House Republicans Call on Pelosi to Testify About Jan. 6 Security Failures

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Two House Republicans are calling on outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi to testify before Congress after a GOP report revealed on Dec. 21 that her staff played a key role in the security planning that failed to protect the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

“The reason there wasn’t a proper security presence on that day goes right to the speaker’s staff and the speaker’s office,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told Just the News Wednesday following the release of the House Republicans’ report detailing the security failures that led to the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

“As you go back and look at the communications, there’s this pattern that develops where the Sergeant of Arms is meeting with Pelosi’s staff,” added Jordan, the incoming House Judiciary Committee chairman. “Many of those meetings, Republican staff wasn’t allowed to be there, but they had this pattern where everything had to run through her office, her staff, before the Sergeant of Arms could make a decision.”

Security Failures

In a separate interview, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) told Just the News that the National Guard was delayed in arriving at the Capitol on Jan. 6 because then-Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving had been waiting on Pelosi’s guidance.

“It’s almost like there were individuals within the current administration that wanted this to happen,” Nehls said. “All the intelligence was there, and what did they have? What did they have? They had bicycle racks. … A bicycle rack couldn’t keep your cat in your yard.”

Jordan and Nehls were among the five House Republicans to release the GOP report Wednesday ahead of the release of the House Jan. 6 select committee’s final report.

Nehls, noting that texts from Irving corroborated accounts that U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) had ushered protesters into the building, added, “The American people aren’t hearing any of this from the sham [Jan. 6] committee.”

Nehls also revealed that a former D.C. National Guard Commander had told him that, had the National Guard been called to the Capitol when police asked for help on Jan. 4, the events of Jan. 6 would have “never, ever happened.”

By Samantha Flom

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