General Motors Funds Transgenderism Efforts in Children’s Classrooms

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General Motors (GM) provided a grant to a pro-transgender organization that supplies kindergarten and elementary classrooms with children’s books that support its ideology.

The Detroit-based automaker made a donation last year to the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) “Rainbow Library” Program, according to its 2021 Social Impact Report (pdf).

The pro-transgender organization is known for lobbying school districts to allow boys who have undergone sex changes to play on girls’ sports teams and use female-specific restrooms, Breitbart reported.

The GM report admitted to funding the “Rainbow Library’s” efforts to provide “supportive curriculum materials and book sets that are LGBTQ+ centered, racially diverse, and multicultural to K-12 schools.”

“This innovative program also provides ongoing support and professional guidance for educators to create inclusive, supportive and identity-safe classrooms nationwide,” it continued.

GM did not mention how much money was awarded to the pro-transgender group, but did it provide “$86.7 million in cash and in-kind donations to nonprofits working to help create inclusive solutions to social issues around the world” in 2021, according to the report.

Pro-Transgender Organization Attempts to Change School Curriculum

GLSEN has been accused of allegedly trying to add “trans and non-binary” gender theory into school policies and curriculum.

According to its website, GLSEN provides a list of lesson plans, “educator guides” and professional development training for educators.

Although the GLSEN has no complete list of the titles in their program, the books were selected based on the Stonewall Award and the Rainbow Book List of the American Library Association, according to School Library Journal.

One of the books, which can be found on Amazon, is called “I am Jazz,” about a boy who discovered that he was a girl from the age of two.

Another example from the book list is the sexually explicit “Gender Queer” by Maia Kabobe, which contains depictions of sexual activities and descriptions of fantasies and experiments.

Megan Brock, a parent’s rights advocate, accused GLSEN of attempting to exploit their “Rainbow Library” program to “covertly groom children and influence educational policy,” in a Twitter post.

Brock posted a video of a GLSEN meeting of what appears to be staff discussing the promotion of transgender books to children.

In addition to children’s books, the organization has been trying to influence school math departments with articles like “How Do We Make Math Class More Inclusive of Trans and Non-Binary Identities?”

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