Greenpeace’s Ex-President – Is Climate Change Fake?

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Climate change has been at the forefront of political, cultural and social battles for the last 40 years. Patrick Moore had a front-row seat as he organized the environmental movement’s first ever major demonstration. Now Patrick has some real problems with the direction it’s heading.

In this discussion Patrick shares his thoughts on humanity’s impact on global warming temperatures, shares his opinion on Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg, as well as explaining what people mean when they say we’ve only got 50 harvests left, and whether we should be worried about rising sea levels and more.

About Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore, Ph.D.

Dr. Patrick Moore has been a leader in the international environmental field for more than 40 years. He is a co-founder of Greenpeace and served for nine years as President of Greenpeace Canada and seven years as a Director of Greenpeace International. As the leader of many campaigns, Dr. Moore was a driving force shaping policy and direction while Greenpeace became the world’s largest environmental activist organization.

In recent years, Dr. Moore has been focused on the promotion of sustainability and consensus building among competing concerns. He was a member of British Columbia government-appointed Round Table on the Environment and Economy from 1990 – 1994. In 1990, Dr. Moore founded and chaired the BC Carbon Project, a group that worked to develop a common understanding of climate change.

Dr. Moore served for four years as Vice President, Environment for Waterfurnace International, a manufacturer of geothermal heat pumps for residential heating and cooling with renewable earth energy. He is a Director of NextEnergy Solutions, the largest distributor of geothermal systems in Canada.

As Chair of the Sustainable Forestry Committee of the Forest Alliance of BC from 1991 – 2002, he led the process of developing the “Principles of Sustainable Forestry” which were adopted by a majority of the industry.

In 2000, Dr. Moore published Trees are the Answer, a photo-book that provides a new insight into how forests work and how they can play a powerful role in solving many of our current environmental problems.

Dr. Moore serves as Chair and Chief Scientist of Greenspirit Strategies Ltd., a consultancy focusing on environmental policy and communications in forestry, agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, mining, biodiversity, chemicals, energy and climate change.

From 2006-2012 he served as co-Chair of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, a US-based advocacy mission to build public support for more nuclear energy plants to provide electricity.

In 2013 Dr. Moore, with his brother Michael and other family members, founded the Allow Golden Rice Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to seeing Golden Rice approved for commercial agriculture. 250 million children, mainly in the tropical countries, are deficient in vitamin A and as a result uo to 2 million die each year. The Allow Golden Rice Now! Campaign demands that Greenpeace and their allies discontinue their campaign of opposition to Golden Rice, which could eliminate vitamin A deficiency if cultivated and consumed. In 2019 the Philippines announced it had approved Golden Rice for cultivation.

In 2014 Dr. Moore was appointed Chair of Ecology, Energy, and Prosperity at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

In 2015 Dr. Moore joined the founding meeting of the CO2 Coalition in Washington DC, chaired by William Happer, and was appointed a founding director of the organization with the aim of educating on the benefits of carbon dioxide for life on Earth. In April 2019, Dr. Moore was elected Chairman of the Board of the CO2 Coalition, and now serves as a director.

In 2021 Dr. Moore published “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom” exposing the fake news and fake science around 11 claims of disaster including climate change, coral reefs, polar bears, plastic, nuclear energy, and more.

Dr. Moore is an independent ecologist/environmentalist with Ecosense Environmental Inc.

“Speaking Truth to Power Award”, 9th Annual Climate Change Conference, 2014

National Award for Nuclear Science and History, (Einstein Society) Albequerque, New Mexico, 2009

Honorary Doctorate of Science, North Carolina State University, 2005

Ph.D. in Ecology, Institute of Resource Ecology, University of British Columbia, 1974

Ford Foundation Fellowship, 1969-1972

Honours B.Sc. in Biology and Forest Biology, University of British Columbia

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