The Idiocracy of H.R. 1446: Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021

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Charleston Loophole Bill

On March 2, 2021, House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn introduced what he’s calling the “Enhanced Background Checks Act” to close what he and the anti-gun Lobby call the “Charleston Loophole” HR 1446.

Instead of having to wait 3 business days if you get a delay, you’ll have to wait 10 business days before you can request an “escalated” review.

The FBI seemingly has another 10 business days.

So now they want to give the FBI 20 business days to finish their investigation before the automatic proceed. Even though this enhanced background check act does the same thing as the original law, just with a different waiting period, it’s somehow not also a “loophole”?

The first law wasn’t a loophole. It was a very deliberate safety measure to prevent the Federal Government from arbitrarily denying people their 2nd Amendment rights by simply not completing background checks in a timely manner.

Without it, the FBI can sit on your background check as long as they want to. So now they’re trying to inch their way towards the FBI having the ability to do just that.

It’s called an instant background check, not the “whenever the FBI feels like finishing their investigation” background check.

He was able to have one because the Government failed, which it does a lot. I refuse to give up any of my 2A rights because it would require me to depend on the Government to keep me safe when they can’t even call the right police department or put down the correct information on a document.

Now they’re trying to use their incompetence to justify infringing on your rights.

It gets worse. He tried to get approval on April 11, 2015, but he didn’t do what he did until June 17, 2015.

That’s over two months that the FBI had to conduct their investigation. Over 60 days. Even if they had the 20 business days this bill wants to require, the Charleston shooting would have still happened.

This law is yet another example of how they try to take inch by inch and hoping that when they come around again to take another inch, you’ve forgotten about the last time they took an inch.

Call and write your representatives in congress. They are going to vote on this in the House of Representatives next week. It’ll likely pass the house, but it has a chance to be stopped in the senate because of the filibuster rule, but you have to hold these senators’ feet to the fire.

ESPECIALLY the Republican Senators because all republican senators aren’t strong 2A supporters. Some are fair-weather 2A supporters, and if they think they can get away with voting for a gun control bill that “Seems Harmless,” they will.

SO WRITE AND CALL YOUR SENATORS and tell them to dead this bill in the water! I’ll post a link to find the information to write and call your representative. Please share this video far and wide.

H.R. 1446: Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021

This bill revises background check requirements applicable to proposed firearm transfers from a federal firearms licensee (e.g., a licensed gun dealer) to an unlicensed person.

Specifically, it increases the amount of time, from 3 business days to a minimum of 10 business days, that a federal firearms licensee must wait to receive a completed background check prior to transferring a firearm to an unlicensed person. (This type of transaction is often referred to as a default proceed transaction.)

If a submitted background check remains incomplete after 10 business days, then the prospective purchaser may submit a petition for a final firearms eligibility determination. If an additional 10 days elapse without a final determination, then the federal firearms licensee may transfer the firearm to the prospective purchaser.

Sponsor: Rep. James E. Clyburn [D-SC-6] (Introduced 03/01/2021)


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