Gordon Chang: Chinese Communist Party Is Preparing for War

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is preparing for a war, according to China analyst and author Gordon Chang.

Several recent developments in China’s policies—particularly an amendment to China’s National Defense Law—could signal that the regime is prepping for a full mobilization of its military, according to Chang.

“China’s newly amended National Defense Law takes certain powers over military matters from the civilian State Council and gives them to the Communist Party’s Central Military Commission, which controls the People’s Liberation Army,” Chang said in an email to The Epoch Times.

“That move centralizes military decision-making. Moreover, the amendment, which relates to war mobilization, signals that the regime is preparing the Chinese people for conflict.”

In addition to centralizing the authority for military mobilization, Chang noted that the CCP was making efforts to effectively sanction-proof its political elite by forbidding certain officials from owning foreign real estate or shares in offshore companies.

“If Chinese officials and their family members do not own foreign assets, foreign countries cannot strip them of their holdings,” Chang said.

“Shedding these assets, therefore, makes those individuals immune to one of today’s most commonly imposed sanctions.”

Through the centralization of authority over military mobilization and the shoring up of economic defenses against potential international sanctions, Chang believes that the CCP is preparing for the possibility of armed hostilities. The question remains, however, as to just where such a war could break out.

Waging People’s War

Following a month of unprecedented military exercises and economic retaliations, Taiwan is in the limelight.

There are numerous other flashpoints along China’s periphery—any one of which could quickly escalate to outright conflicts—such as the mountainous Ladakh border region that China shares with India, disputes throughout the South China Sea with the Philippines and Vietnam, and disputes in the East China Sea with Japan.

By Andrew Thornebrooke

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