Hallie is unmasked as the mystery THIRD Biden family member to receive China cash

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Top Republican reveals Beau’s widow and Hunter’s ex got $35,000 in 2017 from $3M deal made by Hunter’s associate

  • Rep. James Comer detailed the allegations in memo to committee members 
  • He subpoenaed bank information on Biden associate John R. Walker
  • Walker distributed more than $1 million to family members, says Comer

Hallie Biden received a cut of $3 million in cash from China sent through an associate of Hunter, according to Republicans who released information from subpoenaed bank records.

Beau Biden’s widow was identified on Thursday as the third member of the first family wrapped up in Rep. James Comer’s investigation into allegations they used their names to profit on business deals around the world.

In a memo seen by DailyMail.com, Hallie received $35,000 in two transfers in March from Biden family associate John ‘Rob’ Walker, after he received a $3 million wire from the Chinese State Energy HK Limited, a firm affiliated with CEFC China Energy.

Walker then shared $1.3 million with four Biden family members – including Hallie – and the company of another businessman associated with the family, James Gilliar.

Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother Jim were the others to get a cut of the cash.  The White House hit back in a blistering statement that called the focus on Hunter Biden’s widow ‘bizarre.’

Hallie, who had dinner with Joe in Delaware on Friday, was married to Beau until his cancer death in 2015 and then had a relationship with Hunter from March 2017 until 2019.

The bombshell memo shows Republicans are expanding their investigation into whether the Biden family used their names to cash in on ventures across the globe.

The GOP is also investigating what, if any, services Walker or the family members provided to receive the cash from China. 

In the memo DailyMail.com obtained, Comer asked ‘why Hallie Biden—publicly reported to work as a school counselor—received money from Rob Walker, the account holder who got the initial deposit from the Chinese firm.

By Geoff Earle

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