Graphic Content Warning: MTG Speaks Out Against Death Threats Against Congress

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Marjorie Taylor Greene posted this message on Twitter sharing voice mail message death threats left her as a sitting member of the United States Congress. (See Video Above)


Hi everyone this is Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and I would like to talk to you about death threats to members of Congress. It is not okay, it is completely wrong for any member of Congress to receive death threats. I have been the most attack freshman member of Congress probably in United States history. The media has defamed me, they have completely smeared my character, called me names and labeled me horrible things, none of which I am, none of the things are true they have said about me, but this is what they produce. You see when the media lies about us and teaches people to hate us, members of Congress, this is the result. So I’m just going to play a handful, just a few, of the death threats that I receive on a very frequent basis . . . 

Just to be clear, it is completely constitutional for members of Congress to a object to Electoral College votes. That’s all I did on January 6th, along with my Republican colleagues, the same way Democrats have objected to Electoral College votes for Republicans elected for president. That was my only involvement. But let’s hear some more death threats . . .

Imagine if that man walked up to me o the street somewhere. That was just him on the telephone, which is another reason why I always carry a gun and have security with me, because of people like this . . .

That is not how democracy works, and this is all the fault of the media and the January 6th commission, Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, all playing a part in trying to paint Republicans and President Trump as if we caused any violence at the Capitol on January 6th. None of us did that. But all of these death threats that I receive so often, and many of my colleagues receive, are completely wrong, and this is what happens when the media constantly creates members of Congress into villains and monsters, which we are not. This has to stop!

The Press has the freedom of press, but it does not have the freedom to lie. And it does not have the right to teach people to hate like this, to cause them to go so insane, to sound is a therapist possessed by demons and constantly call us and harass us, to say that they want to kill us, and they want us to be shot. And let me just be clear, that is not how democracy works.

What I can tell you is that I am committed to doing the job that I was elected to do. I am committed to defending our Constitution, our freedoms. I am committed to holding Congress accountable for the American people. I will not back down. I will not stop. I will not be afraid. I will not be threatened by any of these people that call and threaten me. And I will defend myself and my family if I have to. And I have people with me that care about me and will defend me and protect me as well. This is not acceptable, it has to end, and I’m calling on you all to help make it happen. The press has a role to play, they need to step up to the plate and stop doing what they’re doing by attacking us and causing people to call like this.

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