International Grassroots Save-the-kids Effort To Educate Parents About Covid-19 Vaccine Risks

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Albuquerque and Las Cruces, NM, across the U.S. and Internationally, January 22: In December 2021 volunteers from 19 U.S. states, 37 cities, and 4 countries worked together to help educate parents about the risks of COVID-19 vaccines for children. In January this effort is being expanded, including a major international effort on January 22. See In the last two years it has become difficult to share diverse perspectives freely. So this is a bold move to deliver information straight into the hands of parents.

Thus far, volunteers across the United States and internationally distributed 7,000+ educational flyers to help parents become aware of the very low risk that COVID-19 illness poses to children, as well as the risks of COVID-19 vaccines. Participating locations include:

USAInternational Locations
ArizonaMassachusettsOhio Canada
CaliforniaMichiganTexas Mexico
ConnecticutNew JerseyVermont United Kingdom
HawaiiNew MexicoVirginia
IdahoNew YorkWashington State
KansasNorth Carolina
MarylandNorth Dakota

These events are being organized by the National Coalition for Health Integrity, which is a grassroots citizens’ alliance that advocates for informed consent and medical freedom.

Sarah Smith, from the National Coalition for Health Integrity and the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance, said:

“Here in New Mexico, children have been bribed with $100 bonuses to take the shot.  Money should have no part in the decision of whether or not a child will receive any medical treatment.

“Parents need to know that COVID-19 illness is clearly less severe for children than influenza. The CDC has acknowledged that COVID vaccines increase the risk of heart problems in young people, and there are reports of healthy children dying after COVID-19 vaccination. Furthermore, there has been no long-term safety testing of these vaccines, so that means we do not know whether they will have any negative impacts on children’s development.”

Andy Libson, from Workers and Students for Choice, said:

Here in California, students are being mandated to receive COVID vaccines, even though we know that kids have almost zero risk from this illness.  As a science teacher with over 20 years of experience in public education, I refuse to let children bear the burden of receiving a vaccine that may cost them their own health. 

“Going forward with this madness means segregating our schools along ethnic and color lines as families of color who remain most skeptical of the safety of these vaccines are excluded from in-person education.  No family should be forced to choose between education and health for their children.”

David Waterman, of Midwest Public Health Coalition, said:

“The science is clear: these vaccines are unlike any that have been used before and parents need to know about the potential risks. All previous vaccines have undergone rigorous testing and trials over many years in order to become FDA approved. The inventor of the COVID-19 vaccine mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, is warning parents to resist and fight to protect their children from this vaccine which has created serious irreversible harm to children’s developing vital organs. Children receive no benefit from the vaccine, and the significant risks include irreparable brain lesions, blood clots and permanent heart damage, and in some children, death.”

The Save-the-Kids educational outreach events are providing parents with the opportunity to become better informed as they decide whether or not to vaccinate their children for COVID-19.


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