How the Waning of Religious Belief Impacts America: Sam Sorbo

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‘We can get our culture back,’ actress and education activist says

In a world gradually diverging from religions and traditions, the Sorbo family is exploring the hard question of whether people need religious beliefs, and looking at the impact of irreligion and atheism on American society.

Actress, filmmaker, and author Sam Sorbo, and her husband, actor Kevin Sorbo—star of the hit TV series “Hercules”—were approached to lead a tour to Israel. They produced a documentary sharing the insights the travelers gained from the journey, with the goal of re-discovering the meaning of religion in human life.

“What do we mean by religion?” “What does it mean to us?” The couple posed the two questions in the recently released documentary “Irreligious Nation.”  Those questions are “reciprocal,” Sam Sorbo said. “What do we mean by religion and what does it mean to us are two different things.”

“We’ve broken with tradition in big, big ways. We are reaping problems that we have not experienced in our lifetimes, certainly, and in our recent memory as a culture.”

“In our culture today and in our schools, we are trained to look away from spirituality [and] religiosity,” Sam Sorbo told EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program in an interview on Feb. 17.

The school—the representative of education—ignores religion, religious values, and religious ideas, Sorbo explained. By ignoring religion, it teaches students to disdain it.

Although some schools teach world religions, Sorbo continued, “by putting all religions out there as equivalent, what you’re saying is they have no value because they’re all equally valued.”

The Bible’s Meta-Narrative

There is an idea that the Bible is an antiquated book that does not apply to today’s world, Sorbo said. “I disagree. And, in fact, my children would disagree.” The Sorbos’ children are aged 21, 19, and 17.

Sorbo called the Bible “the only book that reads you.”

“It’s a history book,” she said. “We disdain it but it is the best history book that we have.”

The stories in the Bible are not only true in the sense that they tell the real story, they also give a meta-narrative, Sorbo explained.

By Ella Kietlinska and Joshua Philipp

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