How China spies on the world: China’s surveillance technology

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China’s surveillance technology used to monitor Uighurs in Xinjiang is spreading around the world with dozens of countries already taking up the communist nation’s exports.

University of Texas Associate Professor Sheena Greitens said countries that are strategic priorities to China and others plagued by violent crime have experienced unmet demand for public safety answers which Chinese companies have taken advantage of.

“China’s development of intensive surveillance technology is, in fact, already a global issue,” she said.

“My recent research has shown that China has exported surveillance technology platforms to over 80 countries worldwide.”

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Michael Shoebridge told Sky News the companies, which are intertwined with the Chinese government, bring the communist nation’s “surveillance regime to places they export it to”.

“So safe cities backed by Chinese technology have these kinds of attributes,” he said

Safe cities are terms used to describe metropolitan areas with a range of advanced data-processing and surveillance capabilities.

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