Gavin Newsom Says Punishing Business for Political Activity Is ”Authoritarian.” Unless He Is the One Doing It.

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Yesterday, Washington Post lamented that some states in this country still “foolishly” demand a Governor to follow laws written by the legislature. In case you didn’t know, upholding a State Constitution has been re-defined as “seeking permission:”

WaPo is concerned that the states not allowing their governors unchecked and unlimited power represents a serious threat to our Democracy. In trying times like these, I am glad there is California. Their Governor will not be bound by little inconveniences like the Constitution or the will of the people.

Lucky for Gavin Newsom, California is in such state of disrepair that he can always claim there is an “emergency.” Be it a public health issueforest fires, or winter storms, Gavin has mismanaged California so badly that “emergency” is the only way to describe it. Not that Gavin is doing anything about it. For him, “emergency” just means blaming the Red States and demanding money from Biden.

Lately, Gavin Newsom has been busy doing two things: getting a case of Covid after receiving his monthly booster shot, and tweeting what a sad life all the people who escaped his state are having in Florida. When Governor DeSantis terminated Disney’s special privileges for sabotaging Florida law, Gavin had a lot to say:

Of course, nobody penalized Disney for “speaking out.” Governor DeSantis terminated a business relationship with Disney for their attempt to sabotage a state law – a law that was passed with overwhelming support. But at the time, Governor Newsom thought that punishing companies for their political activity is super “authoritarian” and not “business-friendly.” That was until a company had a say about something that is near and dear to Gavin’s heart – abortion.

When Walgreens decided to stop shipping abortion pills to some states (most of those states prohibit doing so by law) Gavin’s wrath was swift:

The science is silent on how not taking an abortion pill in the first weeks of pregnancy puts a woman’s life at risk. But Gavin’s goal is to save as many lives as possible, and that is why, just as they did with Covid shots that do nothing, the state of California wants to put taking abortion pills on their citizen’s health regimen. And that’s where Walgreens is in direct violation – and Gavin just will not have that.

Yesterday, Newsom announced that the $54 million contract between the state and Walgreens will not be renewed. Here is what Gavin had to say:

“California will not stand by as corporations cave to extremists and cut off critical access to reproductive care and freedom. California is on track to be the fourth largest economy in the world and we will leverage our market power to defend the right to choose.”

When a conservative state terminates a business relationship with a company that repudiates the state’s values, that is “an authoritarian regime” at work. But when California does exactly the same thing, it’s just “leveraging their economic power.”

The good news is California will not really be on track to be the fourth-largest economy. They are on track to be the country’s largest wastelandWalgreens is moving out of there anyway, so they probably don’t care.

By Bekah Lyons

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