Ingraham: President Trump’s triumphant week from his acquittal to a booming economy

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Laura Ingraham breaks down President Trump’s triumphant week from his impeachment acquittal to a booming economy and more.

Ingraham Angle Transcript

Laura Ingraham: Best week ever, that’s the focus of tonight’s Angle. It’s not even close. This was the best week of Donald Trump’s presidency on every front. He’s winning. He’s winning on the economy, national security, judicial appointments, and even legislatively. His policies and strategies are working and the American people are reaping huge benefits.

If you’re an American looking for work, this a good economy. Historic low unemployment numbers. The Trump Economy doing pretty well. This is the best number I’ve ever seen in my life!

Laura Ingraham: And he now has the best cabinet that I can recall any president having in my lifetime, and as we just discussed on the show The White House is finally doing some much-needed house cleaning. So keep it up, get rid of the radicals undermining from within and replace them with people who believe in your agenda, Mr. President, who are competent enough to carry it out. For three years the liberal intelligentsia predicted doom for Trump’s presidency, remember at every turn.

I think there’s an acknowledgement that they don’t know how their candidate can survive this at this point.
You’ve got Mc Gann talking that many hours, one little anecdote that he tells could cause Donald Trump a lot of problems.
Are we witnessing the end of the Trump presidency?

Laura Ingraham: I love those clips. Wrong. When Trump delivered the State of the Union on Tuesday, he did so with the highest approval rating of his tenure, at 49%, by the way that’s higher than Obama’s approval at the same time in 2012 and he easily, remember Obama cruised to re-election later that year. These were the same geniuses, by the way i’m thinking about it, who were predicting cracks in GOP Unity heading into impeachment.

Would you give a high end of who would vote for conviction of Republicans.
I would give the high-end probably 5 to 10. I think that’s a realistic number.
There’s a chance that there will be 20 Republicans. I’m not predicting it, I wouldn’t bet on it, but I think there’s a chance.
I think Romney has helped reassure, maybe speaker Pelosi, that there is a possibility of Republican support
Maybe in the Senate

Laura Ingraham: Okay, A good rule of thumb, if Bill Kristol predicts it, bet the other side. Romney was the sole peer defector and Utahan’s now want his head. Now, not only did Republican stick together, they had a reason to celebrate it like it was 2016 all over again. Oh, we didn’t really play all it was crazy, I was in the room and that was the least of the applause. But the left hasn’t been right since about 2012 and you think about it and since then it’s been one bust of a prediction after another.

The US economy is growing at an unsustainable rate
Wages adjusted for inflation or actually worse under Donald Trump than they were under Barack Obama .
A yet I keep hearing from people who are saying they are still struggling . . .

Laura Ingraham: Ah, not quite kids.

Fresh economic numbers today show a booming resilient labor market.
The economy added 225,000 jobs in the first month of the year.
Pretty remarkable, 3.1% wage growth.
I just got to say to the top, the middle class Boom, the blue-collar boom continues

Laura Ingraham: These are the good old days folks! And surveys are showing that Americans are happier than they’ve been for four decades, even happier than under Ronald Reagan. This is great news for Americans, which means it’s terrible news for the Democrats. I think congresswoman Debbie Dingell, she might have summed it up best.

Everybody wants to get out of town today. I think this is been in my career, not just here, but in my professional career, one of the worst weeks that I can remember.

Now we all know why the ladies were wearing white during the State of the Union, they’re already surrendering, and that’s the angle.

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