Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Doctor Led to Pro-Life Perspective by ‘Hand of God’

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A former abortion doctor who worked for Planned Parenthood in the mid-1990s had an unexpected realization that she’d made a huge mistake—and this change of heart set her on a journey to the side of being pro-life.

She believes God was instrumental in guiding her on that journey.

Dr. Patti Giebink from Chamberlain, South Dakota, entered the medical profession as a liberal in the 80s, as someone devoted to women’s health with a view that abortion was vital to women’s health care—that it was saving women’s lives.

“All the history, pre-Roe v. Wade, women dying or becoming physically injured by illegal abortion, that’s what was so prevalent among these women’s groups when I was in medical school,” she told Focus on the Family.

As for the baby, she wrote in an article for CMDA, “I was told, ‘It’s just tissue,’ making it easier to settle my conscience. Initially, when early ultrasound pictures were more like a snowstorm than the detailed images we see today, fetuses seemed less human.”

Planned Parenthood is “about money.”

In 1995, Giebink got a job with Planned Parenthood and spent two years working part time, before becoming a full time abortion doctor for a third and final year. Her part time stint was “mentally schizophrenic,” she said—terminating pregnancies once a week at Planned Parenthood, while slaving to save the lives of mothers and babies other days of the week.

As a full time abortion doctor, Giebink was blown away by just how busy they were—Planned Parenthood seemed more like an “industry” than a health service, she said, adding, “They’re about money, and abortion is their top moneymaker.”

The clinic was supposed to offer counseling to patients who came, but there was almost none. She only had a brief two-minute consultation in the room with her patient, before the suction machine was turned on and verbal communication became impossible.

BY Michael Wing

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