Holocaust Survivor Kitty Werthmann says America is following in

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Holocaust survivor Kitty Werthmann explains how America is being lead down a path leading to Nazi style socialism just like Austria was in in 1938.

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Thank you for inviting me here to your beautiful state of California.

The media still claims that Hitler rolled into Austria with tanks and guns and took us over. Not true at all. The fact is that the Australian people elected Hitler by 98% of the vote by means of the ballot box. Now, how could that happen in a Christian nation Almost 100% Catholic that they would elect a monster like Hitler. Hitler did not look like a monster. Hitler did not act like a monster. He talked like an American politician.

The year was 1938 Austria was in a very, very deep depression. We had more than 30% unemployment. We had 25% inflation and if you borrowed money from the bank you paid 25% in interest. That’s why farmers were going broke, businesses were going broke. They could not pay their mortgage or they could not be there Taxes. What was even worse we had riots in our cities. We had blocks of our cities burned down and our law enforcement was almost helpless, they could not control the riots. The unions were calling for strikes and industry would close and factories would close up, hence all his unemployment. it was not unusual in my home that 30 people a day would knock on the door for a bowl of soup and a slice of bread keep themselves Alive by going door-to-door that were no jobs they were young people college graduates no jobs the media told us that in Germany where Hitler ruled since 1933 they had for unemployment they had a high living standard and everybody was driving the Little Beetle car the folks Lagann we did not hear a whisper than anybody was being persecuted or arrested we only heard good things and of course we spoke the same language we spoke German we have the same culture that was only a border between us Austria and Germany like South and North Dakota and we said why not we would like to have the same high living standard will Germany had and of all the things jobs people wanted to work Austin people are not lazy they want to work so the Austrian people petition the government for a baby size for an election and enhance the Australian people elected Hitler by 98% of the road so we got a new government national socialism I translate for you not see your knowledge socialist Moses from the Ward nazionale the word Nazi derived so we were getting a Nazi government nobody was elected anymore from the school board the city commission the County Commission legislature and governors they were they were all appointed well result they would only take the very best people do governors just like in Germany we trusted them we did not ask question so the first thing that happened we had to carry national ID cards you could not board a bus you could not border train without showing your national ID card don’t ever let that happen here very bad idea what happened Hitler gave us free radios so we could listen to him he was a great orator and then he nationalized the radio station and we were warned if we would turn on me flooring radio station like British Broadcasting or Switzerland death penalty returned on a phone or a radio station because you know what the what the what is the best friend’s name in the newspaper before it hit the street that was being censored by the government so the only boys would we had was the government radio station and the government-controlled newspaper so a lot of new things happened very quick Hitler gave us equal rights do that sounded so very good equal rights for everybody also everybody was it was a getting a guaranteed income from the government rights here we call it the Equal Rights Amendment Equal Rights was designed into components equality economics and social economics designed to equalize the country’s wealth because everybody was entitled to a guaranteed equal income in order to achieve that they had to raise our taxes up to 70% to equalize the world those who were on the lower income level to graduate them up there too and they got subsidized housing they got food stamps they got heating fuel and they got a certain amount of payment from the government for each child so they equalised the the country’s wealth by texting us 70% to bring dead label to lower income level into a equal level and that is called socialism on the social level of course on the socialism everybody has to be in the workforce before Hitler of course the mom stayed home they won’t go to device and erase their families but under socialism if you are not in the workforce you are called a parasite so the moms for putting while being put out into the workforce so what happened to the children Child Care Centers and the it was all free for everybody you could bring your four-month-old baby leave it there 24 hours 7 days a week as long as you left your child there the better the government like stood the staffers of the child care centers they were not the grandmotherly type of women who took care of the children Cy Young Women highly skilled in child psychology to ward two little babies from 4 weeks on up Kodi 180 the government wanted the government race our children so that was the equality equal rights for everybody the next thing what happened education was nationalized we had a very good educational system in Austria before Hitler I want to public school we had a very good curriculum we even trade in public school before class and after class that morning after the election I walked into my classroom the crucifix was gone and the teacher said this morning we greet each other Heil Hitler and she said we don’t pray anymore we sing torch on Torch River Alice Germany above everybody and she also said we would not have twice a week religious education anymore either we would have physical education instead we did not mind that was a lot more fun to play ball then study the Bible or long prayers she also said that on Sunday we could not go to church anymore because Sunday was compulsory National you stay we had to attend at 8 in the morning so that you may kiss you instead of going to church the first two hours we had it that you keishin today I would call it political indoctrination we were being told not to listen to our parents they were just old-fashioned old Focus they did not understand the young people so don’t listen to your parents anymore and besides you have freedom and you had rights so our parents could not tell us anymore when you come home at night we could decide that for ourselves the rest of the day we had Sports we got all the sports equipment free we got tennis rackets we got skis everything and the boys of age 62 got motorcycles and of course everybody had to join the Hitler Youth that was compulsory so the rest of the day we had Sports and fun so when we returned home a night we told our parents how much fun we had and how much better it was and all the sports equipment we got free much more fun than going to church well my parents were very concerned especially my mother so when my next school term came about in October she announced that she would enroll me in a private school with an excellent curriculum but not much fun if we wanted a new school high wall around and a lock Iron Gate I thought she was going to put me into a prison but she was a wise woman she said do they you do not understand why I’m doing this for you but when you grow up a bit you will understand has my mother not intervened today I would be a radical Marxist so on the holidays I could go back home for for a visit of course I was curious I would go back to my former classmate and find out what was going on I was shocked 16 year old girls are having babies for Hitler and that was notified or Hitler blonde hair blue eyes the master race I was shocked so that was our educational system Hitler also National lifestyle car industry Austrian Guild the little car a little bit bigger than the Fiat Hitler said we don’t need another little car we already have the beetle car the Force login so he turned the car industry also Hitler National lights are banks Hitler said those greedy Banks they were the ones who charged 25% interest and that is why the farmers were going broke the business about going broke and he loaded the Jewish Banks so I will banks will be nationalized mixing what happened he nationalized our Healthcare System a reasonably Good Health Care system which was financed by private insurance we had good hospitals we had good doctors and everybody was reasonably well being cared for this all changed very fast my brother-in-law who was a family physician he told me that when he arrived at his office at 8 in the morning 40 patients with the lined up waiting for him to be cared for him he said it was like practicing medicine on a conveyor belt the only had time 5 or 10 minutes per patient and besides all the paperwork if it was it was a system from from will Taking Care Health Care to a very very bad system and what was even worse he told me that naturally all the doctors were being celery by the government there was no more free market pre-market did not exist anymore the government salary all the doctors from my brother-in-law was a very conscientious he would only prescribed medication for the patient really needed but if that medication was not on the government’s list it took it out of his salary and he celery windows down to almost nothing so a lot of doctors left the country a lot of doctors left including my own husband my husband did not want to practice medicine like his brother had to he wanted free market medicine he came to this country and I remember telling him telling me how wonderful our Healthcare System how much are Hospital compared what you left behind he said I hope it will never change today he will turn over in his grave how Healthcare will change also of course I’m through socialist government you have a lot of rules and regulation we had a planning agency that was designed to control the businesses and the farmers the bureaucrats all we had tons of bureaucrats that’s how Hitler created jobs government jobs lot a lot of your request and they will go out to the farms and count the livestock’s and tell the farmers what to plant how much do plants and how much do you have to harvest regardless of the weather be able to go into the businesses and Snoop around what they could find under the auspices of health and safety everybody taking everybody and I hear that a lot of times from my audiences how do bureaucrats come into their business and look around what they can criticize and what the business owner have to replace and that’s why a lot of businesses in Austria could not afford replacement whatever whatever it was Round Table’s versus Square tables and lamps so a lot of businesses closed their doors so awesome the bureaucrats would go out in the farms and count the chickens and order the chickens how many eggs to have to lay that’s right ridiculous absolutely ridiculous world of books mind Kampf my struggle he wrote In the book everything but he was going to do that he was going to take over the world but the Austrian people are so busy with Athletics and sports so very few people read the book that we read the book we would have known what was coming we would have known what was coming abortions what highly illegal Hitler wanted a lot of babies blonde hair and blue eyes the master race but not 100% Aryan and the woman was pregnant she was forced to have an abortion is not want any foreign Blood on the Aryan pure German blood we also had euthanasia killing people in my last year of college I was sent to a small village to do my practice teaching maybe I should back up and tell you what really happened in education when the time came to pick your major in college I wanted to be a journalist and writer I was told they didn’t need journalist. Me the writers either they needed young teachers so I had to go into education I did not mind that because I like children sewing my last year in college I was sent through a small willage in the mountains and I was told that the course in the winter time the mountain passes would close up because of the masses of snow so people in that Village the intimate family into family and We Know by genetics that sometime the offspring’s the baby is a bit mentally handicapped so when I arrived in that Village and I was told they had about 15 of mentally handicapped people OneMain I know very well he was the janitor in our school Vincent he could not read or write I could not talk very well but he keeps our school clean so one morning I looked out of my classroom window and there was a van out there from the health department I thought well and all these people were being ushered into the van so I asked my principal where are they going to take Vincent and all the rest of the people I thought maybe they’d take him for an outing for a picnic the principals at the health department came around and asked the parents if they want to institutionalize their son or daughter to learn how to read and write gladly the parents sign the papers and off T want six months later the letters came to the parents that their son or daughter died in natural but merciful death the news traveled very fast in that Village People said they all left in excellent Health in good health and why should they all die within 6 months it dawned on The Villages that they were being euthanized after the war I found out that 20,000 children handicapped children while being euthanized Hitler wanted Perfect People on a personal note God forbid I ever become handicapped I will never apply for a handicap license plate because I don’t want to get on the list and I know that I’m the Obama’s healthcare we have eugenie’s and that means there was a old like me I’m 87 years old there is no more money for us so that was you with Alicia we also had a federal police force secret police commonly known as the gestapo and they were everywhere in civilian clothes you didn’t know who they were people disappeared all the time and nobody know where people were being taken nobody know but people disappeared and the Gestapo they watched everybody everybody’s coming and goings because we had national ID cards and of course you could not board a bus or a train without showing your national ID card to keep track on us and we were being so scared the more scared of everything we were off the Gestapo the secret police how it works since the war was going on on our food was being rationed we got one pound of sugar a month sewing if somebody in your family passed away like Grandma you quickly took that corrected sugar coupon and want to the grocery store and bought that pound of sugar the next day the Gestapo would knock on your door and say we know that you did not turn into sugar coupon you bought that pound of sugar but I am not going to arrest you but you have to inform on your phone your neighbor your friend everybody you know and report to our office once a week baby created a network of informers we could not trust our neighbors we could not trust our friends we couldn’t trust anybody we couldn’t trust the mailman nobody we were afraid to talk to anybody anything political because we did not know who was informing on everybody a network of informers they created I believe it was in February 09 I’m a lobbyist in our capital in South Dakota and that morning I drove to our Capital about around 8 and I had the car radio on and the new Smurfs being reported and there was President Obama saying is anybody if you hear anybody criticizing me call the White House when I arrived in the capital I quickly want to ask some of the verify I asked some of the richest later if they heard the same story and they said yes we also heard that can you imagine creating a network of informers informing and call the White House yes it’s happening we also had gun control the government said that children were playing with guns and we had hunting accidents people accidentally shooting each other and we had criminals again murderous the only way that they could track the murderer serial number so we can register the serial number and we can track the criminal and we thought that was a good idea gladly we did that not long afterwards they said no it did not help we could not track all the criminals the best way to have no more crimes and no more people getting hurt bring your guns to the police station and we already know who had guns because we registered our guns keep your guns and buy more guns and inspect on your Mo if you don’t have any five years from 1938 until 1943 we had a full-blown dictatorship we kept our guns we would have fought a bloody battle through the last men and women to keep our freedom by three had no guns a classic example is in Switzerland it is long but everybody has to have a gun and Hitler took every country in Europe except Switzerland and Switzerland did not have a war for more than 600 Hitler never tackle Switzerland so keep your guns like I said the only information work we had with the government provided for us and the sense of newspaper nobody could come in and nobody could get out we had no information none whatsoever we did not know that we had concentration camps we found that out after the Americans and the Allies liberated us that we had concentration camps and we were shocked we were totally shocked when the people fear the government that’s tyranny but then the government fears the people that’s Liberty we have to take our country back as we know it in a good way is that which you can’t friends everybody I have my speech on a DVD I ordered you to have House Parties play my DVD invite your neighbors your friends and a suitcase and on socialism we are almost 80% there we have to take our country back as we know it those of us we came to a country of unbelievable freedom and opportunity America is the greatest country in the world if we can keep it 

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