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Gateway to Medical Freedom is a premier (medical) freedom conference. Our goals for the event included:

  • Understanding the impact of poor public health policy
  • Interpreting complex data to make it clear and accessible for all
  • Gain inspiration from our military heroes and community leaders who have been impacted and are speaking up
  • Become an advocate for yourselves and your families as our rights are infringed
  • Unify Americans who are fighting to preserve our foundational values and culture
  • Build an integrated network of aligned thinkers to support the movement

Gateway to Freedom Conference: Real Medicine hosted some of the most prominent leaders of our time who are committed to sharing their data, stories, and perspectives.

Gateway to Freedom Conference: Real Medicine Agenda

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Thursday: Tip of the Spear

Thursday focused on physician leaders who are speaking out, and those who would like to join that effort. We focused on professional development, networking, strategy, business, and emerging threats.

Friday: Real Medicine

Friday was open to all medical professionals and the public and focused on medical issues related to COVID, including long haul COVID, vaccine injury, data analysis, international experiences, emerging threats, and other related topics.

Saturday: Building our Village

Saturday focused on giving our military servicemen and women a voice, legal experts, legislators, educators, and media personalities. We focused on building our village by connecting with people aligned in our beliefs. We heard various journeys and their issues; each with a call to action.

Schedule: August 26, 2022

* Events are subject to change, and all times are Central Daylight Time (CT).

Location: LaSalle, Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, Illinois

8–8:15 a.m.: Opening Ceremony

8:15–9:00 a.m.: Mark MacDonald | Pandemic Psychiatry

9:00–9:20 a.m.: Monica Wehby, MD | Neurosurgeon Speaks

9:20–10:20 a.m.: Kirk Milhoan, MD, PhD, Pediatric Cardiologist | Myocarditis

10:20–10:50 a.m.: Panel Q&A

10:50–11:00 a.m.: Break and Move to Main Session Hall

11:00–12:00 pm: Peter McCullough, MD | Main Session Hall

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Schedule August 26, 2022

8:20 AM Panel: Deception and Legal Update

Moderator:  J. Matty Nespoli
Mary Bowden, MD—FDA & Suppression of Early Treatment
Eric Nepute, DC
Bryan Ardis, DC

9:30 AM Panel: What Is Working

Moderator:  Mike Faris
Deb Viglione, MD —Treating Brain Fog
Monica Wehby, MD—Masks

10:30 AM Panel: Broken Hearts

Moderator: Dr. Gina Loudin
Kirk Milhoan, MD, PhD
Peter McCullough, MD, MPH

12 PM: International Conspiracy

Moderator: Kat Lindley, DO
Flavio Cadegiani, MD, PhD
Jennifer Hibberd, DMD
Jackie Stone, MD
Tess Lawrie, MBBS, PhD

1:30 PM Panel: Corruption

Moderator:  Trent Loos
Lt Col Dave Trombly
Jay Battacharya, MD, PhD
Ed Dowd
Steve LaTulippe, MD

2:30 PM Panel:  Treating Vax Injury

Moderator:  Tamara Scott
Christina Parks, PhD
Ryan Cole, MD
Ernest Ramirez
Nikki Holland

4:30 PM

Moderator: Carl Lenore, Superhuman Radio
Should pregnant women receive the shot?
James Thorp, MD

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Gateway to Freedom Conference Featuring Dr. Robert Malone and More

Schedule August 27, 2022

Location: Center Hall A&B, Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, Illinois

8:15 AM

Moderator: Trent Loos

Capt Tom Stewart USMC-Mandates on Aviators in Pensacola

Maj XXXX USMC Esq-MAFL Suit, Anthrax Origins and representation in cases

CDR Rob Green-USN case resulting in TRO, Mandates in Navy

9:15 AM

Moderator: Tamara Scott

LtCol Dave “T Bone” Trombly-Medical Freedom, Mandate impact on USMC,

LtCol XXXXX-Mandates on USMC on west coast, and info on ADSEP boards

LtCol XXXX, USAF (Ret)- Mandates at USAF Academy and impacts

10:15 AM

Moderator: Trent Loos

Capt XXXX USA-Oath to constitution and state of armed forces right now

Maj Chris Lot USAF-Service Members Oath to Constitution

SSgt XXXX-Mandates impact to the younger ranks

11:00 AM

Moderator: Tamara Scott

Capt Nick Morrison-Impact to USMC Pilots and pilot production

Dr. Peter Chambers-Medical impact on military readiness

Dr. Sam Sigoloff-DOD medical profession and impact

12 PM Media Panel

Moderator: Mollie James

J Matty Nespoli

Mike Faris

Tamara Scott

Trent Loos

1:30 PM

Dr. Robert Malone MD-mRNA vaccine and impacts to military and country

2:30 PM

Moderator: J Matty Nespoli

Aviation Impacts–Military & Civilian

Maj David Beckerman USAF – Vaxx rollout timeline and mandate with EUA

Josh Yoder

03:15–04:30 PM

Moderator: Mike Faris

Right & Regulations, Propaganda and Censorship

Trent Loos

Jim Hoft

John Burns

Richard Urso MD

05:45 PM

Dr. Mollie James/Capt Tom Stewart USMC-Closing Remarks

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