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The House of Representatives voted Thursday to hold former President Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress after he declined to cooperate with a congressional investigation of the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally.

The partisan vote came after the Democrat-led Jan. 6 Committee voted to move the charge forward to be confirmed in the House. Members of the commission alleged that Bannon refusing a subpoena to provide documents and testimony to the panel constitutes contempt of Congress.

The contempt resolution argues that Bannon has no legal standing to defy the subpoena.

Trump’s attorney argued that Bannon shouldn’t comply because the requested information is protected by the former president’s executive privilege. Team Trump submitted a memo to Trump’s website announcing a “lawsuit to defend executive privilege.”

“The January 6th Committee is a partisan sham to distract Americans from the Democrats’ policies that are killing and robbing Americans,” the memo alleged.

The committee says it wants Bannon’s documents and testimony because he was in touch with Trump before the Jan. 6 incident, because he tried to get Trump to focus on the congressional certification of the election results, and because he said on Jan. 5 that “all hell is going to break loose” the next day.

Bannon “appears to have had multiple roles relevant to this investigation, including his role in constructing and participating in the ‘stop the steal’ public relations effort that motivated the attack” and “his efforts to plan political and other activity in advance of Jan. 6,” the committee alleged in the resolution.

With the House’s certification of the charge, it is now up to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to decide whether or not to pursue legal action.

President Joe Biden has encouraged the DOJ, led by his appointee Merrick Garland, to prosecute those found to have violated the Jan. 6 commission’s subpoenas.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki later sought to clarify Biden’s remarks, writing on Twitter that he “supports the work of the committee and the independent role of the Department of Justice to make any decisions about prosecutions.”

By Joseph Lord

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Shreds Dems Over Bannon Vote

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reports on a busy day in the House of Representatives, including the vote to hold “War Room” host Steve Bannon in contempt for refusing to cooperate with the select Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Committee.

“I sat on the House floor when they were debating the House resolution to hold an innocent American in contempt, which is you Steve, and Republican Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the two chosen Republicans that Nancy Pelosi put on the Witch Hunt Committee that’s nothing but a sham. You know they kicked off Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. They wouldn’t allow them to participate. Liz Cheney was the one in charge of the Republican side of the debate. She only yielded her time to Democrats; she never yielded her time to Republicans, and they only gave us 20 minutes. … So then the vote took place and here they are celebrating voiting to hold an innocent man in contempt because you didn’t go answer the subpoena and show up to their fake committee that isn’t even constitutional because they aren’t allowing … our Republican comrades to participate.”

From The Desk of Donald J. Trump

MEMO: Lawsuit Filed to Defend Executive Privilege, U.S. Constitution

Today, President Donald J. Trump filed a lawsuit in defense of the Constitution, the Office of the President, and the future of our nation, all of which the sham Unselect Committee is trying to destroy. The fact is America is under assault by Pelosi’s Communist-style attempt to silence and destroy America First patriots through this hyper-partisan and illegitimate investigation.

●      The January 6th Committee is a partisan sham to distract Americans from the Democrats’ policies that are killing and robbing Americans. For example:

o   The Border crisis is flooding our communities with drugs and gangs, while costing taxpayers billions.

o   The Democrats’ mismanagement of COVID exposed America’s elderly to a deadly disease and then in many cases, forced them to die alone.

o   By defunding the police and embracing criminals, Democrats have made our cities less safe.

o   The unconstitutional mandates are destroying the economy.

●      The media is complicit in advancing the Committee’s unconstitutionally flawed request.

●      This committee exposed itself as a sham by requesting documents which serve no legitimate legislative purpose—what does President Trump’s campaign polling data from Florida have to do with an investigation into January 6th?

The Legal Argument—Three Pillars

  1. No Legitimate Legislative Purpose:The legislative committees’ request fails to meet the basic requirement of fulfilling a legislative purpose. The request is not just overly broad, it requests documents including campaign polling data—what does Congress hope to learn from this?
    1. Newsflash: Polling shows Biden’s approval cratering and 2022 slipping out of Democrats’ grasp—no wonder the Democrats and the media want to distract America from: The surrender in Afghanistan, skyrocketing inflation, a border crisis, crippling COVID mandates, and a stalled legislative agenda.
  1. Former Presidents have inherent Constitutional Rights of Privilege: An incumbent administration does not have the constitutional authority to unilaterally waive the executive privilege of a previous administration—especially one so recent.  If it did, then executive privilege doesn’t exist, including for Joe Biden.
    1. Newsflash: No one is following this argument more closely than: (1) Hunter Biden and his art dealer, (2) The Woke Generals and Intel leaders who advised the Surrender in Afghanistan and the bombing of innocent civilians and children (3) Big Tech who has been actively engaged with the Biden administration to subvert Democracy through dark money organizations
  1. Time for Review:The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has not even had the time to compile and organize the documents being requested by Congress—which is the largest request in American History. President Trump and Joe Biden should be afforded the time to diligently review any protected and privileged documents before it is released to the public.
    1. Newsflash: The Committee is motivated by one thing: delivering political wins for the Democrats. That’s why they’ve set a rapid timetable that steamrolls the Constitution, legal precedent, and established process. The Committee isn’t seeking the truth, it’s seeking Communist-style political persecution of President Trump and the America First patriots who served their country honorably.

Taylor Budowich
Director of Communications
President Donald J. Trump and Save America PAC

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