GOP Political Realignment Has Left In A Panic

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The first segment begins with mainstream media’s negative coverage of the Freedom Caucus, and then turns to Rep. Matt Gaetz to respond. Gaetz takes on both the leftists and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“We need more folks who are willing to … confront the left in every conceivable circumstance where the defense of our people demands it… I am deeply concerned by the dynamic that I see behind closed doors where Republicans set as the organizing principle of their endeavor the return of corporate PAC dollars to our campaign coffers… We are building a multi-generational, multi-racial working class movement of people who are sick and tired of the institutions that the country club Republicans used to praise… but the reality is those institutions often failed our people…”

In Part 2, Gaetz sets out the agenda for the new Republican-controlled House in 2023.

“Give us the gavel. Put Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene and myself … in a position to be able to go after the corrupt Biden administration, and you’ll have to identify them by their dental records when we’re done with them. … The tactical play is ‘Are we willing to turn every committee into an oversight committee?’ … Jim Jordan and I have already started making the lists… so that on day 1, the oversight can begin.”

GOP Political Realignment Has Left In A Panic Part 1

Every Congressional Committee Needs To Be An Oversight Committee Part 2

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