Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Said She ‘Ceded All Financial Control’ to Hunter During Their Marriage

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Kathleen Buhle, ex-wife of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, said she had no control over the family’s finances during her 24 years of marriage, according to her new memoir and first television interview about her marriage.

“This was one of the harder parts for me to write and to acknowledge,” said Buhle five years after the end of their marriage on June 14 on ABC News’ “Good Morning America.”

“It’s embarrassing to say that I ceded all financial control to my husband.”

“I liked the nice things,” she added. “And I didn’t want to think about the cost at which they were coming.”

Buhle was married to Hunter from 1993 until 2017, around the time when Biden’s affair with his late brother’s widow first became public. Buhle, 52, said she doesn’t receive alimony from her ex-spouse.

It was in 2003 when Hunter first returned from a rehabilitation center for his drug abuse problems. He told Buhle that they owed tax money but assured her that he had set up a plan to pay it back.

Federal investigators in 2020 began a probe into the younger Biden’s finances. Attorney Clint Lancaster, who represented an Arkansas woman suing Hunter over a paternity suit, said prosecutors have subpoenaed “affidavit of financial means” from his case, which is a statement showing income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

In the memoir “If We Break,” which goes on sale on June 14, Buhle wrote about the time when they were living in Delaware with three daughters while Hunter commuted to Washington.

“He started many ventures . . . a real estate investment fund and then a technology company. I didn’t understand any of it, or what pieces of his businesses actually generated income for us,” she wrote. “I worried that we lived above our means, but I did nothing to change it.”

By Eva Fu

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