Grim Look At What The Future Will Be Unless We Fight It

Naomi Wolf on War Room Pandemic
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Author Naomi Wolf talks to Steve Bannon about the protests against vaccine mandates and masks that have broken out throughout Europe and about the threat to liberty that is being disguised as a public health crisis. In fact, the mass vaccinations could be exacerbating the health crisis, as Wolf points out.

“This is not a pandemic. It’s only the WHO that has the power to declare a pandemic, and they’re going to declare it forever…. We’re in a very dangerous situation. Austria is not going to let their people go. Australia is, as you saw, [under] permanent pandemic powers, and you could foresee this as I did in April of last year when they disbanded the Australian Parliament. People have lost their civil liberties across Europe. We’re about to lose our right to travel across borders. People in Canada have none of their rights back, and here in America … we’re in the midst of a battle that’s state by state by state.”

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