in this scheme is the media itself whose members know what’s happening, and should expose the deception and hypocrisy; but don’t care, as long as they get their collusion take through backdoor bribes and/or an increase in advertising revenue.

Have you noticed lately that drivers seldom give way to pedestrian traffic anymore? Who cares if a person gets killed, as long as he (better than a she) is of the wrong (or right) race? Is it to anyone’s surprise that Democratic states won’t give up their mail-in balloting advantage just because the CoVid crisis is over? Commercially, note that many stores have also retained the CoVid excuse in order to explain the ongoing dismissal or neglect of customer amenities. Observe — no more working water fountain, no employee ever to conduct bathroom checks, or ever to refill the paper in the towel and stall racks? That’s what two years of laxity and disdain for the consumer will invite. When was the last time you donated to the Veterans and First-Responders fund or cared about the Lakota people and what’s happening at St. Jude’s? Their public stinginess is your private parsimony. Commerciality is only as congenial as the class of persons from which it draws its operations.

Concern over (1) failure by a corporation to monitor its civic responsibility and (2) ongoing breaches in operating standards, taken together, only give outward expression to bleak attitudes persisting internally sometimes, as might occur in the reported mistreatment of a company’s own steadfast employees. Acting on behalf of the stockholders (ostensibly) or in the public interest, corporate executives will, from time to time, maliciously cut their worker benefits, go to drastic lengths to keep employees from organizing or afterward to ruthlessly crush strikes. More disheartening, they may threaten to move much of the production overseas in order to hurt American workers, though supposedly devised as a cost-saving measure (with no loss to their own executive compensation). Less financially obvious, sometimes executives will embark on dedicated liberal crusades of their own liking which nevertheless may defy the corporations very purpose for existence, such as a defense contractor cuddling up to a hostile Communist-controlled country; or in the case of Disney, publicized as a family-friendly company, despising Walt’s own core values — virulently pursuing a course of deranging the mental and physical health of children by actively (politically) funding the infiltration of gays, pedophiles, drag queens, etc. throughout the entire nation’s school system, not just privately in their family-themed parks. Regardless of reason, whenever partial production is shifted overseas, or should complete relocation occur, — resulting in a major manufacturing loss, this always carries with it far more implications for the workers than the executives. Very rarely does the average worker get to participate in ‘golden parachute’ plans. Twistedly, some workers may be required to invest in their company’s own stock as part of their regular or compensatory (pension) offerings. Come relocation, reorganization, or company bankruptcy, those factory workers would not only lose their paychecks, but their investment pension, and their whole future livelihood. Only obtusely should we look for government to care, since their own actions in times of budget cuts are hardly exemplary — making sure that front-line personnel are cut first and most deeply, and upon returning, often pressured into a concessionary pay cut. It would probably be more profitable to make supplication of celestial forces than of Washington bureaucrats.

Nonetheless, assume the economically impartial bystander could make a cost-benefit analysis that somehow justifies or gives an overall positive rating to such cut-throat tactics. Bewail thence its modern transformation as (elitist) globalism, totally unconcerned with home-front nationalism. Quaint proverbs like “buyer beware” and “almost anything goes” have given way to the DEFCON warning of “the public be damned” as practiced by professional business/nation killers. The everyday consumer is now faced with the ultimatum of complete economic control by an oligarchy that is anti-democratic, anti-humane, and anti-person; moreover, perfectly willing to make the consumer as dispensable as one of their products. Our destiny and fate may have been symbolically (prophetically) previewed in the old 1978 movie “Coma”, wherein the administration of a certain hospital conspires with agents, along with their rich and elite benefactors, to place some of their otherwise fine and fully-operational (dual meaning) patients into deliberate comas so as to be used as reliquaries for the selective harvesting of highly-valuable tissue and marketable organs. Conceived today, the movie could be interpreted as the portrayal of ‘body’ slavery in its most definitive state, and also as the imminent prediction of, and next step into, adult abortion. Nothing about this feature can any longer be dismissed as wild fantasy or as the vagaries of sick voyeurs into the playground of science fiction nonsense, given what we have already witnessed and learned about greedy capitalists and the (upcoming) scarecrow mentality of our fascist leaders and ‘Mengele’ scientists. For the record I have decried for decades that our country is run, not by well-meaning or even inept people but, by out-and-out bastards and bitches; which I will now refer to (in an effort to modernize and clean up my language) as [Al] Capones and [Hussy] Karens. Both are essentially the same personality-type except the first is male and the second is female (pardon my sensibility to gender normalize), with all that stereotyping entails. Going further than even the recognition of the cruel dominating nature of Capones and Karens (i.e., bastards and bitches), whose mandates and despicable leadership styles now control all social relationships, this movie brings ominous illumination to the ultimate deterioration of the capitalist-consumer relationship — devolving to such a degree that the progressive leftists will finally achieve their 100-year-old dream of eugenics and forced sterilizations (Carden & Horwitz, 2011). Their penchant for ever more abortions, their steadfast push for turning normal children into sexual perverts, their staggering drive to whittle down poor countries into skeletons and husks are merely appetite enhancers for their next cannibalistic feast — putting a new detestable spin on the term “product (consumer) consumption”.

Consider what is already happening relative to affirmative action. Watching it in real-time violent motion, this isn’t just some innocent retro-grading of the historic byways for the purpose of leveling the modern playing field. It is the active replacement (destruction) of one person, deemed condemnable or misbegotten, for another person deemed more deserving. An honest criticism would be piqued by the fact of an individual’s, a worker’s rights being foresworn, hence his humanity being trounced, his hope enslaved, for the sake of someone else coming in possession thereof — little knowing or feeling herself more worthy or qualified. Numb to the concept of responsive thankfulness, of how blessed she is, she never looks back to see what dead person lay on the road behind her, — he who might have been more noble and of a more needy circumstance, … disrespectfully ignored, … equivocation and excuse notwithstanding, whose interview was never more than nominal, already conned and conceived like planned obsolescence, as part of the journey through the Cumbersome Pass unto sure rejection. Whether in the hijacking of a life or in the stealing of an individual’s tissues, affirmative action takes its lead from the wanton slavish appropriation of a person’s name, his promising work life, pending the carving out his heart and soul, all without surgical anesthesia. Every worker thus dismembered is but the remains of a comatose citizen; to wit, a zombie slave — now held in mortal (moral) traction, partly reserved for additional unconscious (unconscionable) disassembly and removal, should the call come for the heedless partaking of more of his physical/financial organs per the sadistic and hijacking pleasure of some grasping affirmative-action surgeon.

Undeterred, comes she now, the foremost beneficiary of affirmative action, in flaunting and flashy walk-around … casually relating (exploiting) her every-day tales of plantation remembrance, of ancestors who picked cotton and lifted those bales, to her grandparents’ Jim Crow segregation experience — making sure to use her whips and demonstrable stripes of anger to snap asunder faith and sear raw the flesh of any person resembling that historical legendary creature known only as Racist Whitey; his descendants taken thus wholesale to be of stricken hands, children pilloried continually, souls forever racked by her hearsay words and strictly defined at her sworn directional favor; … still …. cursed not nearly enough for having sacrificed his job, his family name, his future prospects and neighborhood home — all for this ingrate of a person, this shadow-shame of a Christian, hawking and blowing her heritage phlegm on the blustery side of religious dis-grace! Who’s cracking the whip now! Unlived, but still conferred, the cracker phenomenon: recounting every “yes, sir” and “yes, ma’am” as a gesture of obedient hatred for even the non-aligned stranger … in whose unexplored past was never proven hers or anyone else’s taskmaster.

Section 8 – Subjugation of, Pilfering from, and Conspiracy against the People

Targeted Groups: Government theft and impoverishment of citizens; Slavery bonding; Property taskmasters (takers); Naked prey of tyrants

What exists in Washington today — the debris of Party residue — are the morality-stripped, prison-striped squeals of the Perverted, the Inane, the Greedy, and the Socialist-bent. Let us give credit and credence to this Orwellian “Animal Farm” analogy. Politicians merely subsist to enrich themselves, to wallow in lobbying money, urgent to leverage their courtesan demeanor into passports of drunken foreign delight. Using worthless confederate bank notes to pay off their illiterate constituents, politicians then lay their scruples down on the beach in fake angel impressions, hoping that upon rising and fluttering their towels of lying sweat, the eyes of the electorate will be too choked by sand to notice the lack of honest design and depiction.

The origins of this government monopoly, malignancy, and malevolence have already been enunciated, and ameliorations proffered, in an earlier paper “Holding Government Righteous”; therefore, I will not elaborate more on the operational aspects or its built-in predisposal to extravagant waste. All bureaucracies are inherently corrupt; more graphically, be they of the public or private sector …

1) As a matter of institutional size and grandeur, the larger the bureaucracy, the more sinuous and profligate its operating station or governing body (respectively);
2) As a matter of deployment, the higher up you go (as a person or place-position), the more you get paid and the less actual meaningful ‘work’ that you perform — that, too, being done with limited supervision, hence #1 above.

Procrastination and a cross-channeling rave of needed approvals signify the bulwark of bureaucratic inefficiency.

It has been suggested, however dubiously, that there may yet be a few good programs (departments) that have been accidentally blundered (plundered) into existence, having some worthwhile, functional utility and not overly wasteful or insane in terms of human(e) value. Notwithstanding, even the majority of these projects are seldomly monitored, efficiency checked, or ham-strung with threats of punishment should non-compliance arise or corruption be inbred. Their foundations would be better melded on the green and fruitful side moreover — safe from the roaming hordes of administrative termites and philandering political parasites. Too often their service rolls are awash in fake and fraudulent accounts. Proposed budgets are almost never prudently examined and, even rarer, wisely shaved of portly fat. Budget reports are seldom checked afterward for reconciliation. Master budgets are often cross-lent within departments or bled between agencies with no consequences of possible violations of state-law and purpose-led funding. Very few legislators or administrators care one way or the other because it’s not their money being swindled, misapplied, partitioned out; that is, ‘party’ spent, excepting that which might be locked away secretly by their hired swabs in spoiled trust for their later political (piratical) raids.

Locally, isn’t it suspiciously odd, and strikingly typical of sophisticated government services, how roads never seem to get built or potholes filled or that crosswalks never get refurbished or the street-presence of police never enhanced … despite higher taxes and cogent political promises reserved for such things? Isn’t it arcane why schools remain dysfunctional, why community services, parks, playgrounds, and pools remain haltered and closed, despite up to 70% of local funding budgeted on line? Actually, their funding(s) do exist, only they have been re-configured (literally) and re-dedicated to other public ‘needs’ more closely attuned with the political desires of bureaucratic managers, which they then access at will. Dispersal or the sprinkling out of these accounts inevitably leads to unseen kick-backs from contractors, political donors, and just as importantly from grateful and faithful union members. Contributions to political campaigns assures that there will always be more voting favors to come. Beyond the recursion aspects of monetary flow, the unfixed complaints and unfulfilled promises still render politicians the always debatable and sporting duty to campaign for better roads, more police officers and teachers, better-run schools and parks, etc.

As soon as you see signs being posted on a country road saying, “Scenic Highway” because of its open view of pristine natural wonders, you can bet that the next time you drive through that area, there will be copious amounts of construction on either side. Or whenever the county council designates a particular region to be ‘forever rural’, or sets aside hinterland strictly for agricultural use, you can bet there shall soon be subdivisions springing up like elephant grass to vex its rustic serenity (political sincerity). If there is anything more properly sold about (local) democratic government than its salaciousness, it is its seditious impropriety toward its own ‘sacred’ law. Metabolically speaking, that’s because … the set organization of its command structure – orders its collective set derangement.

California residents are hardly the first to report a peculiar outbreak (dis-ease) among current constabularies. The police regularly bypass parks and other areas of offending homelessness where the drug addicts and drug dealers proliferate and generate mounds of garbage, needles, and other harmful waste, including the urination and defecation pulp, so unconcernedly overlooked by the families, the tourists, the commuters, and apparently blind voters. Police ‘ignorance’ of these unsightly crimes comes by way of orders from their commanders as envisioned by even higher administrative approval who prefer to have these officers spend most of their precious (penalty) time issuing speeding tickets, parking tickets, and other citations against primarily upright inoffensive citizens whom they know must pay these fines unquestionably if they want to maintain their license to travel or right to abide freely in the city. Crucial to the repairing of this fixed operational con scheme — regarding violations having no real effect and their citation no preventative value or seeming pre-tense of civic improvement — should be the countermanding of any regulation with less-than-even-handed enforcement, that could be braided into a form of blackmail or as the hidden source of black-market government funding. Red light cameras are also designed for this limited revenue collection purpose in the main. Other ignored crimes of this ‘modern’ age of law enforcement include store break-ins, gang fighting, immigrant rapes, and vehicular manslaughter, by-passing even the personal limitations of bail (earlier). Meanwhile, working stiffs caught on a rowdy night of fun must spend days in jail or until all their fines and penalties can be paid in full. Heavy-handed, money-specific, or unequally applied laws are violations of human rights per se and when impressed, become a bonding of slavery. Exceptional legal reform would go further by implying that antiquated laws or laws highly susceptible to fraud (e.g., quit-claim deeds) should be identified, examined, reformulated, or made defunct.

Top officials, appointed assistants, and mid-level administrators are not the Deep State’s only elemental components. When Chuck Schumer or some other political hypocrite stands up before the Congress to express his sorrow for the parents after another mass shooting in a school; and, in response, he must do his job by passing another onerous bill against law-abiding gun owners — what he really meant was, “I wish there were more than 10 children who were killed; I should rather have heard that a hundred children that died — a 1000, or 10,000”, so he and his socialist dictators could force his new bill through, advancing the taskmasters’ goal of confiscating everyone else’s guns, making them slaves of the State just like their hero Mao Zedong in Communist China, who famously said, “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun” (Middendorf, 2022). What Mao did in disarming his people, Hitler did before him to the Jews, and we know what happened to them. So did Cuba, Venezuela, and even Australia. Their tyrannical governments all want their citizens naked, defenseless, and easy prey for political strongmen. Like animal game in Africa that has been tranquilized, trapped, and tagged, their next stay will be behind barred pens in a gulag zoo. Politicians like Schumer would not dare to explore the depths of the (allowed) hatred and (suffered) social sickness that actually caused the shooting, or bother themselves with bringing the light of morality and truth, along with security, back into the classrooms. Quite the opposite, they want schools to be dark havens for deviants, drag queens, and the mentally disturbed forever.

A full picture of the ropes and chains pulling upon the American House by the taskmasters and profiteers of the modern plantation model can now be partially glimpsed in outline structural form (presented here for future and mortal reference).

Origins and Crystallization of the Coordinated Global Slavery System


Logically, the most obvious suspect for planning and implementing capitalism’s demise is suborned by its arch-enemy: communism. By likelihood of probability –

• China – Russia – Some Consortium.


“Let your opponent defeat himself”, via internal strife, government corruption, and social disintegration — supplemented by occasional planned or emergency events/strikes (e.g., CoVid, regional wars, luring away independent countries)


Rarely can external takeovers succeed without the assistance of internal Com- (domestic) traitors. The diversity of America makes likely recruits of us all, though Patriotism most pronounced are global elitists, disgruntled subgroups, indigent, paid-for, or easily-manipulated defectives and addicts: the contra-version of the motto, “Out of many, one”; here meaning out of One America, finding an ever-evolving round of callous rogues and clandestine Fifth Columnists. Which cadre from among the many demographic groups or composite individuals seems most likely to be enticed to commit treason may be best determined from reading the polls. Of all the supporting segments of the Democratic Party (i.e., age, race, sex, ethnicity, etc., or some combination), a 2022 analysis revealed the only forever faithful, always on-board member-ship of its marauding Marxist fleet is the ideologically- angry, relatively affluent, well-educated, power-hungry urban (white) female. Women tend to support Democrats over Republicans by 20 to 40 points, thus swaying elections nationally to the heartless diminishing of society (Duke, 2018). The other major affiliated groups have declined precipitously — generally in inverse proportion to the Party’s increased level of immoral radicalism. The stalwarts of any religion are its “apostles”: the callers and cullers of dogma and defectors regarding any theology. White women carry the canon (cannon) of the liberal left’s entrenchment and benefit the most from slavery. Eulogizing on how such a miscarriage reflects inwardly (sadly and disturbingly) upon the psyche of these anxious (female) traitors will be examined in more detail later. Mode of As numerous scholars and sociologists have always warned, remove the four Attack cornerstones … safety pins holding the fragile democratic society together: (1) faith, (2) family, (3) respect for constitutionally-afforded liberties, and (4) informed (educated) fellowship — lending volunteerism to community bonding. Duration The undermining has been ongoing at least since the 1930s. WWII turned the attention of the internal conspirators covert for a spell. The McCarthy hearings of the 1950s, much maligned now, tried to eject insurgent Communists who were still in the early stages of infiltrating (infecting) government, but the hearings were stopped by the influential power of the movie establishment (having already succumbed to fascism). Women, who had been socially blessed with near absolute dominion over the nuclear family (#2 above), soon were presented with grass roots control over the powerful public education system (#4). The civil rights movement and the women’s rights movement of the 1960s and 70s elevated women further into the professional stratosphere — inevitably smashing through the pane-filled framing of men atop the glass ceiling. [That 98% of all males would never reach those glorious heights — irrelevant.] Civil rights alliances (defiances), such as those for gays, drug addicts, gangsters, and institutionalized deviants, would put mainstream pressure on what remained of faithful witnessing, marriage, and social cooperation (#1 and #2 and #4). The rise of feminism, or more accurately, its distorted perception of truth, would unhitch the saddle of American justice from fair-play (#3), also discussed later. Children, especially boys (forthcoming), were first to be neglected, with the intent of destroying all future generations — putting plantation aims aside only as long as these boys (men) were needed front and center (front line, that is) for the rich establishment’s many ventures (conflicts) for world sacking and domination. Secrecy A single woman viewed apart or mixed within a group of fairly equal males and Assurance females will present herself (themselves) intact, metaphorically and ideologically thinking — stability, fairness, and logical cooperation being a mainstay of group accommodation and common ethics sharing. However, when women congregate together (in prevailing power), then what emerges are the sexist, paternalism- hating, rumblings of the Bitch-led mob — Karens ‘freed’, in the truest sense, to show their tyrannical side — till the gentle grasshoppers grazing in the field become a deadly plague of locusts munching and devouring everything about them. And yet the collective, i.e., the womanhood, is very self-devoted, close- knit, and disobedience-intolerant. The founding of a highly radicalized and bitter cohort is next activated (animated) by their own overwhelming presence — pressing their views on every portion of society, on every level of government operations. Respective to any action, procedure, or decision thereafter, no one shall ever say with a straight face, he or she really trusts the government’s latest job report (earlier), or gives credence to the census bureau numbers, all smoothed and adjusted beforehand; or takes to heart the election results, all waffed and wanded over by those predominantly female hands — in casting, on which the voting ballots … trustingly, … Karens counted (dual meaning).

“Vengeance is mine”, says the Lord. Complete takeover of companies, public establishments, federal offices, and other facilities to their desired ends (or sexual favors) would eventually mean no product, no service benefit, no rights allocation, and no entitlement to life and health, could ever be taken for granted or inalienably ordained by God; rather indelibly writ by the implacable hand of man (Woman), having not even grace as an escape clause. In deference we yield to they who embalm the dead before dying, decree success or predict destruction generations ahead, while sleeping in the black ninja robes of surprisingly dark ignorance — in glaring group unawareness of under whose task-mastery they also serve and owe allegiance passed their own token primetime on the throne. The real masterminds (in China) are now laughing contentedly, having captured America without a fight, still pulling the strings above puppet and traitor alike, more closely attaching the bars to the gates of their million-dollar mansion posts (nailing the unreligious heart to its crucifixion stead).

Section 9 – The Devaluation of Science; Disenfranchisement of Freedom

Targeted Groups: Authoritarian control; Professional-neglect slavery; Slaves of civil charity; Mental slavery; Slave Orthodoxy; Shackled servants of the system

Among the ‘wonders’ of modern science, we may yet ‘ponder’ why there have been of late so few miracle products or creative spurts of growth, aside from the field of micro-technology, which is to rather bemoan the scarcity of inventions that would transform society and would greatly enhance the human condition, throughout work or leisure hours, or over (extended) life times. During the technological boom of the 1950s and 60s, science promised the kids — presented in actual accomplishments and previewed by a host of stirring science-fiction shows and writers — that they would be a wunderbar generation, being able to fly back and forth to the moon as easily as hop on a plane to Los Angeles; they would come into possession of incredible medicines which would prevent the ravages of aging, even baldness and impotency … assuming, of course, that they and the earth managed to survive the pending ice age. Pragmatically recoiling from the less-than-amazing fulfillment of those promises, it could be that scientific progress “follows the money”. It could be that society gets only what it expects or demands of its trailblazers. It could be that there is a limiting factor … a range barrier to knowledge and exploration, analogous to athletic runners who could break the four-minute mile, but not the three-minute. Some things, some truths are beyond us. A final personal theory suggests that lack of progress is owed at least in part to the intentional killing off of its primary creative force (later).

Take in boastful parity the dirty, foul-smelling, environmentally-depleting internal combustion engine versus the much more desirable, green, and more efficient electric vehicle. If ever there was a clear-cut decision confronting us now and in the future, it is between these two relatively energetic competing technologies — right? Hardly, the electric car was one of the original attractors of the public’s driving attention. That was a hundred years ago, but lost due to the convenience of fuel travel. Roughly between the years of 1870 and 1945 (75 years), the following marvels were developed or came into utilitarian trade and application: the telephone, various forms of electrical lighting and dynamism, the escalator, the automobile, the motorcycle, the tank, airplanes, rockets, radio and remote control, motion pictures, radar, the microwave, computers, television, and, lest we forget, nuclear energy in the form of reactors or, less desirable, the atomic bomb, among many other inventions. Between the succeeding years of 1946-2021 (75 years), what significant earth-shattering discoveries or devices have been fashioned and engineered into much-needed or much-appreciated reality? Sure, the discoveries of the aforementioned era have been vastly improved, made more capable, more powerful; or infused with greater capacity for storage, greater range, and greater extent of operational exercise. Modern vaccines for children include those for polio, the measles, and the mumps. These, together with numerous other medicines, have, no doubt, saved tens of thousands of lives and spared the suffering of millions more. Even so, their methodology and ultimate activation mostly relied on earlier techniques of experimental creation and controlled testing. Outright cures still elude us for many fatal ailments as well as basic diseases, like certain types of cancer, the cold, and the flu. Also evading success are efforts in serious cloning or for the replacement or regrowth of lost limbs and failing organs. Has a wall been reached in nature or just a steeple-chase fence to be assailed and overcome by a stronger running imagination? Or does all of this have an embezzling component, something in the line of automobile defalcation? Cars have been around for over 125 years; but its associated symptomatic problems like broken windshields, flat tires, faded interiors, and decreased engine performance never seem to disappear with modernization. If these things are expected faults, quite fixable and readily mendable (with costs), why is not their relief incorporated in the manufacture of every new automobile? As before, might this be by intended design or taken in congruity with planned obsolescence? Or by the lessons of working-class capitalism, were such indestructible features to be actually built in beforehand, what would happen to nearly every windshield replacement company, every tire manufacturer, interior installer, or mechanic competing for their own piece of the consumer pie? Science be damned, or be made resoundingly mute, whenever the scent of blood is on the wind, and the vulnerable lay in prone silence on the ground, waiting to be frisked.

The scientific advances of the 1960s, of landing a man on the moon and the transplanting of the first human heart, were sadly counterbalanced, progress-wise, by the wasteful expenditures of Vietnam and the Cold War. Protesters and politicians saw a greater need (reward) in the advancement of the human condition instead, as already vigorously brokered by the early notification of the civil rights movements, the population explosion, violence in the inner cities, and much more. While “scientific” (and I use the term loosely) experiments in social engineering (i.e., programming) may or may not have had ‘the improvement of humanity’ in its heart, little evidence points to its eventual ‘human’ success or even its hoped-for institutional reform. Simply identifying the needs of a group and throwing money at the problem has all the earmarks of the lord of the manor belching forth his fullness as scraps for his dogs or maybe throwing the leftover hash at his servants and slaves. Even if the land is desolate and rain sorely needed, flooding a parched arroyo merely spurs a one-time (unsaved) meteorological runoff. Another errancy: redefining or declaring every moral shortcoming a social or societal problem, no matter how widespread or susceptible to collateral harm … removes from the contingency of logical solutions the remedy of personal input (the real agent of change) — a resoluteness of individual effort, spawned of its own intuitiveness. Inclined within the slanted field of psychology is the propensity for bending truth; re:

Lesson Analogy

Professionally-repressed exposure of a problem’s elemental transversity and evidence of psychedelic complications leading askant to their true physiological-based origins and other discernible foundations, thereby shunning permissible concentration and analysis — under the guise of keeping the ailment subjectively real at least — and thus the ordering of any rendered treatment unnecessary and the sickness forever sacrosanct and immune from personal beneficial contribution — is like priesthood pedophilia (no longer dishonored): the superficial garments of religion muskily overlaying and hiding the body’s under-soul and undercoating of biological disturbance from outward delving inspection.

You can’t “do-good” by “doing less”, anymore than you can increase “freedom” via extensive “freeloading”. Every worker is a slave to his work and to his taskmaster, even a philanthropic one. Too much dependence and over-reliance leads to the loss of the desire or will for free movement, free speech, freedom of religious faith, and the other constitutional freedoms — ultimately handicapping the individual — who should really embrace the means of self-providing as the only safe provision for conserving self-liberty (and the creative imagination of a nation). As a rendered consequence, there are probably far more persons in the grips of poverty, isolation, emotional disillusionment, and disavowal of apprehensive engagement than there were fifty or sixty years ago (when many of these social-justice programs began). Honest work, cooperative-leaning communities, and natural love for family and country are the only scrub-stones in the not-so-gently swishing rapids of stressed-out hearts. That said, if the fractures of the human spirit are disturbingly ignored now, what will be left of worth and value when science perfects Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), negating all remaining need for creative ingenuity? With what false hope and futility do you wait for burgeoning generations to spark a renewal in America — when everything that is afore them is backward leaning, full of illegality and cruelty, rancid with perversity and the backfill wastings of promiscuous sodomic drilling?

The once practitioners, now only portrayers (betrayers), of science, have taken their own painful tumble in recent times. Formerly admired for their rigorous training or perhaps many years of research and development in order to create miraculous drugs and marvelous life-saving inventions, medical schools now accept students and pass out diplomas, and doctors accept internships, on the basis of equity, not accreditation, qualification, or concern for humanity or for improving the health of the community, or at least with the idea in mind of trying to maintain medical integrity (Mutchler, 2021). Lost among patient-love is the medical patience to perform adequate body examinations and report actual physical data in accordance with legitimate standards of analytical truth. Giants like Pasteur, Curie, and Barnard have given way to ‘doctors’ like Spock, Ruth, and Fauci. “Popular” science, the (now-digital) magazine, must needs to file a lawsuit to protect its trade name from this scurrilous parody of honest vision and exploration. Anthropologists have long conjectured that mankind’s erratic bobbing up-and-down — its curious inter-weaving of civilization’s growth and downswing — parallels the art that he has painted: first came the crude two-dimensional drawings in torch-lit caves, followed by magnificent carvings on walls and temple columns; blossoming with the truly ‘perspective’ art of the Renaissance painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, but started to decline during the impressionist period, and finally ended in the 20th century with Picasso, whose art was little different from a child’s, or what the first Cave Men drew on their poorly-lit walls. Civilizations are married to their ‘social art’, comparing its drawings and flows of bloody paint to justice being drawn and to the flowering of symbolic freedom. But real flowers blossom, and then die. Is this critical (dual meaning) or just slovenly convenient?

Less-than-perplexed medical observers and historians remind us that, although the practice of medicine has been around for thousands of years, at least as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 1900s, scarcely more than a hundred years ago, that physicians/doctors actually began to save more patients than they lost. Note: read NOT into this assessment that after so many years working diligently to save lives using the best preemptive (presumptive) practices of the medical art, these doctors (i.e., the accorded masters of this noble profession) through their valiant efforts, dapper analysis and treatment, and by their skillful execution (or amputation), finally managed to save more patients than the number of individuals they who would unfortunately lose. Sadly, despite doing their best to arrest the tragedy or alieve the suffering, it seems most patients would nonetheless succumb to their enduring ailments or entrenched conditions — irresolvable complications leading ultimately to death. Don’t let the rhetoric fool you. The slicing criticism has been made, in lieu, that the doctors’ own (bad) learned “best-practices” have killed more patients by their medicinal hand than would have been otherwise lost through haphazard treatment or aimless contact. Centuries of learning and improving their craft (and strutting in high society about it), had only the effect, up until that time, of actually causing more deaths than what might have incurred if there had been no visit, no diagnosis, and no remedial application at all. In other words, recovery, rehabilitation, and revival might have been better served if doctor and patient had never met. Worthless prescriptions, unnecessary amputations, bleeding the already weak patient, unsanitary hospital facilities, and failing to wash their hands betwixt patient examination, plus before and after surgery; these are just some of their shoddy, unhealthy preparation and surgical techniques that did as much harm, or more so, than any incoming infection, malady, or infirmity they were tasked to battle and overcome. Even today, patients often come out of a long stay in the hospital sicker and with newer (different) infections than when they first entered. Modern surgeons have been known to still leave clamps, cloths, and even scalpels in thousands of patients every year (Finkel, 2013). This is in spite of the introduction of tracking devices recently, before which the numbers were in tens of thousands. Talk about “physician, heal thyself!” an expression taken literally to mean — clean your own home/office, clean your surgical units, clean your own hands, for God’s sake, before ever seeking to purify or attend to the needs of others. Taken dually to mean, in a simile of the social programs chided above, every person must be his own physician. That swig of advice you received from your doctor is not a salvation massage (message); nor that inflammation-reduction pill a soothing guarantee of forever healing. Every single person must register his own symptoms, seek out all advice and second opinions, pretest and track all tried and trying reactions (by dose amount), should personal effectiveness ever be home-quartered and healing proven worth the cost (price) of treatment.

The sacrilege of science, however, is in its disingenuousness. Packaged in humble facts, in methods and principles inspirationally flattering, scientists often rush to encase all non-fiction in a self-made cradle of swaddled authenticity. Authoritarian control by scientists (who are often no more than park guides and co-travelers on life’s truth-seeking venture) is as unseemly as the practice of commercial imperialism (denounced earlier) is in the business world. Most of us survived the recent CoVid crisis not because of scientific import (dual meaning), but because we all willingly suffered through it (dual meaning). For all its gloating of the grandeur of the scientific ‘brand’, very little progress has been surveilled of late because university and laboratory studies only stir researchers out of their cushiony academic chairs when they have been given rich offers of commercial backing in support of a new promising invention or testable trials that might one day bring great profit to the sponsor (or the experimental results can be tweaked to appear so). Practicing science without a license, i.e., without a true commitment to due diligence, controlled conditions, and repeatable confirmation, while also forgoing all allegiance to scientific fealty, forces the independent observer to realize that trustworthy scientific results are no more to expected than un-rigged elections (earlier). The skeptic should consider all scientific results as potentially dubious unless proven otherwise. It should also be dolefully read into any study from henceforward, no finished report or printed article can ever truly be complete or suitable for print. The void of recognized standards compels us to bemoan, I am made the heretic: much is the irritation or conviction of the WORD which speaks no truth … or only the truth.

Stunned and aggrieved by the history of the medical profession though you may be, you may yet be ‘shocked’ by the utter witchcraft legacy of the psychological profession. Less than 200 years ago, the field opened to the study of mind arrangement and mental derangement. Coming long after the appearance of the more earthy medical arts, psychologists and psychiatrists could employ existent drugs and surgical techniques to their current advantage, soon to include (rightly or wrongly) shock treatment and lobotomies. Reinforcement therapy, mesmerism, and classical conditioning gave way to lighter-inclined forms, often couched in listless (listening) sessions, dream interpretation, and retro-analysis. When these habituations and passive techniques did not work favorably or fell out of fashion, some psychologists of the 1960s (e.g. Timothy Leary) turned more radically-minded — casting doubt on the wisdom or need to ever bother with a ‘cure’ at all; suggesting instead, “Turn on, tune in, drop out”, meaning a surrender to any discrepancy through the use of psychedelics, the creation of your own internal harmony and self-justification, and the spurning of anything constructive or (suspiciously) corrective. Following in their footsteps, the entire profession began to delegitimize “diseases” from the scope of compelling mental analysis — diseases that were once considered physiologically apparent, severely disabling, and nearly leprotic in social contagiousness. Now whoever you are, whatever you think you are, takes on a spiritual identity, an effusive expression of someone underneath – just coming out. Homosexuality would no longer be a “disease” despite thousands of years of comprehensive sociological understanding to the contrary and millions of years of necessary biological evolution. Transvestism would no longer be a mental disorder of the dys-functionally administered kind unless it caused some personal stress (hiccup) in that individual’s day-to-day perceptions of himself. Para-religiously, a host of similar abnormalities became miraculously “healed” through reclassification and normalization, even to the point of removing the original terminology from the Library of Approved Words and the (APA dominated) public dictionary. To paraphrase the country song: no disease, no ailment, no problem. The real perversity of this ‘classification trick’ is three-fold:

1) It leaves the ill victims without access to professional, treatable, or prescriptible care;
2) The unavailable help and neglect could itself worsen the condition, resulting in a deprival of human rights [i.e., slavery (Section 6)];
3) Those hurt by the ill person’s actions are now without legal claim to restitution. Example: a child who was abused by a pornographer years ago has no recourse today because it has since been normalized.

Any honest member of the profession who disagrees and tries to assist the ‘patient’ risks losing his/her right to practice. Saying, thus, what does this tell us about the other “professionals” who obediently tow the line, or, bulldozer-like, aggressively move to squash the more rational members? Independent, unbiased observations of psychiatric professionals, clinical psychologists, therapists, counselors, and the like, have revealed in the past (the results mostly now hidden or wiped from the internet) that many of these laudable and exemplary members of the health-care profession are not really all that mentally healthy themselves. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, was a self-proclaimed neurotic and superstitious fanatic, who suffered from frequent blackouts, and had a serious cocaine addiction. Despite numerous operations for cancer of the jaw, Freud refused to quit smoking (Epstein & Bower, 2016). Those who have followed in his footsteps have similarly admitted to having many mental health problems, stemming to some degree from their troubled childhoods. Instead of attracting the healthiest, the persons most endowed with stable mental acuity and enduring self-reflection, the ‘best of the best’ in other words, the profession tends to draw or captivate the most vulnerable and mentally long-suffering. More than 60 percent of therapists, for example, have been subject to clinically significant depression and at least three out of four have experienced major distress within the past three years. Depending on when and where internal surveys have been taken, anywhere from one-third to two-thirds of all psychiatrists and psychologists have experienced or are currently experiencing some form of mental illness (by their own definition), with some studies adding that close to one-third have felt suicidal (Yasgur, 2019). This is the classic paradigm of a man becoming a priest in order to cover up (rectify) his own personal sins … which also brings into distraction why the whole (Catholic) faith, as a consequence of bringing in so many self-justifying priests, has struggled to move forward in overcoming its many shortfalls, all the while decertifying many of the sins once thought cardinal in nature and, having been dealt with openly, become character-critical to the reception of repentance. Not so coincidentally, that classification trick from transgression to normalization to automatic forgiveness which has brought “health and wellness” to the social patient, has also served to wipe their professional slates clean.

Another batch of witches brew has been allowed to percolate on this psychic caldron — that of classifying formerly personal failings, social indiscretions, and other run-afoul-of-the-law behavior such as alcoholism and drug addiction, once historically monitored and referred to social stewards for remedy or punishment ranging from personal reproach to public ridicule to removal of (group) benefits-access, as more rightfully to be described as ‘diseases’ — diagnosed and appropriately treated as such. With this new understanding, the ‘mentally ill’ person is himself accorded victimhood, being but an unwitting (unwilling) “slave” of some bullying internal martinet. The ‘disease’ shawl or blanket would thus provide a mantle from further social or pious condemnation, and sometimes immunity from legal incarceration (“he needs medical treatment, not jailtime”); but also divorcing the victim from himself — exempting him from the perspicacity of moderation and the need for self-motivated change. When such irrationality is extenuated, then any seemingly slight, politically unfit, or scarcely offensive behavior could be reframed as maliciously evil and infectiously malignant: too much competitiveness or work desire may be deemed “over-aggressive” and “intimidating”, too much masculinity is “toxic”, too much patriotism is “blind” or “rabid”. The resulting judgements are not only non-objective and borderline corrupt, they are factually disorienting and morally abrasive. Contradictions soon arise vis-à-vis more-conscientious mores: fetishism is a disease, but everyday dressing up in drag is not. A fixation on fires and committing arson is wrong, but burning down whole cities for (someone else’s idea of) pleasing social justice is appropriate. Making the same mistake over and over again without stunned comprehension of what’s happening wrong is compulsively insane, but the rejection of (medical) advice that could save your life may or may not be, depending on your personal beliefs. At its peak (from the twenty-teens onward), any crime, theft, rape, assault, short of murder, may be excused or suspended using whatever PC scales toggling that day in your favor or by virtue of whatever dishonest liberal judge may be deciding your case. A lack of standards and a bounteous supply of self-confessed disturbed psychiatrists have finally given realization to the old saying (once spoken mockingly) “lunatics in charge of the insane asylum”. Certainly the profession’s every move seems to be to make the abnormal normal and the normal abnormal (the better to judge themselves by).

Pushing incredulity to its limits, recent APA guidelines and standards have recklessly turned ‘responsibility’ around by placing the onus on us, the public, to accept their (the abnormal’s) language of self-gratification (e.g., ‘gay homophiles’ rather than deviant homosexuals; ‘cisgender’ rather than straight normal; ‘transgenders’ who are without definition since they could always be in the process of ‘becoming’, instead of the more obvious gender-confused or subjectively un-balanced). Obviously, their strategy is succeeding, given the knowledge – wherever there is approved exposure to weird dress and greater license for psychotic behavior (e.g., drag queens and queers), then forced acceptance of the sacrilegious must follow. And yet, any person of sound mind will recognize the correlation: the more outlandish the behavior, the more corrosive its effect on innocent children, who, despite psychiatrists’ crooked assurances, were never destined by Nature or God to become their willing apprentices. Thrusted on society in general and on children specifically, it is the normal that must accept their every absurd act, every sad projection of their weak minds, lest we be labeled as ill-informed, intolerant, and phobia-stricken i.e., our newly arbitrarily-ascribed disease (re: lunatics in charge). Prior to these days of Kool-Aid drinking scientists, psychiatrists such as Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Paul R. McHugh determined that there is absolutely no statistically-pertinent data that supports the view that children are born other than XX and XY intuitive, and toward this intuition, they should never experience something akin to congenital chromosomal displacement or biological rejection (Chapman, 2020). Were this the case, then scientists should be able to locate the problem physically — some mechanism or mental trip-wire creating such an unnatural aversion to self. Since they can’t, the preoccupation of intended design must prevail: boys will grow up to be boys; girls will grow up to be girls if unmolested sexually or not interfered with through contrived mental coercion. Dr. McHugh goes on further to say that the disorder of assumption about one’s sexuality (i.e., transgenderism) is symptomatically similar to anorexia whereby the patient always ‘thinks’ of herself as being overweight despite what she sees in the mirror. Studies show that about 80% of such gender-confused children spontaneously grow out of those feelings. By contrast, children that have been conceded to and undergo reassignment surgery are 20 times more likely to commit suicide than non-transgender people.

Further research into the workings of Psychological Reformation shows that homosexuality (i.e., the disturbance) has ‘progressed’ in disorder resolution thanks primarily to the propagandist posting of the progressive medium of psychology, its collaborator, with hardly any reference to intervening action that might lead to an advancement (salvation) in treatment.

• 1869 – homosexuality was an inborn illness
• 1886 – congenital disease
• 1935 – arrested sexual development
• 1952 – first publication of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) listed it as sociopathic personality disturbance
• 1968 – sexual disorder (DSM-II)
• 1973 – sexual orientation disturbance
• 1987 – no longer listed in the DSM

By this time, it was the general consensus within the profession that unless “homosexuality” caused a person some form of subjective distress, it wasn’t a mental disorder. Bear in mind, however, this is the same profession who once believed that slaves had a mental disorder because they wanted to run away from their master (Drescher, 2015). Nevertheless, ever since the early 1970s, the psychiatric profession has pursued an agenda stating that “gay is good”. It did not go unnoticed among the more intelligent rank-and-file that the decision whether to include or not to include a disorder based on “subjectivity of the patient” was counterintuitive to scientific certification. Nor did it seem beyond bounds for any self-preserving society to view sodomic actions as morally and physically repugnant and liable to the spreading of sexual diseases (e.g. HIV and monkeypox); but saying as much out loud would make “gays” unhappy, which is not only a denunciation of their very being (name), but would also ‘give’ them a ‘disease’ conducive to subjective distress, and the only one recognized by psychology, hereby having been inflicted upon them — the only real etiology left in the profession’s arsenal of treating mental disease. Soon that acknowledgement alone, together with intense gay activism, brought about the fully-accepted ‘normalization’ of what many scientists still consider an abnormality. If all of this sounds recursive, well …, it is. In summation, a supposedly rational analysis of a psychological disorder consisted of no more than observational relative comparison (to outside factors). Instead of scientifically looking inward at the operating machinery, the pumps, rods, and pistons of the mind, for fear of finding something errant in their makeup (i.e., something irregular in their intrinsic being) that had compelled them to select irregular (unnatural) partners, these so-called doctors of medicine just chose to make a political concession. A similar indictment can be made of pedophilia, which (again, textbooks report) only remains (barely) on the mental illness list, or as it is more commonly called today, the mental disorder list, because its acting out might pose a potential harm to others, not because it is sociopathically wrong, aggressively evil, and morally abhorrent. Under current terminology, pedophilia only becomes a “disorder” if it involves a sexual desire, and subsequently extreme distress if unfulfilled, for engaging in what amounts to child molestation. But arrogantly, once a person with the same desires moves beyond any anxiety, shame, or guilt, then it becomes merely a type of “sexual orientation” you, and everyone else must, live with (Lawrenz, 2021). The directional analysis of this psychological “disorder” then (if we may follow it) was not logically based on the irregularity of its aberrant selection, i.e., choosing children as their easy, unprotected prey, which actually defines the “disorder” within the prescription and parameters of this irregularity (inordinate selection). Clinical analysis was instead assessed strictly from matters without, with no reckoning given or assessment made of what internal mental disorderliness of thought constituted its true mental disorder. Truly, then, this is of its kind — “judging by appearances” only. Nearly every characterization of psychological illness has this (somewhat of a) catalyst of (un)truth serving as its firing crucible. Conscious truth is not an extrinsic effect; and consciousness of truth must be held in true conscience.

Gently in the storm winds the mortal coils
where lightning is charged and struck thunder-less,
being under the weather … (sic) … and flying low ---
bidding science closer to hear, still would listen nought.

Within the modern coliseum of scientific orthodoxy, truth and enlightenment are slain.

All of these misnomers and let-slides have, by the deviancy of thought, claimed a more crucial and indispensable victim in logic itself. Should not a white woman who passes herself off as black for years (Rachel Dolezal), creating her own self-pleasing sense of identity, personally convinced of the charade, be psychologically judged equivalent to someone who is suffering from Napoleon Complex, both figuratively and aggressively? Should not a male teacher who dresses up every day as a drag queen in order to float down the school hallways and flaunt himself in front of impressionable children, showing his wares, be given a legal and scientific prognosis of a sexual pervert and child abuser? Should not all homosexuals — a name which means ‘same sex’ — be assessed in the manner of all narcissistic maniacs, i.e., lovers of themselves? Are not the actions of anyone who may consider himself a transvestite in the morning, a queer woman in the afternoon, and a werewolf by evening be evidentiary proof to dispute the claim that all such ‘programming’ is immutable (re: so much like incontrovertible gays or imperturbable ‘natural’ transgenderists)? Adrift in wistful projections rides the feint flattery of a decrepit mind.

Perversity isn’t just a prevarication of dress and mannerism. It is the mental insolubility of the latitudes of reason — and a defraying to anything solid which may hold the promise of hope and solace. Not unlike a movie star, while attending a gala, attention is drawn by every mirror to herself as she passes. In rejection, caught like a sailing ship fighting against a storm surge, flailing in the hard wind, ignoring the tack toward safe shore, … where, landing, the emblem of skull and bones must be struck.

Another strong argument in favor of the historic sodomy laws was that they were mindfully intended to protect sexless (boy) children, defenseless weak (heterosexual) men from attack, and in the case of bi-sexuals, multi-sexuals, and other deviants, to protect unknowing (heterosexual) women from the spread of unhealthy diseases from the anal region. To counter this argument, the homosexual community used the “pedophilia defense”, described above, arguing “what harm can come to society from two gay men living together (alone) never hurting anyone?” How long was that before the homosexuals used their newly-given power to get into politics and started forcing their agenda of civil union, marriage, adoption (see below)? How long was that before they took control of the internet and started destroying people’s careers and lives if they said anything against anything gays did, no matter how obnoxious? How long was that before the homosexuals, the queers, and the other deviants started breaking down the doors of the school houses in order to convert (pervert) children to their chosen and perfectly fine life-style? People who will vary (deviate) from the true natural course will also vary (deviate) from the truth: that’s what makes them prevaricators and deviants. Sooner or later, every gay experience will become brandishingly deformative, because they don’t have all the innate (gender) parts, physically and psychologically. By the law of diminishing returns, the longer the abnormal relationship is abnormally sustained, the more noticeable to the parties concerned its missing elements — requiring a greater dosage of perversity: more masochism, accessories, drugs, and violence — just to maintain the same level of spurred artificial excitement.

Suborned of faith by a rebellious society, suborned of cure by a corrupt science, our power Institutions have created their own revolutionaries, their own insurrectionists.

(psychiatric) license of normalcy --- >   approved civil unions --- >   full marriage rights

— > recognized adoption claims — > forced conversion of followers; coercion of unbelievers

The analogy of hospital sick-beds applies, wherein contagion takes hold and is left to spread rampantly from bed to bed, from host to host, per the biological path of any infection borne of poor hygiene and courteous allowance. Wherefore, perversity should not exist in a clean and wholesome society lest it contaminate and consume the good and healthy around it. A worthy psychologist would recognize this pathology and denounce this psychotic invasion of sexual violence in our media, in our communities, in our schools, and in our homes.

Previously, a fundamental theory in psychology insisted that, “all persons are merely products of their environment”, born awash in the amniotic fluid of purity, but soon tainted with the germs of life. Except as blatantly predisposed by genetics, all children are born paring of fault and blameless from sin. Caught in the grasp of breastfeeding and baby foods, children are force-fed what is real and true. Free-will aside, children must be taught to hate, but apparently not love, what they like and what they favor regarding even themselves. Contrast this with the legal grounds of: innocent by reason of insanity (a non-social disease). Compare the oft-vaunted notion that the whole concept of male-female, for example, is ephemeral (despite XX/XY chromosomal identification); deluding even a Supreme Court justice-nominee from truthfully answering the question “what is a woman?” If masculinity and femininity are just ‘social constructs only’, mere flexible renditions of an enacted play, malleable to social will, then how can the new glamor poses of transgenderism, homosexuality, and all the other perverse sexual variances be fixations in nature, revered as ‘innate’ and ‘unalterable’, irrevocably predestined from birth, long before a child has even a sexual ‘conception’ of life … and more recently, we have been notified, insusceptible to (back-to-normal) conversion? At the same time when children are manifestly vulnerable to oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s syndrome, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar symptoms, and a host of other cognitive behavioral problems, it is an insufferable point of logical failure to say episodes of transgenderism, gayness, queerdom, etc. are by contrast all perfectly normal and expected.

Such inconsistencies and pale inspections of human nature paint psychology as a faux science, without standards, controlled settings, or any correspondence to affirming reality, thereupon no bidding unto serious remedy. Forget about parapsychology not really being a true science, as critics occasionally exclaim; psychology itself is not a true science. And the practice of psychological principles (psychiatry) is to the overall field of human medicine what astrology is to astronomy. All the other (real) physical sciences contribute to this madness by allowing psychology undue status and a trustworthy fellowship within the analytical laboratories of therapeutic research — hence they too are convulsing in their own form of hospital-bed (spread) infectious contamination. More than formulas and chemicals have been burnt away in their test tubes; truth also. If ever you (the humanitarian, the philosopher, the clinical psychologist, or any other scientist) share an encounter with a traveler asking for guidance, only to realize he is just rambling along and wandering about in a completely wrong direction from his intended destination … never forget that it befits the genuine guide to be a corrector of the lost wayfarer, not an endorser of his wayward ways. That they who approve of the unlimited rights of queers, pedophiles, and drag queens to do their will, but disapprove of protecting the life, future health, and present safety of innocent children, betrays their real prejudice and their own form of acute psychiatric illness per se — woefully in need of professional trimming (self-cutting) and whip flagellation, but never receiving them in corrective-sufficient measure. All academics, regardless of field, are now wallowing in the mud of sexual slavery, having no notice, much less want, of cleansing.

Dream cause and woke effect: madness of thought, deviancy of reason; variance in mind, perversity in body.

The only remaining institution that, you would hope, should have enough integrity and independence to fight against injustice, namely the judicial system, is also the least obliged to do anything legally or morally to help. Judges high and low throughout America, including the Supreme Court, rarely hand down any important decision or supporting documentation that is not without its discoloring stain — its juicy solemnness of chewed law, folded within wrinkles of spewed partisan bias. With expediency and approbation, judges serve only in respect of the rich and powerful. Any hope that maybe a tenured Supreme Court Justice might one day actually stand up for America, is carelessly misplaced. When has any Justice ever complained with legal threat of contempt that the benefits gifted to illegal aliens on the taxpayers’ dime or the overlooking of their sovereign and civic violations, blessings not bestowed on the actual citizen, are inherent violations of their civil rights (equal justice). Not even the conservatives on the Supreme Court would rise in defense of their own liberties after the modified reversal of the earlier Roe vs Wade ruling. If some humble internal court policy prevented them from pressing the Attorney General over their own safety, then at least they should have filed charges in protection of their families. Thinking back, however, how much substantive legal assistance can we expect from a court that supported the removal of God, and now childhood protection, from the classroom?

Darkness of powers insinuate themselves along, slowly enwrapping the marble columns of the court’s façade — blocking its heart-stone, and depriving its chambers of subliminal sight. Fortunate, then, that I am old; and I live alone amongst the hopeless, the vagrants, and migratory tramps of transport— whom
I might on occasion urge, catch only the glimpse and not the “Midnight Special” ride heading dauntless … and dawn-less … towards derailment and inevitable mourning catastrophe.

Section 10 – The Suppression, Surrendering, and Emasculation of Boys

Targeted Groups: Worker slaves; Scholastic slaves; Dependent coupling relationship; Madame taskmaster; Leveraged working conformists; Castrated slaves

When I was a boy about to turn 18 in the late 1960s, there were really only two future options for me, the son of a sharecropper and dirt farmer: (1) stay on the farm and make it my life’s work, or (2) get a job with the county digging ditches or maybe if I were lucky, driving a school bus. My father did both. Well … there was hauntingly and ominously a third option — await the draft letter notifying me of my free trip to Vietnam.

“It’s a man’ world!”, so swears the accusation I have heard from time immemorial. Tell that to the overwhelming majority of men condemned for millennia to spend their whole lives scratching out a lone subsistence on poor, hardpan, and unyielding earth trying to feed themselves barely or maybe their malnourished and sickly families also — to somehow pay the rich man’s mortgage, who also held the deed to life and civil service. Tell that to the men who have literally slaved down deep in the coal mines until their hearts bled and their lungs gave out. Tell that to the men who have worked in gravel pits, screamed in hot-furnace factories, scraped and laid the pavement on roads; to the stone masons, roofers, plumbers, and electricians of building construction, to the sailors and airmen out on extended voyage for months at a time, and to the framers and welders of those ships and planes which sometimes took months or years to build. The relative breakdown between men and women by labor statistics shows that women constitute a majority (52%) of all workers in occupations such as management and professional fields [e.g., accountancy (61%), nursing (89%), and teaching (80%); but are largely underrepresented in more physically demanding jobs such as construction (10%), agriculture (26%), and in the collective areas of mining, manufacturing, and utilities (14-29-24%) (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021). Up until the last few decades, analysis of census bureau reports regarding a commixture of fields indicated that approximately two-thirds of all employed men worked in hard, back-breaking, often dangerous, labor-intensive jobs, or otherwise appointed them suitable for work out-of-doors (out of offices); by contrast, approximately two-thirds of all employed women at that time worked almost exclusively indoors in sometimes-demanding manual service, but more generally in hygienically-pure clerical, administrative, or otherwise superior professional positions. Ask yourself this question, which would you rather do: slave in an open field in 100-degree heat picking fruits and vegetables for ten hours a day, six days a week (with no future benefits); or spend eight hours a day, five days a week, in an air-conditioned office filling out forms, typing reports, and giving orders to inferiors (until the day you retire with benefits)? Despite what etymologists report, women have been most often referred to as the fairer sex, not owing to a sense of powdered chivalry or moral integrity, but because they traditionally did not work outside for prolonged hours beneath a relentless sun, where, as any female rancher from the desiccated Southwest will attest, will make your skin tan and age very quickly. Not to forget, alas, all the young men whose hopes and dreams were dashed and left to rot on the same bloody battlefield with the severed limbs or torn-apart skeletons of their fathers — probably wincing in last agony and sensing in vain final thought — their lives were of no consequence, except to enhance the grounds of the politically powerful and organically cruel and greedy. Above the overlook, the masked wealthy still seek blind easement on the red casualty waves below.

“We women are tired of being stereotyped!” What tall man or big fellow or one slow on the uptake is suited for anything else except a dirty maintenance job, for which he would otherwise be labeled awkward, lumbering, or as a mindless bumbling oaf (unless he be gifted enough, and among the sought-after few, to become a short-lived athlete)? What sportive man today, out of time with the swashbucklers and adventurers of yesteryear, would ever find seating at the manor house’s fine table, except maybe as guard, police officer, or mercenary? What short, geek of a man shall ever know a woman’s respect or win a place at the corporate boardroom table, underneath that same glass ceiling, now skirted and velveted, deliberately ‘set’ beyond his line of sight? “Why should we give heed to what you say? Or even acknowledge the existence of any little man like yourself? You are nothing but a pipsqueak mouse; go away!”

Relishing in their meticulously-earned degrees from their expensively-trod schools of lesbian feminism, these female civic leaders, school board masters, teachers, and occasionally distraught working mothers now feel vindicated in their persecution of small boys, their least-favorite child. Upon the boy getting older or becoming full grown, they also wantonly pleasure themselves in the diminishing of his manhood. Approximately 40% of elementary and grade schools have no physical education or recess — taken as it might well be as a rebuke of the male necessity for exercise activity or of the need to strengthen his bones and growing internal framework. Compelled to learn in a restrained, unnatural manner, boys are not allowed to move around or touch the new, making them unambiguously cut off from spontaneous object-based learning. From kindergarten onward, boys are frequently (and often prematurely) diagnosed to have ADD, ADHD, and autism several times over than girls, besides being bullied more and over time more likely to become actual manifestations of suicide, either in youth or manhood (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2022). Marked like Cain, they are systemically sentenced to be under-exercised, overly-medicated, over-punished, physically abused, mentally ignored, and spiritually invalidated — in total disregard of innocence, natural zealousness, or primal expectations. A lack of adult female concern, together with intentional deterrence, keep boys from expressing their inherent talents in math, science, and other spatially-oriented fields — out of deference to girl equity (power) and commensurate to the demands of the Karen sisterhood. Boys’ scholastic performances are repeatedly disincentivized; hence, come assessment time, guaranteed to be undervalued and underscored. Look at any high school graduation yearbook … at all the bright young faces and the smiling student officers … made pallid and stern by the lesser appearance of males. Look to see who won (most) all the scholarships and awards … curiously framing in black and white the specialized side-tracking and suppression of boyhood. Nothing must be gifted, reluctantly distributed, or even negligently protracted to them that might yield some future perceptible or imagined competitive advantage. As much as people, especially women, love to belittle boys and young men — using as crass justification the apparentness later in life that approximately 95% of all crime and violent acts are committed by them, these “creatures”, for which most women do their best (least) not to bring assistance, clear restrictions, and social order, not to mention spiritual origination to boys’ characters; they also ignore the fact that this is the same group (in a well-functioning society) naturally predisposed to inspire approximately 95% of all the creative energy in society (which may help answer the question earlier about lack of scientific progress). So, when society goes out of its way to deliberately ‘kill’ off boys and young men, it is likewise advocating an entrenchment for stagnant growth, the death of inventiveness, and a recession well for new ideas (which is what our taskmasters intended). (Section 8)

Bereft of serious role models aside from crude gangsters and turbulent black athletes, young men are left to struggle with one another academically and physically — condemned to an underling existence that is fore-casted to be despoiled, truncated, or snuffed out. Moving on, even in the social media of later life, be it podcast or broadcast, tech companies (under order) will not attempt to show boys or young men in a good light — the media motive being “holy” dedicated to the interests of the gay, the trans-, and whatever other possible deviancy can be contrived: the more deviant, the better for ratings. God forbid that boys should ever have straight, strong, brave, hard-working models to emulate, incite a rise up in rank, or to maybe make a noticeable impression on the opposite sex. The few inhabiting men (Capones) of the ruling elite don’t want anyone to compete with their private harem of upper echelon women (Karens). Hence, the ‘normal’ perspective on manhood is shut (shot) down purposefully and automatically. Besides, these are in sync with the stereotypical notions that no one wants to hear about good (male) Americans; and girls/women always want the spotlight to shine upon them anyway. Clearly, by shutting down the escalator allowing decent boys a future rise to the top, they are also condemning society to extinction. Thus, we may note with deference that the upper echelon of Capones deserves the global award as the most arrogant and short-sighted and the most foolish (between the conspiring culprits of Capones and Karens).

In urban areas, adult males find work hardly (literally), if they can find it at all, suitably in the form of servile, slave-like jobs; i.e., dirty, low-paying, benefit-shy jobs. Criteria of the affirmative-action government policy make black females (mathematically at least) twice as likely to claim college scholarships, achieve graduation, and obtain higher-paying positions as compared to black males. As a result, black women earn about two-thirds of all African-American bachelor’s degrees, up to 70% of all master’s degrees, and more than 60% of all doctorates, allowing them to go on and become lawyers, doctors, and corporate leaders (The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 2022). Companionship arrangements between the sexes, such as they are, are awkwardly skewed against equal collaboration because of the female’s higher (professional) standing, making the young black male, stuck on a lower-pay level, in effect a dependent of his female acquaintance (Katz, 2020). Situationally, this is even more noticeable in the poorest neighborhoods where social services subsidies preferentially tend (attend) towards mothers and children over single able-bodied men (fathers). The open-arrangement male ‘contract’ (contact) will not long endure, however, given her knowingly superior (master) status and his dependency (slave) submission. How ever much a housemaster may ‘love’ her servant, contempt is an inexorable ‘Hagar’ thing, especially when there is vexation or natural exasperation between the sexes. To go along with these depressing prospects is what I refer to (in contemporary language) as the 10% basketball star extrusion share (as in mafia cut) bringing insult and downplay to many men’s lives. This rule reflects, more lanquidly, the old Squire Law whereby the local domineering English squire would demand his connubial “first right” with all newly-wed virgins within the county or under his jurisdiction. As enviously observed today in various fields of star appeal, fate (that is, woman’s choice) creates a reality such that 10% of all the males (stars), of the NBA (for example), have access to (liberty advantage over) 90% of all the females (starlets). As heartbreakingly recalled from high school days, ordinary Joes were thus left with seconds or none. Once cast adrift, many of these ill-educated men, whose commodity value has now fallen, are forced to live the rest of their lives lonely and footloose, merely taking up space (not relationships) with whoever, whomsoever, or sexually whatever genders their way (‘aging’ making the choice for them increasingly more imperative and by scarcer means). On the flip side of the romantic file, the prospects may be better for a woman glorified in her professional life or by society in general, having spent years ‘making love’ to her job and workmates (literally), particularly if she was wise enough not to have children (irrelatively) and looking forward to not contributing to the preservation of the species, no matter how biologically prudent or pre-tending abortion.

Pausing for a moment, the subject of “choice” becomes worthy of a speculative interlude. Prior to the advent of universal suffrage for the poor, which constitutes the bulk of human history, only the rich and the powerful, the kings and the English squires (above) for example, had a choice. Small-town merchants might have had some small say, the serfs and the servants (the slaves of that time) had only hearsay. It wasn’t until the rise of the (lower) middle class that the average Joe (then Jane) had some semblance of real choice, although easily manipulated by the political or upper class. In the bifurcated arrangement between males and females, the 10% extrusion rule (metaphorical story) described above, if taken literally, suggests that 90% of the females (starlets) actually availed for themselves a real choice of whom they dated (perhaps with self-serving greed in mind); whereas 90% of males under this scenario — this concession to richness and fame modulation, did not. More equitable base-lines of traditional or computerized dating, while evening out the marketplace search, still would give women the lordship (squire-ship) of what man to date, when and where to go on that date, and the judgement call of what happens thereafter. When it comes to more serious issues like abortion, only the expectant woman has a choice; not the father or husband who helped to conceive the baby. But once born, he is responsible for child support (like it or not). Well, you might say, the father chose to have sex with the woman; that makes him responsible. Could not the same be said more culpable of the woman? She chose the man, she chose the game, she chose the occasion; doesn’t that make her three times over more responsible for the life thus wittingly created?

Reservedly bringing back portions of my own life story, growing up in the 1950s and 60s, a boy of my lowly station generally had little choice but to follow in his father’s carefully-spaced (paced) footsteps. Upon graduation, we poor young men had scarcely the choice of enlisting or being drafted, going by ship or plane to war, coming by hospital ship or casket back home. Women were spared even the hint of this bother or tragic outcome. When my father died in an accident, leaving a small farm and three, essentially orphaned younger siblings, it made all my future choices, from 17 years of age onward, moot. The women’s movement of the 1970s did not fight so that women could work equally side by side with men in the fields and in the 100-degree heat picking fruits and vegetables. They did not seek to break the stone-roof ceilings in coal mines. They did not struggle to attain equal numbers in the ‘professions’ of ditch-digging, street-sweeping, or septic-cleaning, or in the somewhat more horrific job of cleaning up the dead-soldiers-in-the-battlefield. The right of work venue, and its immaculate conception, was already theirs by choice. Many Latin-based languages, by some arbitrary and mysterious differentiation, distinguish between words scented (incensed) to be either ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’. Were this ritualized within the English language, then the right of choice would obviously be weighted toward the feminine side and its corresponding relational response to choice a masculine appointment. In factors beyond relationships, it may be proclaimed more generally that “all rights are feminine, whereas all responsibilities are masculine”. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘fluttering eyelash’ principle (technique used by some beautiful women to escape being ticketed by easily-fooled and even more easily-distracted male cops).

Continuing evidence of this choice specificity or attractiveness (dual meaning) can be witnessed over the long haul of long-term (or settled marriage) relationships, subtly pressuring men to be always self-conscious about the words they use around or express toward women. In America, only women have the privilege of ‘choice’ in regards to a word or series of words accounted suitable or acceptable or sensitive enough to be spoken, especially in mixed company. [Precaution: free speech is an anomaly in the realm of femininely perceived truth.] Amidst these awesome verbal games, women don’t run on the outside of anyone’s track — spending most race days happily man-tripping. In their minds, men can never interject objectionable points of any kind. Peering more deeply, men don’t have any real feelings to be conversely concerned about (dual meaning). According to female polemics, only women experience the ‘pain’ of life; only women know the pangs of childbirth, only women know the long agony of child-rearing; and so forth till the end of the race when only women know the exhausting anguish of elder care. Men know none of these things — more or less strolling carefree through life which is spontaneously rigged in their favor, as one-sided as the ‘joy of sex’. Women’s principal motto is, therefore, “men can not suffer”, for they do not know what ‘real’ suffering is. More precisely, “men can not suffer enough”, wherefore, the notion of crossing the line and really offending them is a non sequitur, an impossibility. More antithetical, “men can never be made to suffer enough”. Within the grappling of this co-incidental (comparatively side-by-side) pairing, a disturbing pronouncement of punishment, and only punishment, must follow.

Returning to the story of man-kind, those survivors of the urban world who manage to leverage their education, their work skills, and their spirited ambition into modest success in the clerical or executive world, they must quickly learn to speak ‘womanese’, the language of the female-dominated realm. Failure to do this could result in transfer, demotion, or expulsion. How shall such a ‘thing’ exist alongside? How shall a person of that ‘gender’ comport himself in a woman’s (or group of women’s) presence? How low must he debase himself in slavish supplication, vowing absolute allegiance and critical devotion (dual meaning), just to make work-life tolerable? Menially, he can only watch from outside the huddles of their scheduled deliberations — while his own personal fate and scalar value are weighed. Any exceptional male office worker who is sharply interested, intelligent-thinking, and comparatively able-bodied becomes a threat to the prevalence and domination of the ruling female authority. Hence, by secret fiat approved: “Let us by isolation or bumpy roadblock, or by debilitation hamper him and remove his limbs (artificial or real) at the knees”. Even in the best of transpiring office interchanges, vigilante posse(s) of women are always on the hunt, always just a hair’s breadth from turning violent, being rope-set and saddled with man-hate, albeit foaming at the mouth with envious obsession to rule over everyone and any body (dead or alive), … including their own male children, if necessary, in a drunken-toast to Herodian vengeance. If, as it happened, one person or male squad is already grandfathered in, then “the forces that be” must make sure that, one by one, every man still standing is ground down, cut into pieces, and hauled away as far as possible from this attractive sorority presently being blemished and disrupted by invective masculinity. For if even one man remains (alive), then this unsightly distortion of a ‘person’ concept might be so diligent as to work his way up the corporate ladder, to make himself eligible for a spot wholly designated for (holy dedicated to) a generic female executive comrade.

An intersectionality or interconnectedness can thus be drawn between the rise of government oppression (banana-republic style), the breach of scientific integrity, and the emasculation of boys (men). Strangled like a grapevine with morning glories, a new kind of human thinking turns in stem opposition to the traditional understanding of objective Truth. Called by a variance of references (literally): this new, and now only acceptable form of thinking, is alternatively labeled as feminine logic, feminized truth, non-masculine relational truth, or, putting the best spin on it, as the “feminization of perceived truth”. Many of the moral scandals in society and current insanities in psychology can be traced back to this heinous source of original misguided female vaccination.

Whether acknowledged or not, women, professional or otherwise, tend to evaluate everything from a fordable abridgement of intrinsic human worth and appearance, rather than enveloping and entrusting in experimental and affirmable truth, which they see as paternalistic; moreover, complicit with mainly (manly) honorable standards, which they see as synthetic. Viewed from a personal standpoint (and that is all we have left since external verification is a procedural offense), the only persons or things which really matter are those which serve to benefit them … period …; “them” meaning each person individually, or some clique, or surely woman-kind being its authors, or when pressed hard, their secret cabal of insurrectionists dedicated to (their) truth, (their) justice, and (their) American way (or be summarily destroyed). Extraneous persons must meet their minimum level of obedience, of conduciveness, and of submitting to their projections and urgings. Outsiders (male or female) must weather their emotional over-cast, becoming, in effect, obedient working slaves, to have any pertinent meaning and function in their flighty stratospheric lives. All others are refuse(d). To some meet that a woman must associate herself with men, and tolerate them, and obey them from time to time, because a cadre may hold seniority/authority over her, she will nevertheless always strive to make it her duty to interject confusion, or compel (male) accommodation or acquiescence, at every session and common call. Personal sense and relative worth dictate that the only legitimate (acceptable) significant solution must be one of her origination and glorification. [Now a man may know why (in his personal life) it is prescient for women to always be contrary, (no matter what you, the male, may say).] Subordinates and other personnel who cannot contribute to her aggrandizement through flagrant submission, must be treated with ridicule and disdain, or, at the very personal level, homely disregard. Not without autocratic simile I suppose, these classic despotic actions are very much in keeping with the approach of overbearing male business tycoons and despotic military leaders.

Forswearing itself, however, the feministic takeover of America cannot succeed without the sordid and early emasculation of boys — pervasively expounded above, but finds its secondary continuance in young manhood when everything ‘manly’ or privy to masculinity must be dismissed and/or decapitated — more physically accurate, castrated. For this deliberate commission of surgical malpractice, a woman seeks no permission slip nor does she consider herself guilty in any sense of the word, including belligerence: her appraisal and exhibition being completely ‘natural’. With self-platitudes of reasoning, women forward the only reason necessary for compulsively hating all men, once their proud benefactors but also possessors; and in the necessary course of events, to hate any man who demonstrates masculinity still. The toxicity of the male soul is pernicious to them, unless she should find herself in private need of soldier-defense, financial assistance, and rarely a substitute father. Surrendering to paradox, a woman (unnaturally) hates any man who is masculine, but she also despises any man is not masculine — as no longer available for personal conveyance, for the importuning of future service or for trolling as though a prop or a foil. If this bit of inconsistency seems irrational, dare we say it … a break in the validity of any truth-bound philosophical system … it is in keeping with the feminized ideal of thinking. All truth revolves around pertinence toward herself (and herself only). Perhaps the closest analogy in the male counterpart world is a fairly well-off man who desires a beautiful, buxom, essentially airhead of a blond wife, non-troublous and maintenance-free, who looks good alongside him while travelling down the road in his fancy open convertible; but a wife who nonetheless wonderfully manages the home, fits in well with the social circles, and when called for, can dazzle his business companions.

Objective truth, meaning what is confirmable by numerous independent personnel from various observation angles applying measurable and equitable standards, — what was once known as scientific truth, but not anymore — has been left without sense, shamed by its one-time cavorting with stinking masculinity. Under new management, presently, under the tap of feminine truth, only the sweet aroma of female perfume congeals … and becomes solid. “Truth” is simply whatever seems to ‘me’ personally favorable. As high priestess in Her Own Church, she feels what makes the parishioners ‘holy’ is purposed in her hand — the hand that holds the aspergillum, rather than in the holy water it contains. Feminine truth, as such, is no truth, receiving credence only through provisional credit (the fostering of the circumstantial).

Behind the sanctification of this female viewpoint is probably a latent heartache experienced in her life, even once, — by a young boy-friend, a negligent father, an unfaithful companion, a dismissive husband — angrily storing the tragedy in mason jars, to be preserved and opened at meal on every possible occasion, and spread as generously and as profusely upon anyone in attendance, but especially males now and forever, young or old, and in all ways upsettingly virulent. A psychological framing of the feminist argument would allege, anything that she can feel to ‘hate’ must be intuitively “hate-able” (deserved or not); logic then dictating that what is “hate-able” must be “hateful” (i.e., full of hate, hence worthy of being hated) — the object now seized in its own descriptive desserts; parenthetically, a thing thus befitting its stripe. Impression suffices to codify truth. Before you scoff at this conspicuous taint of oblique subjectivity, being yet short of apologetics, consider what a prisoner might discern of his situation whilst standing in front of the firing squad: are his ‘hopeless’ feelings merely a subjective impression or an actual external assessment of the inescapable physical conditions pressing upon him? Shall this cold weather be the actual cause of my shaking goosebumps or do they arise out of my fear of going outside in such inclement weather?

From this rapprochement, it is now easy (easier) to see why women might hate all men. Males are in possession of things physical, mental, and sociological, that females are want to have, but can not, causing envy and hate to stir inside them. Since presentation defines truth, what stirs inside them, i.e., these feelings of envy and hate, cannot reflect on her individually, or on her own saintly ego, for she is perfect. Therefore, these feelings must be generated from without — perturbations in her heart caused by the gravitational pullings of some outside astronomical ‘body’ — exasperating her soul, exacting a toll she cannot pay (satisfy internally). This makes that ‘body’ evil. All men are evil because of the conscious or subconscious feelings they enact inside her (without her consummate emplacement). This is comparable to people’s oft-expressed reactions against a haughty rich person who seems to be always acting snobbish and stand-offish; whereupon participants at group meetings are put off or vexed by his presence, not because this rich person carries with him that vexation or has exhibited something baleful, but owing to their own sense of bitterness and dislike toward his behavior. The projection is made that all rich persons are predisposed to act this way, and be worthy of avoidance; nay, pre-dislike. On another, more personal, level, someone confronts you over and over again about an act or deed you did wrong (especially to them). After a while, you get tired of being always sorrowful or apologetic; and then out of pettiness you start hating the person who is always reminding you of past mistakes. On a larger, more political level, this would correspond to, say, you trying to confront Washington politicians about their putrid swamp-dwelling, their slimy appetite, and their mud-throwing escapades. The conviction of truth is so bone-true, so internally damning, that their only response turns to anger — pointed outward at you, since they do not have the moral character to stand up straight (out of the swamp) or the courage to just leave. Lastly to acknowledge the childhood explanation for the good witch/bad witch delineation as proposed in the “Wizard of Oz”: “only the bad witches are ugly”, Glinda, the beautiful good witch declares; inversely implying or rather making us believe, the association being forged, that all good witches must be beautiful. By inference of patronizing internal conviction, only the inciteful (the bad) can instill such despicable (ugly) reactions.

Remember those sci-fi episodes wherein the heroes cross over into a dream world or into a parallel dimension; and becoming caught in ill-logical conundrum, they then decide that the ’normal’ laws of physics no longer apply? Where feminized truth reigns, there can be no double standards, no hypocrisy or contradiction, no acting out unfairly whether in real life or in a court of law. Hearsay, collusion, and circumstantial evidence are perfectly fine. No more ‘trial by a jury of your peers’. No more, ‘all men are innocent until proven guilty’ (e.g., Judge Kavanaugh). Better a Trumped-up charge of treason and frenetic calls for impeachment than an entire Biden catalog of certifiable bribery and more than forty years of family trading on position. All men are low-lifes anyway — beheld askance the way that anthropologists once conjectured about Neanderthals, resembling ‘men’ but animal brutes really … creatures who only happen to look like ‘us women’, the beautiful people. My every emotion is sacrosanct and unalterable. My slightest utterance is soft and touching — as memorable as lipstick print left upon a glass. I assume unto myself all humanness, all honor, and all grace; never once giving equal thought to that hairy beast who just happens to walk upright (the times I let him) beside me. The light of truth is in me; it need not be proved or approved. Every person, place, and thing must conform to my vision or face existence denial. Now follow her self down to the beauty parlor … noting what makes feminine loveliness so comely and alluring is accentuated and commutable to Truth: appearance is the only appeal.

And furthermore, what I can’t have, then nobody else deserves; or whatever I can’t take away by might, I will make damn sure you will regret it mightily. Interjection of self is the only appeasable interaction.

All said, what I have just related is the American (European) side of womanhood — that, too, primarily the middle-income story and above, — hardly that of lower-income or indeed most women in the world, especially in the poor, underdeveloped countries. Unlike actual working mothers, who regularly go to work dressed in some form of uniform and perform real manual labor, these are surly professional working mothers who almost never do anything ‘physical’ (job-related), and who only professionally attire themselves in ‘work clothes’ (i.e., dress wear) in the same disguise that they would attire themselves in work-out clothes when going to the gym every day. Sympathetic then, American women of the lower middle income range or less have a rightful claim of oppression, being always brushed over and never paid homage, despite being the backbone of utilitarian and humane society. American women of the upper middle-income range or higher are blushed over by contrast, given laurels nearly every day, and trophies every other month, with precious holding the National Art Gallery and the National Cathedral in honorarium for their many private bookings and seances. Just look at the female Supreme Court Justices, recent and in the past (e.g., Kentanji Brown Jackson and Ruth Bader Ginsberg) could there ever be women more contemptuous of other’s opinions, so contrary and so defiant of the truth, even to the point of denying true sexual existence, while yet claiming first-person awards for themselves and for their celebrated advocacy of females?

Stroll around town about lunch time on any spring or summer day, gaze upon those at the outdoor seating area or on the terraces of cafes and shops, or in the evening outside of the fancy expensive restaurants; what you will see is mostly women, gossiping profusely about their friends (those who just happen not to be there), gesturing and articulating about the problems in the world — which women could fix absolutely if “only they had a penis and were in charge”. For such women, their only real concern is a “Clueless” obsession of where are we going to eat tomorrow for lunch/dinner, what place is best for buying this extravagant item only special people like me deserve, or maybe which country or island should I go visit on my next vacation — even though the rest of America is suffering in a recession. Ask these ladies about — till what age (extent) women living in some of these poorer countries have to work for survival purposes, and they might say, about 50, 60, or 65 years. No, the answer is forever, as long as they live; however long or short that is, because that’s how long slaves work. These American women can never order change through express credit cards; nor by sharing espresso cups make appear in a third-world wave an occupational froth of mocha-curative risen delight

Assume an adulterated ‘Jill’, apart from the original children’s tale of “Jack and Jill”: her now all ‘grown’ up … well almost, … she’s a woke activist who regularly goes up the campaign hill to look down on the little people whose backgrounds and visions sink lower than her own. Why need I a pail when “cleanliness” doesn’t really matter; or why should I “be on time” to meet a ‘Jack’ whom I don’t really like anyway? Ask Jill not what her ‘normal’ body temperature is, since there is no such thing as normal or standard. Query not what makes the daytime bright and the nighttime dark, what allows clouds and bumblebees to fly. The time of Man when 1 + 1 = 2 is over; or when 1 man and 1 woman create a biological family of 2: customized genders are now as prolific as Baskin-Robbins flavors. Jill keeps in luggage fold, at all times handily, her most presentable wardrobe and favorite tech soft-ware; in baggage her colorful array of bloodstones and fancy bling; in carriage her pail of chattel tears from Jack’s pained working distillations.

Could unreasonableness be the real conjugate of reasoned madness? Why should you and yours have precedence — preeminence — over me and mine? If I say the thief is noble and the storeowner is greedy, then take him, the latter, to jail. If I say government resistance is revolting, but my protests are winning, then to the information dominant (the victor) goes the spoils. If I say loud and disgusting is just music to my Rap, and your hymnals and prayers are phobic bigotry, then let your last song be your TAPs. Among the council of her cursive ganglia of LGBTQ+ letters, there is no ‘straight’ or ‘white’ or ‘religious’ or ‘normal’ or ‘human’. Sweltering in the conscious swag of those who wear T-shirts bearing the words “Girl Power” or “Girls Do It Better” — how misogynistic it is for someone to think that other-than-girls have feelings and can be (surprisingly) offended. If only “Boys Exist, too” and “Boys’ Lives Matter” had media backing and an equivalent broach on sanity. How does one reason with incoherency? How can someone make balanced what has already been shifted sideways, substantial what has already been weighed bare? As worthless as the stamp on fool’s gold, their treasure is. How do you talk to people who only see ‘logic’ as a curious thing, and ‘conviction’ as a harsh glint of sunshine from which they must avert their eyes? How do you talk to mean persons who don’t think anybody but themselves have meaning?

For man there can be no appeal to beauty for truth or equity. A man cannot run home to his mother after a squabble with his spouse or after his boss fires him. A man either makes it in life (professionally) or else he fails as a man — or else he dies inside and out. And there is rarely any room in a woman’s heart for any man; but clearly not for any son, husband, or father who has failed. That be a forfeiture of service policy and a violation of product warranty; a liberty cancellation in the granting of salient free life.

What missing mission-message must lie at the heart of the song “True Colors” (by Cyndi Lauper)? That everyone should bring forth their unappreciated inner beauty — superficially spurning the consternation of others for whatever strange harmful inflammation might arise — to mean — let us issue forth to other’s irritation the burning gall of internal turmoil, no matter how queer the refraction or how caustic the covering polish. Such was their war cry … once …, their skinny on the arch-plainness of life and its bland sexuality. With ‘time after time’, sing they a new refrain, fretting the real biology that has truly emerged, subtending psoriasis, a shameful and embarrassing flesh of fact. Put on a brave face of learned dopiness, of pain and painted mascara, in the offing. Apparently rosy red rash was not her inwardly-redeeming and penitent “true color” after all.

It wasn’t Nature who put tattoos all over your body-temple. It wasn’t Nature who put staples and bells in your noses and belly buttons, or, disparagingly, bore holes in your ear lobes like the slaves of the Semites in Ancient Israel. It wasn’t Nature who flattened your hair and dyed it blue, pink, green, and purple. These Devil signs, the PRIDE a-gain of ownership, you brought upon yourself. Spare us now the cosmetic gay and sporty drag queen become much less the frustrated commercial ‘change artist’?

All in all, it wasn’t God who made you listen to immoral, senseless and racist, preaching’s of the fallen, or watch with titillation sexually-explicit films. It wasn’t Jesus who made you worship at the altar of your own vanity or made you swoon at the czarist’s feet when your enemies were crushed. By what heavenly advert did you lust after the taste of poisonous things or fondle the skin of spoiled meat, turning the dark-mirrored soul even more tinted (tainted). So laid, so stayed, so said, don’t blame Nature, Heaven, or Christ for the bull you speak and the pagan calf you fashioned for worship at the base of commandment mountain.

Strange, could you not find berth in your rainbow mansions of false light and divergent color schemes for one infant ray of virgin truth? Abject is the heart that finds, in-domicile, no home for love of reason. Who … apropos the senseless and the inappropriate … orders compulsion of the insane, strike necessary accord with the wanton? Break out of your eggshell of thinning oval globalism, and give yourself fresh home-stead to breathe.

Section 11 – The Celebrated Demoralization of the Human Spirit

Target Groups: Social taskmasters; Political slavery; Child slaves; Slavish manners

Far in — removed from places of destiny where summers go to shed … late September rains bid our rescue party to stall … and die … for lack of good old-fashioned American stock. Those others – having for three generations long: the Communists, the terrorists, and the progressives all … leave pilloried the institutions, leached the land, and prostituted the children. Though frailed from the heart and Elias-cautioned, cross-string veins and weep a-low the manglings of a prayer — whereupon this final self am … I, even I only, remain to speak.

Bear witness the fallacy of the lonely. You say your life is your own. But if you decide to one day disengage from your venturous ways and settle down in a long-term relationship, or possibly even get married, then much of your actions and salutations will thereafter be geared toward accommodating that other person’s (maybe not so mutual) needs, dreams, and desires. If you decide to have a child, then many years of your life will be dedicated to upbringing and shaping a youngster into adulthood. Or, if you decide to make active your military service, or move into police force, then your future safety and security will rely on the vigilant training and side-by-side protections of veterans. Even if, casually and civilly, you just inhabit an ordinary job, then ‘most’ of your subsequent attitude, personality, and sense of self-worth will be shaped by contacts and the fulfilment of adequate performance reports. You say your ‘life’ is your own; yet your ‘life’ is not an entity urgent unto itself — merely a compilation of long commitments and short causes, of responses and responsibilities, of processes and promises, toward the requested ordering and reception of results – come lately packaged, red taped and sanded smooth, to be shipped in tact or broken, per adventure other people’s ungloved hands.

How many people think they are special and outstanding simply by virtue of their size, presence, or richness — because they are tall like a 7-ft basketball player, or a gigantic figure like Goliath, swatting people aside merely by their passing swagger, or rich like Carnegie in both cruelty and philanthropy? How many socialist university professors think they command and deserve universal respect because they commandeer the credits of obedient students — bound to listen to his triteness, his vitriolic bigotry against the nation that yet pays him (welfare) out of the penny salary of far-less educated, far-more patriotic service-persons … whom the professor’s ancestors per diem laughingly shackled like peasants? How many media hosts and crude pod-sharers think themselves influential purely because they press the unsavory points of the blunt, because they have a platform, or shout like town criers — or maybe more like sheep crying (mock) wolf?

Legend has it that Albert Einstein, who was never very fashion-conscious, would stroll around in an undershirt, baggy pants held up by a rope, no socks, women’s sandals, and, of course, wildly-frayed and disheveled hair. Years later, acclaimed scientists on TV and in the lab would model some of this look, especially the wild hair, as though they had just stuck their finger in a light socket. Perhaps even these intelligent scientists were personality convinced and psychologically fooled into thinking – that’s what made Einstein such a genius. From this sight (not insight), other people (they thought) who behold me might hold me in vision and scientific position likewise high in intelligence and frayed by genius. Personal fascination aside, this is like believing what made (some) artists great were their continual drunkenness, their gayness, or their desire to cut off an ear in moments of madness.

Nearly every boy of my generation wanted to be Superman — not wanted to be like Superman, wanted to be Superman. Paralleling this desire later, nearly every girl of her gentle generation clasped bands about a Wonder Woman. How excitingly wistful and personality-bolstering to claim affinity, no, synonymousness, with a female character of such power and adroitness, of independence and (of course) noble origins … scarred only by later portrayal in series as also (of course) suspicious, distrustful of, and even rancorous toward all men. For some of these young girls, paganized in idol worship for Wonder Woman, they may have moved beyond fantasy and started lifting the dressing of their faith — appareled in more than fake royal insignia, that tight fancy outfit, those armed adornments of weaponized accessories — as might turn appearance into reality: besot, if you will, at this romantic wheedling brought on by sketchy temporal influences and the desire to be another self. Surely the girl (woman) realizes the difference; but does her inner being? For that matter, does any girl or boy fully cast off the dreams of youth without incorporating some tincture of its pale spirit? She may well be aware of what veers from her cunning self the prospect of becoming a real Wonder Woman … without totally forsaking its aura of attraction, or completely dismissing her super-power and super-talents as one day attainable, if only in virtual appearance. Arbitrated, then, by age, more subconsciously than consciously, the pins and rings, the tattoos and things, at the very least make her cushion-ly ‘different’ and spellbindingly special (though relatively indistinct among the established-cohort of her similarly-dressed friends). Famously supplemented by the latest phones, Bluetooth, and belt-fastened gadgets, the garnishment of the exotic and the wonderful becomes the seasoning of the strange and the wondrous. Well, then, oven-check the baking temperature of their not-so-well kneaded folds of real life: its ordinary people doing ordinary things, stuck in mundane jobs — working without the golden spike of ceremony, of timed-serial applaud, or even the winding up of retirement watches? To satisfy this unsightly shortcoming is the cloak of activism, fronting for Antifa and BLM, or snuggling with Mary Jane, hoping to swaddle grand status through wimpy outrageousness. Stop, look, and listen heedfully to the train of racing cars passing by. More than cost and coating make the Indy team sparkle and their sports cars spark with competitive sheen.

Is it any wonder the youth of today are morally depressed and frantically mournful about the future? If they are not well-born with connections or blessed to be among the already exclusive elites (i.e., the taskmasters of society), thereby assuring them a place on Wall Street, on political Knob Street, or in Hollywood Rodeo — all trimmed with glory; and if they have no genetic talents of athleticism, no God-given magnetism of statuesque media allure, then what is left but an inventory of jobs and service of some sort, or maybe trade work, fast food and shops for the quick and the dead? In procession-like protest they therefore lather themselves in graffiti, tighten wrench on the ‘queer’ turn – which at least acquits them (others surmise) the stigma of their being socially-tamed and the boring pipes of the drug addicted. Were these, too, only ‘woke’ enough to see their tired morning faces seized in drunken and sleazy hangover.

Seeing passed the sins of the formerly-civilized, beyond the pale tribal descendants of the Vikings and the Spartans alike, now heaving the chest of a broken-skin heritage, punching carpenter stakes in their body joists, making mortise and tenon their surety souls, while pasting their own wanted posters on the pirates’ bulletin board — we may well shun the underlayers. Beneath the why is the wherefore: to be culturally out-of-tune yet generationally copacetic. Unheard in meaning is the story of a very young child who, whilst travelling with his parents to a faraway land many years ago, was shipwrecked and orphaned by a mighty storm, leaving him relatively alone. Fortunate enough to be saved by some long-banished castaways on a deserted island, the child would grow up sheltered amongst the lame, the palsied, and often leprous old people. While surviving minimally and attaining some measure of independent sufficiency, he nevertheless developed the habits and movements characteristic of his only adult models. The child began to master a (needless) crippled walk, to stand slightly hunched over, not upright as he should; and when communicating, to speak at a slightly slower speed than most normal youngsters of that age. That’s how scientists would gauge (were there any adjudicators left), how you, the hapless foundling, or how any stranger observationally alongside, would know that you were living in a mal-formed and ruinously-framed composition — when who should be among the most vigorous and most expressive (the most creatively prodigious) in a society must restrain themselves or else break out, lest they automatically be trimmed and racked in a miscast foundry, taking final hardened shape from the abysmally lame and the morally halt.

Women, like politicians (dual meaning), often escape blame on the social mal-formation page for their baneful honing of the environment, be that the destabilization of society or the ravaging of the Natural Earth. It is far too simplistic to ascribe either (male) licentious desires or (female) vanity as the roots of society’s downfall. However, women’s ‘guilt’ is far more concrete and rapaciously disabling. Living and working in the DC area all my life, and without citing statistics which might be made quarrelsome to some people, I could not help but notice as the decades go by how more and more white women (at least 50% of overt relationships and rising) choose black men (or women) as their registered socializer, bed-sharer, close dating or marriage partner. Practically unrecognized in the media, this is also having a devastating effect on the steadily declining Caucasian population numbers, recording white (replacement) births at just .98 of white deaths, on its way to extinction. By comparison, Asian births to deaths ratio is almost 4 to 1 (Saenz & Johnson, 2018). It would take sensational academic audacity on my part and invite significant acrimony for me or anyone to conjure up some dated hypothesis or obscure anthropological justification for this behavioral incontinence … pointing perhaps to some latent, long-dormant longing enticing white women to make cuddle with black men (unknown to memorialized history) over their indisputable biological counterparts (white men). While the new ‘black’ may indeed be black, the formulaic explanation is probably far more ingratiating and skin-tone reactionary. White women (i.e., Karens) are a very pragmatic bunch when it comes to themselves (but not to life generally), quite anxious to exchange something they really don’t want (any way) for what they think will serve them better (under the right emerging and enduring circumstances). To counter the misgiven notion of any particular woman’s civil or racial recklessness, I will try to make objective reference to her own likes and dislikes. By relinquishing any notorious companionship with a (racist, brute-like, misogynistic) white male, she has essentially freed herself, or at least emancipated her conscience, from all the accompanying trying times and trials blamed on, whom else, the calamitous white MAN. Associatively, she becomes now eligible to count herself as well among all those persecuted slaves from time immemorial in need of sparing separation and relief. Besides exculpating her from historical blame, the choice of black over white has the added financial benefit of acquitting her from having to conduct (marriage or divorce) negotiations with someone at or nearly at her equal, metaphysically speaking, paroling in her favor, for example, partial compromise regarding children versus absolute or substantial control; or which half of the community property does she get versus which two of the halves she will ultimately control. Forming a (previously) unconventional ‘partnership’ with a black man also smartly buys her gambling and accrediting rights over her (socially pigeon-holed) ‘lesser being’, … perhaps affectionately reminiscing about or dramatically harking back to those glorious antebellum days of the Golden South. A final perk allows her to gain in rank (ascendency) among her fellow female liberals, perking up her activist status, her shared regime and street cred. Parabolically this gives her leverage or leeway for even more aggrandizing social movements (exhibitions) regarding ‘pro-choice rallies’ or ‘save the whales and the oceans’, plus lower-extremity rights to boldly satisfy her wet dreams of the lesbian sisterhood to which she owes most allegiance, and earning brownie (bounty) points in their behalf toward the greater scouting (scalping) debasement of men.

Witnessing this dilemma firsthand forces one to admit, if predominant, the absurdity of all logic: seeing and seeming as it does, the preponderance of so many women to cast their druthers feminine only. Surely there are the safety considerations: enlisting the services of another woman as a life partner which would exempt her from the drudgery of pregnancy, the natural hazards of heavy figures, and the lighter-wont appeal. Besides, “Who needs those brats and rug-rats anyway?” But how is it that any ‘natural’ normal woman should find sexual climax strictly by turning a favorable eye narcissistically upon her own mirror image, and in complete despising of male love and virility — toward the casual forfeit of human (baby) sharing, and the inevitable causal disposal of any and all children everywhere? For the vanity of lesbianism is to claim that she/they harbor no inclination whatsoever to socially engage, in preference or marriage, any male. Speaking scientifically now (a feminist sin), what peculiarity of diluted chemical origins could give mathematical register to the notion that after millions of years of natural evolution and conjugating together, uncounted tens of thousands of years in tribal and group development, and millennia more devoted to civilized commiserating and commingling, the biology of a woman still would be affixed internally — vagina-struck (stuck) by her own image? Only a psychological flaw could account for such a biological statistical anomaly. Or more maniacally, the two women (lesbians) are allowing their similar likes, cultured hatreds, and shared biases to overrule their natural desires and sexual sense.

Suppose you were a very young man, full of vim and vigor, with hormones buzzing, who has fallen madly in love with a fellow student. After numerous classes, social meetings, dances, and a few exchanged gifts, you think she is finally opening up and expressing some mutually reciprocating affection. Then she tells you, heartbreakingly, she’s in love with someone else. Although this brutal rejection — a rejection by the way that most women can’t even imagine happening to them — is like a knife being stabbed in your heart, at least you can tell yourself in partial compensation of ego, “well, I probably lost her to a better man: perhaps the captain of the football team or maybe the richest boy in school”. Merely to find out later from second-hand sources that the person she’s in love with and can’t live without is another woman. This is not a rejection on the order of first-grade puppy love, or, otherwise, “you’re too small to ride this rollercoaster”; this equates to a level of a white’s-only social club delivering the message “Sorry, we don’t allow blacks in here”. Or for those without sympathy for the black experience: “I wouldn’t date you if some world-wide disaster had occurred and you were the last man on earth — posterity and children be damned”. Exclusive lesbianism also defies a recognized scientific principle … that of natural selection, whereby is purported that it is the female of the species, her beauteous likes and dislikes, that sets the standard of the male appearance, as in the manes of lions, the feathery displays of peacocks, the colors of the birds of paradise, etc. Here, if lesbianism is the instrument of control, then the female (trigger) isn’t even looking at males at all; but, instead, spending her sexy-peering efforts in front of a mirror marveling at herself and her sister peahen.

As for the now fully-accepted admixture of races (black/white/etc.), it is never to be challenged, for “Love triumphs over all”, and any other eyeing is a racist view. How emancipated are they whose prurient gaze on love mostly revolves around lust and the promiscuous spilling, disgusted strangling, and highly infectious sweating of bodily fluids in massage parlors, rumpus rooms, and gay bars. Speaking, instead, from who once was a dreamer, as a boy growing up, repulsed by cliquish girls who in their slavish mannerism were as want to smirk as to smile, to give you the finger as to wave hello; as brazen to put their hand down their throats and pretend to throw up at the mere mention of your loathsome name. This, by your perspective, enamored of her, who is of the same background and culture as you, of the same cultural family and faith; whose hair color, powdery face, thin nose, and narrow painted lips are more than just a cosmetic statement. All set against us (whites), the generative forces which suffered to create and bear her, gave her the genetics of that blond hair, fair skin loveliness she so treasonously now despises and abrogates from the next generation. Until someone like you has experienced that kind of unnatural bounded (wounded) exclusion, that barred-from-life kind of rejection, that flouting and flying the confederate colors-up-the-flagpole kind of disdain … till then, you speaking ‘love’ should be as closed book as their Rebel cause of vanquished hope; for you lie too far outside the cordon of the offending crime scene to judge. Honestly, it is a triumph of hate, not love, which has won overall. Moreover, their fainted (feinted) upset having now winced bipolar by bigoted hypocrites who spend their whole lives mocking the short and the lame, the fat and the clutzy, the poor and the poorly attired; the un-hip and the untalented; to jovially trivialize those who shop at Wal-Mart, who favor hard work and learning over lunging and lounging, good manners over good grappling; who favor ‘love your neighbor’ (instead), and who amazingly think Christian life the basis of critical living … they now cursing others who may be ’darkly’ mused and ‘strangely’ puzzled by reactions to what is sprawled obtrusively real and derisive; moreover, conspicuously strewn like smudge on their faces no one dare notice; per physical differences actually perceived, and not the superficial affronts, resented sentiments, or disquieting and ephemeral vaunts of the gratuitously and discriminately disliked.

She who reserves unto herself the ‘right’ to hate should have no qualms of trespass for others to cross.

Confronting the female community about either of these anathemas — bringing serious doubt to honest conformity to love — would be like confronting modern Muslim fanatics about the early life and actions of Mohammed and his Muslim followers who went from village to village, city to city, slaughtering every Jew and Christian who wouldn’t submit to Allah’s will (Burleigh, 2015). Millions of men in the current social environment, many forced out of work or into lesser jobs by affirmative action, who have suffered mental trauma or physical handicap from war, now fill our medical facilities, or our jail cells, or our mental institutions, or plainly and plaintively our streets and parkland. How many might have been salvaged, might still could be saved worse despair and downfall, if they had met one decent woman (in a lifetime) of genuine character, kindness, respect, and especially affection — stepping out of her prejudice zone and proverbial hatred to express one kind WORD and to show them the ‘light’ of love? Starkly and contemptuously, she would rebuff our charge: “It’s not my problem,” I have heard, “if his biological needs do not comport with mine and his emotional state is in apparent arrest.” Come then they of little leftover concern to her without remainder … marking humanity’s destitution, sociological slavery, and prison-like individual isolation as much the result of womankind’s self-obsession, pejorativeness, and unholy disavowal of brotherly love — for which he is more than a natural symbiont, but a procreative mate of biological model necessity. Shouldn’t psychologists then be required to label this inability to feel a ‘disability’ — unable to feel affinity with half the human race — as a handicap, nay, a physical/psychological affliction, more or less on a par with the parallel prognosis of CIPA, the inability to feel pain?

My father was almost 50 years old before anyone ever called him “Sir” — such is the regard for ditchdiggers and dirt farmers. Then he died at age 51. Previously I listed, in partial agreement, a woman’s suffering in life for which she feels she is owed much recompense. But to whatever shortchange and faulty provisions of life women may rightly think have been slanted or disinclined their way, in pain and remorse, must be rejoined — unappreciated by her is the adoration courtesy granted to her by right of gender alone; unseen by a Marilyn Monroe from her perspective spotlighted in attractiveness and others’ envy … as she merely walks away from; unknown by women the salvo shots of when life begins and where life ends for men at their expense … men wishing their whole lives for some subtle grace, a welcoming heart, a pro-longing that might feel for him what he feels for her … all that which was acceded her, given to her unconditionally, handed to her so freely and nonchalantly with no appointment ever of irreducibility much less obliged reciprocation. (American) girls/women have an automatic lock on parental fondness and special protection, a fanatic lock on sexual love from their worshipping boyfriends, and a genetic lock on devotion from their breastfeeding offspring. All that which many men spend an entire life just trying to find some small measure, she is bequeathed as coming her way automatically. Conceptually, a woman can never project what it’s like to be a man either. He … that is … him — never to know what true kindness is, … per the female tap on closed close companionship. She will never know what it’s like to live your entire life, from birth until death, unwanted, unneeded, unloved. If any woman says, “I have never experienced ‘true’ love”, then that is probably because she didn’t want it, or he wasn’t good enough for me, or he was just an express pony ridden to his scant limits and station waylaid. “Just once”, I have heard men say (and not just those lost on the streets); “just once I would like simply to be able to talk to a woman and she, in response, talk to ME, a person, not that THING that happens to stand in front of her now, or to WHAT she may feel she owes some modest accommodation of polite gesture or business conversation; but actually to me, in humility, a human.” Aged wisdom realizing in the end, all along, she to whom you loved and dedicated your entire life — wishes you were dead instead — you and all others like you rather be entombed. Unfortunately, the American mass is beyond the offering of litany and supplication; and most women parishioners today are bereft that sense of forthcoming respect and cordial perspective of any man. Before removing the target off his back, a man must first release the slave collar from around his neck.

Every dirty trick that government officials devised and corporate managers vindictively invented as roadblocks or derailments against unmanageable employees or troublesome workers, i.e., anyone that they would like to have gone (e.g., potential whistleblowers) … these attacks have long since been the tactics and instruments of (dis)favor used by women to dispose of their husbands or boyfriends or housemates. Spreading office (community) rumors, reciting trite rumors in earshot of security guards, assigning aggravating or impossible tasks, backstabbing at every available and seemingly off-the-cuff opportunity, garnering local sentiment and (departmental) empathy against him, or lastly and stingingly just criticizing his manhood and adequate work acumen — such were primarily the wiles and Amazon guile employed by women for centuries to generate peer pressure and invoke poor performance evaluations within the office (living) space; to the end, the absolute need for divorce (employment termination). A wife has also famously been known, after cleverly inciting domestic disputes, to call her neighbors on the phone, or open her front doors widely, so that all her neighbors and the whole neighborhood could hear her yell as though she was the one being verbally assaulted and irrationally treated. No person or thing is impervious to her devices or can remain sequestered from her secret vengeance. Hence, mottos like “the end justifies the means” and “by any means necessary” are hardly new or original; perfunctorily the archetype of feminized truth, expatiating and justifying the motive of self-gain over any worrisome concession to fair-play.

Should it now be said, battered and baked into such unforgivable critical firing of men by (white) women, especially their promotion of feminized truth exclusively, to the misleading of the young, the vanquishing of families, … as to be overkill … toward this, the longed-for destruction of all of society? How much anguish and anger, redress and repercussions, is due the authors of Armageddon? If not authors, then certainly willing accessories (Section 8).

As eulogized in the epilogue of my earlier paper outlining the elements of the Deep State, “people” who would have sworn to their dying breath — to high heaven even — “there really isn’t a Deep State; it’s just a conspiracy theory,” before being forced to realize that 99% of all people are part of that group; whereupon they confess, “of course we’re part of it – we’re all on the take; you think we’re as stupid as you are?” So be it like all my other life experiences, I have accordingly and reluctantly instilled a maxim from all my travails: “99% of all the people you will ever meet in life are not worth knowing” (either because they are oblivious to anything but themselves, duplicitous, untrustworthy, or slyly so devious as to be quite willing to betray foe, friend, or family member alike for any slight gain in opportunity). The obvious implication, if taken as a universal truth, is that human society must be sadly adrift on a cursed and doomed ship. While I have tried to resist this fatalistic analogy, a philosophic carry-on of some bearing would ask, “Who then is its captain?” or more representatively, “whose (figure)head should grace the bow?” Going back in personification of the dual conception (deception) in society: Capones (males) and Karens (females) i.e., bastards and bitches, this time limiting ourselves to the top echelon — both sexes can be obstinate, ruthless, and without mercy – by way of planning and expediting humanity’s dissolution. Both gleefully use others, often innocent parties, to do their dirty work; and with few exceptions, both will not let anything stand in their way. As demonstrated more in the last Section, both are swollen with platitudes — sighing in resound of personal sorrow, but would sell their own children into slavery if it would mean putting a few extra dollars into their bank accounts; they would consign their own mothers to a concentration camp if it meant staying in their current positions of power for just one more day. The major distinction between them — this time giving Karens the edge, speaking sarcastically, is their ability to (1) gather and rush millions of their comrade followers to be adjoined in battle at a moment’s notice (which is a sign of shared hatred), and (2) journey without fear into uncharted waters cited by ancient mariners as ought to be ‘sailing off the edge’ – knowingly to the ship’s, and also theirs, self-destruction. That bespeaks a gruesome dedication and a heretofore unmatched ruthlessness. Blood is thicker than water; but the pledge of feminine bonding is thicker than blood.

In everyday life we are all taskmasters — holding in personal affirmation, for example, that you may have a bosom friend (in pre-tense next to your heart), but who is in actuality a quasi-business trading partner. A hand only for herself, that other person will share and do things for you, and ‘be’ there for you to some unspecified limit — some un-rendered moment of expected counter-exchange. ‘Baring’ occurs of the truth when that person doesn’t fully bear your needs and ‘friendly’ requests or in a manner and configuration you prefer, or of sufficient quantity and the quality you desire. Then suddenly the most amiable of relationships, of handy mutual coupling and exchanging, are spent and discharged like a (slave) laborer on the permanently-disabled list, no longer capable of performing satisfactory subservient work. Who friendship once has familiarly served should always to be brotherly shared.

How did you get yourself stuck in this field anyway? Rally yourselves to this one last uplifting plan before giving up and walking home. With your last strong hand on snowy shovel, create the clearance for whose tired chains shall yet slide forward onto freedom. It was all-ways self that brought you to standstill, that tarried you in the churned mud of life, and marred your desire to pull together truly before others took charge. There may still be time to parley the delay from over-weighted truckload to small but sufficient caravan.

A latter-day pioneer couple decides to build their own piece of paradise out in the desert region of the Southwest. They put up windmills to create turning power for their workshop and to draw water from the parched earth. They score and level a sizable garden to provide food and an area alongside to beautify with lush flowers. Furthermore, they install solar panels to generate the electricity for their new ranch-style house. In time they would turn the barren soil into a handsome yard and children’s playground. Around the property they would place a high wall with deep footings in order to keep the coyotes, the rattlesnakes, the cougars, and the other marauders out. After several generations of comfortable living — ever converting the harsh environment into evermore a sort of human paradise, surrounded by gentle, now green, slopes extending out for almost a mile — they were visited by some distant relatives recently come from the old homeland. While the relatives admired the family’s initiative and success, aggregated through hard work and the combined sweat of successive generations, they were nonetheless disillusioned by the luxuriousness and crassness of it all: the ‘unnaturalness’ seeming to contradict their original pioneer outlook. The visitors convinced the younger members of the family to start living more in congruity with the rugged world around them and according to a more simple lifestyle. In succession they tore down the well-built brick house and put up a rather plain adobe home. They pulled down those windmills and retracted many of the solar panels, which were highly efficient and functional, but also obstructed the view of the scenic desert. They opened up the gates on the perimeter wall, pulled apart the sectional wood planks so as to allow the desert creatures to move more freely across their land — “after all, they were here first!” Startled at the sight, the elders at first thought this was all just a practical joke; but eventually the old great-grandparents consented to the changes, including the removal of the stead’s crucial safety features. The lush garden quickly dried up and the flowers and food faded away. The playground was no longer green, luxurious, and smooth, no longer pleasant enough for the kids to play on. Their once ‘dream area’ was no longer spaciously alarmed; and no longer safe since they had handed it over as shelter for the scorpions, spiders, and snakes. Unturned and unmaintained, the still-standing solar panels soon became useless and incapable of providing enough electricity for all of their appliances and services. Staunchly, however, the family persisted in their re-found discovery of the ‘true’ pioneer life, accustoming themselves to the hardships; though some family members wondered why they must now spend their winter nights huddled together … shaking, shuddering, and nearly starving by the smoky fire light.

Normalcy assigns its own goodness of place — and forward scribes the engineering of every social human construct. A seemingly arbitrary play is thought-ordered, and a wardrobe culled from others’ standards of wear, leaving the attired cast worn and the audience naked. Out there in the desert … beyond natural feel … more than just body irritation, heat frustration, painful exposure, severe thirst and hunger reside: the beasts — and the bestial — also roam. Beyond the enclosed square and the rounds of normal house-call, strangeness abounds. And perversity, not clear sight, runs all the way to the horizon.

Section 12 – The Manufacture of Perverted Sex Slaves

Targeted Areas: Child sex slaves; Global slavery plantation system; Government-dependent slaves; Slave prisoners; Kidnappers as taskmasters; Slaves to fashion

What started with the manufacture of products by worker slaves in China now ends with the manufacture of ‘sex slaves’ in America, perverted and automaton-like. As warned in foregone sessions, tragically there is a strong, economically well-supported, emotionally disturbed, sadistically cruel effort underway to create a global slavery plantation system. Its chronology and mode of attack is easier to fathom than the master plan and purpose behind it. As of this day and this time, we, the slaves, not them, are left outside the portico (which we built, and which we fan), while weeping in the summer heat and gnashing our teeth in dread. Agents introduce, then endlessly promote utter depravity among the already deprived — the immense but largely directionless working class — interweaving spastic strains and ethnic conflicts, bringing strangulation of historic morality and valuable loss to intrinsic scientific truth. Indoctrination and mandatory brainwashing follow. Should any isolated parent or home-schooled children reside, they shall be humbled and made afraid, and their children touched and derided. A keeper-control is in the line of assembly for the moving poor and lowly still-borns. Theirs must be a destiny one with maintenance and machine operation … or otherwise the prison … for their own good of course. Looking back, it wasn’t enough the high-brows … already perched on privileged heights, draped in excessive wealth, overweight and distempered by gross digest, had also to ‘ring’ the system with Philistine fighters to blind any risen Samson.

The credulity of the Communist declaration, “We care about the people!” is challenged by their lack of concern for any single person. Their elite tactics are manifold: allowing unlimited (replacement) immigration, depressing faith and honored service, denying patriotism and constitutional conformity; deploying sports-like unrestricted abortion and criminal violence unchecked; in kind offering presenting only the bread-and-circuses of putrid and debauched entertainment which are bathed in blood, human sacrifice, and environmental slaughter. Crude cabarets and cat walks of naked sexuality await sensuously the ‘high’ pageantry of death – spread like sushi on tables before them. Gone are the harvest dreams of the masses, suspended by tyrannical tech companies — frosted like winter wheat at the bitter end of moldy exchange.

An unsterilized indictment of the educational system, pressing toward the intentional dumbing-down of America, is presented here:

1) Neglect of or total indifference to the falling rates of scholastic achievement
2) Steadfast resistance to more and better-funded private, charter, and religious schools, plus the advent of micro-schools, learning pods, and homeschooling
3) A malevolent and almost vicious push to keep parents uninformed, out of program (syllabus) management, and out of classroom affairs (literally)
4) Constant pressure to instate the prejudiced issues of CRT, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, etc. and to implant the idea of necessary acceptability in children’s minds
5) Endorsement of feminized truth as a pedagogy — particularly as a means to conjure false proof or to accumulate an unfair advantage of one group over another or to the gainsaying of settled truth, math, science, and the other technical and business fields.

(START HERE) Concentrating on the first only, studies show that many students ‘graduate’ high school scarcely able to read at the 4th grade level. 80% of New York City high school grads are barely able to read at a level that would qualify them for attending community college – all the while from the Bloomberg administration onward, blessing the students with what they ‘really’ need: sexual health center advice and thousands of free doses of the morning-after pill (Willis, 2016). Acceptance is knowingly guaranteed at many colleges under federal law, even if the application is filled out unreadably, incomprehensibly, and written in crayon. At one time California reported that about 90% of community college students needed some form of remedial math and 75% needed English courses (Straehley, 2011). Despite the institution of Early Assessment Programs in high schools, remedial programs are still necessary for up to 65% of community college students nationwide (Ran & Lin, 2022). Current data is sometimes very hard to retrieve, for two self-serving reasons: (a) the school boards and the teachers’ unions don’t want the public to know how bad the current level in American education really is, even to the point of reducing the standards of passing and graduating, and (b) the tech companies do their best to protect the liberal manic-left by covering up or deleting this exposure online. Many urban school children, as a consequence, pass through the entire 12-14 year stretch essentially as functional illiterates. It has long been recognized that nearly half of the adults presumably walking about, socializing, and passably working in Detroit are functionally illiterate, despite the government having spent nearly $100,000 per student over seven years of elementary schooling (K-6) (Mataconis, 2011; Faris/Corbis, 2015). America’s standing among the highly-developed countries declines almost every year. Last performed in 2018, the Program for International Student Assessment showed America’s standing as #11 in science and #30 in mathematics (Amadeo, 2022). Is it any wonder that many high-tech companies seek out foreign-born, better-educated software engineers or simply outsource their jobs overseas? Although the politicians, the media, and the educational establishment try to put a good spin on declining results, it is seriously doubtful that there has been any improvement of late or expected in the near future, not the least because of these unfortunate conditions:

(1) Colleges and universities continue to churn out leftist guerillas disguised as ‘teachers’ in the stead of actual teachers who are qualified to teach in their specialty of instruction;
(2) Many of these brainwashed teachers are more interested in indoctrinating the students with their leftist agenda than instructing them in science, math, etc.
(3) What few earnest sincere teachers still exist have been inundated with the flood of illegal immigrants whom the law requires deserve a free education — a better education starting with learning English and drawing away instructional strength and resources from ‘native’ children (ironically, the only ‘natives’ that the left doesn’t love); together with the added strain of CoVid and other health restrictions which tend to have a debilitating effect on the more preferable, more intellectually invigorating, classroom learning experience. Even the Surgeon General has issued a report noting the increase in mental health problems for children aged five to eleven (Manno, 2022).

Without harping on the associated problems of all of the above, which I mostly leave to the readers to reference and prove for themselves, they have a concomitant effect on students’ mental development — about which the teachers, the unions, the school boards, the politicians, and the federal funding agencies apparently have little or no concern, as though they were in the business (busy-ness) of mechanical, not human, processing, and by so doing, pre-paring them to be forever the behavioral minions of the (hospice) State and the permanent wards (psychological zombie slaves) of the federal government mortuary.

Several states that once barred schools from even giving a child an aspirin without the parents’ permission or from teaching sex-ed to very young children currently are allowing schools to issue sex tips, distribute (unmonitored and unapproved) contraceptives, hormone treatment, and even medical marijuana, essentially upon request (Sullivan, Love, Fisher, Schlitt, Cook, & Soleimanpour, 2022). The absence of courses teaching morality and ethics to still-developing minds means that the State is deliberately delimiting children from ever acquiring circumspection of their proper being, attitude, and social-placement; more significantly, they will never be able to instruct within themselves a sense of upright character and scalar personality. Very few elementary schools nationwide, as noted earlier, offer some form of resuscitating recess for young, anxious, and often restless children. 75% of school districts don’t even have a set policy that requires stringent levels of ongoing physical development (Education Advisory Board, 2019). Meritorious work (short the iconic ‘stars’ on elementary paperwork) and standardized grading (A-B-C) are becoming rarer and rarer because they are deemed racially biased and culturally demeaning; i.e., giving credit where credit is due. Apart from eliminating deadlines (directing students toward punctuality and expedient service), standards now allow students to retake tests over and over again and to revise essays in order to improve grades, which is itself discriminatory to the better-prepared students (Poff, 2021). As was the wily lesson ‘learned’ from psychology (earlier), it’s far easier to just drop student assessment (analysis of disease) than to correct the underlying problem (illness).

Numerically speaking, women constitute about 60% of the college population. At certain private liberal colleges, the ratio of women to men is 2 to 1, but can be much greater in universities still specializing in female-dominated fields (The Campus Explorer, 2021). Strange — for some of us old enough to remember when colleges, universities, and academies boasted about no longer being (primarily) all white or male, whither no such enlightenment or critical expansion has ever infiltrated the fairly dark campuses of still mostly closed (female-only or black-only) institutions. However, even in community colleges, where you would expect a more or less equivalent draw from the community, the female population is almost 25% higher than for males; and no one seems to care that the dropout rate for men is sadly much higher than for women. Stranger still, these female students consistently qualify as oppressed ‘beings’ in special need of under-represented (minority) scholarships and more affirmative-action (cleared) headway. Women graduates outnumber men graduates in nearly every field of endeavor, including math and science; with this over-burgeoning (or over-burdening of men) persisting all the way through the doctorate level, with projections made that within a few short years, two women will earn a college degree for every one man (Bryant, 2022).

‘Sex’, not necessarily the biological kind, is being taught to (forced on) children of younger years and with more vitriol every semester. In order to be approved by the school officials, their accompanying class textbooks must be morals-free, that is to say, must be inclusive of (and demonstrative about) all sorts of vulgarities like sodomy, sadism, and masochism; having as their intentions, of course, of incorporating them into the everyday passive dialogue and making them presentable exercises in every classroom. Topics such as homosexuality, gender ideology, and the use of sex toys are taught to children as young as kindergarten age (Newman, 2022). As proponents and official allies of the LGBTQ movement, public-school and county-assisted libraries are pleased to give — are fanatic about giving — students open and easy access to all types of explicit books, and will punish parents and library users with loss of privileges should they try to restrict dispersal or remove from shelves even the most graphically repugnant versions. Sex perverts and child predators are invited into classrooms under the pretext of acquainting children with all the viler and crueler aspects of sexuality — so authorized because teachers, school and union officials, and the rest of the sinister mob ‘feel’ (that being a feminist truth) children should be made aware that there is more to life than the straight-forward attitudes of natural sexuality. In symbolic parallel, this would be like allowing hard drug addicts into the classroom in order to demonstrate the proper use of bongs and needles, and how to steal and hurt people to get the cash needed for their wasteful habit — because children should be made aware there’s more to life than the energizing sobriety and motivating dignity of honest living. Correspondingly, how is it these library custodians and finagling teachers are not appropriately charged as academic traitors and legally arrested as sex fiends? Outside the protection of their (bribed) officials and decadent political backers, they would be fully branded as child sex offenders (ironically to be banished from appearing anywhere on school grounds) (Bell, 2021). Any school system that has ‘taken’ a child under these auspices, backed by the overreach of law, in order to mutate children into anti-biological, anti-Natural, anti-Biblical, anti-family, and anti-American creatures, as well as to promulgate their captivating zoo-like practices, has in effect committed kidnapping for the purposes of sexual imprisonment and slavery. Appropriate to Testament (Exodus 21:16) and other judicial reckoning, kidnapping under these circumstances is in and of itself tantamount to slavery, and deserving of the same punishment — death. Beyond kidnapping, the usurping of parental authority and the perversion of Natural Truth, these teachers are also pedophiles by grooming them as their own or someone else’s potential sex objects. As despicable hunters of human flesh, they know it is open season on innocent creatures like children who are more naïve, less discerning than adults, and completely defenseless under the law, being crucially unable to vote and buy off the lecherous politicians (like others can). If only punishment would ensue for the moral corruption of the young and the killing (murder) of prepubescent children.

Would not an engineering contractor or a factory worker who has so failed in the performance of his job, being also deficient in work habit and operational mode, be promptly suspended or dismissed? Would not a flasher on the street or a pornographic enticer or someone who tries to make his appearance genital and show children a good time be arrested? Stop spitting on us! Stop throwing your sickness into our faces! The pariahs of the worst CoVid emergency were, by comparison, allergy sufferers next to your epidemic toxicology. For everywhere throughout the country, aggressive gays, mutant transgenders, drag queens, and fetid pedophiles are being sexually swung into school classrooms and are penetrating our county libraries to conduct children’s storytelling times as though they were Mr. Rogers — in complete disregard of parents’ permission. There they explain the ins and outs, literally, of same-sex maneuvering and pain infliction, how to poke your brother in the butt, or how to twist the dildo to your sister’s pleasure. Their excuse: to make schools safe places for the queer, the sexually perverted, and the MAPS (pedophiles), but absurdly and ironically not for the normal children most in need of protection (Russell, Bishop, Saba, & James, 2021). Tomorrow’s lesson? Already program displayed and genitalia splayed in the not-so-subtle signing up of children for chemical castration, for medical surgery and hormonal fixes of the healthy who have no need of repair, pre-staged to cause permanent scars, irreparable sterility, and a lifetime of personality damage. Many universities and health clinics, not to mention Big Pharma, promote these ‘services’ and dangerous drugs simply because they are money-making propositions (Yapp, 2022). For years, these insipid schools and scandalously creepy teachers have been trying to force their wretchedness and their foul retch (e.g., CRT) down the throat of children the way a prostitute would be made to give head to a paying John at a brothel! Never mind that Sweden and other places in Europe have already called a halt to such unwarranted and despicable medical procedures designed to induce gender transitioning because of the already discovered harmful side-effects and the increase in attempted suicides. Requests for gender reassignment fell off dramatically once Professor Gillberg and the University of Gothenburg published their long-term study — attributing much of the popularization of transgenderism to main-stream media and to the wild beseeching of the social internet. Other Swedish psychiatrists have likewise begun to identify this disease with its discordant feelings of gender incongruence and gender dysphoria to similar psychiatric conditions such as eating disorders (anorexia nervosa) and the desire to hurt oneself (“The Swedish U-turn”, 2020). Awareness of the unnecessity and the futility of these surgical mutilations has come too late for many young teenagers who now regret seeking these operations and treatments without their parents’ permission.

Let us not mince words. The government has said in effect, as long as your child must go to our schools, then we have the right to teach them when, where, how, and what they shall learn – per order “swimming”. Having assumed this control, they don’t take the extremely young children down to a shallow pool and start a teaching regimen with a registered trainer and a lifeguard on duty; they take them to the deepest part of the ocean, throw them in, saying, “Swim or die”, whilst surrounded by sharks and poisonous sea snakes. During all this, the teachers shout for joy and slap themselves on their backs. The school system isn’t admonished and the perpetrators aren’t punished.

Try as you might to bring some semblance of mental clarity, maybe even some caring, and a dropper-full of penitence about this distorted hypocrisy and insane cruelty, these indoctrinating teachers and their university mentors only stare back in parochial amazement. No question of logic or truth will ever cross their addled and scrambled minds. How can a 4, 5, or 6-year-old be of a capacity mature enough to understand sexual identity, erotic enjoyment, and sexual participation, but a minor of 14, 15, or 16 years of age under the law does not possess sufficient intellectual capacity to comprehend or be blamed for rape, assault, murder, etc., especially after having ‘aged’ in his self-awareness and plenipotentiary acumen by another 10 years? Furthermore, what would be the apparent justification for charging a 15-year-old boy on sexual grounds with raping a virgin female of any age anyway? Being both beings of God-like sexual cognizance, their relationship can never be considered under the law as anything more than business negotiation, with divinely-empowered parties merely arguing consent to timely celestial satisfaction of commercial contract. Otherwise, are they not just animals under school jurisdiction, unaware of rape as anything offensive or of anything ever crossing ethical lines: for there are no ethical lines to cross, nor any appeal to rational discussion on sex, that might disputably make straight preferable to gay, adult sex better than child sex, human intercourse less obnoxious than bestiality — they all being biologically possible and prudent, equally taught, morally justified, and biologically indistinguishable in their eyes?

Which begs now another deep psychological question of how can so-called ‘adult’ female educators (and women in general), of suspected high intelligence, be such avid proponents of transgender experimentalism — for organisms newly-sprung out of the social primordial soup or from the sophist’s artificial petri dish. Boys/men who self-declare themselves against type, literally against their own genetic make-up, if true, would make nonsense out of everything we know as true biological science. By allowing these so-called transgendered men to compete with biological women, to steal awards, trophies, and scholarships, professional women and standoffish sports officials are committing athletic fraud and contributing to academic treason, not to mention the devaluation of human worth in sports. Heavyweights, physically and metaphysically speaking, are now being allowed to box with middleweights and lightweights. Marvel then to think, heartless mothers have joined forces with these august academics to destroy whatever athletic meaning and physical accomplishments their daughters might have achieved in their own righteous element and God-given talent as true women. A blind dilettante could not be more guilty of fashion faux pas.

The whole concept of a trans – (anything), of a healthy, metabolically-fit child suddenly feeling at odds with his internal anatomy, “out of place in his/her skin”, is an anathema to reasoning and a biological absurdity for anyone who can know no other mortal reference except that which is programmed within. Any other influence must therefore be a virally invasive species and by definition a counter-program of the psychological landscape. The recent explosion in the numbers of children who have astonishingly and woefully “discovered” their aversion to self pursuant to heavy educational promotion and media campaigning confirms the suspicion that most of these cases are probably cholia-induced, that is, caused by an incessant depression, swabbed in delay, and leading to an abatement in the framing of self-love. Exploitative drug manufacturers and medically-fraudulent doctors then take advantage of ignorant children already damaged by age dysphoria.

Syndromes often flare into glorious glamor through the unsettling makeup of virtual (computer) nonsense and the superficial coating of deflated egos. The early and mid-2000s saw a rush (rash) of stars suddenly awakening to their true destinies as hardcore lesbians — past their 50s, 60s, and 70s sometimes, after having experienced an up-till-then apparently happy life with one or more successful marriages, and having numerous children, and even grandchildren. Some professed such a strong sapphic siren call that “If I don’t sleep with a woman soon, I think I’ll kill myself” (James, 2009). How does one wake up in the morning and say — all of a sudden — my whole life has been a lie: my love for my husband(s) was a lie, my sexual performance as a conceiver was a lie, my strong externalization of maternal instincts was a lie, my manifestation of biological love as exhibited in family and grand-family life was a lie? [Gist not that the predilections of motherhood and child-rearing — feelings inherently family-oriented — must be lesbian-conducive as well. Manifestation of self-affirming will takes precedence over idle complacency.] And biological sex — simple and urgent though it is — contains its own affective will and confirmation. Maternal feelings themselves can be complicated and corrupted, as witnessed with a mother wildebeest, for example, who chooses to abandon her calf during an extended draught; some bird species which permit the ejection of newly-hatched chicks from the nest to give the older and larger one a greater chance to survive. I wonder with scientific specter how psychiatrists would diagnose the mental framework of a pregnant mother who during her carrying period and vital nutritional build-up stage decided to forgo this preparedness option and hypnotically surrendered to anorexia instead. Wouldn’t that be allowing lifestyle choice to take command of life-exigency? Committed lesbianism, if naturally engendered and scientifically solvent, should have no procreative origin (urgings) and should not seriously evoke elements of (true or false) pregnancy, compulsions of pending motherhood, food cravings, or desires of family planning. Love can be easily disowned by the dismembered. Did these newly-described lesbian stars actually invest themselves in normal womanhood in their teens and beyond or did they not? If not, then they were hypocrites or self-deceiving liars; if they did, then that investment of motherly concern and familial love was its own committed proof of sexual specification and identity. Ironically, the emergence of the feminist movement in the 1970s first advocated for reproductive freedom, which women now reject for love of themselves. Shall not all movements be dispensary in nature and body intent, an inducement to leave (betray) society?

Long before that cryptic emergence of lesbianism, we witnessed the fad of male homosexuality bloom throughout the entertainment world. During his long pop-rock career, for example, singer Elton John has variously described himself (without medical backing) as being fully straight, bi-sexual, gay, plus who knows whatever other intermediary showmanship or display of mental fantasy that struck his fancy (or otherwise appeased his adoringly fanciful fans). Now, with age, what erotically sensitive woman in her right mind would want to tie herself down to an overweight, wrinkled, old white man — unless he be rich, which of course he is; hence him factoring into the mental equation his pounding pulsation for men. His ‘choice’, fallowing, thus works as much his guiding force. The un-rich men, of any age, do not have Elton’s choice. Know, then, that in life, the grab-bag of little option pockets the poor selection. Whereas Elton John’s purse has always been full, if in colorful disarray and dissolve.

Assess still another (mis)apprehension (forwarded earlier) that such is the hatred of women for boys/men that they would be willing to pay any ransom, extort any means, place underfoot any roadblock to hinder man’s natural competence or reduce his vital standing or at least mute his importuning of women. The vein is cut — so as to bleed the patient, and to make dilute the pool of requests for normal sex. The gayest of excuses is their only armed relief for the stoning of heterosexual man.

Having succumbed to the offensive (dual meaning) pressures of a surreptitious teaching establishment meant to demean boys and make them gender transgressive, like programmed automatons they then have little choice but to align themselves:

1) As a matter of personal survival against socially-sanctioned brutality or in order to withstand persecution by non-whites;
2) To set up a contrast — reflexively leaving some latitude for the opposite sex to select one of her kind;
3) As mused upon earlier, to make themselves feel as though they are unique, something special, something different; or at least to defy ordinary expectations by abstracting the ‘weird’ in body and form.

Worshipping a model, for whom the boy knows he is unworthy, since she is out of his league and would look down on him as a “nobody”, as nothingness. Likewise, for any other pretty girl in school … glancing aside and looking down on him. Whereupon, a shutdown always looming over you eventually becomes you being down on you; painting yourself with tattoos, cutting and spearing holes throughout your body, hanging wires all over your skin … until you have made yourself complete as wanton: you have made true how others had already perceived and convinced you to be — afflicted and marred.

Another controlling (coopting) measure of forswearing appears before me nearly every day. Numerous (tough-to-view sometimes) residents of group homes come to the library (where I am working) to enjoy what is for them their ‘out’ time (without time-outs). While being almost always cordial and personally un-interrupting, they are prone to be listless, easily distracted, occasionally very loud and easily distressed into controversial mayhem (like children). Regular patrons take solemn note, but rarely complain, even when computers and equipment are overstayed or mishandled. Like me, I guess, having two mentally-handicapped brothers, they have come to expect sudden outbursts, resulting in disruptions to the library’s guidebook on respectable protocol. The residents’ guardians must still intercede on occasion to help some of them to the bathroom. Upon making their way back to the group on their own, they may lose their way or bump into things because some tend to walk with their heads perpetually looking downward at the ground or at their feet. Others may stutter or spit out their words literally and speak in an abnormally harsh tone. Weathering the tide and times, I take great notice that acceptance is far better now than years ago when I spent the better part (literally) of my first 40 years of life helping to raise my younger brothers. Sometimes when I accidentally eavesdrop on their communications with each other or with one of their guardians, I am appreciative of the fact that they are always discussing things ‘normal’ — what’s happening next, where do we go for lunch, who just left, or why isn’t Tom with us anymore — single-mindedly so. I make this distinction between they and the misfits of our society (above), for these residents of mostly peace and almost ingrained congeniality will always try to be imitatively normal, not obtrusive or destructive; always try to acquiesce to people and circumstances, not prod, rob, or deceive them; always try to assimilate themselves into the greater good, … being, to them, the more admirable of the brood, and the more flight-worthy.

None of this has yet to address, or dress up, the ‘scientific’ legitimacy (legacy) of the pro-perversity argument. They are also they who ream themselves justified by their illicit pilfering of hypocritical sexual exertions, labeling these oddballs as species-special and uniquely deserving of a place in the pantheon of natural procreation plus figures. Placate them, all you will, the age-old technique of probing the dark orifices (and even dirtier regions of A-holes), or tying themselves up as excitable foreplay, or twisting themselves in various orgy poses and clumps for the purpose of better hole exploration and projection bonding. All these methods and procedures, like the libido itself, are of natural nascence and social replication, only sinuously sponged over with estranged emotions and astringent oily narcissism. Heed the “unique” claims of those like prison-mates and ship-mates (literally) who define (divine) themselves as special though the person chosen very often fits the boyish-feminine type over whom the other can impose his will easily. On the other side for women, lesbians often naturally divide themselves into two personality types (butch and sissy), whether demonstrated through outright appearance or in their sharing/splitting of domestic responsibilities.

Ordinary geometry informs us that a right triangle consists of a 90-degree (right) angle and two complementary angles. These two sub-angles are said to ‘complement’ each other because together they complete the remaining 90 degrees of the geometric shape’s tri-angularity. The complement of a ship is that insertion of personnel needed to fulfill and modify the mechanistic operations and physical connectedness of the ship. A sentence complement completes the grammatical construction by adding words making it more meaningful. Males and females are complements because together they complete the biological prerequisite of procreation, creating a family, and ensuring social cohesiveness. Males and females are complements because they fulfill and modify each other’s persona, both its vaunted hollows and sacred spurs. Males and females are complements because they provide different perspectives on life, thus making it more meaningful. What biological necessity or service, physical substantiation, or contrasting sexual views do two gay men share?

Visiting ‘friends of the library’, as they like to call themselves, and of the school classrooms, who think of themselves as modern versions of the prom queen in drag, spend their everyday lives cavorting like mayflies, but now reaching out to touch children and disabuse them of their innocent faith and demonstratively discourage them from admiring their hard-working fathers in preference of what they think real ‘manhood’ means. Just because these so-called men go to jobs every day, single-mindedly labor to feed their families, and to establish a home, that doesn’t make them ‘men’. Just because their dedicated challenges may involve putting out fires, patrolling the streets to keep them safe, and protecting the country from terrorists, that doesn’t make them ‘men’. Even though they have adapted their lives to building cars and ships, digging canals and tunnels, erecting power lines and skyscrapers, that doesn’t make them ‘men’. ‘Real’ men are like us who don wigs every day, put on lipstick, powder, and makeup, dress up in high heels and gowns in order to spend the entire day displaying in bars and on the streets, or going into neighborhoods and onto children’s playgrounds, so as to make crude advances and vile gestures of love to the young and the guileless. Such voyeur queens could never straighten up and proceed to dress and ‘act’ in proper performance of a real job, even for a day — for that would deny their whole ‘identity’, the irrevocable perception of ‘who they are’. If one day ordinary, then why not every day, and disavow their pledge to pretense. Talk about slaves to fashion! Talk about the everyday quest for truth and presentation via the daily ritual of putting on false faces and displaying shameful masquerades of humanity!

More sedimentary of human thinking, again, how can all these bright and posh ladies of the educational field, the literary playground, and the elite dumps, be totally unaware how they are being mocked everyday by the weaving mannerisms of basket-cases — in their flirtatious casting, their strutting behavior, their over-the top makeup and dressing — expressly designed (literally) to plagiarize feminine movement and make farcical characterizations of women? So much so, the historically-attuned (atoned) amongst us will be disturbingly reminded of, or for others, perhaps I should say ‘reminiscent’ about in today’s crisscross climate, those profligate and arrogant white entertainers of a hundred years ago plagiarizing the sound and look of the minstrel by adorning themselves in outlandish, colored (dual meaning) clothes, shading themselves in shame and blackface, with white cream highlighting their big lips, then dancing around the stage in a truly culturally-inappropriate manner, like the wastrels and scoundrels that they were. Such pompous, delinquent, and disparaging entertainment scenes (schemes) should incite women of present-day and with presence of mind to become comparably revulsed, but they aren’t. Why — be it not for their conspiratorial handshake (butt shake?) aforehand — that traitorous arrangement by which they will walk arm-in-arm plushly and proudly (pride-ly) down the road to Mt. Megiddo and their inevitable victory over evil forces (you). [Note: a longshot would have the Karens feigning to be (unwilling) victims in the surrounding chaos, much like those murder mysteries wherein the actual murderer swallows poison but not enough to kill her, turning all the detective’s suspicions away from her.]

It shall never be thought sufficient for the fashion-conscious women to be less than self-defining of raiment or self-explanatory of being. Likewise, it shall never be thought sufficient for fashion-flaunting queens to keep themselves hidden or cloistered. Sycophants, deviants, and the other members of the alphabetically-disoriented LGBTQ+ community can not survive under the radar, or make Sunday-home underground in Pleasant Valley. There, stir crazy, they would just spend their days munching on and cannibalizing their fellow un-domesticated varmints. Stirring themselves from out of the moldy darkness, they must persist in their hypocritical and insensitive baying against the huntress’ siren song. They must resist the curtailing of now-and-future exhibitions … improvising famously every day on the screen of education, the media, and the public houses. Come tomorrow, they will insist on the further repressing of opposition unto their deserved and ‘proper-pronoun’ role as slaves, despite having been generously given too much leave by these same social fools, all the while woefully redeeming them of the natural leave of goodbye and a blunt gesture to just say “let us alone”.

Presumptuously, now, look even upon the sexually odd, and the seriously schizophrenic who have ‘outed’ themselves with their intentional contamination of the purest of women still remaining — ordinary mothers, the real sustainers and caretakers of society — calling them birther persons, (farmstock) breeders, and menstruating vessels. Since when do the aberrantly-plumbed and the hinge-less get to define the building standards of the normally-set and the level-framed? Since when do blind bats and laughing hyenas get to squander the view and distillate the sharpness of the naturally beautiful and biologically sound? From time to time, numerous school jurisdictions, as in California and New York, have tried to discourage or outright ban the use of terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, ‘mother’, ‘father’, and ‘family’ out of fear of offending the more ‘normal’ LGBTQ community. Even the use of the phrase ‘traditional marriage’ has been labelled as ‘hate speech’ (Siedlecki, 2022). Yet when a dirty naked man in California walks down the street or saunters through a family spa, we have ‘no right’ to be offended; and it is ‘we’, the normal persons, who must cover our children’s eyes and hold their noses, rather than the more obvious and honorable solution of holding the man until he has washed hygienically and brought cover to his naked life and inner exposure of broken self. Serious crime runs rampant in New York, unchecked, but not fast enough to excuse your failure to check the proper pronoun, else be fined or possibly be sent to jail (Tacopino, 2016). With malicious labels all about, they — the cruddy crowd — can say ‘cracker’, the n__ word, the b__ word, the f__ word, and the s__ word all they want, never caring who is offended or how such words painfully echo off children’s ears and silent adult consciences. The WORD is given: “Voluntary Respect” be the hypocrite’s cursed order of the day — from these scandalous deniers and Marxist vandals of traditional fairness and human mindfulness.

Like split personality, unabridged hypocrisy is symptomatic of a fractured mind. Offer psychologists and psychiatrists their own bathtub gin as alcoholic proof.

Theirs is an excruciating existence, meant to make everyone else’s life as mournful, as pointless, and as meaningless as their own. How long shall it be before you gather up all the children and throw them into your cooking pots, bake and baste them until they’re well-done, slather them with barbeque sauce, and serve them up for your gay and pedophile friends? “Oh”, you say, “that’s silly; that will never happen.” Like it would never happen that homeless encampments of the sick and violent would be littering our school yards with their tents, their drug needles, their trash, their urination, their defecation, and with themselves — acting out their filthiness and aggression every day in front of innocent children. Like it would never happen that public-school teachers would bless themselves with the wearing of the sacred mantle of groomers and sex fiends: encouraging, authorizing, and demonstrating vile and abusive moves on essentially sexless beings; carefully stroking the orphaned to undergo chemical castration and other forms of genital reconfiguration. Evil is always on the march toward perdition and purgatory; forever moving lockstep in the desecration of light and the digestion of life. Only this time it would be literal.

When I talked with a senior commissioner about some of these vices — these hostilities against our children in schools, he couldn’t comprehend my anguish, saying, “Well, you know, there are two sides to every argument; we’ll have to talk more about it later.” How do you hear a plea to stop the socially-approved corruption and medically-sanctioned mutilation of little children, then have the audacity to even propose there might exist opposing positions or propositions to the contrary? This is like saying “I am a Sexual Man, and I must always affirm my nature every day by raping any woman I want; and you have no right to stop me!” Not all arguments have counter-arguments, except the divine self gives posted vanity to sin. Another gay man living a quiet life with his lover said he didn’t really agree with all this aggressive intrusion by the LGBTQ+ community into the schools, “but we have to protect our rights, too.” That means he is willing to sacrifice an entire generation of children just to make his ‘kind’ more comfortable, just to give decent aura to his degenerative self! If that doesn’t define deviancy, I don’t know what does. Let the world die, so that I can live the way I want! Such an argument is every bit as crazy and evil as justifying the performing of heinous experiments on the Jews because it served the cruel and curious compunctions of crazy scientists or may have benefitted the German people. To another whom I expressed my concern over school indoctrination … he said, “You and others like you who are fighting this supposed tragedy are just wasting your time, as are the schools for their part. Either these children were destined by biological nature, or by God if you wish, to become bi-sexual, transgender, pedophile-prone, whatever — or they were not destined. Nothing the school can do can aggravate the transformative process; and nothing you and your friends can do will hasten or decelerate what is bound to happen.” I thought to myself, this is like saying, all those German boys of the 1930s who were forced to attend Nazi training camps were destined by nature and God to become members of the Hitler Youth paramilitary movement and twist themselves queerly into sadistic Nazi murderers … nothing they or anyone else of the time could do about it. No, it was because they were forced to jettison self, and submit to rigorous bullying and brainwashing, that many of them eventually became evil savages. Unto those who put forth such lame rationality for justifying what the schools are currently doing, I pass on the temple anger of Christ who cried, “My house shall be called the house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves!” (Matthew 21:13) And also spoke him, “by their fruits you shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20) Excuses come easy to people who don’t really care about the children one way or the other, or are content, even pleased, with the morbid treatment that is destroying an entire generation.

And at the end of this long highway of social dissolution and moral adulteration, proponents take the (media-driven) occasion to unveil their true intentions, “Give heed, you must forthwith start calling all pedophiles ‘MAPs’ (Minor Attracted Persons) courteously. Just a word or two of recognition, how will that hurt you? How can you live with yourself knowing their depressed (oppressed) state — branded for life, simply for being true to themselves, and forced to stay away from all the favorite places and the lovely faces they would love to visit and haunt?” Hide your face in shame for signing another blood-diamond deal!

How do you elites live with yourselves? Everything that is good in life, you call evil, and everything evil, good. How do you go home everyday and look at yourselves in the mirror without thinking “Dorian Gray”? No, not ever to say the words which would make the horrors of child abuse more effusive and acceptable for the masses (or may whet the minds of the copycats thus sprinkled upon).

In answer to this, the pedophile says, now speaking succinctly for his self, “But you have [foolishly] already been conditioned to call me by my rightful name”. So surely to follow will be this Son of Perdition’s next request (as already prophesized decades gone by), “Now you must accept me for what I am”. The left is rapaciously coached in the ways of the Artful Dodger — seeing their mark and making the touch. By subliminal messaging and by the coaxing of words, they are missionaries in the baiting of semantical change. Barbed-wire resistors and chain-link comebacks then complete this goal of always making you slavishly change [not them]. Heed my precaution instead: Once you accept in celebrity their carded lie, then you, the host, will always be yielding home-access to uninvited guests and bandits.

Come by and by, then, their final insincere appeal, “We bid you, ‘turn the other cheek’, please … though dismissive of our victim-hood and we be condemned unfairly in your eyes as sinful and ungodly, just welcome us in forthcoming response of what we want to be and, with your kind help, we may yet live together in harmony”. The Lord has already made known His Biblical answer: “You never owe estrangement a friendly reply; you never give unmerited favor to the uninsured, nor leeway to the reckless and the perilously swerving”. By all means, hurry your drive around that sharp bend unto a downed bridge — and eternal damnation; just don’t take any hapless passengers or harnessed children with you. And they who gave you license shall suffer twice over.

Strike the chord of controversy from the heart-play of your divisive strumming soul. Disobedience of God is heresy, and the loss of saving grace forever. Disobedience of Natural Truth is paganism, authorizing the sacrifice of human blood as your only remediation. I come in humble request of the muted and the blind-sided. No longer shall the sky and the ocean feel your pain; nor the forests burn to cinder and the animals be slaughtered on your behalf. Ye are your own burden from henceforward, and your own wick for burning wax. Myself … sustained only by the wisdom of an aging Spirit … weep over the land, but nought for you.

    Weary is the hand in asking … and the truth in passing;
    Hear the shell of wood’s unnatural spine twisting … if …
    In the la- la- lolling of your wasted fast …, should autumn
    Dry heaves --- heart-cure the limber-less … share repast
    With the season lost, and the errant falling.

With indignant rage, they wildly sheared all the naturally whole, such that none may say, anyone is holy.

Always in these latter days on earth, I cannot help thinking it should be me, an old man, who is dying, and not humanity. Still, I could not counsel it out of goodbye, or if I should, only for some other degenerate elitist group to take unhealthy body control. Cry not what mortal ill-effects of mankind’s evil has pierced the heart of Mother Nature deepest; for She has already paid respects and lamented at grave-side vigil — upon the ledge overlooking Canaan, a Paschal sacrifice in us, from which She will sumptuously pass over.

Seasonal Sense:
Spring – study whilst passing through its initial phases … prospects still ahead
Summer – study during its heyday … engrossed in favors and suspected faults
Fall – study whilst moving into decline … problems and odds of transformation
Winter – study during its wane and death throes … reclamation or dissolution


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