Hanoi Jane’s Call for the Murder of Pro-Life Advocates Is Acceptable Because Of YOU!

Contact Your Elected Officials

Don’t fume at the pathetic Hanoi Jane struggling to remain relevant. Or spew expletives at Joyless Behar or Chip on her shoulder Sunny Hostin. These creatures only navigate the waters we allow them to swim about in with impunity.

Look in a mirror and own your persecution. You and only you are accountable. There are no white knights around the bend and no Ruby Slippers to click three times to get you home. Apathy, fear, and selfishness no longer holds a Republic together.

The only way forward is through building your armor of courage and purpose. Become a Constitutional Warrior and lead with stealth courage, integrity, and action. Or just sit in your boat and let the wake slam you up against the rocks – free will.

By Bekah Lyons

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