Greg Gutfeld on the Texas ambush murder of police

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The media refuses to clearly see the truth of policing, instead pushing stories that alarm and divide citizens.


Texas Police Chief Victor Rodriguez: The suspect of the incident met the officers at the door and shoot both officers while they stood there. Both officers suffered fatal wounds. Our officers did not draw their weapons, did not fire, never stood a chance . . .

Greg Gutfeld: So, Saturday two police officers were ambushed and killed in Texas. Their names were Edelmiro Garza age 45 and Ismael Chave, 39. Responding to a domestic disturbance in the effort to stop violence, they became its victims. That’s the story of many officers’ lives. We report it on this show because we realize the proportion of media coverage on such crimes compared to other stories is obviously lacking. When a violent act occurs that fits a narrative it’s amplified to suit the media’s needs. What need does it serve to report a story of two dead officers. For the rest of the media very little, so they shrug it off. But Fox News won’t. 

Today we’re living in an experiment, one conducted by mad social scientists, where media and its internet platforms choose stories that manipulate emotion for the sake of clicks. They put a price on rage and they sell it by the minute. So the bravery and hardships of law enforcement are ignored in favor of visual content untethered to data, but tied to a narrative. In 2020, ironically, the media refuses to clearly see the truth of policing, instead pushing stories that alarm and divide citizens. This rift is now energizing violent criminals. As Democrat mayors and other politicians follow the same path, deserting law and order, and therefore you, and they laugh at those who now try to protect themselves. Politicians are scared of the mob, scared of the media, as both cheer mayhem over peace officers. And if you cheer the police you’re made an unperson by the mob. Go ahead, say blue lives matter, and see what happens to you. So even if you haven’t read or Orwell, you’ll get to live it. How long will we endure this, until we decide enough is enough. So we report this story, not to make you angry, or sad, but they help you decide when enough is enough.

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