Hilton Head Island (2017- ) Trailer from PureFlix.com

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Catch all the drama — without the language, sex and violence — of the first streaming “hope opera” as Hilton Head Island (2017- ) comes to Pure Flix.com. The 22-episode original series focuses on the fictional Trisk family.

Antonio Sabato Jr.Carey ScottCrystal Hunt, Christina Collard, Michael Swan, and Anna Zielinski star in Hilton Head Island (2017- ).

When Daniel Trask–family patriarch and founder of the ISLE Television Network–falls seriously ill, his wife and children are suddenly at odds over control of the family’s media empire. Only the power of prayer and a return to the principles of faith will prevent the devastation of their world and their father’s legacy.

Pure Flix Mission

The mission of Pure Flix is to create God-honoring entertainment that strengthens the faith and values of individuals and families. Together they wish to be a transformation voice in entertainment that is free from uncomfortable surprises for individuals and families. Feel at ease with a safe place for streaming.

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