U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021: Heritage Foundation Fact Sheet

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The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 (USCA) is the most radical piece of immigration legislation ever introduced in America and seeks to reward illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens. The legislation is a bold attempt to trade American national security, sovereignty, and well-being for perceived political benefit.

America deserves immigration laws that prioritize Americans, lawful immigrants, U.S. sovereignty, and national and economic security, not illegal aliens, smugglers, cartels, gangs, and breaking the law. The USCA seeks to erase the distinction between legal and illegal immigration. It includes no border security, would increase both illegal and legal immigration, and would skyrocket costs for the American taxpayer. The bill does not advance American interests with regard to immigration policy and cheapens American citizenship.

Topics Covered In This Fact Sheet Include:

  • Erasing The Line Between Illegal And Legal Immigration
  • Unending Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants
  • Returning Previously Deported Aliens To The U.S.
  • Taxpayer-funded Lawyers For Removable Aliens
  • Encouraging Asylum Fraud
  • Increasing All Types Of Legal Immigration
  • Expensive And Leftist Foreign Aid Package For Central America

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