Gavin Newsom Champions ”Humanity,” Transforming the State’s Most Notorious Prison Into a Theme Park.

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The state of Idaho has its own supply chain issues: they are running short on lethal injection drugs:

“Firing squads will be used only if the state cannot obtain the drugs needed for lethal injections.”

As someone who pays very close attention to things happening anywhere but his own state, Gavin Newsom didn’t let it go unnoticed:

The ruling Governor of California has long been famous for his “humanity.” What he hasn’t been famous for is following the law as the Constitution demands. In fact, Gavin has been ruling California since 2019 with an iron fist of a dictator.

In 2016, California residents were deciding between two competing propositions. Prop 62 would abolish the death penalty. Prop 66 would speed up the process of execution:

“Prop. 66 attempts to reform capital punishment by shortening the time of legal challenges. It would also allow the state to house condemned men outside San Quentin, currently the only prison that has a death row for men.”

Prop 66 was the people’s choice. California residents wanted swifter punishment for convicted murderers. However, as soon as Gavin Newsom assumed office, he gave his loyal subjects understanding of how little he cared about their vote. In March of 2019, the Democrat Governor issued “a royal decree” to effectively abolish death penalty in his state.

“The order will prevent the state from putting prisoners to death by granting temporary reprieves to all 737 condemned inmates on California’s death row, the largest in the nation.”

Welcome to California – the state where “humanity” rules and people’s voice doesn’t matter. Here are some of the people who were on Saint Quentin’s death row at the time:

Wesley Shermantine was convicted of killing two men and two women. He and his accomplice Loren Herzog were suspected in the deaths of as many as 22 victims.

Royce L. Scott sexually assaulted and murdered a 78-year-old woman in her home, stealing her VCR and her wallet.

William Satele fatally shot a man and his girlfriend on the street outside the man’s townhouse because they were black.

Wall Street Journal reports:

“Over the past two decades or so, California prison officials have been shifting the focus of San Quentin—whose death row the governor ordered gradually shut down in 2019—to be more about rehabilitation.”

But Gavin Newsom has the White House in his sights, and hence, he is becoming even more “humane” toward convicted rapists and murderers. He decided that it is now time for the victims’ families to pony up some money for “rehabilitating murderers into society.”

Behold Gavin’s grand plan: transforming Saint Quentin prison into “the happiest place on Earth:”

For the people who are grieving the loss of the loved ones – Gavin urges you to put your “petty grievances” aside and treat your tormentors “humanely.” After all, unlike people they killed, these monsters have “a future:”

“California is transforming San Quentin—the state’s most notorious prison with a dark past—into the nation’s most innovative rehabilitation facility focused on building a brighter and safer future.”

While law-abiding California families struggle with skyrocketing energy costs and housing shortage, Gavin thinks “another dollar, or maybe a million” will not matter much:

California taxpayers will be glad to know that while they can’t afford a movie ticket for their kids, they are “humanely” subsidizing free movies for convicted felons:

“Rehabilitation has become a stronger focus at the prison over the past two decades or so, with a newspaper, film center and even podcast station started over that time.”

One of the inmates, serving a sentence for a second-degree murder, describes his time in Saint Quentin as “good fortune,” that feels very much like “a college campus” (quote here).

As of today, California is 22 billion dollars in debt and is now demanding federal money to deal with homelessness. While California is hemorrhaging population, the remaining residents are left to foot the bill for the state’s worst criminals to enjoy libraries, gyms, and movie theaters. I am surprised Gavin hasn’t proposed a Michelin Star and a vinery there to attract tourists. Maybe that’s coming.

Good news for California residents: due to Gavin Newsom’s upcoming Presidential run, California’s full transformation into hell on Earth will be complete much sooner than expected.

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