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Ken E. Nwadike, Jr and the Free Hugs Project

Ken Nwadike Jr, of the Free Hugs Project is a Peace Activist and Inspirational Speaker, travels to riots and protests to de-escalate violence and encourage civil discourse between opposing sides. Motivational Videos: On The Front Line

The above video shows Free Hugs Project’s Ken Nwadike Jr attempting to help with peacekeeping efforts during the Keith Lamont Scott Protests in Charlotte, NC.

About the Free Hugs Project

The Free Hugs Project is an initiative that promotes peace, inspires change and raises awareness of social issues. Ken E. Nwadike, Jr. is an American documentary filmmaker, motivational speaker, and peace activist popularly known as the Free Hugs Guy. Ken is the founder of the Free Hugs Project, which gained popularity as he made major news headlines for his peacekeeping efforts and de-escalation of violence during protests, riots, and political rallies.

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