Ghosts in the Machine… But Are You The Machine?

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Psychological Warfare is Upon Us All.

The machine is no longer just hackers or asymetrical warfare it is now YOU, your brain – but to what end?

Listen to an excerpt from our latest podcast and see how the answer to the above question is getting harder to deny.

  • Military video “Ghosts in the Machine” – see here.
    • Twitter files II – see here.
    • James Baker Firing and history summary by Techno frog – see here.
    • Musk confirms political candidates were shadow-banned by Twitter – direct election interference – see here.
    • Jason Witlock on Tucker Interview – see here.
    • State Department funding online fact-checkers – see here. 
    • George Soros finances 253  news and activist media organizations across the world – see here.

By Bekah Lyons

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