Google Earth Walkthrough Further Exposes FBI’s Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Hoax

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When the CIA helped Google acquire the Keyhole satellite imagery software in 2004 now known as Google Earth, the CIA probably did not imagine it would one day be used by independent journalists to rebut dubious assertions put forward by the Justice Department and the FBI.

But such are the strange times in which we live.

After Revolver News’s investigative reports last month yielded irrefutable forensic evidence that the DOJ and FBI are withholding critical information regarding the so-called January 6th pipe bomber, we have decided to go one step further.

Using the 3D “street view” software available on Google Earth, we captured the precise walking path from the front door of the DNC building to the exact location where the DNC pipe bomb was placed. This walkthrough shows the DNC bomb was quite literally just around the corner from the DNC building’s main entrance, and right next to a security station.

Here is our walkthrough video, with analysis below:

Several interesting revelations emerge from the walkthrough video above.

The moment one turns the corner from the front entrance onto S. Capitol St., one sees the exact bench where the bomb was placed. This bench, along with its companion bench, were not tucked away in some obscure side street. It is clear from the positioning of the benches relative to the DNC building that they would have been used frequently by passers-by, pedestrians, and DNC employees alike. Indeed, anyone who decided to enjoy their morning coffee on either of those two rather clean and inviting park benches, anytime from 7 a.m. to noon on January 6, would very likely have spotted the pipe bomb that was allegedly planted by the bench the evening before. 

Also readily apparent from the Google Earth walkthrough is the closeness of the pipe bomb location to the rear parking garage, and the entry and exit doors to the DNC building.

We point this out in the walkthrough video at timestamp 1:05. The pipe bomb was basically smack dab between the parking deck, the entry and exit doors, and the front of the building:

Illustration: What it would look like if anyone sat on the benches the morning of January 6th
Illustration: What it would look like if anyone sat on the benches the morning of January 6th

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