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His Only Son Movie

His Faith Was Tested. Our Hope Was Born.

His Only Son recounts one of the most controversial moments in the Old Testament—when Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac on the mountain of Moriah. While traveling to the place of the sacrifice, alongside Isaac and two servants, Abraham is flooded with vivid memories from the years he and Sarah spent longing for the son they were promised—the son he must now lay upon the altar.


David Helling

David Helling grew up in Southern Louisiana but spent the bulk of his teens in Texas. Upon graduating high school, David shipped to California for a five-year-stint in the United States Marine Corps– a commitment which eventually took him to the sands of Al-Anbar Province in Iraq. There in the desert, near the edge of ancient Babylon, in a combat zone, another battle was raging in David himself– a war within that eventually drove to the Bible. The result was a transformed heart, sincere faith and a burning desire to tell others of those Biblical accounts. Since then, David has made it his life’s mission to bring Scripture’s Truth from the page to the Screen. This endeavor has resulted in many short films and scripts, garnering numerous awards, accolades and international attention– all which now culminate in his debut feature film, His Only Son.

Nicolas Mouawad

Nicolas Mouawad is a Lebanese film and TV actor, working in the United States and the Arab world. He is previously known for Teleat Rohi (Drop Dead Diva), and Saabe’ Gaar. Nicolas has starred in some of the most-watched and critically-acclaimed drama series in Egypt, Lebanon and the UAE, including Hagar Gohanam: Black Widows, Wannous, and Abriaa Wa Laken: Innocent… However, Nicolas Mouawad started his career in television as a host on the daily live show, “Rotana Cafe” (2003-2009). He also hosted programs on MTV Lebanon. His debut acting role was in Marwan Najjar’s television drama, Helm Athar. He then starred in numerous TV movies as well as Lebanese and Pan-Arab series, such as “Zero 4” and Ruby for which he won the Murex d’Or for Best Actor in 2013. The same year, he also won the Best Lead Actor Award at the London International Film Festival for his starring role in the feature film, Takaseem El Hob. He was one of the featured stars in the Pan-Arab version of “Dancing with the Stars” (2013). In 2016, he landed his first role in Egypt, starring in Wannous, one of the most-watched series of 2016. Critics hailed his performance and fluency in the Egyptian dialect, which led to more roles in Egyptian drama. Because of the success he earned in Saabe’ Gaar, he landed the starring role in the Arabic-language version of “Drop Dead Diva” that aired on OSN.

Sara Seyed

Sara Seyed. As a child in her conservative Islamic school in Tehran, an impromptu dance routine led Seyed to a month of disciplinary probation which in turn formed the path for a lifelong devotion to the fight against oppression. Seyed pursued a career in International Law out of London, and worked with Amnesty International and the International Bar Association in protecting victims of domestic violence. In 2016, she began her professional career in acting upon her acceptance into the American Repertory at Harvard University. With American Repertory she worked on the stage revival of “Assistance” by Leslye Headland directed by the world renowned Scott Ziegler, collaborated with Marcus Stern on the stage production of “Our Town” and starred in the Moscow Art Theatre production of “The Great Capitulation: Fear and Misery and the Third Reich”. On stage she also portrayed Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and Hermione in “Winter’s Tale”. In 2018 she was offered the starring role of Leili for the feature film production of 12th Fools Day (2019) for Manoto TV, alongside the Emmy award winning and Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo. In August 2019 she was cast as a series regular for the role of Jasmine in the Netflix original series Young Wallander (2020). Seyed currently resides in Los Angeles where she is pursuing her career in Television and Film while also working towards eradication of inequality with the Bottle Top Fashion house as the United Nations Global Initiative Ambassador.

Edaan Moskowitz

Edaan Moskowitz was born in California to Israeli parents. Since a young age, Edaan has held a strong passion for film and has dedicated himself to pursuing roles both in front of and behind the camera. He has been featured in numerous short films, but his portrayal of Isaac in His Only Son marks his feature debut. Edaan earned the role due to his mature character and strong on-screen presence, beating out many talented contenders.

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