GOP, Don’t Let Soros Have His Way in 2024!

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George Soros—the billionaire who spent $40 million electing “progressive” district attorneys across our country, turning our big cities into killing grounds, often of black children—is rubbing his hands together in figurative glee over the Republican presidential primary contest in 2024.

On Feb. 17, Soros told the well-attended Munich Security Conference that his “hope for 2024 is that Trump and Gov. DeSantis of Florida will slug it out for the Republican nomination.”

He predicted that DeSantis would win, adding, “This could induce Trump, whose narcissism has turned into a disease, to run as a third-party candidate. That would lead to a Democratic landslide and force the Republican Party to reform itself.”

At the very least, we could say “it takes one to know one,” regarding the narcissism.

As for Republican Party reformation, DeSantis’s actual decisions have mostly been as MAGAesque as Mr. MAGA himself, therefore a distinction without much difference.

But perhaps Soros thinks DeSantis can be manipulated.

Whatever the case, as of this moment, Soros doesn’t look like much of a prognosticator. The most recent Harvard/Harris Poll (Feb. 17) shows Donald Trump at 46 percent and DeSantis at 23 percent, two-to-one, with DeSantis down 5 percent from the company’s previous poll.

Yes, there have been other polls showing DeSantis as close as 5 percent, but if you scan the Real Clear Politics listings for more than a year, you will find that the Florida governor hasn’t won even one of the several dozen polls recorded, sometimes losing by as much as a staggering 57 percent.

Many, like the recent Harvard/Harris Poll, are essentially blowouts.

Not one of the other candidates, who Michael Patrick Leahy and I call “the Munchkins” on Tennessee talk radio—has broken 7 percent on average on those RCP listings. Most are a lot less.

This really is an election between Trump and DeSantis, even though the latter hasn’t officially declared at this point. I am an admirer of both men and would happily vote for either in a general election; most of all, I am an admirer of our country and its founding principles.

By Roger L. Simon

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