Iran Missile Attack Strike on Airliner

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This video purportedly shows a missile taking down a Ukrainian Airliner near Tehran on January 8, 2020. It’s been sited as evidence that the crash of flight 752 was nbot due to mechanical error as Iranian officials claimed. All 176 people on board died. The investigative journalists at Bellingcat used open source techniques to verify key points in the video.

“We were also able to establish to a high degree of certainty that [the video] was authentic, simply because the mathematics and the geolocation made sense.”

Bellingcat said the video was shot in the suburb of Parand. That is just west of Tehran’s airport.

“We were able to pinpoint it to one particular location that had a perfect, naturally, a perfect match of the buildings that could be seen from the angle of the, of the videographer. Bellingcat believes an earlier shot or explosion likely alerted the videographer.

“So the logic, we believe happened there was somebody heard or saw the initial missile impact whether it were a visual explosion that attracted their attention or through an audio artifact of that and started shooting [the video].

The purported missile can be seen coming in from the left. Seconds later, a flash and the damaged plane falls from the sky.

“So I would say with more than 90% probability, we’re sure that that was the place from which the video was taken. And the only place that fits into that radius that we were able to draw around, around the place of impact belongs to a base that has been long established as publicized as a secret Iranian test missile launch base.”

There are concerns of a cover-up by Iranian authorities.

“What we saw was visuals of bulldozing of the wreckage site yesterday, visuals of the evidence, the only evidence that must be left intact until all the investigators arrive and are able to do their work being pulled up or pushed into a pile, wreckage of the plane removed from the original location and pulled into large pile by bulldozers.

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In the video below, damage at Al Asad air base in Iraq is seen in satellite pictures taken, Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

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