Gender Bias Cannot Explain the Pandemic Response

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Women were notably victimized by lockdowns, masking, and vaccine mandates. The lockdowns yanked many working women with children out of the workforce, closed child care and schooling, and forced them back into the home. Millions were hit by this fate, and many are still not back at work. Labor force participation by working-age women is back where it was decades ago.

That is to say, many women who lost paid work have not gone back to work. I’ve yet to see any major feminist influencer comment on this disaster much less speak frankly about what has happened, namely the reversal of decades of what they used to call progress. It was all shattered in an instant, the work of a century tossed out. Then the very groups that one might suppose would rise up in fury said: who cares?

So too with masking, which robbed everyone of the ability to communicate via something as simple as a smile. Yes, this hurts everyone but one gender has a particular focus on the smile as a communication tool (and if you cancel me for that remark, you have no interest in reality).

Forcing all women to cover up in public is not a Western practice. Indeed, it amounts to a kind of de-emancipation. To top it off, it is incontrovertibly true that the masks achieved nothing in terms of public health. So women covered up their faces for two years for no reason.

As for the vaccine, new data shows that menstrual irregularities affected not some but perhaps most women, which should have served as a sign. They knew this from the trials but they went ahead anyway. Miscarriages are way up too. This is an emerging scandal, no question about it. If the vaccines have made any contribution to dramatically declining rates of birth in most countries that deployed them, there will surely be hell to pay.

By Jeffrey A. Tucker

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