He DOESN’T want you to know this about Hunter Biden laptop story and Ukraine

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What are Democrats hiding in Ukraine? What is George Soros hiding in Ukraine? What is Hunter Biden hiding in Ukraine? Turns out a lot. So much so that they had a game plan in place for when we figured it out and we are starting to figure it out.

One Month Before Hunter Biden Laptop Story, Twitter Execs And Journalists War-Gamed An Eerily Similar Scenario

Twitter and Meta executives, as well as journalists from a variety of media outlets, participated in a training exercise regarding a potential leak of data related to Hunter Biden that had similarities with a New York Post story published roughly one month later, according to internal documents published by author Michael Shellenberger as part of Elon Musk’s ongoing “Twitter Files.”

The Post’s original Oct. 14, 2020, story was based on a laptop, apparently belonging to Biden, containing a 2015 email that linked then-Vice President Joe Biden to his son Hunter’s business dealings with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. At an unspecified date in September, a training exercise hosted by the Aspen Institute titled “The Burisma Leak,” outlined a potential timeline of events following a hypothetical Oct. 5, 2020 hack and leak of Burisma documents showing Hunter receiving more compensation than previously reported for his work with the company and communicating with his father about the firm.

The Aspen Institute exercise imagines a hypothetical timeline between Oct. 5, 2020 to Oct. 15, 2020, where a cache of documents implies that the Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire prosecutor Viktor Shokin, Shellenberger reported. The purpose of this training exercise was to “shape how the media covered it — and how social media carried it,” according to Shellenberger.

The meeting was headed by Vivian Schiller, the former CEO of NPR and head of news at Twitter, and was attended by security executives at Meta and Twitter and reporters from The New York Times and The Washington Post, according to Shellenberger.

By John Hugh Demastri

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