Glenn Greenwald: Trump Indictment is a Joke of a Case

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This is a joke of a case. It is, I think, going to help Trump immensely. It angers me because the principal that we need to be able to prosecute former officials or current leaders when they actually commit crimes has never been more degraded by what this prosecutor in Manhattan is now doing.

Democrats have to cheer it and support it because their petrified that if they don’t, Trump is going to get strengthened and he’ll be even more likely to win.

And so now we’re going to have this incredibly egregious abuse of the criminal justice system for overtly political ends where Democrats now try to do exactly that, which in 2016 they said was the sign of authoritarianism and fascism, mainly trying to imprison your political opponent in lieu of beating them at the polls. It is everything the Democratic party is. It shows everything that our elite media class is, which will absolutely be with the Democratic party and cheering for this.

And it shows that whatever you want to say about Trump, whatever you think he threatens, whatever you think he menaces, whatever values you think he undermines and degrades, the institutions of power aligned against him are vastly worse, because they do believe in the Sam Harris principal, they just don’t have the candor that Sam Harris has to admit it, namely, that they will do anything and believe that anything is justified as long as the goal is to defeat Donald Trump and prevent him and his movement from regaining power democratically. That is who they are. There is no bigger threat to democracy than they. There are no more worse enemies to all the values they claim to believe in them, just like they and their media are the most aggressive spreaders of disinformation, as they claim that they’re protecting you from it. And on some level as abusive and corrupt as this prosecution is, I do think it wind up shining even brighter light on just how corrupt our establishment is. And at the end of the day, ironically, there’s nothing that helps Trump, helps Trump more, and nothing that strengthens Trump more, than when people see with their own eyes, just how corrupt the bipartisan establishment in the United States is.

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