Fox News Weatherman Adam Klotz ‘Beaten by Group of Teens’ on NYC Subway Train

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Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz said on Jan. 22 that he had been badly beaten by teenagers on a subway train in New York while making his way home from a bar.

The 37-year-old, who began working at the network in 2017, took to Instagram to share a video of himself with what appeared to be bruised and battered eyes.

“Hear me out, though: You should see the other guy,” Klotz quipped while zooming in to show what looked like red and purple bruising around his eyes and across his cheeks. “My side—oh, don’t laugh—my side is so much worse than my face.”

The meteorologist then went on to explain that the “other guy” was not actually a “guy” but “five or six children” before questioning “where are the parents?!”

“Don’t let your kids come and beat me up, people, in the middle of the night again, please,” he joked.

In a separate post, Klotz cut a more serious tone as he provided further details regarding the incident.

“I feel like that last post seems like I wasn’t being serious. Like this wasn’t real. But, yeah, coming home last night from watching the [New York] Giants game at a bar, on the subway, this older gentleman was being hassled by this group of seven or eight teens,” Klotz said.

‘They Got Their Hits In’

“And I was like, ‘Yo, guys, cut that out.’ And they decided, ‘Alright, he’s not gonna get it, then you’re going to get it!’ And boy, did they give it to me. They had me on the ground—my ribs are all kinds of bruised up too. They got their hits in!”

Klotz explained that the man who was initially being hassled by the group of teenagers “got out of there fine” and police officers “grabbed a couple of these kids” following the attack.

The weatherman added that he has undergone X-rays and was doing OK, and his cuts and bruises were all going to heal.

By Katabella Roberts

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